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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 74 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 118Creating Prepaid Pharmacy Service Organization Act04/09/01
SB 131Continuing prosecuting attorneys institute02/21/01
SB 136Increasing number of members of Route 2 and Interstate 68 authority; expanding territory03/28/01
SB 436Conforming licensure requirements for pharmacists with other medical professions03/13/01
SB 472Authorizing public service commission create task force to study radio and communication tower systems; exclusions 03/29/01
SB 653Relating to parkways authority04/06/01
SB 726Regulating internet pharmacies04/06/01
HB 2032Minimum standards for licensure of barbers educated in another state02/14/01
HB 2103Providing that the health care authority may not set rates for certain hospitals02/14/01
HB 2110Requiring the department of health and human resources to reexamine and focus on positions that did not receive pay equity adjustments in 199902/14/01
HB 2175Creating an information systems disaster recovery center02/14/01
HB 2195Voluntary Small Employer Purchasing Pool Act02/14/01
HB 2196Renaming conservation officers as natural resources police officers02/14/01
HB 2206Establishing a new markets fund and creating new markets tax credits and rulemaking02/15/01
HB 2211Prepaid Pharmacy Service Organization Act02/15/01
HB 2213Establishing the Office of Risk Analysis and Management within the Office of the Governor02/15/01
HB 2240Reinstatement without loss of rights of state employees following extended leave of absence02/15/01
HB 2250Creating a joint legislative committee on technology02/15/01
HB 2264Establishing the care home advisory committee02/16/01
HB 2309Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs02/19/01
HB 2342Patient Protection Act02/20/01
HB 2357Establishing a managed care policy board02/20/01
HB 2358Requiring at least one registered nurse to serve on certain state boards, commissions or task forces02/20/01
HB 2363Relating to licenses to practice dentistry and the board of dental examiners02/20/01
HB 2366Relating generally to the West Virginia development office02/20/01
HB 2375Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties02/20/01
HB 2392Requiring insurance companies to offer plans to sole proprietors at the same rates and terms as are offered to groups02/21/01
HB 2406Requiring the Parkways Authority to establish a special commuter pass for certain individuals enrolled in any state institution of higher education02/21/01
HB 2430Creating an independent board of tax and revenue appeals02/21/01
HB 2505Including advanced nurse practitioner in the definition of provider for HMO purposes02/23/01
HB 2528Creating a program to provide matching grants of funds to public service districts or local government units in providing water service02/26/01
HB 2530Prohibiting state purchases of information technology equipment constructed of flammable materials02/26/01
HB 2538Requiring direct consumer advertising for prescription drugs to include the usual price of the drug02/26/01
HB 2539Uniform Athlete Agents Act02/26/01
HB 2548Creating the Office of Women's Health within the Bureau of Public Health02/26/01
HB 2549West Virginia Dental Practice Act02/26/01
HB 2562Setting forth certain dental hygiene program accreditation requirements02/26/01
HB 2575Relating to the tattoo studio business02/28/01
HB 2576Permitting osteopathic physicians to serve as state health officer02/28/01
HB 2577Creating a correctional facility advisory board02/28/01
HB 2584Relating to services provided by nurses in hospitals and nursing homes02/28/01
HB 2585Creating the child support scrutiny task force02/28/01
HB 2593Withholding twenty-five percent of amounts due on a construction contract until material persons, suppliers and subcontractors have been paid02/28/01
HB 2608Requiring all executive agencies to report to the governor, Speaker of the House and President of the Senate notices of disallowances or potential disallowances of federal funds03/01/01
HB 2720Providing that continuing education is not a requirement for renewal of a barber license03/02/01
HB 2724Authorizing the public service commission to create a study task force03/05/01
HB 2727Relating to purchase of prescription drugs by the state and creating the prescription drug authority03/05/01
HB 2749Requesting the division of protective services to assist in parking enforcement in and around the state capitol03/05/01
HB 2784Creating a board to adopt statewide addressing and mapping standards03/07/01
HB 2788Process and requirements for registration of unarmed security guards and exemption from licensing provisions03/07/01
HB 2812Increasing the number of members of the board of review of the unemployment division of the bureau of employment programs03/09/01
HB 2822Abolishing the health care authority and replacing it with a health care quality standards authority03/12/01
HB 2925Exempting certain open heart surgery programs from the certificate of need program03/20/01
HB 2935Creating a charitable gaming commission to regulate and license charitable raffles and bingo03/21/01
HB 2943State Payments for State Mandates Act03/21/01
HB 3006Independent Living Act03/26/01
HB 3011Creating a commission on holocaust education03/27/01
HB 3021Facilitating more efficient purchasing of health care goods and services03/27/01
HB 3022Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act03/27/01
HB 3053Powers and duties of the board of pharmacy03/29/01
HB 3054Requiring permits for internet pharmacies03/29/01
HB 3063Removing obsolete language relating to disciplinary proceedings by the contractors licensing board03/29/01
HB 3087Creating an information network commission03/29/01
HB 3089Licensing and regulating the practice of naturopathy03/29/01
HB 3090Relating to administrative appeals for personal care homes and residential board and care homes03/29/01
HB 3094Requiring medicaid certified nursing homes to apply for medicare certification03/29/01
HB 3107Regulation of the funeral business03/30/01
HB 3132Creating the office of corrections ombudsman03/30/01
HB 3150Enabling medicaid and workers' compensation to execute contracts for health care services without being subject to purchasing division requirements03/30/01
HB 3157Implementing a plan to establish family resource centers 03/30/01
HB 3161Lowering the number of years of service and experience to qualify as a secretary III03/30/01
HB 3173Creating the joint committee on advanced communications and information technology03/30/01
HB 3181Clarifying legislation regarding the catastrophic illness commission and the James "Tiger" Morton catastrophic illness fund03/30/01
HB 3225Senior Citizens Prescription Drug Subsidy Program03/30/01
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