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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 63 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 15Removing requirement substitute teacher work certain amount for seniority for full-time employment01/14/04
SB 21Raising age for compulsory school attendance 01/14/04
SB 24Requiring firearm safety program in public schools01/14/04
SB 35Allowing teachers to retire when age and service equals eighty01/14/04
SB 36Modifying adjusted gross income to certain retired higher education employees01/14/04
SB 46Authorizing governing boards to determine when eligible institutions become university01/14/04
SB 61Relating to contract for coach in county school system01/14/04
SB 64Closing schools for Good Friday01/14/04
SB 80Changing name of West Virginia State College to West Virginia State University01/14/04
SB 84Relating to distribution of moneys by school building authority01/14/04
SB 92Relating to public school counselors01/14/04
SB 99Providing low-cost loans to certain high school students01/14/04
SB 103Creating tobacco free school act01/14/04
SB 116Relating to incremental salary increases for higher education classified employees01/14/04
SB 134Providing maximum time child can spend on school bus01/14/04
SB 150Relating to foundation allowance for professional educators01/14/04
SB 167Relating to automation of student suspension and expulsion data01/14/04
SB 169Increasing flexibility in management, finance, purchasing and personnel practices for higher education; fund01/14/04
SB 183Relating to tuition and fees at institutions of higher education01/16/04
SB 198Relating to public school support allowance for increased enrollment01/19/04
SB 236Limiting total number of students teacher is required to teach01/20/04
SB 244Making student enrollment criteria in funding decisions by school building authority01/21/04
SB 263Adding Glenville state college to institutions for graduate education01/22/04
SB 282Creating position of athletic director in county schools01/26/04
SB 289Providing criteria for approving intercounty transfer of student01/26/04
SB 314Relating to teachers locality pay01/29/04
SB 436Relating to eligible institutions under PROMISE scholarship program02/04/04
SB 441Relating to policy for administration of medications by pupils02/04/04
SB 445Renaming Concord, Fairmont, Shepherd and West Virginia State colleges as universities02/04/04
SB 453Allowing substitute teachers to work unlimited number of days per year02/05/04
SB 466Creating Equitable Compensation Act02/05/04
SB 473Requiring school nurse for certain enrollment; shared time02/06/04
SB 476Providing for criminal history checks for certain people working with children on school property; exceptions02/06/04
SB 489Prohibiting certain acts by school employees to assist student in obtaining abortion02/09/04
SB 495Relating to limitations on beverages in school02/10/04
SB 537Funding salaries of principals for certain number of days02/16/04
SB 540Relating to funding for county school boards who have appointed treasurer02/17/04
SB 541Relating to reimbursement for cost of school nurses02/17/04
SB 542Relating to distribution of moneys by school building authority02/17/04
SB 593Relating to school counselors in public schools02/20/04
SB 602Requiring county boards of education be reimbursed for cost of providing school nurses 02/20/04
SB 603Adding Bluefield state college to institutions for graduate education02/20/04
SB 609Adopting policy of full employment reciprocity for teachers and administrators02/23/04
SB 612Including state higher education faculty in increment pay02/23/04
SB 622Relating to required courses of school instruction generally02/23/04
SB 640Creating PROMISE Forgivable Loan Program02/23/04
SB 650Relating to foundation allowance to improve instructional programs02/23/04
SB 657Establishing governance structure for state institutions of higher education02/23/04
HB 3190Relating to the titling and ownership of property for area vocational education programs01/23/04
HB 4018Authorizing the issuance of grant waivers to sparsely populated counties for relief from the ratio limitations on state funding of professional educators03/04/04
HB 4039Relating to the posting of positions for the employment of persons other than professional educators as coaches01/22/04
HB 4044Increasing the salary limit for the state superintendent's position02/24/04
HB 4045Requiring submission of evidence to state superintendent that county superintendent has given required bond and good security01/22/04
HB 4053Changing the rate of compensation of members of the state board of education02/24/04
HB 4081Requiring county school boards to post the position of county superintendent prior to making an appointment01/28/04
HB 4116Providing tuition and fee vouchers for students who sound Taps during a military honors funeral02/26/04
HB 4130Providing for the employment of a highly qualified and fully certified substitute teacher to perform the duties of a teacher who is in attendance of a meeting or professional development function held by or at the direction of the department of education03/04/04
HB 4284Extending the eligibility to receive the five hundred dollar early retirement bonus for specific education personnel03/04/04
HB 4290Creating a framework to avoid imposition of policies and practices on the public schools that distract from a thorough and efficient education02/09/04
HB 4495Providing that the assignment and transfer of real property for research and development at institutions of higher education for economic development purposes includes housing projects03/04/04
HB 4574Providing a funding in personal finance for secondary school students03/03/04
HB 4714Clarifying that certain community education programs support public education03/04/04
HB 4743Establishing conditions precedent to eliminating certain National Collegiate Athletic Association eligible teams03/04/04
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