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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 111 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 9Dedicating certain percent of sales tax to counties01/14/04
SB 33Exempting interest on savings bonds from personal income tax for certain persons01/14/04
SB 56Allowing correctional officers to be paid for certain unused annual leave01/14/04
SB 65Allowing tax credit for employers providing child day care services01/14/04
SB 69Providing nonrefundable earned income tax credit from personal income tax to certain persons01/14/04
SB 75Increasing cost of bear damage stamp; proceeds02/19/04
SB 76Exempting veterans' organizations from sales tax01/14/04
SB 94Providing salary increase for state police civilian employees01/14/04
SB 114Enacting Tax Free Family Meal Act of 200401/14/04
SB 118Creating Alzheimer's caregiver assistance program01/14/04
SB 123Creating capitol renovation and improvement debt service fund01/14/04
SB 129Exempting value of manufacturer's or other discount coupons from consumers sales tax01/14/04
SB 130Authorizing special license plates for Knights of Pythias and Pythian Sisters; eliminating annual fee for 9/11 plates01/20/04
SB 131Exempting farming equipment and livestock from personal property tax01/14/04
SB 135Exempting certain purchases of back-to-school clothing and school supplies from consumers sales tax03/04/04
SB 136Relating to estate tax01/14/04
SB 137Updating meaning of certain terms used in corporation net income tax act01/14/04
SB 142Creating special revenue fund for operation of education and state employees grievance board01/14/04
SB 146Increasing vendor registration fees within division of purchasing; waiver01/14/04
SB 154Creating distinguished graduate student fellowship program02/25/04
SB 157Updating meaning of certain terms used in personal income tax act01/14/04
SB 164Authorizing issuance of new parkway revenue bonds01/14/04
SB 168Relating to legislative appropriation of tobacco settlement funds01/14/04
SB 174Providing department of administration regulatory authority over certain purchases; defining "regulatory authority"02/05/04
SB 188Relating to inspections of individual water supply systems and wastewater systems02/25/04
SB 192Gradually repealing business franchise tax01/16/04
SB 193Relating to consumers sales tax on food01/16/04
SB 194Creating high-growth business investment tax credit02/25/04
SB 195Relating to costs of incremental salary increases for higher education classified employees01/16/04
SB 205Providing legislators pay same employee share for public employee insurance coverage01/19/04
SB 207Relating to reporting requirement for excess lines brokers on certain insurance policies01/23/04
SB 210Repealing corporate license fee; other provisions01/19/04
SB 216Requiring certain comparative cost-of-living studies by bureau of employment programs01/19/04
SB 225Increasing base salary of sworn state police personnel by certain percent01/20/04
SB 243Updating data processing exemption for consumers sales and service tax01/21/04
SB 255Increasing tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products01/22/04
SB 257Providing state income tax exemption for retired law-enforcement officers and firefighters01/22/04
SB 270Creating Public Campaign Financing Act02/24/04
SB 274Providing license plates for certain disabled veterans01/27/04
SB 275Eliminating gap in employment benefits for certain alcohol beverage control commission employees02/26/04
SB 280Creating Consolidated Fund Investment Act02/12/04
SB 281Adding magistrate to Raleigh County02/27/04
SB 292Increasing quantity of real estate held by religious sect trustee01/26/04
SB 294Imposing sales or use tax on certain recreational vehicles01/27/04
SB 403Exempting certain charges by mortgage brokers, lenders and loan originators from consumers sales tax 03/02/04
SB 407Relating to purchasing card program01/30/04
SB 411Relating to prompt tax refund act02/02/04
SB 434Relating to exemptions from consumers sales and service tax02/27/04
SB 438Repealing soft drinks tax02/04/04
SB 440Relating to waiver of certain requirements for registered health service providers; other provisions02/25/04
SB 461Limiting financial assistance from housing development fund to nonresidential projects02/05/04
SB 462Creating Give Act02/05/04
SB 467Imposing fee on transfer of real property in addition to excise tax 02/05/04
SB 468Relating to nonrenewal of automobile liability, physical damage and property insurance02/26/04
SB 481Relating to retirement income of conservation officers02/26/04
SB 487Changing service required for state police length of service adjustment pay; increasing dollar amount02/09/04
SB 488Creating Friends of Capitol Foundation02/09/04
SB 492Establishing Make West Virginia Competitive Tax Relief Act02/09/04
SB 498Permitting sale of timber severed in state park in certain cases02/17/04
SB 499Relating to special hunting permit for resident and nonresident disabled persons03/02/04
SB 503Relating to workforce investment act02/17/04
SB 504Relating to sale of tax liens02/26/04
SB 511Providing special registration plates for whitewater enthusiasts02/24/04
SB 514Authorizing state police operate voluntary contribution fund for beneficiaries of deceased officers02/12/04
SB 523Allowing credit against taxpayer's tax liability for certain volunteer work02/12/04
SB 528Relating to tax exemptions for conservation officers02/13/04
SB 535Creating capitol preservation fund02/16/04
SB 547Exempting certain retirement homes from property tax02/17/04
SB 562Increasing amount of commission sheriff may receive for collecting taxes02/19/04
SB 565Allowing game proceeds to be transferred between raffle and bingo accounts03/03/04
SB 568Tying personal low-income tax exclusion to federal poverty guidelines02/19/04
SB 571Clarifying utilization of transaction fee for purchasing card transactions02/19/04
SB 572Developing statewide tourism destination development plan02/25/04
SB 582Relating to judges' retirement system02/26/04
SB 588Relating to contributions to government employee deferred plans03/01/04
SB 592Relating to early childhood education programs02/27/04
SB 594Relating generally to comprehensive reform of tax laws02/20/04
SB 595Increasing incremental salary of division of corrections' employees02/20/04
SB 607Providing tax credit for certain taxpayers with dependent child02/23/04
SB 618Establishing voluntary combat phone card check-off program02/23/04
SB 619Establishing salary schedule for officers and employees of corrections institutions02/23/04
SB 627Establishing Family Meal Tax Relief Act of 200402/23/04
SB 642Authorizing certain tax relief for disaster victims02/23/04
SB 644Exempting sales and service tax for certain high-technology companies02/23/04
SB 665Increasing circuit clerks' and county clerks' salaries02/26/04
SB 684Providing for process to enlist binding arbitration in state employee and certain other employees grievance procedures02/27/04
SB 695Providing members of racing commission serve staggered terms02/27/04
SB 708Providing for enforcement of laws relating to manicuring and aesthetician salons03/01/04
SB 723Creating Animal Health Safety Control Act03/04/04
SB 725Relating to advancing community and technical college education03/01/04
SB 729Creating Patient Injury Compensation Fund03/01/04
SB 730Relating to merger of teachers defined contribution retirement system and state teachers retirement system03/02/04
SB 732Relating generally to payment in lieu of property tax agreements03/02/04
HB 2366Requiring health benefit plans to issue uniform prescription drug information cards or technology03/09/04
HB 2706Relating to compensation paid to members of the education and state employees grievance board03/11/04
HB 3118Increasing the salary of public service district board members03/04/04
HB 4031Increasing the salaries of supreme court of justices, circuit court judges and family court judges03/04/04
HB 4036Relating to legislative appropriation of tobacco settlement funds03/04/04
HB 4056Increasing service of process fees and providing that the fees collected be deposited in the West Virginia deputy sheriff retirement fund03/08/04
HB 4077Eliminating the set-off against unemployment compensation benefits for persons receiving social security benefits03/04/04
HB 4096Increasing the veterinary fee for each cat and dog vaccinated for rabies02/20/04
HB 4280Making available to retired participants in PEIA the optional dental, vision, and audiology and hearing-aid services insurance plans that are available to current participants03/11/04
HB 4339Clarifying the imposition of consumers sales and service tax on purchases made by providers of professional or personal services03/01/04
HB 4535Providing relief from property taxes for property damaged or destroyed in a disaster03/09/04
HB 4557Deleting the specified year of the funding appropriated to provide the pay equity adjustment03/02/04
HB 4576Creating a voluntary checkoff on state income tax returns to donate refunds to family literacy program03/09/04
HB 4626Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools03/04/04
HB 4670Relating generally to corporation net income tax03/04/04
HB 4738Relating to salaries, wages and other benefits of school service personnel03/09/04
HB 4747Increasing general revenues of the state by authorizing new fees and increasing existing fees to be charged by the state police03/04/04
HB 4759Imposing an alternative minimum personal income tax for each taxable year on the West Virginia taxable income of every individual meeting certain criteria03/13/04
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