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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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There are 489 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 224Correcting reference to article concerning adoption of abandoned child01/28/04
SB 240Providing certain public governing bodies need not require second to motion in certain cases02/18/04
SB 261Allowing supplemental assessment on personal property in certain cases02/16/04
SB 276Establishing marriage license discount for applicants who complete approved premarital counseling02/19/04
SB 285Allowing state-chartered banks to organize as limited liability companies in certain cases03/08/04
SB 309Relating to medical and mental evaluations02/03/04
SB 313Relating to mortgage license provisional approval; other provisions03/04/04
SB 318Relating to good time for inmates of correctional institutions02/10/04
SB 425Establishing English as official state language02/19/04
SB 549Relating to abandoned motor vehicles on private property03/03/04
SB 551Requiring wine shippers to be licensed and allowing alcohol beverage control commissioner to revoke or suspend wine licenses03/04/04
SB 564Relating to physicians' mutual insurance company03/04/04
SB 590Relating to home incarceration supervisors03/01/04
SB 605Relating to child fatality review teams03/09/04
SB 624Requiring criminal and driving record checks for public employment and certain other individuals03/04/04
SB 633Relating to electronic mail addresses protected in higher education institutions; penalty03/11/04
SB 649Establishing Environmental Good Samaritan Act03/02/04
SB 651Precluding use of privately retained attorney to prosecute or assist in criminal case03/04/04
SB 663Prohibiting certain long-term care and assisted living facilities from soliciting residents for money or assets03/11/04
SB 696Providing counties using voting machines may count absentee ballots on election day; other provisions03/02/04
SB 704Relating to public defender services03/04/04
SB 705Removing personal use exception for criminal offense of manufacturing controlled substance03/04/04
SB 727Relating to reforming, altering and modifying Hampshire County commission03/04/04
SB 728Adding definition of fill material to water pollution control act03/04/04
HB 2004Expanding the comprehensiveness of the section concerning what causes civil rights violations for purposes of criminal responsibility01/14/04
HB 2006Creating the criminal justice resource center and the joint committee on criminal justice01/14/04
HB 2009Changing the state primary election date01/14/04
HB 2010Providing for reimbursement to the bail bondsman for the amount of a forfeited bond under certain circumstances01/14/04
HB 2015Relating to discharging probation officers and circuit court clerical assistance for cause only01/14/04
HB 2016Extending the filing deadline for homestead property tax exemption01/14/04
HB 2017Exempting bee hives from personal property assessment and taxation01/14/04
HB 2019Allowing real-time campaign finance filing and disclosure through the internet01/14/04
HB 2027Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist01/14/04
HB 2032Removing from a period of parole any credit for good conduct01/14/04
HB 2035Making records in criminal juvenile proceedings involving crimes of violence open to the public01/14/04
HB 2037Authorizing law-enforcement officers to deputize police in other states01/14/04
HB 2039Primary elections and nominating procedures of third party candidates01/14/04
HB 2040Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness or injury01/14/04
HB 2042Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation01/14/04
HB 2045Creating the criminal offense of failing to supervise a child01/14/04
HB 2046Defining the offense of trespassing on a railroad track01/14/04
HB 2049Permitting miners fined for noncompliance with mining statutes to pay the penalty or complete a training course in lieu thereof01/14/04
HB 2053Uniform Arbitration Act01/14/04
HB 2059Providing that judgment awards in tort actions be reduced by the amount of certain collateral source benefits01/14/04
HB 2060Increasing the penalty for the felony offense of driving under the influence causing death01/14/04
HB 2066Permitting motor vehicle dealers to sell certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis without a warranty01/14/04
HB 2067Requiring law-enforcement officers investigating motor vehicle accidents to include in the written report the estimated weights of commercial motor vehicles involved01/14/04
HB 2069Requiring the state personnel board to consider levels of seniority when awarding or withdrawing benefits01/14/04
HB 2070Removing the property tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals and dedicating the tax proceeds01/14/04
HB 2078Requiring certain deposits be made in the stream restoration fund01/14/04
HB 2085Providing for the seizure of a motor vehicle and license plate for failure to maintain proper security on a motor vehicle01/14/04
HB 2097Clarifying that a "victim" includes that person damaged by acts of juveniles and increasing liability of parents for criminal acts of their children01/14/04
HB 2098Exempting one motor vehicle owned by a volunteer fireman from personal property taxation01/14/04
HB 2104Increasing the distance that a beer licensee must be located from a school or church01/14/04
HB 2105Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval prior to the issuance of an initial or transfer license for a private club01/14/04
HB 2107Imposing misdemeanor penalties for obstructing or giving false statements to a law-enforcement officer01/14/04
HB 2112Allowing a parent who has been court-ordered to provide medical insurance coverage to his or her children to do so if the insurance is available at a reasonable cost01/14/04
HB 2113Providing for the registration and reserving of names of resident individuals, sole proprietorships and general partnerships through the Secretary of State01/14/04
HB 2127Allowing a person to draw unemployment compensation when they are forced to miss work due to domestic violence01/14/04
HB 2136Election of magistrates in certain counties01/14/04
HB 2141Providing that members and staff of the Legislature shall automatically receive one-fourth of the required continuing legal education for each regular session worked or served01/14/04
HB 2156Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/14/04
HB 2159Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes in a felony trial01/14/04
HB 2162Allowing candidates for countywide office the option of filing with the county clerk or the secretary of state01/14/04
HB 2164Requiring that a criminal defendant's right to a jury trial in misdemeanor cases is forever waived unless requested within twenty days of initial appearance01/14/04
HB 2165Excluding some or all of the income received from a second employer from the definition of gross income for child support purposes01/14/04
HB 2166Relating to the penalty for abuse of an incapacitated adult01/14/04
HB 2167Creating a separate crime for the death of a viable fetus caused by the criminal slaying of the mother01/14/04
HB 2168Discovery in a case of child neglect or abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation or murder01/14/04
HB 2169Providing for the felony offense of destruction of property when the cost of property damage exceeds one thousand dollars01/14/04
HB 2170Allowing county commissions to restrict increases on taxation of real property01/14/04
HB 2171Requiring the court to allocate the full tax benefit for the payment of child support to one party parent when an allocation would be of no benefit to the other01/14/04
HB 2177Increasing the penalty for intimidation of public officers and employees, jurors and witnesses to a felony01/14/04
HB 2183Increasing the penalty for the unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery or as a physician assistant01/14/04
HB 2201Including property damage up to a value of five thousand dollars in the compensation awards to victims of crimes01/14/04
HB 2206Penalty for failing to make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to return a minor child in a timely manner at the expiration of lawful custody or visitation01/14/04
HB 2212Increasing the criminal offense of battery to certain persons to a felony01/14/04
HB 2218Limiting the number of video lottery terminals01/14/04
HB 2219Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death to life in prison01/14/04
HB 2222Preventing the taking of checks or similar instruments to guarantee loans or cash advances01/14/04
HB 2226Including sexual orientation and disability as a bias-based crime civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility01/14/04
HB 2228Requiring the state election commission and the secretary of state to study a method of conducting elections by means of computer internet systems01/14/04
HB 2229Increasing the penalties for attempted crimes01/14/04
HB 2232Providing the homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners01/14/04
HB 2234Providing the offense of intimidating a judge or magistrate applicable to times when the judge or magistrate is off duty01/14/04
HB 2238Requiring a certified railroad locomotive engineer to be in direct control of a train or locomotive movement02/05/04
HB 2248Requiring the spaying or neutering of certain dogs and cats01/14/04
HB 2251Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits01/14/04
HB 2255Providing that certain correctional officers be placed in the civil service system01/14/04
HB 2259Allowing the civil service commission to increase the maximum age of applicants02/05/04
HB 2262Requiring the alcohol beverage control commissioner to propose legislative rules relating to food establishments where alcohol is served and prohibiting persons under age of twenty-one from entering certain establishments01/14/04
HB 2277Restricting increased assessments on real property to no more than five percent in any one year01/14/04
HB 2279Conferring on magistrates the authority to perform marriages01/14/04
HB 2282Relating to payment to magistrates who serve temporarily outside their elected counties01/14/04
HB 2284Providing a special method of appraising charitable property01/14/04
HB 2287Requiring chiefs of police of Class IV towns to meet certain law-enforcement training requirements01/14/04
HB 2291Reimbursement for costs of first five days of incarceration01/14/04
HB 2294Relating to the misrepresentation of age and use of false identification to purchase alcoholic liquor, beer or tobacco products01/14/04
HB 2298Repeal of the article authorizing limited gaming facilities01/14/04
HB 2302Providing that a governing body may not go into executive session to discuss the filling of a vacancy01/14/04
HB 2304Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month01/14/04
HB 2306Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/14/04
HB 2310Establishing the duty of support of a child born out of wedlock by the natural father who is under the age of eighteen years01/14/04
HB 2311Creating a three person rate review board within the public service commission01/14/04
HB 2312Amending PSC rules, accelerated rate procedures for gas, water and electric utilities01/14/04
HB 2314Providing that certain discriminatory pricing practices prohibited under the federal Robinson-Patman Act are also unlawful under West Virginia law01/14/04
HB 2315Relating to the sales price of gasoline and prohibiting wholesalers of cigarettes from offering discounts to retailers or consumers01/14/04
HB 2318Providing jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases01/14/04
HB 2320Permitting the use of cash or a certificate of deposit in lieu of the posting of any bond requirement under state law01/14/04
HB 2321Providing for the election of public service commissioners01/14/04
HB 2330Relating to deferral of court costs and fees when collecting delinquent emergency ambulance bills01/14/04
HB 2331Creating a misdemeanor offense for the removal of vegetation, stone or sand from the lands of another01/14/04
HB 2338Providing for a felony offense under the shoplifting statute01/14/04
HB 2343Increasing the amount of fees merchants are allowed to charge for cashing government or other checks01/14/04
HB 2344Exempting retired federal law-enforcement officers from fees and costs required with carrying concealed deadly weapons01/14/04
HB 2346Eliminating the seventy-five percent participation requirement for certain group insurance policies01/14/04
HB 2349Imposing a tax on commercial operation conducted on navigable waterways by nonresident operators01/14/04
HB 2350Allowing certain children to seek unpaid accrued child support01/14/04
HB 2367Establishing the "Amusement Rider Safety Act"01/14/04
HB 2371Providing for appellate relief for the state in criminal proceedings01/14/04
HB 2373Reducing the time for consumption of alcoholic beverages in bars01/14/04
HB 2377Increasing the penalties for issuing worthless checks01/14/04
HB 2379Making the penalty for the murder of a law-enforcement officer while on active duty punishable by death01/14/04
HB 2380Prohibiting professional solicitors for charities from receiving more than thirty-five percent of contributions collected01/14/04
HB 2392Implementing recommendations of the national gambling study commission01/14/04
HB 2395Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the court of any change of job status or employer01/14/04
HB 2398Notifying persons from out of state who issue worthless checks that a notice of their failure to pay the fine will be sent to the division of motor vehicles01/14/04
HB 2407Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf01/14/04
HB 2410Clarifying the term "resident owner of accredited West Virginia whelped greyhounds" and clarifying the disposition of unredeemed pari-mutuel tickets from horse and dog racetracks01/14/04
HB 2411Allowing persons to defend their property with deadly force without being exposed to liability01/14/04
HB 2415Personal property tax exemption for a vehicle used for volunteer fire departments or emergency medical services01/14/04
HB 2419Repealing the section involving the vesting of title to vocational education property in the state department of education01/14/04
HB 2420Creating a presumption of compensability for cardiovascular injury or disease of firefighters01/14/04
HB 2421Providing that applications for farm use valuation must be filed with the county assessor between dates specified01/14/04
HB 2422Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases01/14/04
HB 2427Establishing tobacco retailers' licensing requirements01/14/04
HB 2429Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks01/14/04
HB 2430Creating a review board to hear complaints against state police personnel01/14/04
HB 2431Regulation and safety requirements of all-terrain vehicles01/14/04
HB 2432Providing for a state do-not-telephone-solicit directory01/14/04
HB 2451Revocation of driving privileges of nonresidents who issue a worthless check in this state and fail to appear to a summons for the same01/14/04
HB 2454Shortening the hours for residence phone calls by telemarketers01/14/04
HB 2457Classification of Class II property for levy purposes01/14/04
HB 2460Titling and registration of all-terrain vehicles01/14/04
HB 2466Enhancing penalties for indecent exposure01/14/04
HB 2470Providing that actions in which the state is a party be brought in the county which is affected or related to the controversy01/14/04
HB 2471Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods01/14/04
HB 2472Establishing a secure residential school for juvenile status offenders01/14/04
HB 2474Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Humans Right Act and the Fair Housing Act01/14/04
HB 2475Prohibiting the reclassification of Class II real property for a period of two years if the estate has not been settled01/14/04
HB 2478Reinstatement without loss of rights of state employees following extended leave of absence01/14/04
HB 2481Nonpartisan election of justices of the supreme court of appeals01/14/04
HB 2488Increasing the fines for trespass to structures, conveyances and all other tangible properties01/14/04
HB 2489Prohibiting state purchases of information technology equipment constructed of flammable materials01/14/04
HB 2496Allocating a percentage of racetrack video lottery funds for use by county boards of education01/14/04
HB 2499Requiring persons convicted of first offense DUI to pay the costs of their incarceration up to three days and lowering the blood alcohol content to .0801/14/04
HB 2502Adding a fifty-ninth delegate district consisting of portions of Mason and Putnam counties01/14/04
HB 2509Requiring that parents whose parental rights are terminated continue to be responsible for support of the child until the child is adopted, reaches age of majority or is otherwise emancipated01/14/04
HB 2519Requiring reporting by the PSC of safety violations by railroads01/14/04
HB 2526Increasing the compensation of family court judges01/14/04
HB 2527Establishing the "Clean Elections Act"01/14/04
HB 2535Prohibiting access of certain motorized vehicles to trails established under the rails to trails program and setting forth penalties and violations01/14/04
HB 2536Requiring the use of helmets by skateboarders01/14/04
HB 2537Providing a criminal penalty for transmitting bulk electronic mail messages which are unsolicited01/14/04
HB 2542Relating to the compensation paid to temporary senior magistrates01/14/04
HB 2558Requiring public utilities to have a payment agent in each county01/14/04
HB 2690Creating the misdemeanor crime of stalking correctional officers by former inmates01/14/04
HB 2693Providing the ability to define and draw DNA samples from convicted felons for maintaining a DNA database01/14/04
HB 2710Providing for a death penalty and procedures and standards applicable thereto01/14/04
HB 2716Restricting sewage sludge from being disposed of within 1000 feet of an occupied dwelling01/14/04
HB 2717Transferring the rule-making authority from the environmental quality board to the water quality board02/26/04
HB 2719Providing for the use of convict labor to maintain private and not-for-profit cemeteries01/14/04
HB 2722Easements created for ingress and egress that are not described by metes and bounds shall be sufficient for the passage of emergency vehicles01/14/04
HB 2731Providing dedication of a portion of pari-mutuel proceeds be utilized to fund employee retirement plans at certain racing facilities02/19/04
HB 2739Subjecting persons who drive a motor vehicle while their licenses are suspended or revoked to a penalty01/14/04
HB 2742Strengthening enforcement in the private investigating and security guard field01/14/04
HB 2745Clarifying ballot instructions for the election of nonpartisan county school board members01/14/04
HB 2754Encouraging state and local government entities to display the national motto, "In God We Trust"02/11/04
HB 2761Providing for the use of certain returnable drink containers01/14/04
HB 2780Requiring the polygraph examinations of sex offender probationers and parolees01/14/04
HB 2809Barring third-party claims against insurers for violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act02/25/04
HB 2823Modifying delinquent real and personal property collection and purchase requirements01/14/04
HB 2824Providing for the continuation of misdemeanor prosecutions in cases where a defendant is charged by complaint with felonies and misdemeanors01/14/04
HB 2826Reducing the allowable blood alcohol content for DUI01/14/04
HB 2832Prohibiting cloning of human beings and embryos and prescribing a criminal penalty for a violation01/14/04
HB 2842Providing a process for public funding of elections for the governor, attorney general, auditor, commissioner of agriculture, secretary of state, treasurer and members of the Legislature01/14/04
HB 2858Securing the right of blind and visually impaired people to vote under the same conditions of privacy and independence as sighted people01/14/04
HB 2872Abolishing joint liability and establishing principle of comparative fault01/14/04
HB 2876Providing that all persons have the right to be free from violence without regard to the motivation behind the violence01/14/04
HB 2877Prohibiting termination or refusal of reinstatement of electric or gas service during certain months01/14/04
HB 2883Allowing a retail markup on the sale of beer, wine and intoxicating liquors01/14/04
HB 2926Establishing the "Container Recycling and Litter Control Act"01/14/04
HB 2933Relating to qualifications, duties and obligations of executors or administrators01/14/04
HB 2943Providing a separate offense when a person causes death or serious bodily injury to an unborn child while attempting to cause death or serious bodily injury to the mother01/14/04
HB 2944Providing telephone subscribers with a highly effective means of preventing the receipt of telemarketing phone solicitations01/14/04
HB 2956Requiring the secretary of the department of environmental protection to adopt the federal regulations governing surface coal mining activities01/14/04
HB 2963Adding a magistrate to those serving Putnam County01/14/04
HB 2964Allowing family court judges to carry concealed deadly weapons without obtaining a license01/14/04
HB 2967Prohibiting discrimination in providing access to public accommodations because of means of a person's transportation or insignia on clothing01/14/04
HB 2973Requiring grab bars to be installed in all hotel and motel tubs and showers01/14/04
HB 2992Applying funding generated from user fees charged by the criminal identification bureau to the operation of the criminal records section01/14/04
HB 2993Providing for the Public Employment Relations Act01/14/04
HB 3005Increasing the state's share of gross profits from video lottery terminals01/14/04
HB 3006Allowing the use of photostatic copies of uncertified documents to establish the full performance of a preneed burial contract01/14/04
HB 3025Providing that candidates for statewide political office belonging to the party with the most registered voters in the state be placed in a preeminent position on the election ballot01/14/04
HB 3029Creating the West Virginia "Do Not Call" register to protect consumers from unwanted telephone solicitations01/14/04
HB 3030Reducing the burdens of jury service and increasing participation in the jury system01/14/04
HB 3036Changing the time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property01/14/04
HB 3049Waiving the requirement that a training course in handling and firing handguns must be completed prior to the issuance of a concealed weapons permit for veterans who served during a period of armed conflict01/29/04
HB 3063Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage requirements01/14/04
HB 3080Creating the criminal offense of video voyeurism01/14/04
HB 3085Easing constraints on charitable bingo and raffles by allowing across-state-line members of the licensed operations to assist in the conduct of the games01/14/04
HB 3098Providing a right to DNA testing for imprisoned felons and requiring certain physical evidence be preserved01/14/04
HB 3107Clarifying that a person providing medical records are not required to demonstrate actual expenses incurred in order to receive full reimbursement of the copying and search fees established by law01/14/04
HB 3111Excluding the Monday or the day before election day for regular absentee voting01/14/04
HB 3121Authorizing home incarceration supervisors to arrest persons who obstruct them in the performance of their duties01/14/04
HB 3122Providing for the interception of lottery winnings when the winner is a debtor of a state agency or court or is in arrears in the payment of court ordered restitution to a victim of a crime01/14/04
HB 3126Establishing a pilot project designed to improve the voluntary commitment process01/14/04
HB 3127Providing that the arresting agency pays the cost incurred for the initial twenty-four hours of incarceration for each inmate they arrest and incarcerate01/14/04
HB 3130Providing an additional requirement that an adoptive placement with grandparents be determined to be in the best interest of the child01/14/04
HB 3131Allowing bail bondsmen to deliver offenders to county and regional jails without bailpiece, setting requirements and penalties01/14/04
HB 3132Requiring that all retail fuel dispensers be equipped with a working filter system and reducing the amount of allowable water in retail fuel storage tanks01/14/04
HB 3134Providing for the redistricting office of the joint committee on government and finance to propose redistricting plans during census years01/14/04
HB 3142Making it unlawful to offer for sale or sell products created wholly or in part by county or regional jail inmates01/14/04
HB 3148Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the human rights act01/14/04
HB 3149Relating to county school boards generally01/14/04
HB 3153Relating to medical professional liability actions, suits and arbitration01/14/04
HB 3154Making it a criminal offense to intentionally throw objects from a motor vehicle at another motor vehicle or pedestrian01/14/04
HB 3156Requiring establishments serving prepared food to the public for consumption to allow people with special dietary restrictions to bring certain foods with them01/14/04
HB 3160Prohibiting the use of state funds to promote or advertise legal gaming01/14/04
HB 3161Requiring certain basic cable service be provided by cable television systems and penalties for failure to provide that service01/14/04
HB 3168Defining "felony offense" to include a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor as the result of bargaining down from a felony charge01/14/04
HB 3170Providing an adjustable interest rate for prejudgment and post-judgment awards01/14/04
HB 3172Establishing the child internet protection act01/14/04
HB 3174Creating the "West Virginia Joint Coal Owners Trust and Conservation Act"01/14/04
HB 3178Holding elected officials to the same ethical standards as private officials in preventing influence buying01/14/04
HB 3197Relating to the use of federal funds for youth in the custody of the division of juvenile services01/14/04
HB 3201Allowing the family court to exercise jurisdiction concurrently with the circuit court over petitions for a change of name01/14/04
HB 4026Establishing the water resources management act01/14/04
HB 4029Establishing a program to report emissions of greenhouse gases01/14/04
HB 4041Permitting civil process servers to carry weapons01/15/04
HB 4052Increasing the number of persons to whom credit union services would be extended02/05/04
HB 4066Increasing various court fees and dedicating the fees to the courthouse facilities improvement fund01/19/04
HB 4070Authorizing the measuring of speed by laser devices and declaring that this is prima facie evidence01/19/04
HB 4078Enacting the Uniform Trust Code01/20/04
HB 4082Defining curtilage as it relates to trespass01/20/04
HB 4091Providing intent to commit "a crime" as an element of the offense of breaking and entering in place of "commit a felony or any larceny"01/21/04
HB 4095Prohibiting the elected or appointed public officials from using their names or likenesses under certain specific circumstances01/21/04
HB 4098Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected official by any governmental entity in this state01/21/04
HB 4099Requiring registered sex offenders to be issued special driver's licenses and motor vehicle registration plates that identifies the person as a registered sex offender02/20/04
HB 4102Requiring persons appointed to any state board or commission or employed in state government to disclose political contributions for a seven-year period prior to the appointment or employment01/22/04
HB 4115Authorizing civilian process servers employed by a county sheriff to carry deadly weapons01/29/04
HB 4120Establishing all-terrain vehicle safety measures for persons operating and riding such vehicles01/23/04
HB 4121Providing for safety and training for children operating and riding all-terrain vehicles01/23/04
HB 4124Creating the crime of possession of burglarious tools01/23/04
HB 4125Creating a state police review board to hear complaints against state police personnel01/23/04
HB 4126Requiring racial profiling data collection by law-enforcement officers and agencies each time a motorist is stopped for an alleged violation of the law01/23/04
HB 4128Providing limited civil immunity to persons acting in a reasonable and proportionate manner in defense of self, others or property against persons entering unlawfully on private property01/26/04
HB 4135Regulating motor carriers transporting construction materials and equipment and limiting driver hours02/05/04
HB 4137Providing for the staggered election of justices of the supreme court of appeals on a nonpartisan basis02/24/04
HB 4147Providing for the use of returnable containers for various drinking containers01/27/04
HB 4150Requiring a seller or a seller's agent at closing to disclose the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all utilities providing service to the real estate involved in the transaction01/28/04
HB 4152Creating an efficient and expeditious procedure for finalizing wrongful death settlements and resolving conflicting claims as to appropriate distribution01/28/04
HB 4154Requiring a license for entities that only take assignment of regulated consumer loans or for entities that only service regulated consumer loans01/28/04
HB 4165Making the offense of failure to wear safety belts a primary offense01/29/04
HB 4169Allowing for the continuation of misdemeanor prosecutions in cases where a defendant is charged by complaint with both a felony and misdemeanor01/29/04
HB 4170Accountancy, board rules and rules of professional conduct02/11/04
HB 4171Administration, leasing space on behalf of state spending units02/20/04
HB 4172Administration, parking02/20/04
HB 4173Agriculture, frozen and imitation frozen desserts02/12/04
HB 4174Agriculture, dairy and imitation dairy products02/12/04
HB 4175Agriculture, West Virginia seed law02/12/04
HB 4176Architects, registration02/11/04
HB 4177Auditor, transaction fee and rate structure02/20/04
HB 4178Auditor, state purchasing card program02/20/04
HB 4179Banking, rule pertaining to residential mortgage lenders, brokers and loan originators03/01/04
HB 4180Consolidated Public Retirement Board, general provisions02/24/04
HB 4181Consolidated Public Retirement Board, benefit determination and appeal02/24/04
HB 4182Consolidated Public Retirement Board, teachers defined benefit plan02/20/04
HB 4183Consolidated Public Retirement Board, state police disability determination and appeal process02/20/04
HB 4184Counseling, board of examiners, fees02/13/04
HB 4185DEP--Air Quality, NOx budget trading program02/25/04
HB 4186DEP--Air Quality, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants02/25/04
HB 4187DEP--Air Quality, standards for performance for new stationary sources02/25/04
HB 4188DEP--Air Quality, prevent and control air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities02/25/04
HB 4189DEP--Air Quality, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for source categories02/25/04
HB 4190DEP--Air Quality, requirements for determining conformity of transportation plans, etc., under Title 23, USC02/25/04
HB 4191DEP--Mining and Reclamation, surface mining reclamation rule02/25/04
HB 4192DEP--Waste Management, solid waste management rule02/25/04
HB 4194DEP--Water Resources, WV/NPDES rule for coal mining facilities02/25/04
HB 4195Economic Development Authority, Venture Capital Act02/12/04
HB 4196Economic Development Authority, economic development and technology advancement centers02/12/04
HB 4197Engineers, rule governing board of registration for professional engineers02/18/04
HB 4198Environmental Quality Board, requirements governing water quality standards02/25/04
HB 4199Fire Marshal, certification of electrical inspectors02/27/04
HB 4201Health and Human Resources, eligibility standards for economic assistance from James "Tiger" Morton catastrophic illness fund02/27/04
HB 4202Health, assisted living residences02/27/04
HB 4203Health, cross connection and backflow prevention regulations02/27/04
HB 4204Health, certification of backflow prevention assembly testers02/27/04
HB 4206Health, public water systems02/27/04
HB 4207Health, childhood lead screening02/27/04
HB 4208Health, fees for services02/27/04
HB 4209Health, residential board and care homes02/27/04
HB 4210Health, birth defects information system02/27/04
HB 4212Highways, transportation of hazardous wastes upon roads and highways02/25/04
HB 4213Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council02/20/04
HB 4214Insurance Commissioner, licensing and conduct of individual producers, agencies and solicitors03/01/04
HB 4215Insurance Commissioner, surplus lines insurance03/01/04
HB 4216Insurance Commissioner, medicare supplement insurance03/01/04
HB 4218Insurance Commissioner, credit for reinsurance03/01/04
HB 4219Insurance Commissioner, self-insurance pools for political subdivisions03/01/04
HB 4220Labor, psychophysiological detection of deception examinations, etc.02/18/04
HB 4221Land surveyors, rules and minimum standards for practice02/20/04
HB 4222Land surveyors, mandatory continuing education02/20/04
HB 4223Landscape Architects, rule of board of02/11/04
HB 4224Licensed Practical Nurses, policies and procedures for development and maintenance of education programs02/11/04
HB 4225Lottery, state lottery rules03/01/04
HB 4226Lottery, limited video lottery rule03/01/04
HB 4227Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Board02/18/04
HB 4228Medicine, licensing and disciplinary procedures of physicians and podiatrists02/13/04
HB 4229Miners Health, Safety and Training, rule governing reporting requirements for independent contractors01/30/04
HB 4230Motor Vehicles, administrative due process02/25/04
HB 4231Natural Resources, public land corporation rule01/30/04
HB 4232Natural Resources, revocation of hunting and fishing licences02/12/04
HB 4233Natural Resources, special motorboating regulations02/12/04
HB 4234Natural Resources, special fishing rule02/12/04
HB 4235Optometry, rule of board02/13/04
HB 4236Psychologists, fees02/06/04
HB 4237Public Service Commission, transportation of coal by commercial motor vehicles02/20/04
HB 4238Racing Commission, thoroughbred racing03/01/04
HB 4239Racing Commission, greyhound racing03/01/04
HB 4240Records Management and Preservation, rules for general management and preservation of county records02/20/04
HB 4241Risk and Insurance Management, public entities insurance programs02/24/04
HB 4242Risk and Insurance Management, member of self-insurance pools who wish to participate in state programs02/24/04
HB 4243State Police, career progression system02/27/04
HB 4244Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board, addressing and mapping standard and participation by public agencies02/12/04
HB 4245Tax Commissioner, alternative resolution of tax disputes03/01/04
HB 4251Providing that the attendance of college by a noncustodial parent may not be used as grounds to modify a child support order02/02/04
HB 4260Creating a system for public funding of election campaigns for candidates in certain circumstances02/02/04
HB 4262Creating the environmental excellence program, which creates incentives to exceed minimum environmental law requirements02/02/04
HB 4267Including publicly and privately owned water utilities in the one-call system02/03/04
HB 4268Prohibiting law-enforcement officers from asking crime victims if they have insurance coverage to cover losses occasioned by criminal activity02/03/04
HB 4272Requiring all-terrain vehicles used off of private property to be registered with the division of motor vehicles02/03/04
HB 4275Extending the period to execute upon child support judgments02/03/04
HB 4276Exempting individual retirement accounts, pension and profit-sharing plans from executions02/03/04
HB 4281Altering the criminal penalties for driving while license is suspended or revoked02/03/04
HB 4306Providing for a felony offense for destroying property worth more than five thousand dollars with increased penalties02/05/04
HB 4307Providing for a standard form informational list of universal accessibility features to be provided to a future buyer of any proposed residential housing in the state02/05/04
HB 4314Removing the maximum aggregate penalties limit in regard to violations of the unfair trade practices act02/05/04
HB 4320Exempting probation officers from concealed weapons licensing provisions02/05/04
HB 4321Establishing the English language as the official language of the state of West Virginia02/05/04
HB 4325Providing that a person sixty-five years of age or older may redeem real estate owned by him or her by paying the delinquent taxes without other costs or liens02/05/04
HB 4326Modernize the long-term care insurance act within the insurance code02/12/04
HB 4327Increasing salaries for magistrate clerks, magistrate assistants and magistrate deputy clerks02/05/04
HB 4328Creating an indigent defense commission to advise the executive director on policies and procedures of public defender services02/06/04
HB 4329Permitting a retired member of the state police to carry a concealed weapon for the duration of the member's life02/06/04
HB 4332Establishing criminal penalties for interfering with medical treatment of a railroad employee injured during the course of employment02/06/04
HB 4336Limiting financial assistance from the housing development fund to nonresidential projects02/06/04
HB 4337Relieving health care providers of liability where an injury has resulted from a prescribed drug or medical device02/06/04
HB 4343Granting campus police officers law-enforcement powers at private institutions of higher education in this state02/06/04
HB 4346Reducing the blood alcohol content threshold for DUI to .0802/06/04
HB 4352Including certain commercial hunting, fishing and wildlife watching activities within the definition of recreational purposes for which landowner liability is limited02/27/04
HB 4353Making it a crime to permit a child to ride a horse at a public for-profit riding facility without wearing a riding helmet02/09/04
HB 4358Restricting public access to concealed weapons permit records02/09/04
HB 4362Banning the sale of ephedra by listing it under Schedule I of the controlled substance act per the recommendation of the board of pharmacy02/09/04
HB 4365Requiring preliminary breath analysis for the purpose of determining the blood alcohol content of a surviving driver02/09/04
HB 4367Prohibiting law-enforcement surveillance of individuals or groups participating in constitutionally protected activities02/09/04
HB 4369Equalizing magistrate salaries for all magistrates02/09/04
HB 4380Removing the confidentiality privilege in communications to clergy when the communication involves sexual abuse of a minor child, unless the communication was made as a recognized, privileged confession02/10/04
HB 4381Requiring payment of personal property taxes as a condition precedent to receiving or maintaining a business registration certificate02/26/04
HB 4383Authorizing counties to, by ordinance, regulate the location of video poker establishments02/10/04
HB 4384Relating to mine inspectors02/10/04
HB 4387Requiring reporting by methadone clinics to the controlled substance monitoring program and requiring the promulgation of emergency rules for methadone treatment centers02/26/04
HB 4389Exempting inactive physicians from insurance assessment02/10/04
HB 4394Prohibiting consumption of an alcoholic beverage or the possession of open alcoholic beverage containers in the passenger compartment of motor vehicles02/10/04
HB 4395Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal police and fire departments and creating duties for the policemen and firefighters' civil service commissions02/10/04
HB 4396Reforming, altering and modifying the county commission of Hampshire County02/20/04
HB 4397Prohibiting the practice of debarking or surgically silencing a dog by cutting its vocal chords02/11/04
HB 4401Relating to mechanics' liens and correcting confusing statutory language02/11/04
HB 4406Prohibiting the lottery commission and others from making unsolicited promotions or advertisements for lottery games through the mail02/11/04
HB 4408Relating to custody of minor children when one spouse murders the other spouse02/11/04
HB 4417Authorizing issuance of warrants to extract blood analysis of persons charged with driving under the influence02/11/04
HB 4421Increasing the quantity of real estate that may be held by a trustee for a branch of any religious sect02/12/04
HB 4426Requiring banking institutions to post bond or other security for the deposit of county, municipal or county board of education funds02/19/04
HB 4428Establishing the West Virginia protection of air quality related values act02/12/04
HB 4430Relating to the qualifications, eligibility, issuance, expiration and disposition of driver's licenses and nondriver identification cards02/20/04
HB 4437Creating a misdemeanor offense to abandon a motor vehicle which is unlicensed or inoperable, or both, upon any private property02/12/04
HB 4438Requiring that an authorized representative of the miners be allowed to accompany the inspector when an inspection of a surface-mining operation is undertaken02/12/04
HB 4439Requiring applicants for an extension of a mining permit to provide a copy of the permit application to a representative of the miners at the mine02/12/04
HB 4442Justifying the use of deadly force by a pregnant woman when she reasonably believes that her unborn child's life is threatened02/12/04
HB 4445Establishing the English language as the official language of the state of West Virginia02/12/04
HB 4447Relating to parental notification requirements for abortions performed on unemancipated minors02/12/04
HB 4454Establishing the performance based permitting act02/13/04
HB 4457Limiting a lobbyist from lobbying a current government officer or employee until one year after employment with the government ceased02/13/04
HB 4458Requiring licensed private investigators and guards to carry and display photographic identification cards02/13/04
HB 4460Providing for one family court circuit comprising the county of Lincoln and one family court circuit comprising of Boone county02/13/04
HB 4461Providing for one family court circuit comprising the counties of Clay and Webster and one family court circuit comprising Nicholas county02/13/04
HB 4462Relating to solid waste facilities handling in excess of thirty thousand tons of solid waste per month02/13/04
HB 4466Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death02/13/04
HB 4469Allowing the commissioner of the division of corrections to increase the parolee supervision fee02/13/04
HB 4470Allowing "good time" for inmates in the custody of the division of corrections to be credited presumptively at the beginning of an inmates sentence02/13/04
HB 4471Specifying that a young adult offender found unfit to remain at a center for young adult offenders is entitled to a hearing before the committing court02/13/04
HB 4472Allowing victims of crime to be notified by telephone when a specified defendant is released from custody02/13/04
HB 4473Developing a procedure to notify licensed professionals who are mandated to report child abuse and neglect of the disposition of the investigation into the report02/13/04
HB 4475Requiring the division of corrections to reimburse a county for the per diem costs the county has incurred in maintaining a person in a regional jail under certain circumstances02/13/04
HB 4476Providing procedures for determining the cost per day for inmates incarcerated in facilities operated by the regional jail and correctional authority02/13/04
HB 4487Prohibiting cloning of human embryos in state medical schools, colleges or universities02/16/04
HB 4494Allowing certain first-time offenders of driving under the influence laws to avoid serving time in jail by participating in a litter control program02/16/04
HB 4497Authorizing safety checks of boats by conservation officers02/27/04
HB 4499Strengthening penalties for failure to meet child support obligations02/17/04
HB 4503Releasing the name and identification of any juvenile adjudicated or convicted of a crime to the victims02/17/04
HB 4504Providing that all employees have the right to review and copy the contents of their personnel files02/17/04
HB 4510Exempting from personal property taxation, the equipment, inventory and raw materials of crafts people who have had their work evaluated and accepted or juried and accepted by the West Virginia arts and crafts guild02/17/04
HB 4511Clarifying the role and responsibilities of the county sheriff in the supervision and administration of home incarceration programs within various counties02/17/04
HB 4512Relating to the advertising of the dangers of and the prevention for gambling addiction02/17/04
HB 4513Prohibiting criminal action against a person who unintentionally allows his or her dog to pursue an animal or wild bird onto private property02/19/04
HB 4518Unborn Victims of Violence Act02/18/04
HB 4524Making the office of consumer advocacy independent of the insurance commissioner02/18/04
HB 4525Allowing the landlord of a factory-built home to alter his written rental and occupancy agreement02/18/04
HB 4527Regulating and restricting the operation of all-terrain vehicles02/18/04
HB 4528Adding the laser speed gun as a device for measuring speeds02/18/04
HB 4529Continuing the authority of a guardian or conservator after the death of the protected person for limited decision making regarding the body of a deceased protected person02/18/04
HB 4539Authorizing racetrack table gaming facilities at licensed racetracks02/19/04
HB 4541Creating the crimes of unlawful surveillance and dissemination of unlawful surveillance02/19/04
HB 4542Abolishing the health care cost review authority02/19/04
HB 4544Setting forth certain standards for petit juror service02/19/04
HB 4556Requiring all inspectors inspecting the work premises of any mining concern or operation for mine safety, to sign in, in order to acknowledge their presence on the premises02/20/04
HB 4568Imposing a one hundred dollar per year fee for licenses allowing wine sampling events by wine retailers02/20/04
HB 4571Prohibiting charitable organizations from soliciting contributions on public highways02/20/04
HB 4572Automatically awarding permanent custody to the person or persons that provide the necessary food, shelter, supervision, medical service or education for a child in certain cases02/20/04
HB 4573Regulating sexually oriented businesses to promote the morals and general welfare of the citizens of the state02/20/04
HB 4579Establishing a new procedure for rolling back insurance rates02/25/04
HB 4580Providing that the circuit court may appoint a guardian for a minor if the custodial parents cannot agree on the nomination of a guardian or if there are no custodial parents living02/20/04
HB 4584Establishing the consumer's right to know regarding telemarketers and requiring certain vendors to use only persons authorized to work in the United States02/23/04
HB 4586Providing that liquidated damages for failure to pay a terminated employee wages owed may not exceed the amount of actual damages in any claim02/23/04
HB 4592Reserving liabilities for all outstanding life insurance policies and annuity and pure endowment contracts of every life insurance company doing business in this state02/25/04
HB 4600Limiting the annexation authority of municipalities02/25/04
HB 4602Allowing members of the state police to engage in certain political activities while out of uniform and off duty02/25/04
HB 4606Creating a health care providers lien02/25/04
HB 4608Simplifying the reciprocity process between states regarding concealed handgun permits02/25/04
HB 4614Providing for the certification of persons who perform evaluations to determine if defendants charged with crimes are competent to stand trial or are not guilty by reason of mental illness02/25/04
HB 4615Relating generally to on-line lottery games allowed under state lottery act02/25/04
HB 4616Allowing municipalities to charge a sewer fee to the occupants of any business or residence that abuts a municipal sewer and collect a deposit from all new applicants for water or sewer service02/25/04
HB 4619Making technical changes to the language treating child custody, child support, parental planning and spousal support02/25/04
HB 4621Transferring jurisdiction from the county commission to the family court for appointment and revocation of guardianships of minors02/25/04
HB 4630Creating a uniform system of bail bond forfeiture procedures for all courts of record in the state02/26/04
HB 4631Allowing awards under the crime victims compensation program to be made to victims of identity theft02/26/04
HB 4632Prescribing minimum standards for municipal judges and requiring criminal background checks of persons applying for municipal judgeships02/26/04
HB 4635Limiting third party actions in unfair trade practices suits against insurers, their employees, representatives and agents02/26/04
HB 4637Establishing the "West Virginia Prescription Drug Ethical Marketing Act"02/26/04
HB 4642Preventing political subdivisions of the state from selling goods in competition with private businesses02/26/04
HB 4643Authorizing the use of flashing white lights as auxiliary lights on emergency vehicles02/26/04
HB 4644Prohibiting foreign professional service contracts with the state while creating the "Keep Jobs In West Virginia Act"02/26/04
HB 4646Providing for the payment of fees and expenses of mediators appointed by the office of judges of the workers' compensation commission02/26/04
HB 4651Providing that an individual who provides notice of future voluntary resignation remains qualified for unemployment benefits from the time the notice is given to the employer until the end of the notice period02/26/04
HB 4652Requiring pediatric dentists that administer general anesthesia to pediatric patients to comply with certain requirements for personnel, operating facilities, equipment, monitoring procedures, recovery and discharge02/26/04
HB 4654Authorizing the sheriff and any deputy of a county to enforce traffic laws within a homeowners' association or subdivision property02/26/04
HB 4657Providing that certain persons who are members of a limited liability company solely as an investors in the company are not employees for whom workers' compensation premiums are paid02/26/04
HB 4665Raising the family court judge's secretary-clerk's annual salary02/26/04
HB 4666Including within the jurisdiction of family courts the right to visitations between half-siblings and step-siblings02/26/04
HB 4673Including within those joint family liabilities of the husband and wife the services provided by healthcare providers02/27/04
HB 4674Restricting involuntary commitment for addicted persons to those who, as a result of such addiction, are likely to cause serious harm to themselves or others02/27/04
HB 4677Prohibiting certain video monitors including certain navigation monitors forward of driver's seats of motor vehicles02/27/04
HB 4682Providing a fee to be charged to persons copying records in the county clerk's office by digital photography02/27/04
HB 4690Authorizing the alcohol beverage control commissioner to license businesses offering exotic entertainment to prevent harmful secondary effects associated with such businesses02/27/04
HB 4691Establishing the hospitals infection disclosure act requiring hospitals to disclose hospital-infection rates for the public02/27/04
HB 4692Providing for the temporary detention of juvenile perpetrators of domestic violence02/27/04
HB 4694Establishing threshold quantities of certain controlled substances to trigger prima facie evidence of intent to deliver if possessed by an individual02/27/04
HB 4695Providing for a process in which to enlist binding arbitration in state employee grievance procedures02/27/04
HB 4698Prohibiting children under the age of eight years old from being passengers on motorcycles on public roads02/27/04
HB 4699Exempting public works projects receiving federal assistance and subject to federal labor standards from the state prevailing wage laws02/27/04
HB 4700Lowering the threshold required for reporting certain information about individuals, firms, associations or committees contributing to a campaign02/27/04
HB 4701Providing the same protection from animal fighting to all animals02/27/04
HB 4702Prohibiting out-of-state lenders from making loans over the internet or by other means unless they are licensed in West Virginia02/27/04
HB 4703Providing for law-enforcement officers to seek a warrant to draw blood from a person arrested for DUI when the person refuses to submit to a secondary chemical test02/27/04
HB 4704Providing a statutory good faith exception to the exclusionary rule when evidence has been obtained during an execution of a search warrant, arrest warrant or capias02/27/04
HB 4706Prohibiting account wagering and electronic betting02/27/04
HB 4710Strengthening the current law against the dissemination of "spam" on the internet02/27/04
HB 4713Setting a "clear and convincing" standard for determining whether an employer acted with "deliberate intention" in causing a worker injury which would waive the employer's immunity from suit under workers' compensation provisions02/27/04
HB 4715Creating the crime of embezzlement by misuse of a power of attorney02/27/04
HB 4716Making all unauthorized accessing of the computers of the state and its political subdivisions a crime02/27/04
HB 4720Providing for administration costs associated with the court security fund and to eliminate obsolete language02/27/04
HB 4723Relating to reporting abuse and neglect of certain adults02/27/04
HB 4724Adding to the statutory members of multidisciplinary investigative teams and treatment teams for certain children involved in the court system02/27/04
HB 4725Creating the criminal offense of injury to a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage or stillbirth02/27/04
HB 4726Providing that a person is not guilty of trespassing or hunting without permission merely because the person's dog pursues an animal or wild bird onto another person's private or leased land02/27/04
HB 4728Granting various county agencies authority to enter into intergovernmental agreements with other county levying bodies02/27/04
HB 4729Clarifying that the public service commission may permit rates to become effective prior to the end of a suspension period02/27/04
HB 4733Making juvenile records open for public inspection, when the juvenile has been charged with or convicted of an offense involving violence against another02/27/04
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