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Bill Status - 2006 Regular Session

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There are 57 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 8Providing high school diplomas for certain veterans01/31/06
SB 9Adding President of West Virginia University Institute of Technology to Board of Governors01/11/06
SB 14Relating to allocations to counties with low enrollment for capacity building01/11/06
SB 19Requiring orientation program in firearms and firearm safety in public schools01/11/06
SB 25Providing members of county boards of education compensation for time spent in mandatory education01/11/06
SB 36Relating to funding for regional education service agencies01/11/06
SB 39Relating to calculation of teacher seniority upon reemployment01/11/06
SB 54Changing ratio of school nurses to enrollment01/11/06
SB 60Authorizing county board of education to disburse surplus funds to supplement salaries01/11/06
SB 68Prohibiting school personnel from promoting abortion01/11/06
SB 81Establishing Equitable Compensation Act 01/11/06
SB 88Requiring Department of Education reimburse county boards of education for school nurses01/11/06
SB 89Relating to employment of principals, assistant principals and secretaries01/11/06
SB 99Requiring criminal history checks for people working directly with children on school property01/11/06
SB 101Relating to terms of coaching contracts01/11/06
SB 103Establishing West Virginia Dollars for Scholars Loan Program01/11/06
SB 137Funding salaries of principals for certain number of days01/12/06
SB 139Setting mileage reimbursement rate for school service personnel at state rate01/12/06
SB 176Increasing fees for certain higher education students01/17/06
SB 187Requiring uniforms for public school students01/17/06
SB 246Providing salary supplement for certain nationally certified school personnel01/23/06
SB 253Changing PROMISE Scholarship Program to PROMISE Forgivable Student Loan Program01/24/06
SB 283Providing teacher pay raise01/26/06
SB 288Amending Public Employees Insurance Act01/26/06
SB 446Prohibiting human embryo cloning in higher education facilities02/01/06
SB 466Changing compulsory school attendance age02/02/06
SB 472Establishing Disability History Week02/02/06
SB 513Relating to scheduling guidelines for school cooks02/07/06
SB 545Relating to workers' compensation benefits for school personnel02/09/06
SB 549Establishing WVU stand-alone advisory councils02/10/06
SB 565Authorizing educational benefits for spouses of certain deceased military02/14/06
SB 577Requiring higher education governing board members serve until successors appointed02/15/06
SB 583Allowing higher education governing boards to participate in urban mass transit authorities02/15/06
SB 585Relating to county boards of education's local share02/15/06
SB 611Providing school service personnel pay raise02/16/06
SB 637Relating to placement of instructional aides for exceptional and autistic students02/20/06
SB 641Establishing qualifications for school language interpreters02/20/06
SB 642Providing incremental salary increases for certain higher education faculty02/20/06
SB 698Creating GED assistance incentive tax credit02/20/06
SB 700Providing tuition waivers for children and spouses of certain National Guard and military personnel02/20/06
SB 708Permitting home-schooled students participate in certain school activities02/20/06
SB 713Relating to tuition payment for certain National Guard02/20/06
SB 720Relating to West Virginia Institute of Technology; renaming Community and Technical College of Shepherd 02/20/06
SB 731Relating to teacher certification eligibility02/20/06
SB 740Returning West Virginia Institute of Technology to independent status02/20/06
SB 751Clarifying eligibility of certain higher education employees to serve in Legislature02/20/06
HB 3019Community volunteer enrichment programs in the public schools 02/28/06
HB 4040Requiring voter approval prior to closure and consolidation of certain schools 01/20/06
HB 4077Establishing a state minimum salary supplement for professional personnel holding a nationally recognized professional certification in speech-language pathology, audiology or counseling03/02/06
HB 4253Removing the requirement for dual membership of certain higher education governing board chairs02/23/06
HB 4260Requiring state board review of system of education performance audits02/16/06
HB 4393Adjusting foundation allowance for transportation for projected fuel costs03/02/06
HB 4398Improving the capacity of county boards of education to provide school health services03/02/06
HB 4546Continuing additional compensation for holders of national board for professional teaching standards certification who are subsequently employed in principal and assistant principal positions03/07/06
HB 4547Increasing the funds available for transfer to the Prepaid Tuition Trust Escrow Fund in certain circumstances03/02/06
HB 4623Relating to reports of inspections of schools by local boards of health03/02/06
HB 4848Relating to requirements for physical education in the public schools03/02/06
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