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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 137 Bills pending in House Education




SB 65Establishing school uniforms incentive plan pilot program02/27/08
SB 156Providing tuition waivers for children and spouses of certain National Guard and active duty military personnel 02/21/08
SB 194Providing electronic instructional materials to certain students02/26/08
SB 611Relating to teachers' alternative education02/27/08
SB 747Creating PROMISE Scholarship Summer Internship Program02/26/08
SB 777Authorizing Marshall University and West Virginia University to manage certain real property02/28/08
HB 2001Relating to providing additional state minimum salary for certain teachers01/09/08
HB 2018Providing for the use of neck braces by football players01/09/08
HB 2063Prohibiting individual county board of education members from acting on behalf of the board in an individual capacity unless authorized by law01/09/08
HB 2076Increasing the foundation allowances for professional educators to fifty-five and service personnel to thirty-seven for each one thousand students01/09/08
HB 2081Requiring accumulation of certain historical instruction before high school graduation01/09/08
HB 2084Requiring the State Board of Education to promulgate rule implementing a tornado safety awareness plan in public schools01/09/08
HB 2086Requiring schools to post and make available to the public the schedules of teachers and staff01/09/08
HB 2088Changing the compulsory school attendance for children in the state from sixteen to eighteen years of age01/09/08
HB 2108Making armed assault or conspiracy to commit armed assault upon school property or school personnel or students a felony01/09/08
HB 2111Changing compulsory school attendance until age eighteen or until the student graduates01/09/08
HB 2114Providing that student residents of this state who commute to school in another state are eligible for the PROMISE scholarship program01/09/08
HB 2125Community volunteer enrichment programs in the public schools01/09/08
HB 2128Requiring county boards of education to establish the daily observance of a minute of silence in all county schools01/09/08
HB 2133Funding the PROMISE scholarship program01/09/08
HB 2195Requiring that the State School Board ensure that no class size for grades seven through twelve be greater than twenty-five students to every one teacher01/09/08
HB 2205Relating to the denial of course credits for unexcused absences in school01/09/08
HB 2211Increasing supplemental benefits to certain teacher retirement annuitants01/09/08
HB 2215Creating incentives for encouraging West Virginia workers to obtain the GED01/09/08
HB 2243Allowing comparable credit at trade or vocational schools approved by the State Board to count towards service personnel pay rates01/09/08
HB 2270Providing West Virginia students with a partial PROMISE scholarship for schooling outside this state for the reason that no in-state institution offers a course for a major or a degree in the student's desired field01/09/08
HB 2272Relating to allowing bus operators for county school systems to carry-over years of experience operating buses for purposes of determining seniority01/09/08
HB 2292Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals01/09/08
HB 2298Providing for increased compensation for aides and paraprofessionals with large numbers of pupils in kindergarten and grades one through six01/09/08
HB 2316Changing the PROMISE Scholarship Program to the PROMISE Forgivable Student Loan Program and establishing deferment and forgiveness conditions01/09/08
HB 2336Allowing school service personnel the opportunity to vote on giving transfer preference to employees from a merged school01/09/08
HB 2356Establishing a secure residential school for juvenile status offenders01/09/08
HB 2381Establishing school service personnel class title and pay grade for the positions of "Administrative Assistant" and "Legal Secretary"01/09/08
HB 2383Allowing a school service mechanic to have experience, training and certifications considered towards his or her pay rate01/09/08
HB 2397Relating to salary increases for teachers based upon residential housing costs01/09/08
HB 2403Increasing the salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals01/09/08
HB 2413Creating the Student and Family Privacy Protection Act01/09/08
HB 2415Allowing for more teachers to be reimbursed for approved course work01/09/08
HB 2418Increasing certain county boards of education personnel salaries01/09/08
HB 2419Salary increases for school service employees based upon residential housing costs01/09/08
HB 2420Augmentation to any salary increase for any public employee, teacher or school service personnel01/09/08
HB 2429Rectifying inequities in the salary schedule and pay grades for service personnel by upgrading the pay grade of cooks and custodians01/09/08
HB 2453Providing that the assignment and transfer of real property for research and development at institutions of higher education for economic development purposes includes housing projects01/09/08
HB 2480Requiring voter approval prior to closure and consolidation of certain schools01/09/08
HB 2489Allowing the State Superintendent of Schools to designate certain geographical areas as a "School Choice Zone"01/09/08
HB 2556Creating the institute for increased postsecondary education participation01/09/08
HB 2557Providing a two-tiered personal income tax credit for parents who provide home schooling01/09/08
HB 2565Relating to the delivery of controlled substances on or in an educational facility01/09/08
HB 2582Adjusting foundation allowance for transportation for projected fuel costs01/09/08
HB 2699Relating to reports of inspections of schools by local boards of health01/09/08
HB 2706Reforming the school aid formula by reducing the amount of regular levy deducted from county boards of education01/09/08
HB 2719Verifiable Science Act01/09/08
HB 2720Pay incentives for teachers who teach in their core field degree01/09/08
HB 2725Authorizing public school teachers to purchase one personal computer and related devices per year from the state contract for use outside the classroom01/09/08
HB 2730Reducing the ratio of school nurses to school children01/09/08
HB 2750Providing county boards of education may study the economic feasibility of exercising an option of engaging in cooperative agreements with local public or regional transit authorities to transport students01/09/08
HB 2757Consolidating purchasing by county boards of education01/09/08
HB 2779Increasing the faculty senate allotment for classroom teachers and librarians01/09/08
HB 2783Exempting undergraduate students attending state colleges or universities for the first two years postgraduation, from the payment of state income tax01/09/08
HB 2814Authorizing the state Board of Education to grant waivers to sparsely populated counties for relief from ratio limitations on state funding01/09/08
HB 2836Allowing a public school employee or retiree who missed work as a result of pregnancy to purchase up to one year of service credit in the teachers retirement system01/09/08
HB 2846Authorizing school level implementation of student uniform policies01/09/08
HB 2850Setting standards for assignment of high school athletic directors01/09/08
HB 2859Establishing requirements for college readiness and work readiness credentials that certify to colleges and employers that a student has demonstrated the proficiencies needed to be successful01/09/08
HB 2867Authorizing and encouraging county boards of education to share services of central office administrative personnel01/09/08
HB 2878Requiring school boards to set and maintain reliable bussing schedules and to limit the duration of travel for students01/09/08
HB 2884Protecting academic freedom in higher education01/09/08
HB 2911Providing a framework to avoid imposition of policies and practices on the public schools that distract from a thorough and efficient education01/09/08
HB 2937Requiring certain professional development to also be consistent with school and county strategic plans01/09/08
HB 2949Increasing compensation of school service personnel and rectifying inequities in the salary schedule and pay grades01/09/08
HB 2965Faculty Excellence Act01/09/08
HB 2969Requiring the subject of physics as a required course in all public secondary schools for graduation01/09/08
HB 2970Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools01/09/08
HB 2971Providing full daily rate of pay for substitute teachers if they have in excess of ten instructional days in the same school year01/09/08
HB 2980Allowing certain county boards of education to operate their schools on a four-day school week01/09/08
HB 3010West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act01/09/08
HB 3042Exempting children receiving an exemption from compulsory school attendance in favor of church school from standardized testing requirement01/09/08
HB 3082Providing for tuition and fee waiver for certain child survivors of domestic violence deaths01/09/08
HB 3098Allowing a tax deduction for all prepaid tuition contracts or college savings plan01/09/08
HB 3103Relating to persons who do not qualify for professional certificates who are issued certificates to serve in the public schools as athletic coaches01/09/08
HB 3125Providing a cost-of-living provision for certain persons retired under the Teachers Retirement System01/09/08
HB 3132Protecting the academic speech of higher education professional educators01/09/08
HB 3177Increasing the compensation of members of county boards of education01/09/08
HB 3232Reducing staff development programs for school personnel from eighteen hours to twelve hours01/09/08
HB 3240Extending the provisions of the higher education flexibility act01/09/08
HB 3252Instituting a "Celebrate Freedom Week" and requiring the instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other American historical documents01/09/08
HB 3273Modifying the provisions regarding the higher education institutions that are eligible for receiving PROMISE scholarship funds01/09/08
HB 3276Including Salem International University as an eligible institution for PROMISE scholarship students01/09/08
HB 4033Providing for a legislative rule requiring repayment of a PROMISE scholarship award under certain circumstances01/11/08
HB 4051Providing that only healthy beverages and healthy or nutritional snacks may be sold in the county school system01/29/08
HB 4055Authorizing an additional salary bonus for certain classroom teachers01/16/08
HB 4056Requiring county board establishment of an additional supplemental salary schedule for classroom teachers in certain circumstances01/16/08
HB 4108Allowing county school boards to establish a four-day school week and collect fees for use of school buildings on the fifth day01/21/08
HB 4123Relating to transfers of teachers01/22/08
HB 4136Allowing pregnancy leave buy-back by teachers who are currently employed or retired01/23/08
HB 4152Providing cost-of-living benefits to retired teachers funded from the severance tax collections on natural gas01/23/08
HB 4154Providing members of the Defined Contribution Retirement System a one-time option to transfer to the State Teachers' Retirement System01/23/08
HB 4155Giving teachers and service personnel and retired teachers a raise01/23/08
HB 4159Rescinding state financial assistance from students who receive two or more citations for illegal consumption or possession of alcohol01/24/08
HB 4167Relating to reports of inspections of primary and secondary schools by local boards of health02/05/08
HB 4293West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act01/25/08
HB 4316Requiring all high schools include in their health classes a course in fetal development01/29/08
HB 4320Relating to the use of personal leave days by a surviving spouse of a deceased employee of a school board01/29/08
HB 4346Exempting all schools which include grades kindergarten through twelve from paying consumer sales tax on items the school sells01/31/08
HB 4350Requiring that all decisions regarding certain reductions in full-time classified personnel workforce at state institutions of higher education be made on the basis of seniority01/31/08
HB 4351Limiting the posting of certain classroom material on the internet01/31/08
HB 4352Allowing teachers who graduated from colleges and universities that are not accredited by associations recognized in West Virginia, to obtain a teaching certificate based on their certification in another state01/31/08
HB 4365Providing a minimum hourly rate of pay for extracurricular assignments for school service personnel01/31/08
HB 4373Clarifying how payment of the library funding obligation of a "special act library" is made from the local share02/01/08
HB 4375Approving fee waivers for certain students and faculty and staff at institutions of higher education02/01/08
HB 4377Requiring the State Board of Education to create a school drug safety program02/01/08
HB 4401Protecting the academic speech of professional educators02/04/08
HB 4425Permitting firework displays on public school property provided the State Superintendent and the Fire Marshal approve the display02/05/08
HB 4432Increasing annual salaries of public school teachers, providing salary bonuses for classroom teachers, and increasing annual salaries for school service personnel02/05/08
HB 4436Creating a course in solar hot water heating at each community and technical college in the state02/06/08
HB 4439Including the school principal's recommendation in the criteria to be considered when hiring teachers and other professional personnel02/06/08
HB 4456Relating to replacing unuseable athletic facilities02/07/08
HB 4467Making it a misdemeanor to falsify educational or academic records to obtain a benefit02/08/08
HB 4468Permitting county board of education the power to employ the most qualified person to be athletic and other extracurricular coaches02/08/08
HB 4469Allowing state colleges and universities to better manage real property gifted to them or acquired by them with private funds02/08/08
HB 4479Mandating that school principals submit recommendations for the superintendent regarding the appointment, assignment, promotion, transfer and dismissal of all personnel02/11/08
HB 4505Allowing fireworks displays on public school property upon approval of the State Superintendent of Schools and the State Fire Marshal02/12/08
HB 4510Relating to requirements for PROMISE scholarships02/12/08
HB 4522Reforming the school aid formula by reducing the regular levy deducted from county boards of education02/13/08
HB 4523Allowing guidance counselors to compete equally for all guidance counselor positions02/13/08
HB 4531Prohibiting illegal aliens from obtaining in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities02/14/08
HB 4539Providing for continuing contract status for teachers and establishing dismissal and suspension procedures02/14/08
HB 4559Providing nonsupervisory employees of the West Virginia State Board of Education with the same protections against summary dismissal as are applicable to employees of county boards of education02/14/08
HB 4564Increasing the pay grade of cafeteria managers02/14/08
HB 4589Increasing the penalties for overtaking and passing a school bus02/18/08
HB 4601Directing the State Board of Education to develop a program of instruction on macroeconomics02/18/08
HB 4610Giving state institutions of higher education more flexibility in the planning and operation of their schools02/18/08
HB 4631Giving county school superintendents more flexibility and ease in placing service personnel workers in positions of need on a day-to-day basis02/18/08
HB 4633Relating to approval of a student for homebound services and their rights02/18/08
HB 4678Relating to itinerant status for school service personnel02/18/08
HB 4686Specifying the types of topics that are to be covered in school programs on personal finance02/18/08
HB 4687Directing the State Board of Education to determine what principal and teacher reports are unnecessary02/18/08
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