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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 37 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 4Requiring Legislative Auditor evaluate Secondary Schools Activities Commission01/09/08
SB 6Providing county boards of education members per diem for mandatory education01/09/08
SB 46Increasing fees for certain higher education students01/09/08
SB 56Providing fee waivers for certain higher education students01/09/08
SB 91Reducing ratio of school nurses to school children01/09/08
SB 99Allocating funding for transporting students to certain activities01/09/08
SB 132Requiring principals take responsibility and control over teacher's classroom performance01/09/08
SB 153Creating GED incentives 01/10/08
SB 191Allowing districts' certain substitute teacher hiring flexibility in critical need areas01/10/08
SB 192Allowing county school boards' substitute service personnel placement flexibility01/10/08
SB 199Rescinding student financial assistance due to certain alcohol violations01/10/08
SB 205Establishing driver's license denial or suspension for students who fail or withdraw from school01/10/08
SB 213Requiring Promise Scholarship repayments under certain circumstances01/11/08
SB 225Establishing supplementary salary schedule for certain teachers01/16/08
SB 229Excluding certain teachers from seniority reduction requirements01/16/08
SB 246Providing cap on one year property assessment increase01/17/08
SB 314Requiring certain public notice of school cancellation or delay01/23/08
SB 329Granting certain school psychologists' and nurses' salary supplement01/24/08
SB 480Awarding National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus to certain teachers01/29/08
SB 486Requiring certain qualifications for school coaches01/29/08
SB 523Allowing higher education institutions more planning and operating flexibility01/31/08
SB 569Relating to compulsory school attendance directors02/05/08
SB 594Establishing Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Students and School Personnel03/06/08
SB 605Clarifying library funding obligation from local share02/07/08
SB 623Modifying educators' professional or first class certificate renewal02/08/08
SB 624Limiting certain paraprofessionals' and interpreters' transfers02/08/08
SB 637Requiring CPR and first aid training in secondary school curriculum02/11/08
SB 646Relating to certain teachers' sanctions02/12/08
SB 675Requiring boards of education hire best qualified candidate for extracurricular activities02/15/08
SB 688Requiring athletic trainers' presence at certain school games02/18/08
SB 690Allowing teachers to determine what classroom material may be posted on internet02/18/08
SB 717Creating State Police Higher Education Security Act02/18/08
SB 719Setting school athletic director standards02/18/08
SB 743Leasing school buses for voter transportation02/18/08
SB 761Modifying ISE schedule02/18/08
SB 763Relating to certain school coaches' requirements02/18/08
SB 771Creating Nontraditional Career Development Centers Act02/18/08
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