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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 102 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 7Establishing Flood Protection Planning Council01/29/08
SB 10Providing tax deduction on interest paid on student and automobile loans01/09/08
SB 11Reducing state vehicles' petroleum-based fuel consumption02/20/08
SB 12Increasing one-trip permits fee issued by State Police01/09/08
SB 18Allowing paid sick leave to be used as paid family leave01/09/08
SB 21Increasing barrel tax on nonintoxicating beer01/09/08
SB 29Increasing certain Division of Corrections' employees salaries and increment pay01/09/08
SB 32Applying consumers sales and service tax to commercial laundries and linen and garment rental services01/09/08
SB 35Limiting mortgage recording tax01/09/08
SB 40Preventing reduction of disability pensions for certain Public Employees Retirement System members02/07/08
SB 44Allowing federal adjusted gross income deduction for cost of high deductible health plan01/09/08
SB 53Increasing exemption on retirement income for certain retirees02/07/08
SB 57Allowing county boards of education to enter into certain lease-purchase agreements01/23/08
SB 58Removing certain exceptions in minimum wage law02/21/08
SB 66Establishing relocation assistance program for certain correctional officers01/09/08
SB 69Increasing state employees' annual increment pay01/09/08
SB 74Providing tax credit to certain medical providers01/09/08
SB 78Prohibiting issuance of new business registration certificate under certain circumstances01/09/08
SB 79Subtracting Social Security benefits from federal adjusted gross income01/09/08
SB 85Relating to information technology donations01/09/08
SB 102Relating to Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program01/09/08
SB 111Exempting certain professional and personal services from consumers sales and service tax01/09/08
SB 122Providing nonrefundable earned income tax credit for certain taxpayers01/09/08
SB 131Imposing taxes on certain illegal substances01/09/08
SB 133Relating to payment in lieu of property tax agreements02/08/08
SB 139Creating fund to reimburse National Guard group life insurance premiums 02/13/08
SB 151Increasing basic compensation of legislators01/10/08
SB 161Relating to payment of certain GED fees02/29/08
SB 167Authorizing municipalities to enter into energy-saving contracts 01/31/08
SB 172Authorizing allocated revenues to fund volunteer firemen pensions02/18/08
SB 175Increasing relocation expense allocation for State Police01/10/08
SB 183Updating meaning of certain terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act01/10/08
SB 184Updating meaning of certain terms used in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/10/08
SB 189Exempting senior citizens from home heating fuels' sales tax01/10/08
SB 215Reducing behavioral health care provider's severance tax01/11/08
SB 216Eliminating certain coalbed methane tax exemptions under Severance and Business Privilege Tax Act02/14/08
SB 223Creating Teacher Shortage Incentive Pilot Program02/20/08
SB 243Clarifying administrative circuit clerk fees01/24/08
SB 244Creating Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act01/17/08
SB 249Providing State Police housing supplement 01/17/08
SB 250Compensating State Police for call-back time01/17/08
SB 259Limiting regional jail per diem incarceration rate for partial days01/30/08
SB 267Providing retention salary increases for Division of Corrections' and Division of Juvenile Services' employees01/18/08
SB 269Authorizing certain tax credit for new teachers in critical needs areas02/15/08
SB 283Modifying low-income qualifier for senior citizens' homestead tax credit01/21/08
SB 285Relating to State Police Retirement System 02/07/08
SB 293Allowing certain Supreme Court retirees per diem compensation01/24/08
SB 296Requiring Tax Commissioner implement computer system to enable certain verifications of Class II property owners01/22/08
SB 310Providing magistrates be paid equally02/07/08
SB 318Exempting Social Security income from state income tax01/23/08
SB 320Creating Local Government Purchasing Card Expenditure Fund02/07/08
SB 331Permitting Commissioner of Highways to transfer surplus balances between funds01/24/08
SB 334Creating senior status family court judges panel01/29/08
SB 335Authorizing Supreme Court to appoint senior status magistrate assistants01/29/08
SB 336Matching witness' pay rate to jurors' pay rate01/25/08
SB 470Allowing political subdivision invest with Investment Management Board and Board of Treasury Investments02/21/08
SB 491Establishing three-year moratorium on Class II, III and IV real property tax increases01/30/08
SB 498Extending Neighborhood Investment Program Act02/06/08
SB 502Allowing blasting program penalties' deposit in Special Reclamation Fund02/20/08
SB 511Requiring state boards of examination or regulation maintain permanent public office 02/18/08
SB 529Establishing leave donation program for certain law-enforcement association02/20/08
SB 530Providing loan forgiveness program for nurses02/20/08
SB 531Relating to driver's license issuance02/06/08
SB 537Increasing State Police compensation02/01/08
SB 546Clarifying charitable bingo and raffle operators' compensation02/01/08
SB 550Exempting certain amount of state pensions and Social Security benefits from state income tax02/04/08
SB 555Limiting real property classification of managed timberland02/08/08
SB 557Replacing corporate license tax with one-time fee02/04/08
SB 558Relating to electronic commerce02/20/08
SB 563Providing certain volunteer fire department members state income tax exemption02/04/08
SB 576Exempting military retirement pensions from income tax02/05/08
SB 582Imposing corporate net income tax on certain entities02/05/08
SB 597Creating Sesquicentennial Committee and Fund02/27/08
SB 607Relating to teachers' professional development and preparation days02/15/08
SB 609Creating Innovation and Development Act02/13/08
SB 610Eliminating Saturday school prohibition02/13/08
SB 618Relating to Public Employees Insurance Act02/08/08
SB 625Requiring school principal make personnel recommendations02/20/08
SB 632Creating Healthy Lifestyles Restaurant Calorie Posting Program02/15/08
SB 633Reducing certain temporary employees' service credit requirements02/20/08
SB 635Authorizing State Board of Education to set and collect review fees from certain publishers02/20/08
SB 652Relating to private investments in Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park02/27/08
SB 658Relating to Stop Domestic Violence, Sesquicentennial and "In God We Trust" license plates02/27/08
SB 663Relating to school cafeteria managers' pay grade02/20/08
SB 665Including true compensation on state employee paycheck stubs02/14/08
SB 702Providing Economic Opportunity Tax Credit to certain businesses02/29/08
SB 709Creating Volunteer Firefighter Length of Service Act02/20/08
SB 711Clarifying State Police responsibility for certain medical expenses02/18/08
SB 714Awarding National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus to certain school leaders02/20/08
SB 748Authorizing salary increase for certain state hospital workers02/18/08
SB 752Authorizing Public Employees Insurance Agency to charge interest on late payments02/18/08
SB 764Specifying certain Public Employees Insurance Agency participation terms02/18/08
SB 766Increasing certain state employee's incremental salary02/18/08
SB 776Increasing Excess Lottery Revenue Fund deposits to Higher Education Improvement Fund02/20/08
HB 2739Providing veterans' death certificates to families and funeral directors at no cost02/26/08
HB 3122Relating to the definition of "eligible veteran" for certain state training and employment preference benefits03/03/08
HB 4037Reducing state income tax liability for certain retired public employees02/27/08
HB 4052Uniform Maternal Screening Act02/29/08
HB 4125Relating to faculty senate funds for classroom teachers and librarians02/28/08
HB 4329Allowing a registrant to register a Class G vehicle for a two-year period and providing for alternative methods of payment of fees03/03/08
HB 4341Relating to payment of National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus02/26/08
HB 4665Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs03/06/08
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