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Bill Status - 2023 Regular Session

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There are 39 Bills pending in House Agriculture and Natural Resources




SB 202Increasing terms of Natural Resources Commission members from four to seven years01/30/23
HB 2082Repeal breed specific legislation01/11/23
HB 2083Providing small grants to encourage the creation of large pollinator friendly gardening habitats01/11/23
HB 2095Relating to wild and wonderful restoration Task Force01/11/23
HB 2117Relating to the hunting of coyotes01/11/23
HB 2181To establish a state animal abuse register01/11/23
HB 2198To modify the E-bike legislation in West Virginia Code01/11/23
HB 2238Relating to the cultivation of medical cannabis01/11/23
HB 2285Requiring that open hunting season for big game begin on a Saturday01/11/23
HB 2288Allowing disabled persons to operate small electric vehicles on the Greenbrier Trail01/11/23
HB 2291Relating to state certification of industrial hemp and medical cannabis seed01/11/23
HB 2296Relating to the beginning and expiration of hunting and fishing licenses01/11/23
HB 2365Creating a hunter access program for private landowners to enter an agreement with the state to allow hunters to use their property01/11/23
HB 2369To allow landowners to pay hunters to hunt their property01/11/23
HB 2450Relating to tax credit for disabled veterans for lifetime hunting, trapping and fishing license01/11/23
HB 2476Relating to property ownership by Farmland Protection Board01/11/23
HB 2479Relating to rules for hunting antlered deer01/11/23
HB 2508Relating to the limitation of actions on agricultural land01/12/23
HB 2518Amending the West Virginia Fresh Food Act01/12/23
HB 2556Eliminating fees for hunting and fishing licenses for military retirees.01/16/23
HB 2574Relating to warrantless entry of private lands01/16/23
HB 2575To expand recreational benefits to West Virginia Landowners to promote land ownership within the State, increase property value, bolster the State economy, and to provide additional benefits to West Virginia taxpayers01/16/23
HB 2614Relating generally to hunting and fishing01/17/23
HB 2620To create a new hunting license stamp for upland game bird01/17/23
HB 2783To remove primates as a dangerous wild animal01/18/23
HB 2818Make first day of gun season for deer to Saturday before Thanksgiving holiday01/19/23
HB 2918Relating to the removal of animals left unattended in motor vehicles01/23/23
HB 2979Establishing an animal abuser registry01/24/23
HB 2995Relating to requirements for a registered veterinary nurse01/24/23
HB 3016Establish food desert produce pilot program01/25/23
HB 3090Repeal the code provisions requiring auctioneers to be licensed and for auctions to be conducted by a licensed auctioneer01/26/23
HB 3102Creating Adopt-A-Trail volunteer programs for public land under DNR jurisdiction01/27/23
HB 3124To allow non-resident students enrolled at West Virginia colleges and universities to purchase their hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate.01/27/23
HB 3180Wildlife corridors to reduce animal-vehicle collision01/31/23
HB 3290To clarify privileges for senior license holders for hunting and fishing02/03/23
HB 3345Providing increased protections for the welfare of domestic animals02/08/23
HB 3359Creating the West Virginia Farm Fresh Dairy Act02/10/23
HB 3384Agricultural Right to Repair Act02/13/23
HB 3404Relating to the valuation of farm property02/13/23
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