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HB 2018 Permitting the managed care case coordinator to attend the multidisciplinary team meeting 01/19/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 13)
HB 2029 Repealing the creation of an all-payer claims database 01/19/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 15)
HB 2113 Modifying the criminal penalties imposed on a parent, guardian or custodian for child abuse 01/26/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 40)
HB 2221 Relating to bankruptcy 01/27/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 45)
HB 2310 Provide the Division of Motor Vehicles authority to develop an “Antique Fleet” program so that multiple antique motor vehicles may utilize a single registration plate. 01/24/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 27)
HB 2412 Declaring November 14 every year, a special Memorial Day in remembrance of the Marshall University airplane crash 01/20/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 20)
HB 2436 Relating to the implementation of an acuity-based patient classification system 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 50)
HB 2506 Creating a title clearinghouse for non-resident businesses 01/19/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 17)
HB 2509 Creating the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 51)
HB 2526 Relating to reducing the personal income tax 01/18/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 7)
HB 2530 Relating to the extension of the expiration of temporary registration plates from sixty days to ninety days 01/23/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 21)
HB 2531 Requiring cooperation between the rail company and the Division of Highways when construction or maintenance activities are conducted by the company 01/26/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 41)
HB 2533 Relating to a permanent windshield placard to be valid for the duration of the applicant’s life 01/23/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 22)
HB 2564 Repeal of administrative hearing procedures for DUI offenses 01/24/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 28)
HB 2569 Establishing the Motorsport Responsibility Act 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 52)
HB 2597 Amending performance evaluations of professional personnel 01/27/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 46)
HB 2602 Reestablishing certain specialized school service personnel classifications 01/24/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 29)
HB 2754 Relating to immunizations performed in a pharmacy 01/25/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 32)
HB 2757 Relating to expanding institutional eligibility for the WV Invests Grant Program 01/25/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 34)
HB 2776 Updating meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act 01/25/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 36)
HB 2777 Updating federal taxable income and other terms in the West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act 01/25/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 38)
HB 2800 All relating to authorizing legislative rules regarding higher education 01/27/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 47)
HB 2835 Repeal outdated provisions of code relating to the West Virginia graduate college and Marshall University 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 53)
HB 2850 Relating to students with exceptional needs 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 54)
HB 2890 Modifying student discipline 01/31/2023 Passed House (Roll No. 59)
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