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There are 39 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




SB 65Granting municipal fire marshal authority to assist law-enforcement officer01/24/23
SB 148Relating to municipalities required to be represented on county authority boards01/16/23
HB 2033Relating to unsafe real property01/11/23
HB 2071Taxation With Representation Act01/11/23
HB 2115Exempting law-enforcement officers from payment of income and personal property taxes01/11/23
HB 2132Providing that a municipal services user fee may not be imposed on employees of the state01/11/23
HB 2147Allowing for surplus money collected above voter approved excess levy requests to remain with specific county and placed in general fund01/11/23
HB 2172Allow local governments to hold property owners more accountable for upkeep of buildings01/11/23
HB 2173Limit amount a county tax assessor can increase assessed value of antique or classic cars01/11/23
HB 2184Permitting election day registration of voters01/11/23
HB 2212Require that a public service district board that represents more than one community have at least one member from each community01/11/23
HB 2214Require special elections to be held same day as primary or general election01/11/23
HB 2215Require all public contracts be publicly advertised01/11/23
HB 2227Limiting the maximum number of appointees to certain county and municipal bodies01/11/23
HB 2229Increasing transparency in the apportionment process for congressional and legislative districts01/11/23
HB 2240Requiring urban renewal authorities to submit proposed urban renewal projects to the affected local county boards of health01/11/23
HB 2243Creating a process by which voters may recall a county ordinance in a special election01/11/23
HB 2299To require that any municipality or county commission who intends to approve a location for a limited video lottery retailer must first announce their intention to do so and hold a public hearing before approval. 01/11/23
HB 2353To create a tax reduction savings fund for municipalities01/11/23
HB 2386Ban sanctuary cities in West Virginia01/11/23
HB 2525Relating to charging fees for municipal services01/12/23
HB 2585Authorizing a special election for presenting the question of a special levy renewal for levies expiring prior to the primary election scheduled for May 14, 202401/16/23
HB 2595To require that Public Service District Boards that represent more than one community to have at least one member from each community on the board.01/17/23
HB 2600Making disbursement of hotel occupancy tax wholly discretionary01/17/23
HB 2625Emergency Absentee Ballot Preparedness Act01/17/23
HB 2791Relating to appointing members to county authorities01/18/23
HB 2929To supersede all ordinances that restrict atv’s on paved roads01/23/23
HB 2965To create a pilot project of tiny homes01/24/23
HB 3083Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting certain ordinances, regulations, local policies, local resolutions, or other legal requirements01/26/23
HB 3104Require Surveyors to offer to record surveys of property01/27/23
HB 3126Allotting counties $5,000 per deputy position to only be used for deputy pay raises01/27/23
HB 3170Prohibiting municipalities in their permitting from charging other government entities for rights of way within municipal boundaries that are at least fifteen feet above ground level at their lowest point 01/31/23
HB 3185Transparency in Government Act01/31/23
HB 3186Relating to powers of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District01/31/23
HB 3319Relating to sheriff’s commission for collection of taxes02/07/23
HB 3349Assisting governmental units training costs for certification of law enforcement officers02/08/23
HB 3361Relating to the allocation of federal funds to county commissions and certain municipalities02/10/23
HB 3466Relating to increasing the services the sheriff may charge 02/14/23
HB 3489To make the fire board or county commission responsible for the operations of every fire department within their county02/14/23
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