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Bill Status - 1996 Regular Session

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There are 410 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 4Relating to hunting on lands of another; damages and compensation01/29/96
SB 41Allowing subcontractors certain time period to claim mechanics' liens03/02/96
SB 79Correcting clerical error regarding juvenile transfer proceedings01/22/96
SB 108Creating offense of failing to supervise a child; penalties02/09/96
SB 309Prohibiting obstructing emergency personnel during declared state of emergency03/02/96
SB 348Exempting professional engineers from land survey licensing03/01/96
SB 356Restoring power and authority of public energy authority03/02/96
SB 458Prohibiting assault on police officers and humane officers; penalties02/28/96
SB 488Providing recusal and disqualification system for supreme court justices02/28/96
SB 490Increasing gratuities credit against minimum wage02/28/96
HB 2005Exempting magistrates from license requirement to carry a concealed deadly weapon01/09/96
HB 2010Lowering monetary value of stolen goods for felony grand larceny conviction01/09/96
HB 2030Civil service status for sheriff's radio dispatchers01/09/96
HB 2049Exempting from taxation one vehicle owned by certain persons age sixty-five or older01/09/96
HB 2053Ascertainment of punishment of a person after conviction of a criminal offense and providing for a sentencing proceeding by the jury following felony conviction01/09/96
HB 2067Enhanced penalties for crimes against the elderly01/09/96
HB 2068Extending the homestead property tax exemption to persons under the age of sixty-five who are not totally and permanently disabled01/09/96
HB 2075Universal applicability of homestead exemption regardless of age or disability01/09/96
HB 2082County commissions to develop and implement county community service programs to be used in sentencing juvenile offenders in lieu of imposing fines01/09/96
HB 2091Requiring parental consent before an unemancipated minor may obtain an abortion01/09/96
HB 2105Reduced rates for certain low-income customers of electricity and gas01/09/96
HB 2109Redefining the term "neglected child"01/09/96
HB 2113Prohibiting mining under perennial or intermittent streams without certain approval01/09/96
HB 2124Requiring persons convicted of DUI offenses to purchase and use special license plates indicating that they are a DUI offender01/09/96
HB 2206Limiting the liability of authorized forest fire fighters01/09/96
HB 2218Requiring agencies of state government to develop land management plans01/18/96
HB 2234Providing that violent offenders shall be ineligible for work release01/09/96
HB 2243Permitting probation officers to carry firearms01/09/96
HB 2254Permitting persons to defend valuable property and their dwellings with deadly force01/09/96
HB 2274Authorizing the admission into evidence of a criminal conviction for abuse or violence against a family member in proceedings held to determine custodial rights of minor children01/09/96
HB 2307Immunity from civil liability for certain services provided voluntarily by professional architects and engineers in emergencies01/09/96
HB 2308Establishing a procedure for filing negligence suits against professional architects and engineers01/09/96
HB 2336Application to county sheriff for license to carry deadly weapons01/09/96
HB 2374Expanding membership of public service district boards in the event of consolidation01/09/96
HB 2378Designating English as the official state language01/09/96
HB 2382Removing the requirement that certain telecommunications utilities be required to make tariff filings with the PSC01/09/96
HB 2384Prohibiting monthly standby fees being charged for building sprinkler systems01/09/96
HB 2391Permitting a person to kill a dog if that person observes the dog chasing, worrying, wounding or killing any other person01/09/96
HB 2399Designating Good Friday as a legal holiday01/09/96
HB 2410Expanding the meaning of a public place where an individual can be charged with disorderly conduct01/09/96
HB 2416Reducing the minimum jail sentence imposed for criminal violations of certain natural resources statutes01/09/96
HB 2424Increasing the salaries of magistrates01/09/96
HB 2432Relating to the right to bail01/09/96
HB 2433Providing natural gas service from individual wells to homeowners01/09/96
HB 2441Regulation by the PSC of public service companies and limiting the percent of net income in dividends that a subsidiary can pay to a parent company01/09/96
HB 2457Use or possession of a firearm in drug trafficking offenses01/10/96
HB 2475Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence01/10/96
HB 2486Uniform Limited Liability Company Act of 199501/10/96
HB 2524Site specific water quality standards for coal remining operations01/10/96
HB 2532Requiring the parent of certain juveniles to be liable for restitution to crime victims01/10/96
HB 2533Relating to the Uniform Commercial Code dealing with leases of personal property01/10/96
HB 2545Authorizing the establishment of police lines, perimeters and barricades in emergency situations01/10/96
HB 2555Creating medical malpractice review panels01/10/96
HB 2571Lowering the amount of child support arrearage which constitutes a felony01/10/96
HB 2595Salary increase for magistrates and assistants01/10/96
HB 2604Requiring environmental inventory and compliance with environmental protection laws by certain rail carriers following cessation of service01/10/96
HB 2607Equalizing and setting the salary of all magistrates at thirty thousand dollars01/10/96
HB 2616Permitting public utilities and railroads to form political action committees01/31/96
HB 2617Increasing the fine for parking in a handicapped zone at state institutions of higher education01/10/96
HB 2624Registered limited liability partnerships01/10/96
HB 2631Common Interest Ownership Act01/10/96
HB 2633Providing definitions and criminal penalties for public indecency01/10/96
HB 2635Revision of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act01/10/96
HB 2666Trial by jury when requested upon appeal of a conviction from magistrate to circuit court01/10/96
HB 2667Relieving property owners of personal liability for water, sewerage and gas services rendered to tenants01/10/96
HB 2685Requiring landlords to place security deposits into interest-bearing accounts01/10/96
HB 2688Exempting gasoline sales from the seven percent rule01/10/96
HB 2696Permitting simulcast racing to be shown anytime on Sunday01/10/96
HB 2716Prohibiting persons who feloniously kill another person from obtaining property from the person so killed by joint survivorship provisions01/10/96
HB 2734Uniform Interstate Family Support Act01/10/96
HB 2738Discretionary consideration by Racing Commission of applications for a license and permit02/07/96
HB 2754Threshold requirements of at least twenty percent before a support order, except child support, can be modified01/10/96
HB 2762Permitting the sale of certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis01/10/96
HB 2787Providing for the election of the Attorney General and Secretary of State in nonpresidential years01/10/96
HB 2798Trial proceedings involving the crimes of murder and sexual assault01/10/96
HB 2802Prohibiting solid waste authorities from charging annual fees to persons who live in a residence for sixty days or less per year01/10/96
HB 2811Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the State01/10/96
HB 2814Child Welfare Reform Act01/10/96
HB 4001Elimination of preadjudicatory improvement period in cases of child abuse or neglect01/10/96
HB 4004Creation of a mandatory sentence for using a firearm or other deadly weapon in committing or attempting to commit a felony01/10/96
HB 4019Abolition of unfunded state mandates prospectively and since one thousand nine hundred eighty-five01/10/96
HB 4021Requiring a jobs note for all proposed legislation01/10/96
HB 4026Creation of certain loud noises unlawful, prima facie evidence of violation, setting forth exemptions and providing penalties01/10/96
HB 4032Granting the Attorney General the right to request a jury trial in consumer protection cases01/10/96
HB 4034Changing the time prescribed for filing exceptions to recommended decisions of a hearing commissioner, hearing examiner or panel under authority of the Public Service Commission01/10/96
HB 4036Reducing the number of hours of training required for manicurists01/10/96
HB 4037Providing that a person convicted of a felony involving the use of a dangerous weapon shall be ineligible for probation and providing technical corrections thereto01/10/96
HB 4041Granting the Attorney General the discretion to attend to the criminal business of the State in any court thereof01/11/96
HB 4043Prohibiting any establishment that profits from any type of obscene matter from operating within five thousand feet of any church or school01/11/96
HB 4051Creating the misdemeanor offense of ticket scalping01/15/96
HB 4058Permitting the payment of reasonable expenses from proceeds from the conduct of charitable bingo and raffle operations01/15/96
HB 4066Lowering the legal alcohol limit with regard to driving a motor vehicle01/16/96
HB 4068Requiring certain convicted felons to serve at least eighty percent of his or her maximum sentence01/16/96
HB 4087Criminal penalties for knowing and willful failure to make required payments or file reports for unemployment compensation or workers' compensation01/17/96
HB 4088Reinstating the death penalty for first degree murder01/17/96
HB 4089Including limited liability companies within the business entities which are not entitled to assert the defense of usury01/17/96
HB 4094Authorizing the Public Service Commission to require public utilities to charge emergency service providers the lowest rates available01/17/96
HB 4095Relating to retesting of driver's license examination02/22/96
HB 4097Prohibiting public officials and public employees from making or accepting certain promises, offers and solicitation to or from other public officials01/17/96
HB 4098Requiring sellers of alcoholic liquor and nonintoxicating beer to require proof of age from all purchasers01/17/96
HB 4099Authorizing the Public Service Commission to require all public and private water companies to provide water for emergency flow testing and to maintain fire hydrants at no cost to the consumer01/17/96
HB 4104Clarifying that all certificated certificates of deposit quality as instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code01/17/96
HB 4107Registration of weights and measures service agencies and service persons, laboratory calibration services, registration of weights and measures devices and associated fees therefor01/17/96
HB 4113Reducing the blood alcohol content for DUI convictions to eight hundredths of one percent or more, by weight01/18/96
HB 4115Prohibiting state officials or employees from employing their spouse, parents, spouse's parents or children at public expense01/18/96
HB 4116Prohibiting price discrimination by businesses based on gender01/18/96
HB 4117Permitting circuit courts to order reimbursement by convicts of the cost of their imprisonment and food01/18/96
HB 4124Providing for the election of members of the Public Service Commission01/18/96
HB 4127Providing for the regulation of pawnbrokers01/18/96
HB 4129Extending coverage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act to all classes of public employees and establishing a self-supporting mechanism therefor01/18/96
HB 4131Condition under which certain probationers or parolees shall be allowed to live in the same residence with or exercise visitation with their own child and providing an exception01/18/96
HB 4134Providing the same tax relief for homeowners and renters under the age of sixty-five as is currently provided for those who are age sixty-five or older01/19/96
HB 4140Creating the crime of trespass on railroad tracks01/19/96
HB 4154Allowing magistrate court fund overages to be placed in escrow for use by underfunded magistrate courts01/22/96
HB 4158Requiring certain persons to wear pedalcycle helmets01/22/96
HB 4165Establishing two degrees of negligent homicide while driving a motor vehicle01/23/96
HB 4166Limitation on number of mines that a mine rescue team is responsible for serving and requiring underground mine operators employing more than fifty miners to maintain a separate mine rescue team01/23/96
HB 4172Creating a new article addressing distribution of obscene material01/24/96
HB 4174Redefining what the order for election to increase levies is required to show, etc.01/24/96
HB 4175Providing that additional or excess levies be used for a specific purpose and not for general budget funding01/24/96
HB 4180Qualifying certain PSC employees as special law-enforcement officers and allowing them to carry firearms01/24/96
HB 4185Making the twenty thousand dollar homestead exemption applicable to every property owner regardless of age or disability01/24/96
HB 4186Establishing a plan guaranteeing merit increases for state employees01/24/96
HB 4188Relating generally to grandparent visitation01/25/96
HB 4189Relating to special levy election ballot language01/25/96
HB 4190Specific procedures for public hearings conducted by local levying bodies for special levy elections01/25/96
HB 4191Providing voters with the choice "None of the Above" in all elections01/25/96
HB 4193Relating to real property assessment by a county assessor when a plan or plat for an industrial development is recorded01/25/96
HB 4195Prohibiting the sale of ammunition between the hours of one a.m. and five a.m.01/25/96
HB 4199Establishing the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program01/25/96
HB 4206Permitting the substitution of a seismographic measurement in lieu of using the prescribed formula for determining proper distances for blasting in mining operations01/25/96
HB 4209Licensing the practice of drug and alcohol counseling02/28/96
HB 4212Establishing a two-year statute of limitations on certain workers' compensation benefit applications01/26/96
HB 4216Relating to death benefits to widows or widowers of certain deceased workers' compensation claimants01/26/96
HB 4226Safety training program for prospective surface coal miners01/29/96
HB 4227Combined voter registration and the driver licensing fund01/29/96
HB 4228Official election forms and vendor authorization01/29/96
HB 4230Department of Administration, parking02/02/96
HB 4231Inspection of meat and poultry01/29/96
HB 4232Certified pesticide applicators01/29/96
HB 4233Plant Pest Act01/29/96
HB 4234Dairy products and imitation dairy products01/29/96
HB 4235Frozen desserts and imitation frozen desserts01/29/96
HB 4236Permissible additional charges in connection with a consumer credit sale02/08/96
HB 4237Industrial Bank and Industrial Loan Company Act02/08/96
HB 4238Consumer Credit and Protection Act02/08/96
HB 4239Consumer Credit and Protection Act and the Industrial Bank and Industrial Loan Company Act02/08/96
HB 4240Legal lending limit02/08/96
HB 4241Calculation and collection of late fees01/29/96
HB 4242Contractor Licensing Act01/29/96
HB 4243Solid waste management01/29/96
HB 4244Coalbed methane wells02/02/96
HB 4245Waste tire management01/29/96
HB 4246Surface mining reclamation01/29/96
HB 4247Sewage sludge management01/29/96
HB 4248Hazardous waste management01/29/96
HB 4249Prevention and control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities01/29/96
HB 4250Monitoring well design standards01/29/96
HB 4251Underground storage tanks01/29/96
HB 4252Basic training academy, annual in-service and biennial in-service training standards01/29/96
HB 4253Standards for local boards of health02/08/96
HB 4254AIDS-related medical testing and confidentiality02/08/96
HB 4255Personal care home licensure02/08/96
HB 4256Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council funding rules02/09/96
HB 4257Actuarial opinions and memoranda02/08/96
HB 4258Insurance examiners' compensation, qualifications and classification02/08/96
HB 4259Excess linebrokers02/08/96
HB 4260Continuing education for insurance agents02/08/96
HB 4261Recognizing mortality tables for use in determining reserve liability for annuities02/08/96
HB 4262Substandard risk motor vehicle insurance notice requirements02/08/96
HB 4263Minimum reserve standards for individual and group health insurance contracts02/08/96
HB 4264Filing procedures for health maintenance organizations02/08/96
HB 4265Health maintenance organizations02/08/96
HB 4266Minimum standards for construction, operation and maintenance of jails01/29/96
HB 4267Minimum standards for the construction, operation and maintenance of correctional facilities01/29/96
HB 4269Licensees and the Americans with Disabilities Act01/29/96
HB 4270Rules relating to the State Lottery02/08/96
HB 4271Motor vehicle alcohol test and lock program01/29/96
HB 4272Motor vehicle dealers, wrecker/dismantler/rebuilders, license services, auctions, leasing companies, administrative due process02/08/96
HB 4273Commercial sale of wildlife02/08/96
HB 4274Miscellaneous permits and licenses02/08/96
HB 4275Rules relating to boating02/08/96
HB 4276Rules relating to special boating02/08/96
HB 4277Wildlife damage control agents02/08/96
HB 4278Wildlife scientific collecting permit02/08/96
HB 4279Prohibitions when hunting and trapping02/08/96
HB 4280Special waterfowl hunting02/08/96
HB 4281Public use of state parks, forests and wildlife management areas01/29/96
HB 4282Public use of state campgrounds01/29/96
HB 4283Public use of state swimming areas01/29/96
HB 4284Leave donation program02/02/96
HB 4285Agencies designated to provide voter registration services01/29/96
HB 4286Guidelines for the use of nicknames on ballots01/29/96
HB 4287Procedures for canvassing electronic ballot elections using punch card or optical scan ballots01/29/96
HB 4288Absentee voting by certain military voters01/29/96
HB 4289Numbered divisions for the election of circuit judges01/29/96
HB 4290Procedures for handling ballots and counting write-in votes in counties using punch card or optical scan ballots01/29/96
HB 4291Standard size and format, state register01/29/96
HB 4292Election expenditures01/29/96
HB 4293Regulation of campaign finances01/29/96
HB 4294Fair campaign practices01/29/96
HB 4295Corporate political activity01/29/96
HB 4296Development of comprehensive litter and solid waste control plans01/29/96
HB 4297WV DNA databank01/29/96
HB 4298State police grievance procedures02/02/96
HB 4299State police cadet physical qualifications02/02/96
HB 4300State police professional standards investigations02/02/96
HB 4301International fuel tax agreement02/08/96
HB 4302Rules relating to bingo02/08/96
HB 4303Employing former members of the Colin Anderson Center02/08/96
HB 4304Pollution control facilities02/08/96
HB 4305Business and occupation tax02/08/96
HB 4306State home for veterans-fiscal02/08/96
HB 4307Requirements governing water quality standards01/29/96
HB 4308Integrated pest management programs in schools and day care centers01/29/96
HB 4309Prevention and control of air pollution from the emission of volatile organic compounds01/29/96
HB 4311Acid rain provisions and permits01/29/96
HB 4313Local option election by counties, magisterial districts and municipalities to approve or disapprove the licensing of private alcoholic beverage clubs that have live, nude entertainment01/30/96
HB 4314Meeting and conference rights for members of municipal police and fire departments01/30/96
HB 4316Prohibiting insurance companies from denying life and/or health insurance coverage on the basis that the person seeking such coverage may be a victim of abuse02/26/96
HB 4318Establishing the West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act to check the volume of administrative regulations01/30/96
HB 4319Providing for awards of attorney fees and certain expenses to successful private parties in civil actions brought against the State01/30/96
HB 4321Changing the procedure and time of deadlines for nominating a presidential and vice presidential candidate, etc.01/30/96
HB 4328Adoption of federal sewage sludge regulations01/30/96
HB 4329Allowing professional firefighters to run for certain office02/08/96
HB 4333Relating to the definition to child abuse and neglect01/30/96
HB 4334Regulating sales and services of energy and nonenergy related products and equipment01/30/96
HB 4343Creating privileged communication and confidentiality of environmental audits01/31/96
HB 4346Setting for specific circumstances concerning the refusal to issue a license for a private liquor club in instances wherein entertainment or activities at such club may be or have been declared obscene or immoral01/31/96
HB 4352Repeal of section relating to acts in Civil War excused01/31/96
HB 4356Creating a misdemeanor offense of making a false statement to a law-enforcement officer01/31/96
HB 4359Liability of owners and lessees of coal to pay workers' compensation premium taxes when a contract miner defaults on its obligations to pay the premiums01/31/96
HB 4362Requiring the registration of sex offenders01/31/96
HB 4364Limiting the liability of the nonprofit sponsor of a special passenger excursion train01/31/96
HB 4372Revising the Uniform Controlled Substances Act02/01/96
HB 4373Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act02/01/96
HB 4374Uniform Premarital Agreement Act02/01/96
HB 4375Uniform Prudent Investor Act02/01/96
HB 4376Uniform Certification of Questions of Law Act02/01/96
HB 4377Uniform Interstate Family Support Act02/01/96
HB 4378Uniform Anatomical Gift Act02/01/96
HB 4380Relating to county commission authority restricting certain activities in relation to obscene matter02/01/96
HB 4381Relating to automotive crash parts02/01/96
HB 4390Repealing an obsolete statute relating to disputed county boundary lines02/02/96
HB 4392Repealing an obsolete statute relating to washrooms and towels for hotels02/02/96
HB 4393Repealing an obsolete statute relating to requiring gatekeepers at toll bridges to provide change02/02/96
HB 4396Repealing an obsolete statute relating to imprisonment of female felons02/02/96
HB 4397Repealing an obsolete statute relating to maintenance of closed institutions at Grafton and Leckie02/02/96
HB 4398Repealing an obsolete statute relating to carrying articles on bicycles02/02/96
HB 4400Repealing an obsolete statute relating to wearing hats in theaters and places of amusement02/02/96
HB 4401Repealing an obsolete statute relating to inflammation of the eyes of the newborn02/02/96
HB 4403Requiring railroads to provide sanitary toilet facilities in all occupied engines and cabooses02/22/96
HB 4405Civil liability immunity for volunteers in students-for-students public safety programs02/02/96
HB 4409Allowing property owners access to information used to appraise property02/02/96
HB 4415Relating to businesses which use scanners to price items02/05/96
HB 4416Marriage Contract Act02/05/96
HB 4422Repeal of section relating to keeping doors of vehicle for hire locked while in motion02/05/96
HB 4429Repealing code sections relating to dueling02/06/96
HB 4430Repeal of section relating to prohibition on employing persons with communicable diseases02/06/96
HB 4431Repeal of section relating to communicable diseases on vessels or trains02/06/96
HB 4432Repeal of section relating to disqualification from holding office for dueling02/06/96
HB 4433Repeal of article relating to rule revocation repealed02/06/96
HB 4434Repeal of article relating to county and city workhouses02/06/96
HB 4435Repeal of section relating to unlawful shooting at another in street, alley or public resort02/06/96
HB 4436Repeal of section relating to larceny of things savoring of realty02/06/96
HB 4437Repeal of section relating to anchoring or beaching shanty boats on lands of another02/06/96
HB 4438Repeal of section relating to unlawful sale of used, secondhand, rebuilt, repossessed, etc., watches and clocks02/06/96
HB 4439Repeal of section relating to detention of person in place of prostitution02/06/96
HB 4440Repeal of section relating to convicts not to be interred within the city of Moundsville02/06/96
HB 4441Repeal of article concerning Andrew S. Rowan Memorial Home02/06/96
HB 4442Repeal of article relating to escapees from state tuberculosis institutions02/06/96
HB 4443Repeal of section relating to requirements when driving on mountain highways02/06/96
HB 4444Repeal of section relating to requiring pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks02/06/96
HB 4445Repeal of section relating to traffic laws applicable to persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles02/06/96
HB 4446Repeal of section relating to cornering market in foods or other necessities of life02/06/96
HB 4447Repeal of section relating to conducting bucketshop02/06/96
HB 4448Repeal of article relating to school building authority02/06/96
HB 4449Repeal of section relating to administering anesthetics to females02/06/96
HB 4450Repeal of section relating to cheating at gaming02/06/96
HB 4451Repeal of section relating to permitting children to sing, dance or act in dance houses02/06/96
HB 4452Repeal of section relating to unlawful admission of children to dance houses02/06/96
HB 4453Repeal of section relating to gaming at outhouse of hotel02/06/96
HB 4454Repeal of section relating to power of notary to be conservator of peace02/06/96
HB 4455Repeal of article relating to toll road study commission02/06/96
HB 4456Repeal of article relating to Denmar State Hospital02/06/96
HB 4457Repeal of section relating to creating an offense for failure to provide gatekeeper02/06/96
HB 4458Repeal of article relating to legislative building commission02/06/96
HB 4459Repeal of section relating to medical clinics and detention houses for venereal diseases02/06/96
HB 4460Repeal of section relating to privies for hotels02/06/96
HB 4461Repeal of section relating to beds and floor coverings for hotels02/06/96
HB 4462Repeal of section relating to requiring removal of bedbugs and vermin in hotels02/06/96
HB 4463Repeal of article relating to national defense housing02/06/96
HB 4464Repeal of article relating to abolishing the governor's commission on Willow Island02/06/96
HB 4465Repeal of article relating to Veterans' Memorial check-off program02/06/96
HB 4466Repeal of section relating to venereal diseases and statement of qualifications and facilities for treatment02/06/96
HB 4467Repeal of section relating to the disposal of real and personal property in conjunction with the Wheeling Creek Watershed Compact02/06/96
HB 4468Repeal of article relating to repeal of southern states energy compact02/06/96
HB 4469Repeal of section relating to injury to passenger by person in charge of public conveyance or boat; penalty02/06/96
HB 4470Repeal of section relating to the federal amendment to the economic opportunity act02/06/96
HB 4476Providing for the periodic payments of judgments rendered for personal injuries02/06/96
HB 4477Permitting the clerk of the county commission to issue marriage licenses during all hours that office is open02/06/96
HB 4482Criminal penalties for violating a family violence protective order02/06/96
HB 4486Increasing amounts for authorized exemptions of property in bankruptcy proceedings02/06/96
HB 4487Duties and powers of the child support enforcement division02/06/96
HB 4489Removal, storage and disposition of property belonging to certain evicted tenant02/06/96
HB 4496Repealing the licensing requirement to carry a concealed weapon, conforming to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment, etc.02/07/96
HB 4498Mediation or arbitration of family law disputes and privileged communications02/07/96
HB 4501Requiring employers who self-insure under Workers' Compensation to pay claimants twice per month02/07/96
HB 4507Establishing a market-based air emission banking and trading program02/07/96
HB 4508Financial and other benefits not allowed as marital benefits when employee and other person are not legally married02/08/96
HB 4514Eliminating the rental of booths or chairs by persons licensed to practice as barbers, beauticians and manicurists02/08/96
HB 4516PSC authorized to require electric and gas utilities to maintain dedicated telephone lines for emergencies02/08/96
HB 4521Relating to registered limited liability partnerships02/08/96
HB 4526Penalties for shooting deer, turkey or bear from a vehicle02/21/96
HB 4538Providing disincentives to the prosecution of frivolous or malicious lawsuits by certain inmates02/09/96
HB 4539Per diem costs for incarceration of inmates at regional jails02/09/96
HB 4540Amending provisions relating to parental notification of abortions performed on minors and allowing only medically indicated abortions after the first twelve weeks of pregnancy02/09/96
HB 4541Requiring the custodial parent to spend support money in the best interest of the child or children02/09/96
HB 4550Penalties for the manufacture, distribution or possession of certain controlled substances within one thousand feet of a park or housing project02/12/96
HB 4555Creating Class B retail liquor license in market zones where Class A licensees fail to obtain federal wholesale permits02/12/96
HB 4557Exempting licensed professional engineers from licensure as a land surveyor02/12/96
HB 4559Adopting the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act of 199602/12/96
HB 4565Relating to the recording of a memorandum of trust with the clerk of the county commission02/13/96
HB 4566Rewriting the article dealing with distributing or displaying sexually explicit material to children02/13/96
HB 4569Prohibiting debt collectors from compiling files on certain creditors02/13/96
HB 4574State Mandates Relief Act02/13/96
HB 4577Imposing fines upon a railroad company for violation of Public Service Commission rules02/13/96
HB 4581Prohibiting possession of beer or liquor in certain public places02/13/96
HB 4582Raising the dollar amount of consumer transactions to provide protection under the Consumer Credit and Protection Act02/13/96
HB 4584Adding an additional family law master to serve Ohio and Marshall counties02/13/96
HB 4589Penalty for writing a worthless check on a closed bank account02/14/96
HB 4590Raising fees in certain court actions to be placed into the public defender corporation02/14/96
HB 4596Limited Liability for Persons Responding to Oil Spills Act02/14/96
HB 4606Providing for strict liability on electric utilities for power surges02/15/96
HB 4607Prohibiting the sale at full retail price any damaged container or canned goods02/15/96
HB 4610Notification of parole hearing dates and providing an opportunity for victims to address the parole board02/15/96
HB 4611Relating to requisitions for payment issued on the auditor and establishing standards by rule02/15/96
HB 4613Relating to mechanics' liens and requiring claimants to notify owner before filing lien02/15/96
HB 4615Altering the procedure whereby a guardian settles a claim on behalf of a infant or insane person02/15/96
HB 4616Public Employment Relations Act02/15/96
HB 4626Prohibiting a physician from orally discussing a claimant's medical condition with an employer or employer's representative02/16/96
HB 4627Limiting attorney fees for tort claims02/16/96
HB 4629Requiring the director of the Division of Environmental Protection to promulgate legislative rules allowing for facility-wide and multiunit alternate emission control strategies02/16/96
HB 4631Prevention of Youth Access to Tobacco Act02/16/96
HB 4632Relating to criteria for permanent total disability benefits02/16/96
HB 4633Automatic delinquency and default of employers failing to timely pay workers' compensation premium taxes02/16/96
HB 4634Requiring the Workers' Compensation Division to commence civil actions and pursue other civil remedies to collect premium taxes from defaulting employers02/16/96
HB 4652Penalties for counterfeiting and other improper use of registered trademarks02/20/96
HB 4655Placing certain correctional officers employed by the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority in the civil service system02/20/96
HB 4679Eliminating the three-day waiting period required for the issuance of a marriage license02/21/96
HB 4680Authorizing clerks of county commissions to affix documentary stamps02/21/96
HB 4684Requiring medical liability claims to be screened by a qualified health care professional02/21/96
HB 4689Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act02/21/96
HB 4691Eliminating the practice of heir-finders02/21/96
HB 4695Creating the offense of abuse on vulnerable adults02/21/96
HB 4696Relating to mine inspections02/21/96
HB 4700Exempting from property taxation the value of a license issued by any agency of the United States02/22/96
HB 4702Making the writing of a check on a closed account a felony02/22/96
HB 4705Raising the civil jurisdiction limit of magistrate court to ten thousand dollars02/22/96
HB 4707Adding sexual orientation to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act02/22/96
HB 4708Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation02/22/96
HB 4710Minimizing the exposure of citizens to dioxin and related toxic substances02/22/96
HB 4711Creating the felony crime of disseminating indecent material to minors02/22/96
HB 4712Providing for the preapproval of a site prior to application for a private club license02/22/96
HB 4713Relating to suspending or revoking a person's motor vehicle license for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances02/22/96
HB 4715Requiring the signature of the fiduciary commissioner on any waiver of final settlement02/22/96
HB 4717Prohibiting street gang activities02/22/96
HB 4719Prohibiting the state from paying for magistrate to attend law school02/22/96
HB 4720Increasing the number of authorized magistrate court deputy clerks by one02/22/96
HB 4721Inspection of incoming and outgoing mail at adult correctional institutions02/22/96
HB 4722Granting subpoena power to the board of accountancy and clarifying academic requirements02/22/96
HB 4726Relating to the disposition of unclaimed property02/22/96
HB 4728Felony offense for reckless or intentional endangerment of a child02/22/96
HB 4729Creation of a center for the performing arts at Canaan Valley02/22/96
HB 4730Validating foreign marriages except under certain circumstances02/22/96
HB 4731Child abuse resulting in death a felony offense of murder in the first degree02/22/96
HB 4733Abolishing provisions which keep identity and offense of a juvenile confidential and not a matter of public record02/22/96
HB 4734Appellate relief for the state in criminal proceedings02/22/96
HB 4736Permitting seismograph measurement to be used in place of scaled-distance formulas02/22/96
HB 4748Relating to reports and documents required of fiduciaries, etc02/23/96
HB 4750Restricting the decibel levels for advertisements played on public television02/23/96
HB 4755Requiring magistrate courts to accept credit cards for certain payments02/23/96
HB 4758Reporting requirements for the salary and other forms of remuneration of lobbyists02/23/96
HB 4759Increasing the ability of political parties to obtain ballot access02/23/96
HB 4762Relating to registration of weights and measures service agencies and persons02/23/96
HB 4765Qualification of land as managed timberland for valuation purposes02/23/96
HB 4766Reducing the statute of limitations for medical professional liability claims from ten years to six years02/23/96
HB 4769Granting homestead property tax exemption to certain disabled veterans02/23/96
HB 4770Certification of fire protection and alarm systems installation02/23/96
HB 4772Allowing petitioners to vote in the regular primary, political party ballot access and extending filing deadline for certain nomination certificates02/23/96
HB 4773Excluding certain real property for determining of a decendent's estate02/23/96
HB 4778Increasing the time period certain persons who have committed robbery must serve before parole eligibility02/23/96
HB 4786Restricting the amount a purchaser can charge for a title examination upon redemption by the delinquent owner02/23/96
HB 4791Generally revising statutory provisions relating to appellate jurisdiction02/23/96
HB 4794Limited privilege for news media professionals and organizations to protect information and sources from compelled disclosure02/23/96
HB 4796Prohibiting courts from ordering treatment for juveniles and requiring certain parents to pay for court ordered examination and medical necessities02/23/96
HB 4797Limiting liability of landowners to allow people unto their land without charge for recreational purposes02/23/96
HB 4799Clarifying that all state water quality certifications shall be executed by the director of the Division of Environmental Protection, etc.02/23/96
HB 4800Declaring judicial actions null and void against members of the Legislature while in session and at other times and applying this exemption to clients of attorney members of the Legislature02/23/96
HB 4801Providing that the state convict road force shall be mandatory02/23/96
HB 4804Relating to awards and benefits for disability for members of the state police, etc02/23/96
HB 4808Relating to workers' compensation benefits and restoring language before legislative changes made in 199502/23/96
HB 4809Relating to requiring that a workers' compensation claimant change his health care provider to use a health maintenance organization, etc02/23/96
HB 4810Civil and criminal penalties for improper disposal of solid waste02/23/96
HB 4814Raising the minimum sentence of a person convicted of a second or subsequent offense of felony02/23/96
HB 4815Providing that a guardian or conservator may sell or mortgage certain real property02/23/96
HB 4817Raising the salaries of mine inspectors, training courses and certain fees02/23/96
HB 4819Providing for initiative and referendum02/23/96
HB 4825Filing of a vacancy on ballots after the regular filing deadline02/23/96
HB 4829Relating generally to pari-mutuel wagering02/23/96
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