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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 160 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 70Relating to patients' bill of rights; notification03/09/00
SB 152Increasing fines and civil penalties for litter conviction03/08/00
SB 210Making certain changes in deputy sheriff retirement act03/01/00
SB 221Increasing civil penalties to enforce compliance under dam control act03/06/00
SB 394Defining "limited credited service" relative to retirement benefits for public employees03/08/00
SB 413Allowing auditor as commissioner of securities to cooperate with other law-enforcement agencies03/07/00
SB 430Relating to sale of charitable raffle boards and games; penalties03/06/00
SB 486Requiring owner pay severance tax on timber03/09/00
SB 495Increasing fines for unlawfully killing bear03/08/00
SB 571Authorizing contributions to teachers retirement system by legislative members; certain employer contributions03/08/00
SB 598Authorizing certain governing bodies to place proposed zoning ordinances before voters03/08/00
SB 612Increasing penalty to felony for making bomb threat03/07/00
SB 613Increasing protected income level for spend-down under medicaid03/08/00
SB 645Expiring funds from board of risk and insurance management, fund 236702/29/00
SB 660Eliminating present formula for determining number and location of magistrates03/09/00
SB 664Creating third magistrate position in Nicholas County03/09/00
HB 2008Tax credit for employers who provide child day care services for their employees01/12/00
HB 2024Creating a tax exemption for voluntary fire, rescue or emergency medical service personnel01/12/00
HB 2061Clarifying language relating to funds to be used to implement provisions relating to the child placement alternatives corporation01/12/00
HB 2066Permitting the deduction of home mortgage interest paid for purposes of personal income tax01/12/00
HB 2067Jobs Impact Statement Act01/12/00
HB 2068Special method for valuation of certain computer property01/12/00
HB 2085Establishing a commuter pass for college students who use the turnpike in commuting to school02/03/00
HB 2089Incremental decrease in the tax assessed on dental and physicians' services01/12/00
HB 2093Permitting unclaimed moneys held by the general receiver to be kept within each respective county's general fund02/17/00
HB 2101Dedicating tax proceeds from fuel tax on barges and other commercial watercraft to the West Virginia Public Port Authority01/12/00
HB 2109Industrial Park Shell Building and Jobs Act01/12/00
HB 2120Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants01/12/00
HB 2122Making Christmas Eve a state holiday01/12/00
HB 2129Bimonthly deductions for PEIA insurance and negotiation of fees with health care provider groups01/12/00
HB 2145Personal property tax exemption on one vehicle in proportion to the amount of miles traveled for volunteer fire department members01/12/00
HB 2147Removing the twenty year limitation in determining incremental salary increases for state employees01/12/00
HB 2149West Virginia Jobs Act01/12/00
HB 2179Prohibiting the disclosure of the names of lottery winners01/12/00
HB 2202Deduction of contributions for the restoration of the C&O canal and the towpath from adjusted gross income01/12/00
HB 2213Permitting certain state employees to earn merit pay raises01/12/00
HB 2215Limiting the expansion of the state capitol complex in the east end of Charleston01/12/00
HB 2247Providing a tax credit of fifty dollars for each dependant child of a taxpayer01/12/00
HB 2267Implementing a one-time tax-free week on sales of clothing under fifty dollars01/12/00
HB 2283Permitting spouses and dependents of West Virginia residents on active military duty to be issued licenses to hunt, fish or trap02/17/00
HB 2287West Virginia Public Employment Relations Act01/12/00
HB 2288Providing for the payment of prescription drug services for senior citizens01/12/00
HB 2320Phasing out the sales tax on food by one cent a year until the tax is removed01/12/00
HB 2346Protecting a religious body from incurring tax liabilities on certain land01/12/00
HB 2367Removing the tax exemption status for certain nonprofit hospitals01/12/00
HB 2379Imposing an excise tax on smokeless tobacco products and dedicating the proceeds of the tax to the Children's Health Insurance Program01/12/00
HB 2391Good Neighbor Water Expansion Act01/12/00
HB 2406State personal income tax exemption for certain members of volunteer fire departments01/12/00
HB 2408Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys01/12/00
HB 2409Distribution of revenues of video lottery net terminal income to the thoroughbred development fund01/12/00
HB 2421West Virginia Small Business Tax Credit Act01/12/00
HB 2423Creating an independent Board of Tax and Revenue Appeals01/12/00
HB 2446Phasing out the sales tax on food over a period of up to ten years01/12/00
HB 2457Adding public service district board members and employees to the definition of employee under PEIA02/29/00
HB 2588Exempting West Virginians seventy-five years of age or older from state income tax01/12/00
HB 2614Providing a two thousand dollar exclusion from income for income tax purposes for certain retirees01/12/00
HB 2620Providing that correctional officers shall be paid for unused leave in addition to their regular salary01/12/00
HB 2655Increasing magistrate salaries in the more populous counties equal to the salary of Class I clerks of circuit courts01/12/00
HB 2665Reducing the sales tax on food from six percent to five percent01/12/00
HB 2680Gradually eliminating the sales tax on food and increasing the sales tax on other items to six and one-half percent01/12/00
HB 2714Providing tax relief for homeowners and renters under the age of sixty-five01/12/00
HB 2725Establishing a procedure for collective bargaining by public school employees01/12/00
HB 2751Salary increase for sanitarian employees of the division of health01/12/00
HB 2752Promoting contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state parks01/12/00
HB 2770Repealing the section relating to charging fees for the use of the state seal01/12/00
HB 2786Exempting property used exclusively for retirement homes from taxation01/12/00
HB 2795Increasing the amount which may be expended for training of high technology business employees under the guaranteed work force program01/12/00
HB 2812Increasing threshold amounts before small businesses and contractors must file monthly or quarterly tax returns01/12/00
HB 2825Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled01/12/00
HB 2827Graduated elimination of the consumer's sales tax on food01/12/00
HB 2832Sales tax exemption for certain purchases intended to counteract negative effects of cancer or cancer treatment01/12/00
HB 2834Providing for businesses in border areas to receive certain tax exemptions to better compete with businesses in contiguous states01/12/00
HB 2857Phasing in increased assessments on certain property01/12/00
HB 2865Eliminating the consumer sales tax on food by a six-year phaseout01/12/00
HB 2903Excluding social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income for purposes of the state personal income tax01/12/00
HB 2904Reestablishing the site index valuation method for valuation of managed timberland01/12/00
HB 2920Providing a tax credit for new high technology products and manufacturing01/12/00
HB 2947Use of surplus revenues in the general revenue fund to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates01/12/00
HB 2966Providing the homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners01/12/00
HB 3000Increasing the annual salaries of circuit and county clerks01/12/00
HB 4006Increasing the personal income tax exemption01/12/00
HB 4017Distribution of profits from prison-made goods01/12/00
HB 4023Exempting military retirement benefits from personal income tax obligations01/13/00
HB 4027Allowing certain disabled persons and senior citizens to use telescopic sights on muzzle-loading firearms02/03/00
HB 4032Creating a system of registration for durable powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney01/28/00
HB 4054Creation of a worthless check restitution program02/09/00
HB 4076Adding a five-year penalty to the term of an indeterminate felony sentence for a twice convicted felon02/07/00
HB 4088Updating Corporation Net Income Tax Act terms01/19/00
HB 4091Updating Personal Income Tax Act terms01/19/00
HB 4097Waiving the motor vehicle privilege tax on registrations for new residents01/20/00
HB 4098Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks01/25/00
HB 4099Providing medicaid coverage for ventilator patient care at skilled nursing facilities02/10/00
HB 4133Mandating the teaching of a program on West Virginia natural resources in the public schools02/29/00
HB 4136Requiring deposits from various sources be made in the stream restoration fund03/01/00
HB 4148Removing the furnishing of community care services from the imposition of severance taxes01/25/00
HB 4171Providing a right of appeal to professional firefighters who have had disability benefits denied02/24/00
HB 4180Salaries and classifications of employees in the divisions of corrections and juvenile services02/25/00
HB 4187Relating to state aid for fairs01/31/00
HB 4302Including the Legislature and the former departments of corrections and health within coverage of OSHA02/11/00
HB 4308Preventing a retired employee's death to terminate certain paid family insurance01/31/00
HB 4321Reimbursement to institutions of higher education for expenditures in the provision of services to students with disabilities02/29/00
HB 4326Providing a small business tax credit02/01/00
HB 4329Exempting purchases of the American flag from the consumers sales tax02/01/00
HB 4330Requiring the department of health and human resources to review pay equity adjustments02/01/00
HB 4332Allowing unemployed, uninsured persons to purchase PEIA insurance02/01/00
HB 4377Requiring insurance coverage for treatment of serious mental illness03/01/00
HB 4384Excluding social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income for purposes of the West Virginia personal income tax02/03/00
HB 4386Relating generally to the Dam Control Act02/23/00
HB 4421Reducing the corporation net income tax02/07/00
HB 4423Eliminating the consumers sales tax on food and the business franchise tax02/07/00
HB 4428Criminalizing the hunting, digging or harvesting of moss, shrubs, bushes, ferns and other like things on the lands of another03/01/00
HB 4433Providing a special method of appraising charitable property02/07/00
HB 4439Exempting sales of band booster organizations from the consumers sales tax02/08/00
HB 4440Exempting sales of propane gas from the excise tax on gasoline or special fuel02/08/00
HB 4445Providing a B & O tax credit for power plants that burn West Virginia coal02/08/00
HB 4458Creating the charitable gaming commission02/09/00
HB 4466Creating a new felony offense of premeditated malicious wounding02/29/00
HB 4478Repealing the managed timberland program02/10/00
HB 4485Relating to the exercise of trust powers of banking institutions through nonbank affiliates or subsidiaries02/18/00
HB 4491Increasing salaries of magistrate clerks, deputy clerks and assistants02/15/00
HB 4496Implementing recommendations of the national gambling study commission02/10/00
HB 4501Suspension of ordinary time frames in which insurers are required to settle claims in emergency situations02/17/00
HB 4521Relating to changing provisions in the Insurance Guaranty Association Act02/11/00
HB 4534Review of pay equity adjustments made by the department of health and human resources02/14/00
HB 4535Eliminating provisions preempted by federal law relating to financial services reform03/02/00
HB 4538Personal income tax credit for certain employees whose employers contribute to a neighborhood investment program02/15/00
HB 4543Tax credits for qualified rehabilitation buildings investment02/15/00
HB 4571Allowing thoroughbred racetracks and horsemen's associations to use proceeds for track capital improvements02/17/00
HB 4572Providing for the manner of distribution of funds appropriated to the library commission for aid to libraries02/17/00
HB 4574Payment and apportionment of ad valorem taxes on proportionately registered commercial motor vehicles02/24/00
HB 4580PSC regulation of the minimum amount of liability insurance carried by motor carriers02/24/00
HB 4597Exempting funeral-related retail sales from the consumers sales tax02/21/00
HB 4599Relating to the language, publishing requirements and rates of newspaper legal advertisements02/21/00
HB 4602Providing a tax credit to electric power generators for use of West Virginia coal02/22/00
HB 4605Creating the West Virginia Virtual School02/29/00
HB 4609Phasing out the health care provider tax on physicians' services02/22/00
HB 4626Motor vehicle insurance and coverage for loaned, leased or rented vehicles03/01/00
HB 4627Personal property tax exemption for a vehicle used for volunteer fire department or emergency medical services02/23/00
HB 4633Allowing an increase in the earned income exclusion for personal income tax purposes02/23/00
HB 4638Reducing and phasing out the sales tax on packaged food and fresh grown food sold for human consumption off the premises02/23/00
HB 4647Requiring the department of agriculture to provide warning signs upon request by a horseman03/01/00
HB 4656Imposing a one percent severance tax on natural resources for public education funding02/24/00
HB 4661Relating generally to the jobs investment trust fund02/24/00
HB 4665Personal income tax exemption for contributions to a neighborhood investment program02/24/00
HB 4667Providing proof of payment of personal taxes prior to receiving a business franchise license02/24/00
HB 4671Dedicating money from the tobacco settlement fund to provide educational programs to discourage children from using tobacco products03/01/00
HB 4712Reducing the tax on gasoline and special fuels02/25/00
HB 4715Dedicating a portion of the consumers sales tax to PEIA and the teachers retirement system02/25/00
HB 4716Repeal of the article implementing the tax on soft drinks02/25/00
HB 4719Reducing the tax on gasoline02/25/00
HB 4736Supplemental appropriation to the division of forestry, tree species nursery02/25/00
HB 4744Establishing a motor vehicle dealer recovery fund03/01/00
HB 4746Correcting the definition of retired employee under PEIA02/25/00
HB 4751Relating generally to the board of investments02/25/00
HB 4754Increasing racetrack video lottery net terminal income for payment into the pension plan for racing association employees02/25/00
HB 4760Establishing a separate benefit plan for new employees under PEIA02/25/00
HB 4764Community Corrections Act02/25/00
HB 4769Increasing a surviving spouse's death benefit under a municipal police officer's or firefighter's pension02/25/00
HB 4794Eliminating monthly reporting requirements regarding Colin Anderson Center residents03/02/00
HB 4795Relating to wage increases for direct care staff in nursing homes03/01/00
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