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HB 2060 Granting priority to veterans for federal and state employment and training programs 01/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 8) 1
HB 2184 Creating a new felony offense of disarming or attempting to disarm a law-enforcement officer 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 155) 8
HB 2189 Allowing former members of the state police to receive service credit under the public employees retirement system 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 88) 6
HB 2289 Relating generally to public employees retirement and benefits 02/04/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 2377 Establishing a civil remedy for the drawing and uttering of worthless check 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 245) 9
HB 2605 Increasing the age requirement for obtaining a concealed weapon permit from eighteen to twenty-one years of age 01/26/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 2717 Providing for child visitation centers to monitor child visitation 02/15/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 2741 Increasing administrative allowances for officers of the army and air national guards 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 167) 8
HB 2748 Relating to discharging probation officers and circuit court clerical assistants for cause only 01/21/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 2776 Relating to the definition of managed timberland for tax purposes 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 236) 9
HB 2845 Repeal of the countersignature requirement and amending the requirements of the payment of commissions to insurance agents 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 69) 5
HB 2866 Providing concurrent juvenile jurisdiction of circuit, magistrate and municipal courts for certain violations 02/17/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 46) 4
HB 2881 Allowing taxpayers a reduction in their adjusted gross income for gifts made to community foundations 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 6
HB 2918 Limiting the civil liability of tourist railroads and their facility providers 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 226) 9
HB 4004 Providing for an extension in implementing crane operator certification 01/13/2000 Passed House (Voice vote)
HB 4009 Disposition of court costs collected in magistrate court 02/07/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4012 Regulating the body piercing studio business 01/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 13) 1
HB 4015 Eliminating the need for municipal elections in which all candidates are unopposed 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 288) 10
HB 4018 Prohibiting the reduction of the number of magistrates allocated to each county 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4019 Creating a misdemeanor offense for political firing 01/18/2000 Passed House (Voice vote)
HB 4021 Establishing an additional penalty for crimes involving DNR's use of decoy animals 02/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4025 Prohibiting the shooting of dogs or cats at certain pounds or shelters 02/11/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4029 Requiring newly appointed mental hygiene commissioners to complete an orientation course and allowing certain municipal law-enforcement officers to perform duties required of the sheriff 01/21/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4031 Relating to compromise of actions and suits in behalf of infants and insane persons 02/17/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 4
HB 4033 Establishing a three-year statute of limitations for commencement of actions under environmental statutes 01/21/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4035 Compensating deputy sheriffs for required work during holidays 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 272) 9
HB 4036 Authorizing a preneed cremation agreement 01/26/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4038 Expanding the area within a county in which a board office may be located 01/18/2000 Passed House (Voice vote)
HB 4049 Relating to the billing and payment of utilities on highway construction projects 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 71) 5
HB 4055 Regulation of quarry mining of all minerals except coal 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 191) 8
HB 4058 Providing the state athletic commission authority over full contact boxing or fighting events 02/04/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4060 Establishing a sunset review process for professional licensing boards 01/26/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4061 Providing for restricted practice licensure for addictions counselors 01/26/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4062 Requiring professional licensing boards to receive training, to propose legislative rules and to file annual reports 01/26/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4063 Allowing the placement of roadside memorial markers 02/21/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 54) 4
HB 4064 Relating to the board of dental examiners 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 76) 5
HB 4066 Combining maintenance accounts in proposed budget appropriations for the division of highways 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4068 Defendant restitution to victim assistance programs 01/31/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4074 Updating the West Virginia fertilizer law 02/04/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4078 Providing high school diplomas to certain veterans 01/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 1
HB 4080 Authorizing the state treasurer to conduct a program on banking in the public schools 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4084 Eliminating the date restrictions on insurance coverage for emergency medical services 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 5
HB 4090 Increasing thresholds before businesses and contractors must file certain tax returns 02/08/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4093 Supplemental appropriation to the department of transportation, division of highways 01/20/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 5)
HB 4094 Continuing the board of respiratory care practitioners 01/24/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4101 Definition of terms pertaining to interest rates used in teacher retirement legislation 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 81) 6
HB 4102 Adding the definition of retroactive service to the public employee retirement statutes 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 82) 6
HB 4103 Making technical corrections relating to compensation limitations in public employee retirement plans 02/21/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 55) 4
HB 4104 Deleting a section of the Public Employees Retirement Act which violates the Americans with Disabilities Act 02/21/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 56) 4
HB 4106 Authorizing the regional jail and correctional facility authority board to appoint an executive director 01/31/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4112 Requiring citing permits for businesses involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 286) 9
HB 4117 Renaming conservation officers as natural resources police officers 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 75) 5
HB 4118 Permitting retired teachers to substitute teach an unlimited number of days without losing benefits 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 83)
HB 4125 Establishing the method of collecting and applying DMV enrollment fees 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 112) 6
HB 4126 Extending the time for the county commission of Marion County to meet for the purpose of a county levy 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4129 Authorizing law-enforcement officers to carry deadly weapons in the duties of service of process for magistrate courts 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 183) 8
HB 4132 Relating to the division of natural resources and the construction of facilities and cabins by third parties 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 350) 10
HB 4137 Transferring land from the county commission of Jefferson County for development of a senior center 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4139 Amending the law relating to secondary mortgage loans 02/15/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4140 Increasing salaries of conservation officers 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 213) 8
HB 4144 Creating the Health Care Decisions Act 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4146 Requiring persons receiving cash assistance under the works program to participate in educational programs 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 232) 9
HB 4153 Allowing an insured to keep a totaled vehicle on a cosmetic total loss title 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 174) 8
HB 4154 Relating to the muzzle-loading deer hunting license and season 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote)
HB 4156 Continuing the medical services advisory council 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4157 Continuing the family protection services board 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4158 Continuing the board of examiners in counseling 01/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 1
HB 4165 Creating the senior citizens prescription drug subsidy program 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 277) 9
HB 4166 Requiring a definite property description in deeds creating easements and rights-of-way 02/18/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 50) 4
HB 4169 Relating to equipment used in the electronic monitoring of offenders program 02/17/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 4
HB 4172 Defining planting and harvesting season for administering rules relating to drivers transporting agricultural commodities or supplies 02/15/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4183 Prohibiting the sale of tobacco products in certain vending machines 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 67) 5
HB 4221 Authorizing the department of education and the arts to promulgate legislative rules 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 157) 8
HB 4223 Authorizing the bureau of environment to promulgate legislative rules 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4250 Authorizing the Department of Health and Human Resources to promulgate legislative rules 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4258 Authorizing the department of transportation to promulgate legislative rules 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4286 Authorizing the department of military affairs and public safety to promulgate legislative rules 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4293 Modifying state banking and trading requirements to comply with federal program changes 02/21/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 57) 4
HB 4295 Increasing the gross weight limitations on certain roads in Ohio and Brooke counties 02/04/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4296 Continuing the investment management board 02/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4297 Continuing the stream partners program 02/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4298 Creating a needlestick injury prevention program in hospitals and nursing homes 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 330) 10
HB 4300 Relating to emergency possession by health care facilities of certain abandoned children 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 175) 8
HB 4303 Relating to credits against premium tax for investment in West Virginia securities 02/07/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 2
HB 4309 Issuing special license plates depicting auto racing themes including particular race car drivers 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 216) 9
HB 4314 Relating to leave banks for school personnel and defining catastrophic illness or injury 02/07/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4317 Providing a monthly retirement benefit for retired teachers and public employees 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 164) 8
HB 4322 Requiring the taking of blood samples from certain persons convicted of offenses 02/07/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 2
HB 4323 Relating to the Controlled Substances Monitoring Act 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 113) 6
HB 4324 Implementing a graduated driver's license program, etc 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 168) 8
HB 4338 Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 252) 9
HB 4340 Increasing the length of incarceration for persons convicted of selling drugs to minors 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 162) 8
HB 4344 Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistants 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 129) 7
HB 4347 Prohibiting the advertisement of tobacco products at certain events 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 134) 8
HB 4353 Relating to state aid for students of optometry 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 315) 10
HB 4354 Allowing taxpayers to deduct long-term care insurance premiums from federal adjusted gross income 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 103) 6
HB 4364 Expanding authority of DHHR to subsidize legal guardianship of a child without regard to the status of the parents' rights 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 209) 8
HB 4365 Release of state records of a juvenile by a court of record following review 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 185) 8
HB 4372 Requiring direct consumer advertising for prescription drugs to include the usual and customary price 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 139) 8
HB 4380 Promoting the alternative use of poultry litter 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 114) 6
HB 4388 Relating to Harrison County levy for bus services 02/25/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 6
HB 4389 Requiring a criminal background check of applicants for motor vehicle driver examiner positions 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 115) 6
HB 4390 Reporting requirements for complaints of abuse, neglect and exploitation of residents in nursing home facilities 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 300) 10
HB 4391 Relating to public employees retirement and service credit for persons in active service of the armed forces of the United States 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 92) 6
HB 4396 Criminal penalties for misuse of the state purchasing card 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 290) 10
HB 4397 Updating reports of the supreme court of appeals and the secretary of state 02/17/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 4
HB 4399 Requiring the state board of education to provide certain information and other support to the Mountaineer Challenge Academy 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 61) 5
HB 4407 Allowing the Legislature to employ certain persons who took early retirement under PERS 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 128) 7
HB 4410 Continuing the board of examiners for licensed dietitians 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4411 Continuing the family law masters system 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4412 Changing limits on compensation and expense reimbursement for members of various boards and commissions 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 104) 6
HB 4413 Establishing regional education service agencies 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4414 Allowing county school superintendents to hire prospective employable professional personnel 02/09/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4415 Supplemental appropriation to the economic development authority 02/09/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 31) 3
HB 4416 Exempting coalbed methane production from imposition of severance taxes 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 62) 5
HB 4418 Requiring corporations to provide to the secretary of state names and addresses of subsidiaries and the corporation's parent corporation 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 73) 5
HB 4425 Creating a special instant lottery game and dedicating profits for construction and operation of nursing homes for veterans 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 136) 8
HB 4426 Prohibiting the sale of drug paraphernalia at events conducted outdoors 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 154) 8
HB 4429 Deleting the provision permitting handicapped voters to vote from an automobile outside the polling place 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 292) 10
HB 4430 Providing that a train may be cleared from a railroad crossing when it is blocking emergency vehicles 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 319) 10
HB 4431 Updating the management and receipt of funds in the hazardous waste emergency response fund 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 169) 8
HB 4432 Imposing penalties for interfering with or misleading a law-enforcement officer 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 234) 9
HB 4435 Increasing the longevity pay of a state trooper and updating salary schedules 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 275) 9
HB 4441 Clarifying that a retiree under the deputy sheriff retirement system may become a member of PERS and that no member of any teacher retirement system may be a member of PERS 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 6
HB 4442 Relating to the debarment of vendors which bid on state contracts 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 110) 6
HB 4447 Providing that a master's degree in forestry satisfies the educational requirement for registered professional foresters 02/11/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4460 Alzheimer's Special Care Standards Act 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 119) 7
HB 4462 Clarifying the manner in which moneys reserved for the payment of income tax refunds are to be managed 02/17/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 45) 4
HB 4467 Relating to recidivist information in the appropriate county consistent with the opening of the correctional facility in Fayette County 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 187) 8
HB 4468 Issuance of continuous or multiple trip permits for the transport of oversize or overweight loads on highways 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 173) 8
HB 4470 Relating to state funds received by volunteer fire departments 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 5
HB 4471 Establishing the Older West Virginians Act 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 80) 6
HB 4476 Relating to access of pornography on public computers 02/14/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4477 Relating to the board of examiners for licensed dietitians and defining a scope of practice 02/14/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 3
HB 4479 Providing for the issuance of a provisional insurance agent's license 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 105) 6
HB 4481 Registration of bail bond enforcers and allowing the secretary of state to accept service of process on behalf of nonresident bail bondsmen or enforcers 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 313) 10
HB 4483 Creating the affordable housing trust fund 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 230) 9
HB 4487 Enacting the interstate compact on licensure of participants in live horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 118) 6
HB 4488 Creating a fraud unit within the division of the insurance commissioner 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 218) 9
HB 4493 Uniform Electronic Transactions Act 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 321) 10
HB 4494 Uniform Principal and Income Act 02/28/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 116) 6
HB 4498 Relating to administration of the state farm museum by the commissioner of agriculture 02/17/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 4
HB 4499 Clarifying that warranties and service contracts are not subject to insurance laws 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 166) 8
HB 4500 Eliminating the prohibition against licensing insurers controlled or owned by foreign or other state governments 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 201) 8
HB 4502 Permitting a farmer's mutual company to insure property outside the state 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 135) 8
HB 4504 Establishing a wholesale price based excise tax on snuff and chewing tobacco 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 279) 9
HB 4505 Increasing the borrowing limit of the water development authority 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 72) 5
HB 4509 Increasing the annual amount a disabled member of the police or firefighters pension fund may earn without losing benefits 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 100) 6
HB 4511 Amending provisions relating to the crime victims compensation fund 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 63) 5
HB 4515 Expanding personnel covered by job sharing in the school system 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 281) 9
HB 4523 Relating to assets considered in determining the financial condition of insurers 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 193) 8
HB 4526 Relating to the ad valorem property taxation of chattel interests 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 137) 8
HB 4529 Directing the auditor to issue warrants for the payment of claims against state agencies 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4533 Relating to real property tax liens sold by sheriffs for delinquent ad valorem taxes 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 138) 8
HB 4536 Prohibiting stopping, standing or parking a vehicle in an area which is wheelchair accessible and marked with blue paint 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 7
HB 4541 Clarifying the preretirement death benefits for teachers 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 87) 6
HB 4555 Extending the right to purchase one trip registration permits to persons in the business of repossessing motor vehicles 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 121) 7
HB 4556 Requiring personal representatives to notify immediate family members of the sale of estate assets 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 151) 8
HB 4560 Audit and review procedures of county boards of education 02/22/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 60) 5
HB 4561 Clarifying terms in sexual abuse of spouse 02/21/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 58) 4
HB 4562 Providing an exemption from licensure for out-of-state doctors providing services at summer camps for children 02/24/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 93) 6
HB 4568 Relating to exempting the state fire marshal from certain department of administration rules 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 122) 7
HB 4573 Self-Storage Lien Act 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 152) 8
HB 4575 Making additional contributions to the teachers retirement system for periods of temporary total disability 03/03/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 10
HB 4578 Relating to tuberculosis testing 02/25/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 107) 6
HB 4579 Certificate of need exemption for behavioral health 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 280) 9
HB 4581 Authorizing a special bow hunting permit to prevent damage to historical gardens at Blennerhassett Island Historical Park 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 211) 8
HB 4587 Anatomical Gift Act 02/23/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 77) 5
HB 4589 Relating to the minimum severance tax on coal 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 307) 10
HB 4594 Salary increase for county officials 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 304) 10
HB 4603 Establishing an executive compensation commission 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 302) 10
HB 4606 Correctional Industries Act 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 298) 10
HB 4611 Providing that standby guardian proceedings and records be protected from public disclosure 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 324) 10
HB 4618 Clarifying retirement calculations for temporary legislative employees 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 195) 8
HB 4623 Eliminating dual retirement system participation by employees of the state rail authority 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 131) 7
HB 4631 Creating the office of grant coordination and assistance 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 270) 9
HB 4639 Removing the national park service involvement in the designation of historic structures eligible for personal income tax credits 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 198) 8
HB 4641 Creating criminal offenses involving theft detection shielding devices 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 238) 9
HB 4645 Allowing training in lieu of testing for crane operator certification 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 273) 9
HB 4646 Terminating the charity food bank advisory committee 02/28/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 6
HB 4650 Clarifying a term relating to the reinstatement date for a motor vehicle liability policy 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 296) 10
HB 4666 Increasing pay and expenses for retired magistrates assigned on a temporary basis 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 223) 9
HB 4669 Clarifying that the appointment and removal of county development authority members is vested in the county commission 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 163) 8
HB 4672 Amending the law regarding guardianship and conservatorship 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4674 Creating an exemplary school accreditation standard 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 171) 8
HB 4675 Requiring reporting by the PSC of safety violations by railroads 02/29/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 127) 7
HB 4679 Clarifying the reducing modification from federal adjusted gross income for personal income tax purposes of payments into the prepaid tuition trust fund 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 170) 8
HB 4689 Providing that thoroughbred horse tracks provide one restricted race per two racing days and removing the cap for moneys placed in the general purse fund 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 249) 9
HB 4692 Reducing certain fees charged by the secretary of state 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 271) 9
HB 4695 Real Estate Used for Illegal Purposes Act 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 326) 10
HB 4705 Continuing education requirements for insurance agents 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4708 Preventing a party who has violated a court order to benefit from the mitigation of any penalty of a new law 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 156) 8
HB 4720 Authority of the state police to investigate a missing person report 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 153) 8
HB 4721 Increasing the salary of state police civilian employees 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 254) 9
HB 4729 Prohibiting persons from serving in an office to which they were elected and simultaneously becoming a candidate for election to the same office for a certain term 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 219) 9
HB 4735 Allowing the appointment of a former family law master as a temporary family law master 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 189) 8
HB 4740 Allowing a county commission to assume ownership of certain toll bridges 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 317) 10
HB 4742 Investment of funds by hospital, medical, dental and health service corporations 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 346) 10
HB 4747 A bill to reform, alter and modify the county commission of Wirt County under the provisions of section thirteen, article nine of the constitution of this state 03/03/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4752 Authorizing expenditure from the tourism fund to match private funds to promote West Virginia Celebration 2000 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4753 Protection of consumers who purchase manufactured housing 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 294) 10
HB 4759 Coalfield Community Development Act 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 328) 10
HB 4763 DMV opt-in for receiving solicitations 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 140) 8
HB 4765 Supplemental appropriation to the development office, unclassified 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 141) 8
HB 4766 Supplemental appropriation to the division of corrections, unclassified 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 143) 8
HB 4767 Supplemental appropriation to the department of agriculture, unclassified 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 145) 8
HB 4768 Supplemental appropriation to the division of human services, child care and development 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 147) 8
HB 4770 Continuing the oil and gas inspectors' examining board 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4771 Continuing the racing commission 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4772 Continuing the division of environmental protection 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4773 Continuing the office of administrative law judges 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4774 Continuing the authority of the commissioner of the bureau of employment programs 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4775 Relating to liquor licenses and retail outlets 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 149) 8
HB 4776 Uniform Health Care Administration Act 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 161) 8
HB 4777 Relating to school service personnel salaries 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 247) 9
HB 4780 Requiring the clerk of the circuit court to maintain a log of persons examining confidential documents in domestic relations court files 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 176) 8
HB 4781 Providing that the president of the Senate shall be additionally designated lieutenant governor 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 348) 10
HB 4782 Authorizing the commissioner of agriculture to administer the state rural development council 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 177) 8
HB 4783 Recreating the motorcycle safety standards and education committee 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 178) 8
HB 4784 Higher education tuition waivers for high school graduates in foster care 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 179) 8
HB 4785 Relating to public education grievance procedures 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 181) 8
HB 4786 Supplemental appropriation to the division of motor vehicles, personal services and employee benefits 03/01/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 201) 8
HB 4787 Authorizing the use of any appropriate floor covering in public school buildings 03/01/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 8
HB 4789 Authorizing the establishment of a prescription drug program for eligible senior citizens 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 221) 9
HB 4790 Criminal justice resource center 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 241) 9
HB 4791 Clarifying when a prosecuting attorney would not represent DHHR in juvenile and child abuse and neglect proceedings 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 243) 9
HB 4792 Relating to the Local Powers Act 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 276) 9
HB 4793 Changing agency termination dates pursuant to sunset law 03/02/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 9
HB 4797 Creating an information systems disaster recovery center 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 259) 9
HB 4798 Creating a legislative oversight committee on risk analysis and management 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 261) 9
HB 4799 Relating to the management of state finances 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 263) 9
HB 4800 Establishing a new prescription drug program within PEIA 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 344) 10
HB 4801 Relating to the date a permittee of a landfill must submit an application for closure assistance 03/02/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 266) 9
HB 4802 Controlling access to pornography on library and public school computers 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 284) 9
HB 4803 Requiring the superintendent of the state police to create a drug and alcohol testing policy and a critical incident stress management policy 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 332) 10
HB 4804 Requiring training for security guards 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 335) 10
HB 4805 Extending the provisions concerning fraud under a state contract to cover contracts with political subdivisions 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 337) 10
HB 4806 Authorizing the commissioner of motor vehicles to issue Class A license plates to the commission on special investigations 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 339) 10
HB 4807 Limiting unpaid child support upon establishment of paternity 03/03/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 341) 10
HB 4808 Jefferson County vocational education center 03/03/2000 Passed House (Voice vote) 10
HB 4809 Supplemental appropriation to the division of highways 03/09/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 388) 12
HB 4812 Supplemental appropriation to the department of agriculture, unclassified 03/11/2000 Passed House (Roll No. 547) 16
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