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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 411 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 26Establishing statewide registry for persons authorized to celebrate marriages03/01/00
SB 28Increasing time to perfect liens upon improved property03/06/00
SB 30Prohibiting misuse of newspaper or periodical route receptacles; penalty01/31/00
SB 33Establishing standards for use of diesel-powered equipment in underground mines03/06/00
SB 39Relating to exceptions to prohibition on pecuniary interest in certain contracts01/19/00
SB 65Relating to testimony of child witness using live, closed-circuit television02/04/00
SB 105Extending period of supervision for certain felony sexual offenders01/26/00
SB 376Relating to jury strikes in felony trials02/28/00
SB 378Relating to child fatality review team02/10/00
SB 393Relating to presidential primary elections03/01/00
SB 412Expanding venue for certain lawsuits involving state officials03/06/00
SB 416Authorizing division of child protective services issue administrative subpoena regarding child abuse or neglect02/22/00
SB 422Relating to civil rights violation for purposes of criminal liability03/06/00
SB 477Requiring personal interview with alleged adult abuse victim within certain time frame03/06/00
SB 490Providing confidential treatment of materials filed under insurance holding company systems act03/06/00
SB 523Creating Restricted Access Adult Video Lottery Act03/06/00
SB 552Providing certain state and county contracts nonassignable to independent contractors03/06/00
SB 615Requiring governor's appointment to U. S. Senate be subject to advice and consent of state Senate03/02/00
HB 2006Providing employer immunity from civil liability for information disclosed regarding former law-enforcement employees01/12/00
HB 2010Providing restitution to crime victims by juvenile offenders or the parents of the offenders01/12/00
HB 2012Prohibiting the manufacture, distribution or possession of certain controlled or counterfeit substances near a park or housing project01/12/00
HB 2015Exempting magistrates from obtaining a concealed weapons permit01/12/00
HB 2016Making the commission of a felony or misdemeanor with the use of a motor vehicle and firearm a separate criminal offense01/12/00
HB 2019Removing from a period of parole any credit for good conduct01/12/00
HB 2021Making the state convict road force mandatory01/12/00
HB 2028Raising the monetary threshold for grand larceny01/12/00
HB 2029Raising the maximum penalty for third degree sexual assault and first degree sexual abuse01/12/00
HB 2031Allowing persons to defend their property with deadly force without being exposed to liability01/12/00
HB 2036Prohibiting the recognition of same sex marriages from other states or territories01/12/00
HB 2037Removing liability of landowner for injuries to persons hunting, trapping or fishing on the landowner's land01/12/00
HB 2040Relating to testimony of a child witness by use of live, closed-circuit television01/12/00
HB 2042Reducing the blood alcohol content for DUI convictions01/12/00
HB 2046Misdemeanor offense for the manufacture, possession, use or distribution of jackrocks01/12/00
HB 2056Misdemeanor offense of ticket scalping01/12/00
HB 2057Authorized expenditure by qualified nonprofit tax exempt organizations of certain net proceeds of bingo and raffle operations01/12/00
HB 2059Relating to disposition of juvenile delinquents and notice of hearing to the state medicaid agency01/12/00
HB 2071Relating to grandparent visitation when the parent's parental right is terminated due to a felony conviction01/12/00
HB 2076Requiring that the election of the entire judiciary be on a nonpartisan basis and providing that candidates cannot solicit contributions from lawyers01/12/00
HB 2077Permitting courts to award attorney fees and expenses against the state in civil actions brought by the state and in proceedings for judicial review of administrative orders01/12/00
HB 2083Imposing a fee on prison and jail inmates for medical services01/12/00
HB 2091Prohibiting county commissioners who are candidates in an election from serving on the board of canvassers or participating in the canvassing of returns01/12/00
HB 2092Clarifying when the time begins to run following the suspension of a driver's license for driving under the influence01/12/00
HB 2097Requiring water companies to provide water for emergency flow testing and to maintain fire hydrants at no cost to the consumer or fire department01/12/00
HB 2098Requiring the installation of fire hydrants in all upgrades and new installations of water mains01/12/00
HB 2103Permitting the sale of certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis01/12/00
HB 2105Authorizing an action for the late return of a rented video cassette01/12/00
HB 2110Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act01/12/00
HB 2111Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness01/12/00
HB 2114Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability of sexual orientation01/12/00
HB 2115Primary elections and nominating procedures of third party candidates01/12/00
HB 2127Granting homestead exemption benefits to disabled veterans under the age of sixty-five01/12/00
HB 2130Establishing three degrees of negligent vehicular homicide01/12/00
HB 2132Providing disincentives to frivolous or malicious inmate litigation01/12/00
HB 2138Removing the requirement that reclamation related liabilities have to exceed the accrued amount in the reclamation fund before the fund tax is collected and removal of the five thousand dollar per acre limit for bonding01/12/00
HB 2142Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/12/00
HB 2152Providing the death penalty for first degree murder01/12/00
HB 2155Requiring the commissioner of labor to base the determination of prevailing wage rates on certain statistics and providing county commissions authority to review the determination01/12/00
HB 2156Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage laws01/12/00
HB 2159Second or subsequent offense of cruelty to animals a felony and providing for mandatory incarceration01/12/00
HB 2164Requiring advised consent for induced abortions01/12/00
HB 2165Golden Rule Financing and Tax Incentives Disclosure Act01/12/00
HB 2167Authorizing the supreme court of appeals to establish a uniform bail schedule01/12/00
HB 2171Prohibiting posting of notification of sobriety checkpoints01/12/00
HB 2174Providing for the collection of taxes on real estate sold at a sheriff's sale01/12/00
HB 2175Requiring the county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing01/12/00
HB 2176Authorizing municipal law-enforcement officers to transport and present mentally incompetent persons to mental health care facilities01/12/00
HB 2194Relating to the appointment of a sheriff as the administrator of an estate01/12/00
HB 2203Sentencing alternative for violations of the ban on tobacco products for students over the age of eighteen years01/12/00
HB 2207Election of attorney general and secretary of state in nonpresidential election years01/12/00
HB 2208Covenant Marriage Act01/12/00
HB 2210Eviction proceedings of persons who commit illegal activities on rented property01/12/00
HB 2211Making it unlawful to create certain loud noises01/12/00
HB 2214Elder Offense Registration Act01/12/00
HB 2220Requiring a local police agency to pay a percentage of the cost of training a state police academy recruit01/12/00
HB 2226Including an appendix for an agreement of alternative child support arrangement01/12/00
HB 2229Requiring parental consent before an unemancipated minor may obtain an abortion except in certain instances01/12/00
HB 2234Authorization to award damages to landlords for damages caused by evicted tenants01/12/00
HB 2235Eliminating the acquisition of property rights in real estate by adverse possession01/12/00
HB 2237Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the court of any change of job status or employer01/12/00
HB 2240Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/12/00
HB 2275Eliminating violent offenders from that group of criminal defendants and inmates who are eligible under existing law for work release01/12/00
HB 2279Prohibiting the unauthorized use of Olympic symbols01/12/00
HB 2282Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act01/12/00
HB 2284Requiring the state personnel board to consider levels of seniority when awarding or withdrawing benefits01/12/00
HB 2319Increasing the pay of magistrates, magistrate court clerks and magistrate assistants in counties with high caseloads01/12/00
HB 2321Requiring animal owners to post bond for costs when an animal is seized as abandoned, neglected or cruelly treated01/12/00
HB 2322Changing the time limitation to acquire property by adverse possession01/12/00
HB 2323Preventing the recordation of fraudulent deeds and notification by the clerk of the county commission01/12/00
HB 2331Providing local option elections to allow counties to enact a right-to-work law01/12/00
HB 2336Permitting the sealing of criminal records relating to drug offenses01/12/00
HB 2341Equalizing magistrate salaries with the salary of the clerk of the circuit court in that respective county01/12/00
HB 2352Procedures for the development of coal properties owned by cotenants01/12/00
HB 2361Eliminating landlord liability for a tenant's delinquent utility accounts01/12/00
HB 2374Providing continued use of a suspended commercial driver's license under certain circumstances02/24/00
HB 2378Providing for reimbursement to the bail bondsman for the amount of a forfeited bond under certain circumstances01/12/00
HB 2384Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods01/12/00
HB 2386Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the state01/12/00
HB 2390Requiring inmates convicted of a felony involving violence to serve at least eighty percent of his or her maximum sentence01/12/00
HB 2400Removing the authority of the child advocate to collect alimony payments01/12/00
HB 2411Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf01/12/00
HB 2416Raising the minimum sentence of a person convicted of a second or subsequent offense of felony01/12/00
HB 2417Providing for jury sentencing of a person convicted of certain criminal offenses following a jury trial01/12/00
HB 2419Enhanced penalties for crimes against the elderly01/12/00
HB 2420Making the state convict road force mandatory01/12/00
HB 2422Requiring drug and alcohol testing of drivers involved in accidents that result in death01/12/00
HB 2427Imposing a mandatory life sentence without probation or parole for conviction on death caused by arson-related crime01/12/00
HB 2429Adding the suspension of driver's license as a penalty for vandalism of public property01/12/00
HB 2442Providing for appellate relief for the state in criminal proceedings01/12/00
HB 2444Relating generally to noncoal mineral extraction01/12/00
HB 2445Establishing an environmental leadership program01/12/00
HB 2447Lowering the minimum age for those persons eligible for boot camp programs01/12/00
HB 2460Authorizing criminal discovery in magistrate court01/12/00
HB 2473Creating felony penalties for owning or allowing use of certain gaming devices or machines01/12/00
HB 2591Providing that the use of intimidation, force or threats against judicial officers, jurors and witnesses is a felony01/12/00
HB 2611Requiring verification of approved septic or sewage system prior to connection of public utilities02/10/00
HB 2619Enhancement of the jail sentence of persons convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol who are intoxicated when they appear to serve their sentences01/12/00
HB 2623Correcting an omission in the model Insurance Company Holding Act by providing that certain information reported is confidential02/17/00
HB 2638Changing the state primary election date01/12/00
HB 2647Requiring the use of unused genuine crash parts for the repair of motor vehicles01/12/00
HB 2652Increasing the criminal penalty for unlawful possession of certain controlled substances01/12/00
HB 2664Clarifying costs to be assessed against defendants in magistrate court cases01/12/00
HB 2687Creating the felony offense of destruction of property01/12/00
HB 2692Authorizing courts to order defendants to contribute monetarily or through hours of service to local crime victim's assistance programs01/12/00
HB 2708Establishing the crime of interfering with or misleading a law-enforcement officer01/12/00
HB 2709Fixing a maximum time period for the settlement of decedent's estates at five years01/12/00
HB 2737Setting forth new provisions regarding the method and nomination of members of the board of coal mine health and safety03/01/00
HB 2747Child Relocation Act01/12/00
HB 2763Prohibiting discrimination in providing access to public accommodations because of means of transportation or insignia on clothing01/12/00
HB 2769Establishing reciprocity of mine foreman and experienced miner certification01/12/00
HB 2779Limiting the number of cases that juvenile probation officers are required to handle and preventing juvenile contact with adult probationers01/12/00
HB 2801Requiring PSC consent in the sale of certain properties01/12/00
HB 2803Permit standards, definitions and documentation relating to post-mine land use01/12/00
HB 2813Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes in a felony trial01/12/00
HB 2817Making state laws conform to federal law relating to the use and display of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles01/12/00
HB 2818Authorizing the division of corrections to collect certain costs from inmates and parolees01/12/00
HB 2820Updating language addressing the custody of inmates and authorizing the division of corrections to contract with other facilities for incarceration of inmates01/12/00
HB 2842Establishing a pilot project allowing collective bargaining within district one of the division of highways01/12/00
HB 2859Changing the crime of DUI causing a death to a felony01/12/00
HB 2864Restricting increased assessments on property to no more than two percent in any one year01/12/00
HB 2870Creating the criminal offense of failing to supervise a child01/12/00
HB 2876Penalties for the crime of littering01/12/00
HB 2877Creating the West Virginia sentencing commission01/12/00
HB 2878Requiring public utilities to notify customers of proposed rate increases at least ninety days in advance of the proposed increase01/12/00
HB 2890Defining methods and rights of individuals relative to posting land01/12/00
HB 2892Authorizing lateral transfers for deputy sheriffs02/17/00
HB 2893Granting authority to police officers to arrest parolees01/12/00
HB 2899Prohibiting certain county officeholders from spending more than fifty percent of their budgets before the end of the calendar year02/10/00
HB 2900Increasing the civil penalty for violating the Consumer Credit and Protection Act01/12/00
HB 2913Providing a defense to the seller of legal beverages to certain individuals01/12/00
HB 2917Criminal penalties for owning or allowing use of certain gaming devices or machines01/12/00
HB 2922Providing responsibility of railroad companies to maintain grade crossings01/12/00
HB 2934Relating to the duties of the attorney general under common law01/12/00
HB 2936Relating to a personal representative's criminal liability for failure to carry out his or her statutory duties01/12/00
HB 2963Allowing voters living outside the country and members of the armed forces to use the federal write-in ballot when voting01/12/00
HB 2968Enabling the securities commission to police and prosecute securities fraud, etc.01/12/00
HB 2969Registration and auditing of coin-operated machines offering amusements and other services01/12/00
HB 2973Increasing workers' compensation permanent total disability awards by twenty percent01/12/00
HB 2978Requiring the completion of periodic valuations of real property in the county before placing new values on landbooks01/12/00
HB 2980Requiring the sheriff to provide security and protection for magistrates while they are performing their official duties01/12/00
HB 2988Extending the time to file an action in state court after receiving a right to sue notice from the Human Rights Commission01/12/00
HB 2997Excepting certain gasoline pricing from being considered unfair trade practices01/12/00
HB 2998Creating the Office of Administrative Hearings01/12/00
HB 3002Recodification of laws governing criminal offenses and administrative sanctions for DUI01/12/00
HB 4003Relating generally to animal protection and animal cruelty01/12/00
HB 4007Permitting children under the age of eighteen years to accompany a parent, grandparent or legal guardian to the polls01/12/00
HB 4010Requiring the secretary of state to forward to election officials certain election night ballot counting procedures01/12/00
HB 4013Establishing a program to manage waste tires01/12/00
HB 4039Licensing and regulation of pawnbrokers01/14/00
HB 4040Reducing the time for eligibility for expungement of criminal records of certain persons01/14/00
HB 4042Prohibiting discriminatory pricing practices01/14/00
HB 4050Increasing the fees which may be imposed by the holder of a worthless check01/14/00
HB 4051Allowing multiple worthless checks to be added in order to enhance penalties01/14/00
HB 4052Allowing a jail penalty for worthless check violations01/14/00
HB 4053Relating to the distribution of worthless check warrant lists01/14/00
HB 4069Extending the maximum sentence for sexual abuse in the first degree01/18/00
HB 4070Extending the maximum sentence for third degree sexual assault01/18/00
HB 4071Prisoner litigation reform01/18/00
HB 4073Mandatory carding for certain sales of tobacco products and nonintoxicating beer01/18/00
HB 4075Strengthening laws relating to pornography and obscene matter01/18/00
HB 4077Changing from a misdemeanor to a felony the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon01/18/00
HB 4079Regulation of commercial timber harvesting operations including sediment control01/18/00
HB 4081Permitting expungement of underage alcohol use conviction records01/19/00
HB 4086Relating to alcohol server permits01/19/00
HB 4089Establishing that marriage is designed to be a union between a woman and a man01/19/00
HB 4096Prohibiting the ordering of child support obligations prior to the time paternity is established01/20/00
HB 4100Providing authorization for issuance of wallet size license cards to carry deadly weapons01/20/00
HB 4108Removing the waiting period for the issuance of certain concealed weapons licenses01/20/00
HB 4109Requiring the removal of all severed trees from a timbering operation site before closing the operation01/20/00
HB 4111Relating to voting privileges for certain protected persons01/20/00
HB 4116Providing for automobile trade-in protection for automobile dealers01/21/00
HB 4122Prohibiting the awarding of child custody or visitation when a child is conceived as the result of sexual assault01/21/00
HB 4124Relating generally to the disposal of waste tires01/21/00
HB 4134Relating to disbursements for medical, dental, surgical and hospital treatment under workers' compensation01/24/00
HB 4135Prohibiting the use of fireworks displays at private residences01/24/00
HB 4138Relating to the design, marketing, manufacture or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public01/24/00
HB 4142Restoring a jail penalty option for first offense uttering worthless checks01/25/00
HB 4145Permitting an attending physician to perform an autopsy in certain cases02/24/00
HB 4164Allowing probation officers to carry firearms01/26/00
HB 4167Relating to civil penalties of the Water Pollution Control Act01/26/00
HB 4168Relating to the housing of inmates in correctional institutions01/26/00
HB 4175Property Tax Limitation Act01/27/00
HB 4178Requiring genetic testing to establish paternity of a child born during the marriage of a couple seeking separation or divorce01/27/00
HB 4184Relating to the compensation paid to temporary senior magistrates01/27/00
HB 4185Granting magistrates authority to perform marriages01/27/00
HB 4188Tax and revenue, ad valorem property taxation01/28/00
HB 4189Agriculture, marketing of eggs02/03/00
HB 4190Child support enforcement, credit reporting agencies03/01/00
HB 4191Child support enforcement, child support awards03/01/00
HB 4192DEP, air pollution, combustion of refuse03/02/00
HB 4193DEP, ambient air quality, nitrogen dioxide03/02/00
HB 4194DEP, standards of performance for new stationary sources03/02/00
HB 4195DEP, air pollution from direct meat-firing devices03/02/00
HB 4196DEP, emissions from hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators03/02/00
HB 4197DEP, air pollution, hazardous waste03/02/00
HB 4198DEP, acid rain provisions03/02/00
HB 4199DEP, hazardous air pollutants03/02/00
HB 4200DEP, water pollution control03/02/00
HB 4201DEP, water pollution control revolving fund03/02/00
HB 4202DEP, groundwater protection at steam electric generating facilities03/02/00
HB 4203Development office, coalfield community development02/15/00
HB 4204Insurance, medicaid supplement insurance02/10/00
HB 4205Insurance, continuing education for agents02/10/00
HB 4206Insurance, prepaid limited health service organizations02/10/00
HB 4207DNR, special bear hunting02/03/00
HB 4208DNR, trapping02/03/00
HB 4209ABC, retail licensee operations02/21/00
HB 4210ABC, private club licensing02/16/00
HB 4211Athletic commission02/01/00
HB 4212Auditor, standards for requisitions02/16/00
HB 4213Auditor, transaction fee and rate structure02/22/00
HB 4214Administration/Auditor, purchasing card program02/16/00
HB 4215Consolidated public retirement board02/03/00
HB 4216Consolidated public retirement board, teachers' defined contribution system02/03/00
HB 4217Consolidated public retirement board, teachers defined benefit plan02/03/00
HB 4218Consolidated public retirement board, PERS02/03/00
HB 4219Consolidated public retirement board, loan interest factors02/03/00
HB 4220Corrections, monitoring of inmate mail02/28/00
HB 4222DEP, particulate air pollution03/02/00
HB 4224DEP, air pollution from coal plants, operations and refuse disposal areas03/02/00
HB 4225DEP, air pollution, manufacturing operations03/02/00
HB 4226DEP, air quality, sulfur oxides03/02/00
HB 4227DEP, air quality, carbon monoxide and ozone03/02/00
HB 4228DEP, emission from sulfur oxides03/02/00
HB 4229DEP, air pollution, fugitive particulate matter03/02/00
HB 4230DEP, emissions from municipal solid waste landfills03/02/00
HB 4231DEP, air pollutant emissions banking and trading03/02/00
HB 4232DEP, surface mining and reclamation03/02/00
HB 4233DEP, mining and restoration for sandstone, limestone and sand03/02/00
HB 4234DEP, reclamation and mining of minerals03/02/00
HB 4235DEP, sewage sludge management03/02/00
HB 4236DEP, hazardous waste management03/02/00
HB 4237Economic development authority, capital company act02/15/00
HB 4238Environmental quality board, water quality standards03/02/00
HB 4239Family protection services board, domestic violence and intervention programs02/04/00
HB 4240Authorizing the board of registration for foresters to promulgate a legislative rule relating to the registration of foresters02/08/00
HB 4241Health, behavioral health centers licensure03/01/00
HB 4242Health, personal care homes03/01/00
HB 4243Health, food establishments03/01/00
HB 4244Health, fire department rapid response services03/01/00
HB 4245Health, AIDS-related medical testing and confidentiality03/01/00
HB 4246Health, cancer registry03/01/00
HB 4247Health, behavioral health consumer rights03/01/00
HB 4248Health, public water systems design standards03/01/00
HB 4249Health, certificates of need03/01/00
HB 4251Highways, construction of state roads02/28/00
HB 4252Highways, traffic and safety02/28/00
HB 4253Highways, transportation of hazardous waste02/28/00
HB 4254Labor, steam boiler inspection02/10/00
HB 4255Labor, amusement rides and attractions02/10/00
HB 4256Lottery commission02/15/00
HB 4257Lottery commission, limited gaming facilities02/15/00
HB 4259Motor vehicles, rules generally02/28/00
HB 4260DNR, recycling assistance grant program02/15/00
HB 4261DNR, litter control02/15/00
HB 4262DNR, revocation of hunting and fishing licenses02/10/00
HB 4263DNR, boating02/03/00
HB 4264DNR, special motorboating02/03/00
HB 4265DNR, state parks, forests and management areas02/10/00
HB 4266DNR, hunting and trapping02/17/00
HB 4267DNR, special fishing02/10/00
HB 4268DNR, hunting, trapping and fishing licenses02/10/00
HB 4269DNR, licenses by telephone or other electronic method02/04/00
HB 4270Nursing home administrators licensing board02/18/00
HB 4272Division of personnel, administration02/16/00
HB 4273Division of personnel, workers' compensation temporary total disability01/28/00
HB 4274Board of physical therapy, general provisions02/09/00
HB 4275Racing commission, thoroughbred racing02/15/00
HB 4276Racing commission, greyhound racing02/15/00
HB 4277Racing commission, pari-mutual wagering02/15/00
HB 4278Registered professional nurses, schools of nursing02/24/00
HB 4279Rehabilitation services, Ron Yost Assistance Services Act Board02/28/00
HB 4280Respiratory care, continuing education requirements02/08/00
HB 4281Respiratory care, disciplinary action02/08/00
HB 4282Risk and Insurance Management, written notification filing of certain incidents02/10/00
HB 4283Secretary of State, elimination of precinct registration books01/28/00
HB 4284Secretary of State, organization filing fees02/15/00
HB 4285Elections Commission, regulation of campaign finance01/28/00
HB 4287Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fund Board, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation fund02/11/00
HB 4288Veterinary Medicine, standards of practice02/03/00
HB 4289Environmental protection, permits for construction, modification, relocation and operation of stationary sources of air pollutants, etc.03/02/00
HB 4290Environmental protection, surface mining blasting03/02/00
HB 4291Crime, Delinquency and Correction, law enforcement training standards01/28/00
HB 4292Board of Medicine, fees for services rendered02/16/00
HB 4294Repealing a certain legislative rule relating to the prevention and control of air pollution from coal refuse disposal areas01/28/00
HB 4307Providing that probation officers and clerical assistants to circuit judges may be discharged only for cause01/31/00
HB 4310Relating to actions on contracts01/31/00
HB 4313Relating to residential tenant security deposits01/31/00
HB 4316Relating to political activity of certain public employees01/31/00
HB 4320Making it a misdemeanor to disturb the peace by making excessive noise01/31/00
HB 4325Allowing a person to draw unemployment compensation when they are forced to miss work due to domestic violence02/01/00
HB 4334Providing a work release option for persons sentenced for nonviolent felonies02/01/00
HB 4336Requiring the use of abandoned coal mines for disposal of solid waste02/01/00
HB 4341Requiring the board of medicine to propose rules governing the prescribing of narcotic substances to minors02/01/00
HB 4345Providing for motor vehicle impoundment or sale for DUI offenses02/01/00
HB 4348Providing circumstances under which a person may shoot a firearm within five hundred feet of their home02/01/00
HB 4349Making it unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of eight hundredths of one percent in the person's blood02/01/00
HB 4355Requirements for trolley wire used in a mine02/02/00
HB 4356Requiring a certified person to examine underground mines after cutting and welding has been performed02/02/00
HB 4357Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist02/02/00
HB 4358Requiring the superintendent or owner of a mine to sign the fire boss record book daily02/02/00
HB 4359Ventilation requirements for battery charging stations in mines02/02/00
HB 4361Making the use of permanent replacements for striking workers an unfair labor practice in certain cases02/02/00
HB 4366Authorizing child protective services to issue subpoenas to locate certain children02/02/00
HB 4370Authorizing access to cemeteries or grave sites on private lands02/02/00
HB 4371Making changes in the teen court program02/02/00
HB 4376Providing that workers' compensation coverage for leased employees is a joint responsibility between the leasing employer and its client employer02/03/00
HB 4379Creating the crime of feticide02/03/00
HB 4381Clarifying the relationship between automobile dealers, distributors and manufacturers02/03/00
HB 4382Relating to the lawful design, marketing, manufacture or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public02/03/00
HB 4392Expanding the comprehensiveness of the section concerning what causes a civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility02/04/00
HB 4393Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month02/04/00
HB 4395Increasing the distance that a beer licensee must be located from a school or church02/04/00
HB 4400Requiring mine operators to provide notice of hazardous chemical substances and lead exposure to its employees02/04/00
HB 4401Providing that no person may perform maintenance on a mine belt conveyor unless it has been deenergized and locked out02/04/00
HB 4402Relating to crossing facilities on moving belt conveyors in mines02/04/00
HB 4405Providing for a state do-not-telephone-solicit directory02/04/00
HB 4406Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval prior to issuance of private club licenses02/04/00
HB 4422Updating definitions and certifications relating to emergency personnel in coal mines02/07/00
HB 4424Providing that members and managers of limited liability companies be added to those persons who can elect coverage under workers' compensation02/07/00
HB 4437Updating terms and findings of the child fatality review team02/08/00
HB 4438Reducing the time for consumption of alcoholic beverages in bars02/08/00
HB 4448Removing the prohibition against registered voters who sign a certificate to nominate candidates from voting in primary elections02/09/00
HB 4450Providing that a durable power of attorney does not become effective until ten days from the date executed02/09/00
HB 4451Revising provisions relating to the chief medical examiner, county medical examiners, coroners and postmortem examinations02/09/00
HB 4453Permitting miners fined for noncompliance with mining statutes to pay the penalty or complete a training course in lieu thereof02/09/00
HB 4454Relating generally to mine inspectors02/09/00
HB 4456Remediation of waste tire piles02/09/00
HB 4463Recovering assets of a protected person whose estate has been diminished by the mismanagement of an attorney02/09/00
HB 4469Providing criminal penalties for the distribution of pornography02/09/00
HB 4472Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings02/09/00
HB 4473Providing funding for health, disability and retirement benefits for certain jockeys and their dependents02/09/00
HB 4475Expanding venue for lawsuits involving state officials to include the county in which the action arose as well as Kanawha County02/09/00
HB 4490Election of justices of the supreme court by divisions02/10/00
HB 4492Creating a separate crime for the death of a viable fetus caused by the criminal slaying of the mother02/10/00
HB 4495Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act02/10/00
HB 4497Relating to the penalty for abuse of an incapacitated adult02/10/00
HB 4508Removing tree stumps severed on certain real property from the definition of solid waste02/11/00
HB 4518Requiring assessors to notify new owners of real property of the property tax liability02/11/00
HB 4530Creating criminal offenses of engaging in sexual intercourse with incarcerated persons by persons employed at corrections or juvenile services facilities02/14/00
HB 4531Providing for the seizure of a motor vehicle and license plate for failure to maintain proper security on a motor vehicle02/14/00
HB 4532Reducing the crime of child concealment for first or second offenses and providing that a third offense is a felony02/14/00
HB 4539Setting the reimbursement of jurors at forty dollars per day02/15/00
HB 4544Nonpartisan election of justices of the supreme court of appeals02/15/00
HB 4546Excluding mandatory union dues and pension withholding from the definition of gross income for child support purposes02/15/00
HB 4547Excluding income received from a second employer from the definition of gross income for child support purposes02/15/00
HB 4551Exempting retired federal law-enforcement officers from concealed deadly weapons fees and costs02/15/00
HB 4552Expungement of certain arrest records02/15/00
HB 4557Providing that certain juveniles be prosecuted as adults for capital offenses02/16/00
HB 4564Study and development of a method of conducting elections by means of computer internet systems02/17/00
HB 4582Strengthening the penalties for littering02/18/00
HB 4591Providing the PSC with jurisdiction to regulate dealers of propane gas02/21/00
HB 4592Repealing the section of the code which directs the Legislature to prepare a digest or summary of the budget bill02/21/00
HB 4596Revising the law relating to indecent exposure and creating the crime of public indecency02/21/00
HB 4598Requiring commercial trucks to have the corporate name prominently displayed on the truck02/21/00
HB 4601Amending legislative rules relating to the division of environmental protection, office of air quality02/22/00
HB 4615Allowing certain children to seek unpaid accrued child support02/22/00
HB 4619Adding to the Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act provisions addressing when mined land does not have to be restored to its approximate original contour02/22/00
HB 4621Providing an amnesty period for employers who owe delinquent unemployment compensation contributions02/22/00
HB 4629Prohibiting nude dancing in private licensed clubs02/23/00
HB 4634Revision of the Logging Sediment Control Act02/23/00
HB 4635Adding exceptions to the prohibitions against carrying concealed deadly weapons for persons licensed in other states02/23/00
HB 4636Requiring natural gas easements and rights-of-way specify exact locations and dimensions02/23/00
HB 4653Requiring persons convicted of first offense DUI to pay the costs of their incarceration02/24/00
HB 4654Making it a felony to disrupt or degrade state computer equipment or data02/24/00
HB 4655Increasing required qualifications for magistrates02/24/00
HB 4662Prohibiting the sale of certain types of cigarettes which do not meet federal guidelines or are manufactured for export only02/24/00
HB 4668Relating generally to the treatment of a legal entity in the same way under the workers' compensation act as under federal and state laws and regulations02/24/00
HB 4682Operation of inmate benefit funds and providing for an automated inmate family and victim notification system02/25/00
HB 4683Giving the division of corrections flexibility in where to test and classify inmates02/25/00
HB 4684Collecting certain costs from parolees02/25/00
HB 4685Collecting certain costs from inmates02/25/00
HB 4688Relating to the carrying of a concealed deadly weapon while hunting, fishing, hiking or engaging in field or stream activities02/25/00
HB 4697Relating to the opening of an official investigation for certain reported missing persons02/25/00
HB 4698Prohibiting the promulgation of state rules or policies stemming from the EPA impact statement relating to mountaintop mining and valley fill02/25/00
HB 4701Relating to the prohibition against blocking wheelchair accessible ramps or curbs02/25/00
HB 4702Clarifying the definition of victim in the Victim Protection Act and increasing liability of parents for criminal acts of their children02/25/00
HB 4703Increasing the ultimate tax on reserve coal properties susceptible to mining by conventional methods02/25/00
HB 4709Providing fines against shipping companies for overloaded vehicles involved in an accident02/25/00
HB 4711Distribution of assets in satisfaction of pecuniary bequests or transfers in trust of an amount or formula02/25/00
HB 4714Creating the child support scrutiny task force within the department of military affairs and public safety02/25/00
HB 4722Protection of Water Act02/25/00
HB 4725Requiring the state police to maintain a video gaming unit to enforce laws prohibiting the use of certain gambling machines02/25/00
HB 4727Relating generally to wine sales02/25/00
HB 4737Creating a statewide dog leash law02/25/00
HB 4738Relating to civil actions seeking medical monitoring costs02/25/00
HB 4741Establishing the position of victim advocate02/25/00
HB 4745Providing for the nonpartisan election of certain judicial officers02/25/00
HB 4748Providing for the payment of magistrates who serve temporarily outside their elected counties02/25/00
HB 4749Initiating a procedure for voters to exercise their right to a referendum02/25/00
HB 4758Standards and procedures for the use and maintenance of diesel-powered equipment in underground coal mines02/25/00
HB 4762Prohibiting the naming of the Governor and members of the Legislature as parties in educational funding suits02/25/00
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