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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 50 Bills pending in House Pensions and Retirement




HB 2033Providing public employees retirement with full pension rights when contributing service equals or exceeds thirty years01/12/00
HB 2038Crediting a deceased state employee's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse or other dependents01/12/00
HB 2064Renaming the state teachers retirement system and the teachers retirement board01/12/00
HB 2065Reentry into the teachers retirement system for certain employees01/12/00
HB 2072Permitting retiring public employees to apply a percentage of their annual and sick leave to insurance coverage and a percentage toward service credit01/12/00
HB 2079Granting prior service credit to certain county employees for retirement purposes01/12/00
HB 2087Relating to retirement annuities for persons who retired on disability retirement01/12/00
HB 2117Teacher retirement eligibility when age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty01/12/00
HB 2121Retirement system service credit for certain teachers on educational leave of absence01/12/00
HB 2198Retirement benefits for members of police and fire departments upon attaining twenty-five years of service regardless of age01/12/00
HB 2209Providing a cost-of-living benefit for certain retired public employees01/12/00
HB 2225Requiring a divorced member to prove there is no qualified domestic relations order in effect as a condition to elect certain retirement annuity options01/12/00
HB 2250Increasing benefits for retired state personnel and teachers01/12/00
HB 2337Providing retirement credit to teachers for years of service at private four-year colleges and universities01/12/00
HB 2355Providing a supplemental cost-of-living allowance to retired teachers01/12/00
HB 2372Increasing retirement benefits for public employees01/12/00
HB 2432Providing retirement service credit for certain employees of the West Virginia University extension service01/12/00
HB 2584Consideration of time served in the armed forces for service credit under the public employees retirement system01/12/00
HB 2606Increasing disability and death benefits for police pensions01/12/00
HB 2624Relating to the amount of employee and board contributions to retirement plans selected by the governing boards of higher education01/12/00
HB 2651Public employee retirement system service credit for time worked in CETA and other federal programs01/12/00
HB 2666Increasing the policemen's and firemen's minimum monthly retirement and the surviving spouse's monthly death benefit01/12/00
HB 2668Providing for teacher retirement annuity survivor beneficiary options01/12/00
HB 2704Increasing supplemental benefits to teacher retirement annuitants01/12/00
HB 2738Graduated cost-of-living allowances for certain public employee retirees01/12/00
HB 2739Crediting a deceased teacher's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse and other dependents01/12/00
HB 2846Providing teacher retirement eligibility when age plus years of service equals or exceeds eighty-five01/12/00
HB 2848Teachers retirement with full pension rights regardless of age when contributing service equals or exceeds twenty-five01/12/00
HB 2948Allowing public employee retirees to apply a percentage of annual leave and sick leave to insurance coverage and to extended service credit01/12/00
HB 2949Relating to reinstatement of withdrawn service into the teachers retirement system01/12/00
HB 2970Providing teacher retirement eligibility when a members age and years of service equals or exceeds eighty01/12/00
HB 3027Clarifying that the Legislature is a part-time elected office for purposes of state teachers retirement system early retirement incentives program01/12/00
HB 3041Creating the rule of eighty for teachers and school service personnel01/12/00
HB 4026Limiting the reduction of retirement annuities for certain public employee retirees01/13/00
HB 4059Increasing retirement benefits of teachers and public employees01/17/00
HB 4123Pension Liability Redemption Act01/21/00
HB 4130Making changes in the Deputy Sheriff Retirement Act01/24/00
HB 4131Withdrawal and preretirement benefits in the teachers retirement system01/24/00
HB 4163Clarifying the meaning of prior military service credit for members of the judicial retirement system and crediting certain time spent as governor's counsel01/26/00
HB 4176Relating to public employee retirement system credit for military service01/27/00
HB 4181Relating generally to the public employee retirement system01/27/00
HB 4403Relating to final average salary in calculating the benefits of a deputy sheriff retirement system member02/04/00
HB 4519Defining the method of calculating a period of military service credit02/11/00
HB 4520Relating to service credit for unused personal leave days for teachers02/11/00
HB 4540Clarifying the preretirement death benefits for public employees02/15/00
HB 4558Allowing DNR conservation officers to participate in the deputy sheriff retirement system02/16/00
HB 4590Permitting a legislator to contribute to teachers retirement for that period during which the legislator is engaged in official business02/21/00
HB 4643Eliminating dual retirement participation by employees of the state rail authority02/23/00
HB 4658Providing an annual cost-of-living increase for retired teachers02/24/00
HB 4691Military service credit for public employee retirees02/25/00
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