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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 46 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




SB 147Authorizing county commissions enact ordinances pertaining to barking dogs02/03/00
HB 2009Allowing municipalities to self-insure together and promulgation of rules by the Commissioner of Insurance01/12/00
HB 2025Prohibiting employers from charging accumulated sick or annual leave against an employee who has missed work due to being on call as a firefighter, EMT or paramedic01/12/00
HB 2106Requiring an election to adopt a zoning ordinance proposed by a county commission01/12/00
HB 2126Allowing professional firefighters to run for office except in the municipality where they work01/12/00
HB 2134Authorizing county commissions to adopt and enforce noise abatement ordinances01/12/00
HB 2299Relating to the disposal of animal carcasses by incineration01/12/00
HB 2328Relating to political activities of deputy sheriffs and professional firefighters01/12/00
HB 2365Repealing the section which prohibits the political activities of members of paid fire departments01/12/00
HB 2407Providing for meetings and conference rights for members of municipal police and fire departments01/12/00
HB 2412Removing the exemption from planning and zoning restrictions for mining and manufacturing activities and uses01/12/00
HB 2657Increasing the tax for the privilege of transferring property and dedicating proceeds for clean-up of dilapidated structures01/12/00
HB 2686Allowing municipalities to regulate the hours of operation of private liquor clubs by ordinance01/12/00
HB 2761Authorizing optical image media preservation of county records01/12/00
HB 2928Prohibiting county, city or other local governments from imposing additional requirements on septic system installers01/12/00
HB 2952Revising the procedure for minor boundary adjustments01/12/00
HB 2987Providing right of sheriffs in counties where DMV maintains an office for renewals and registration to elect not to process renewals and registrations01/12/00
HB 4002Correcting erroneous assessments01/12/00
HB 4044Relating to county coroner fees01/14/00
HB 4046Removing the sixteen year cap on salary increments for years of service for deputy sheriffs01/14/00
HB 4047Allowing the lateral transfer of municipal police officers and deputy sheriffs from one law-enforcement agency to another01/14/00
HB 4065Allowing the expansion of membership of historic landmark commissions01/18/00
HB 4082Including cats within the responsibilities of the county dog warden and providing procedures for humane euthanasia01/19/00
HB 4092Requiring the PSC to propose rules implementing a plan for emergency telephone system mutual response between counties01/19/00
HB 4120Making larceny of municipal or voluntary fire department equipment a felony01/21/00
HB 4147Providing OSHA coverage for municipal firefighters01/25/00
HB 4152Requiring utilities to conduct actual monthly meter readings01/25/00
HB 4155Increasing a surviving spouse's death benefit under a municipal police officer's or firefighter's pension01/25/00
HB 4161Repealing the code section which authorizes counties to repair, close or demolish dwellings or buildings01/26/00
HB 4304Assessing liability to cat owners for damages done to others by their cats01/31/00
HB 4319Authorizing county commissions to adopt ordinances prohibiting excessive noises01/31/00
HB 4367Providing that the Hughes River water board may enter into certain agreements02/02/00
HB 4368Permitting volunteer fire companies in certain areas to participate in the neighborhood investment program02/02/00
HB 4398Prohibiting public funds from being expended to any association or organization which lobbies02/04/00
HB 4452Relating to mutual cooperation between law-enforcement agencies02/09/00
HB 4514Regulation of homeowner associations02/11/00
HB 4517Providing written notice of intention to annex to each freeholder of land in the area to be annexed02/11/00
HB 4595Specifying that county commissions consider budgetary matters when approving the hiring of certain employees02/21/00
HB 4608Requiring local government agencies to use the double entry form of accounting02/22/00
HB 4610Allowing all economic development entities to compete for local economic development grants02/22/00
HB 4620Allowing the chief inspector to recover the costs of auditing Class III and IV municipalities02/22/00
HB 4628Allowing county commissions to require combined billing of personal property taxes and county fire service and emergency ambulance fees02/23/00
HB 4648Increasing the maximum amount of the commission a county may allow a sheriff to receive for collecting taxes02/24/00
HB 4680Authorizing counties to impose a recreation and amusement tax with voter approval02/25/00
HB 4723Allowing enhanced emergency telephone system fees to be used for operational costs within the system02/25/00
HB 4757Automatic adoption of laws by municipalities of traffic regulations and laws of the road02/25/00
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