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There are 399 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 28Allowing WV Board of Medicine investigators to carry concealed weapons02/27/20
SB 106Making daylight saving time official time year round in WV02/26/20
SB 191Creating felony offense of aggravated cruelty to animals01/29/20
SB 204Providing for nonpartisan elections of county prosecuting attorneys02/20/20
SB 207Creating Prosecuting Attorney's Detectives Act01/20/20
SB 267Creating offenses of conversion of leased or rented personal property02/05/20
SB 355Fire Commission rule relating to State Fire Code02/27/20
SB 482Eliminating permit requirement for storing concealed handgun in vehicle on school property for persons over 2102/07/20
SB 511Regulating pawnbrokers02/26/20
SB 513Protecting consumers against businesses using automatic renewals without consent02/27/20
SB 514Creating WV FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Act02/26/20
SB 528Creating Uniform Worker Classification Act02/25/20
SB 607Reporting motor vehicle crashes to owners02/12/20
SB 618Conforming WV law to federal distance requirements for locations of salvage yards02/12/20
SB 629Clarifying alcohol by volume percentage for certain wines02/07/20
SB 635Allowing administration of small estates02/26/20
SB 638Creating new private club licenses and requirements02/14/20
SB 665Requiring persons convicted of certain crimes on or after March 8, 1995, provide DNA samples02/11/20
SB 700Exempting physicians from specified traffic laws when responding to emergencies02/27/20
SB 733Recognizing political party status02/17/20
SB 772Clarifying American Law Institute's Restatements of Law02/26/20
SB 800Authorizing electric utilities construct and operate project within electric utility distribution system02/26/20
SB 821Providing immunity from civil liability to facilities and employees providing crisis stabilization02/27/20
SB 850Prohibiting racial discrimination based on certain hair textures and hairstyles03/04/20
HB 2024Allowing a home improvement transaction to be performed under an oral contract01/08/20
HB 2025Requiring the Human Rights Commission, when investigating a complaint of discrimination, to specifically include an examination of the intent of the person01/08/20
HB 2029Relating to Public Defender Services01/08/20
HB 2031Permitting persons who have been issued state licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons to carry those weapons on the grounds of the State Capitol Complex01/08/20
HB 2033Establishing procedures for carrying out the death sentence01/08/20
HB 2047Relating to penalties incurred from obstructing, fleeing from and making false statements to law-enforcement01/08/20
HB 2050Prohibiting confidential settlement terms of a contested case involving sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault01/08/20
HB 2052Prohibiting chairmen of state political parties during or up to one year after the termination of their employment as chairmen of those political parties from registering as lobbyists01/08/20
HB 2066Establishing an alternative methodology for pretrial release of persons charged with crimes01/08/20
HB 2074Life at Conception Act of 201901/08/20
HB 2096Relating to the juvenile justice reform oversight committee01/08/20
HB 2109Extending the maximum period of confinement a judge may impose for certain, first-time probationary violations01/08/20
HB 2124Expanding the authority of motor carrier inspectors01/08/20
HB 2139Allowing quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes01/08/20
HB 2143West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act01/08/20
HB 2144Relating to debarment of vendors seeking to provide goods and services to the state and its subdivisions01/08/20
HB 2147Limiting pay of members of the Legislature when a budget bill has not been passed01/08/20
HB 2151Relating to the beginning and expiration of hunting and fishing licenses02/11/20
HB 2155Relating to Capitol Complex security access01/08/20
HB 2158Relating to alternate sentencing for nonviolent felony offenders01/08/20
HB 2161Prohibiting sexual offenders from residing within one thousand feet of a school or childcare facility01/08/20
HB 2163Relating to consumer protection of new manufactured home warranties01/08/20
HB 2165Relating to custody and disposal of seized controlled substances and drugs01/08/20
HB 2166Prohibiting employees of the state who have convictions for driving under the influence from driving or operating state owned vehicle01/08/20
HB 2167Authorizing the prosecuting attorney to issue a subpoena duces tecum for certain documents01/08/20
HB 2168Authorizing a temporary foreign brewers import license01/08/20
HB 2169Allowing a group of affiliated voters to become a recognized political party under certain criteria01/08/20
HB 2170Right to keep and bear arms01/08/20
HB 2171Increasing frequency of the State Police updating the state sex offender registry01/08/20
HB 2176Prohibiting chairmen of state political parties during or up to one year after the termination of their employment as chairmen of those political parties from registering as lobbyists01/08/20
HB 2177Relating to drug testing of legislators01/08/20
HB 2180Relating to the Consumer Credit and Protection Act01/08/20
HB 2186Authorizing a medical power of attorney representative to sign a binding arbitration agreement01/08/20
HB 2187Requiring that lien releases filed with county clerk’s office include the Deed of Trust Book and page numbers01/08/20
HB 2188Nullifying certain adoption orders01/08/20
HB 2192Requiring pawnbrokers to providing certain information to law-enforcement agencies01/08/20
HB 2194Creating a domestic violence registry01/08/20
HB 2195Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission01/08/20
HB 2197Increasing the salaries of circuit court judges, family court judges, and magistrates01/08/20
HB 2198Relating to pyramid promotional schemes01/08/20
HB 2199Requiring pawnbrokers to providing certain information to law-enforcement agencies01/08/20
HB 2303State Tax Department, rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/08/20
HB 2306Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act01/08/20
HB 2406Exempting persons with valid religious objections from having their photographs taken and placed on government licenses01/08/20
HB 2444Prosecuting Attorney’s Detectives Act01/08/20
HB 2445Creating the Independent Redistricting Commission of the Joint Committee on Government and Finance01/08/20
HB 2453Relating to eligibility for parole01/08/20
HB 2456Relating to the definition of a political party for all state and local elections01/08/20
HB 2473Prohibiting the private ownership or operation of a prison01/08/20
HB 2488Relating to the theft of consumer identity protections01/08/20
HB 2494Relating to the ineligibility for home incarceration for offenders under certain circumstances01/08/20
HB 2495Authorizing certain West Virginia courthouse security officers to carry concealed firearms01/08/20
HB 2502Prohibiting registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween activities01/08/20
HB 2505Relating to the ineligibility for probation of certain defendants01/08/20
HB 2508Relating to certain defendants ineligible for probation01/08/20
HB 2519The Campus Self Defense Act01/08/20
HB 2526Creating an offense for public intoxication due to drug use01/08/20
HB 2537West Virginia Black Lung Program01/08/20
HB 2552Relating to the intestate share of a decedent's surviving spouse01/08/20
HB 2553The Motion Picture Open Captioning Act01/08/20
HB 2562Requiring the issuance of a search warrant before a driver of a motor vehicle can be made to submit to a secondary blood test01/08/20
HB 2563Relating to civil asset forfeiture01/08/20
HB 2581Requiring recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program be issued a photo identification card01/08/20
HB 2590Relating to payment of taxes by co owner or others01/08/20
HB 2599Awarding service weapons to special natural resources police officers upon retirement01/08/20
HB 2605Relating to the regular election of officers on state general election day02/03/20
HB 2610Creating a criminal felony offense of aggravated assault or battery of a child or a person who is mentally incapacitated01/08/20
HB 2640Making all inmates regardless of sex eligible to work on a state convict road force01/08/20
HB 2642Clarifying what constitutes an action requiring service to the Attorney General and notice to the Legislature01/08/20
HB 2689Relating to replacing the present crime of burglary with the crime of home invasion01/08/20
HB 2712Relating to death penalty for first degree murder01/08/20
HB 2725Relating to preventing compensatory damage awards for medical expenses from including certain sums01/08/20
HB 2732Defend the Guard Act02/12/20
HB 2753Permitting stand-in candidates for gubernatorial and presidential contests01/08/20
HB 2757Authorizing the Governor to seek the return of fugitives01/08/20
HB 2764Relating to the financial responsibility of inmates in relation to civil awards01/08/20
HB 2765Allowing firearms-qualified tax division investigators to carry firearms01/08/20
HB 2814Making it a felony to transport certain drugs into the state with intent to deliver01/08/20
HB 2822Creating an enhanced penalty for certain aggravated serious traffic offenses01/08/20
HB 2835Changing provisions regarding polygraph examinations of sex offenders01/08/20
HB 2888Allowing the Executive Director of the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority to establish a work program01/08/20
HB 2898Relating to billing practices of public utilities01/08/20
HB 2916Expanding the ability of hard cider manufactures to produce hard cider in this state01/08/20
HB 2920Creating state and local law-enforcement review boards01/08/20
HB 2959Relating to unlawful panhandling and solicitation01/08/20
HB 2985West Virginia Faith Freedom Act01/08/20
HB 2989State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act01/08/20
HB 2990Redistricting of the Senate01/08/20
HB 2996Repealing the article on unfair trade practices01/08/20
HB 2997Conforming the state Consumer Credit and Protection Act to the federal Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act01/08/20
HB 3008Reentry Task Force01/08/20
HB 3011Prohibiting provisions within settlement agreements that prevent the disclosure of factual information related to a claim filed in a civil action01/08/20
HB 3023Including home confinement officers in definition of law-enforcement officers01/08/20
HB 3028Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act01/08/20
HB 3029Requiring court reporters be licensed01/08/20
HB 3042Requiring prescriptions be made by electronic means01/08/20
HB 3043Clarifying that municipalities may enact ordinances for rates, fees, and charges based upon actual use of services01/08/20
HB 3046Relating to compensation paid to landowners when interest in property taken by eminent domain is for a nongovernmental entity01/08/20
HB 3055Permitting levies to pass with a majority of the vote01/08/20
HB 3060Amending the definition of mortgage loan originator02/11/20
HB 3062Relating to sale of delinquent tax liens01/08/20
HB 3066Relating to extended supervision for certain drug offenders01/08/20
HB 3069Relating to the right of certain persons to limit possession of firearms on premises01/08/20
HB 3073Authorizing a court administrator to make determinations of financial eligibility for public defender services01/08/20
HB 3075Terminating the Public Service Commission01/08/20
HB 3094Relating to political affiliation of elected officials01/08/20
HB 3117Prohibiting the Legislature from negotiating with illegal strikers01/08/20
HB 3119Relating generally to the ethical standards for elected and appointed officials and public employees01/08/20
HB 3124Prohibiting civil rights violations based on disability, gender identity or sexual orientation01/08/20
HB 3129Be Exceptional Starting Today Act01/08/20
HB 3138Relating to increasing salaries of certain state officers01/08/20
HB 4005West Virginia Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets Act01/08/20
HB 4006Civil Liability for Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders Act01/08/20
HB 4008Relating to the authorization to release a defendant or a person arrested upon his or her own recognizance01/08/20
HB 4024Eliminating the permit requirement for storing a concealed handgun in a vehicle on school property for persons 21 or older01/08/20
HB 4025Creating a State Central Legal Advertising Website01/08/20
HB 4028Relating to licensure of hospitals01/08/20
HB 4044Prohibiting payroll deductions to electioneering organizations01/08/20
HB 4045Relating to provisions of the "Habitual Offender" statute01/08/20
HB 4046Relating to abolishing spousal support01/08/20
HB 4056Requiring all local and state special elections to be held on the days and hours of general or primary or state elections01/08/20
HB 4057Creating a cause of action for injuries suffered in a gun- free zone01/08/20
HB 4064Requiring a lobbyist who is registered to represent multiple clients to immediately notify clients in writing of a conflict of interest01/08/20
HB 4073Relating to disclosure of fundraising contributions during a legislative session01/09/20
HB 4076Removing the permit requirement for a person over 21 to possess a concealed handgun in a motor vehicle on school property01/09/20
HB 4081Uniform Partition of Heirs' Property Act01/10/20
HB 4093Eliminating the prohibition against carrying firearms on the grounds of the State Capitol Complex01/10/20
HB 4098Second Amendment Sanctuary Law01/10/20
HB 4106Biometric Information Privacy Act01/13/20
HB 4109Relating to the choice of law used for contractual interpretations when deciding the comity of a legal decision in a foreign country01/13/20
HB 4118Creating a state-wide email address directory01/13/20
HB 4125Creating a felony penalty of life without mercy for the first degree murder of a law-enforcement officer01/13/20
HB 4139Firearm Protection Act01/13/20
HB 4144Relating to vacancies in the office of county commissioner01/13/20
HB 4147Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuits01/13/20
HB 4151Relating to standard of review in First Amendment violations01/13/20
HB 4167Allowing victims of certain crimes to get a restraining order prohibiting convicted persons from contacting or living in proximity to the victim01/14/20
HB 4168Preserving and protecting the right to keep and bear arms01/14/20
HB 4173Directing the Supreme Court of Appeals to create a pilot domestic violence court in Kanawha County01/14/20
HB 4177Allowing sheriffs to keep electronic copies of receipts for the payment of taxes01/24/20
HB 4184Relating to criminal trespass01/14/20
HB 4191Permitting wagering on the results of certain professional or collegiate sports or athletic events01/14/20
HB 4197Model Veterans Treatment Court Act01/14/20
HB 4199Statewide Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking System01/14/20
HB 4203Prohibiting charging your campaign interest for personal loans to your campaign01/14/20
HB 4204Department of Administration, rules for the general administration of records managements and preservation01/14/20
HB 4205Department of Administration, rules for retention and disposal scheduling01/14/20
HB 4206Department of Administration, rules for the managements of records maintained by the records center01/14/20
HB 4207Department of Administration, exemptions from management services provided by the fleet management division01/20/20
HB 4208Commissioner of Agriculture, animal disease control01/21/20
HB 4209Commissioner of Agriculture, fresh food act01/21/20
HB 4210Commissioner of Agriculture, poultry rules for hatcheries, growers and contractors pertaining to poultry disease control and eradication01/21/20
HB 4211Commissioner of Agriculture, grade "A" pasteurized milk01/21/20
HB 4212Commissioner of Agriculture, WV manufacture-grade milk01/21/20
HB 4213Commissioner of Agriculture, WV exempted dairy farms and milk and milk products processing rules01/21/20
HB 4214Commissioner of Agriculture, West Virginia spay neuter assistance program01/21/20
HB 4215Commissioner of Agriculture, captive cervid farming01/21/20
HB 4216West Virginia Board of Dentistry, rule for the West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners01/21/20
HB 4218Department of Environmental Protection, standards of performance for new stationary sources01/14/20
HB 4219Department of Environmental Protection, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants01/14/20
HB 4220Department of Environmental Protection, control of ozone season nitrogen oxides emissions01/14/20
HB 4221Department of Environmental Protection, groundwater protection rules for coal mining operations01/22/20
HB 4222Department of Environmental Protection, hazardous waste management system01/14/20
HB 4223Department of Environmental Protection, voluntary remediation and redevelopment rule01/22/20
HB 4224Division of Forestry, sediment control during commercial timber-harvesting operations-licensing01/21/20
HB 4225Division of Forestry, sediment control during commercial timber-harvesting operations-logger certification01/21/20
HB 4226Department of Health and Human Resources, primary care seed money grants01/24/20
HB 4227Department of Health and Human Resources, pilot program for drug screening of applicants for cash assistance01/24/20
HB 4228Division of Highways, transportation of hazardous wastes upon the roads and highways01/14/20
HB 4229Insurance Commission, Medicare supplement insurance01/22/20
HB 4230Insurance Commission, pharmacy auditing entities and pharmacy benefit managers01/24/20
HB 4231Division of Labor, supervision of plumbing work01/21/20
HB 4232Division of Labor, regulation of heating, ventilating and cooling work01/21/20
HB 4233Office of Miner's Health, Safety and Training, substance abuse screening, standards and procedures01/22/20
HB 4234Office of Miner's Health, Safety and Training, rules governing the certification, recertification and training of EMT-miners and EMT-M instructors01/22/20
HB 4235Division of Motor Vehicles, state vehicle title, registration and relicensing project of 201801/21/20
HB 4236Division of Natural Resources, commercial whitewater outfitters01/21/20
HB 4237Division of Natural Resources, transporting and selling wildlife pelts and parts01/21/20
HB 4238Division of Natural Resources, boating rule01/21/20
HB 4239Division of Natural Resources, special requirements concerning boating01/21/20
HB 4240Division of Natural Resources, defining the terms used in all hunting and trapping01/21/20
HB 4241Division of Natural Resources, prohibitions when hunting and trapping01/21/20
HB 4242Division of Natural Resources, catching and selling bait fish01/21/20
HB 4243Division of Natural Resources, falconry01/21/20
HB 4244Board of Occupational Therapy, fees for services rendered by the board01/21/20
HB 4245Board of Occupational Therapy, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4246Board of Pharmacy, Board of Pharmacy rules for immunizations administered by pharmacists and pharmacy interns01/22/20
HB 4247Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, requirements for registration and licensure and conduct01/22/20
HB 4248Board of Respiratory Care, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4249State Auditor, local government purchasing card program01/14/20
HB 4250State Conservation Committee, state conservation committee grant program01/24/20
HB 4251State Tax Department, payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/24/20
HB 4253Board of Acupuncture, fees for the board of acupuncture01/14/20
HB 4254Board of Acupuncture, auricular detoxification therapy certificate01/22/20
HB 4255Board of Acupuncture, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4256Board of Acupuncture, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4257Department of Administration, financial services reporting01/14/20
HB 4258Board of Architects, registration of architects01/21/20
HB 4259Board of Architects, fees for registration of architects01/21/20
HB 4260Commissioner of Agriculture, auctioneers01/21/20
HB 4261Commissioner of Agriculture, employment reference and inquiries and background checks01/21/20
HB 4262Commissioner of Agriculture, industrial hemp01/21/20
HB 4263Commissioner of Agriculture, hemp products01/28/20
HB 4264Commissioner of Agriculture, farmers markets01/21/20
HB 4265Board of Chiropractic Examiners, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4266Board of Chiropractic Examiners, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4267Department of Commerce, small business innovation research and small business technology transfer matching funds program01/23/20
HB 4268Board of Examiners in Counseling, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4269West Virginia Board of Dentistry, dental advertising01/21/20
HB 4270Department of Environmental Protection, control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities01/14/20
HB 4271Board of Licensed Dietitians, licensure and renewal requirements01/14/20
HB 4272Board of Licensed Dietitians, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4273Election Commission, corporate and membership organization political activity01/14/20
HB 4274Election Commission, regulation of campaign finance01/14/20
HB 4276Fire Commission, rule relating to state building code01/14/20
HB 4277Board of Funeral Service Examiners, applications for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4278Board of Funeral Service Examiners, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4279Department of Health and Human Resources, public water systems01/24/20
HB 4280Department of Health and Human Resources, fees for permits01/24/20
HB 4281Department of Health and Human Resources, vital statistics01/24/20
HB 4282Department of Health and Human Resources, emergency medical services01/24/20
HB 4283Department of Health and Human Resources, primary care center uncompensated care grants01/24/20
HB 4284Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program--general provisions01/24/20
HB 4285Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program--growers/processors01/24/20
HB 4286Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-laboratories01/24/20
HB 4287Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-dispensaries01/24/20
HB 4288Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-safe harbor letter01/24/20
HB 4289Department of Health and Human Resources, collection and exchange of data related to overdoses01/24/20
HB 4290Department of Health and Human Resources, minimum licensing requirements for residential child care and treatment facilities01/24/20
HB 4291Department of Health and Human Resources, qualifications for a provisional license to practice as a social worker01/24/20
HB 4292Health Care Authority, critical access hospitals01/24/20
HB 4293Board of Hearing Aid Dealers, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4294Board of Hearing Aid Dealers, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4295Division of Highways, use of state road rights of way and adjacent areas01/23/20
HB 4296Division of Highways, small wireless facilities on Division of Highways rights-of-way01/23/20
HB 4297Insurance Commission, credit for reinsurance01/22/20
HB 4298Board of Landscape Architects, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4299Massage Therapy Licensure Board, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4300Massage Therapy Licensure Board, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations01/14/20
HB 4301Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners, rules relating to board01/22/20
HB 4302Board of Medicine, licensure, disciplinary and complaint procedures, continuing education, physician assistants01/22/20
HB 4303Board of Medicine, waiver of initial licensing fees for certain initial licensure applicants01/14/20
HB 4304Division of Motor Vehicles, safety and treatment program01/21/20
HB 4305Division of Natural Resources, special boating rule01/21/20
HB 4306Division of Natural Resources, public use of campgrounds in West Virginia State Parks and State Forests and campsites in State Rail Trails01/21/20
HB 4307Division of Natural Resources, special projects and grants for West Virginia State Parks, State Forests, and State Rail Trails01/21/20
HB 4308Division of Natural Resources, special fishing rule01/21/20
HB 4309Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board, nursing home administrators01/14/20
HB 4310Board of Occupational Therapy, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4311Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, rules of the commission01/22/20
HB 4312Board of Optometry, rules for the West Virginia Board of Optometry01/22/20
HB 4313Board of Osteopathic Medicine, osteopathic physician assistants01/22/20
HB 4314Board of Osteopathic Medicine, waiver of initial licensing fees for certain initial licensure applicants01/14/20
HB 4315Board of Pharmacy, licensure and practice of pharmacy01/22/20
HB 4316Board of Pharmacy, record keeping and automated data processing systems01/22/20
HB 4317Board of Pharmacy, Board of Pharmacy rules for registration of pharmacy technicians01/22/20
HB 4318Board of Pharmacy, Board of Pharmacy rules for centralized prescription processing01/22/20
HB 4319Board of Pharmacy, regulations governing pharmacy permits01/22/20
HB 4320Board of Pharmacy, regulations governing pharmacists01/22/20
HB 4321Board of Pharmacy, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4322Board of Physical Therapy, general provisions for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants01/22/20
HB 4323Board of Physical Therapy, fees for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant01/22/20
HB 4324Board of Physical Therapy, general provisions for athletic trainers01/22/20
HB 4325Board of Physical Therapy, fees for athletic trainers01/22/20
HB 4326Board of Physical Therapy, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4327Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, examination, licensure and practice of professional engineers01/21/20
HB 4328Board of Professional Surveyors, examination and licensing of professional surveyors in West Virginia01/21/20
HB 4329Board of Psychologists, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial licensure determinations and application for fee waiver01/14/20
HB 4330Public Defender Services, payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses of court appointed attorneys01/14/20
HB 4331Racing Commission, thoroughbred racing01/24/20
HB 4332Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, requirements for licensure and certification01/14/20
HB 4333Real Estate Commission, application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/14/20
HB 4334Real Estate Commission, consideration of prior criminal convictions in initial license eligibility determination01/14/20
HB 4335Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, request for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals01/22/20
HB 4336West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care, establishment of fees01/22/20
HB 4337West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care, student limited permit01/22/20
HB 4338Board of Sanitarians, waiver of initial application fees and criteria for initial licensure01/14/20
HB 4339Board of Social Work, qualifications for the profession of social work01/21/20
HB 4340Board of Social Work, fee schedule01/21/20
HB 4341Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, licensure of speech-pathology and audiology01/21/20
HB 4342Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, disciplinary and complaint procedures for speech-language pathology and audiology01/21/20
HB 4343State Tax Department, consumer sales and service tax01/24/20
HB 4344State Tax Department, exchange of information pursuant to written agreement01/24/20
HB 4345Board of Veterinary Medicine, organization and operation and licensing of veterinarians01/21/20
HB 4346Board of Veterinary Medicine, registration of veterinary technicians01/21/20
HB 4347Board of Veterinary Medicine, schedule of fees01/21/20
HB 4348Department of Environmental Protection, West Virginia surface mining reclamation rule01/22/20
HB 4351Requiring the random drug testing of legislators01/15/20
HB 4370Establishing limits applicable to the award of damages for medical monitoring01/16/20
HB 4372Providing for political party platforms to be placed on ballots for certain primary elections01/16/20
HB 4374Relating to the administration of estates and trusts01/16/20
HB 4379Authorizing home incarceration supervisors to carry firearms01/16/20
HB 4385Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefits Act01/16/20
HB 4386Relating to political party committees01/16/20
HB 4392Increasing the penalties for exposure of governmental representatives to fentanyl or any other harmful drug01/16/20
HB 4399Prohibiting civil rights violations based on gender identity or sexual orientation01/17/20
HB 4430Creating the misdemeanor offense of falsely filing a complaint against a law-enforcement office01/20/20
HB 4431Relating to notice of discontinuance of service by a utility01/20/20
HB 4432Removing the one-time limit on the expungement of certain criminal convictions01/20/20
HB 4435Granting counties and municipalities a portion of the net terminal income from racetrack video lottery01/21/20
HB 4436Clarifying that The American Law Institute's Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance is not a source of West Virginia insurance law01/21/20
HB 4468The Genealogical Record Integrity Act of 202001/22/20
HB 4469Increasing the minimum criminal penalty for a driver who, in an impaired state, causes the death of a minor01/22/20
HB 4481Relating to health care decisions01/23/20
HB 4503Conforming West Virginia law to federal distance requirements for location of salvage yards01/23/20
HB 4512Creating a work permit driver's license program02/06/20
HB 4532Expanding felony hate crime protections to individuals on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientation01/24/20
HB 4533Strengthening the criminal penalty for assault on governmental representatives01/24/20
HB 4536Prohibiting certain sex offenders from being in a supervisory position over children01/24/20
HB 4556Authorizing the Commissioner of the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation to approve home plans for inmates01/28/20
HB 4570The Motion Picture Open Captioning Act01/28/20
HB 4575Implementing The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President and Vice President by National Popular Vote01/28/20
HB 4577Establishing regulation of electric bicycles02/14/20
HB 4586Establishing the Office of Administrative Hearings within the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety01/29/20
HB 4591Amending the definition of "financial exploitation" to include the use of undue influence02/13/20
HB 4592Extending periods of limitations for commencing certain criminal and civil sexual offenses01/29/20
HB 4599Discontinuing the West Virginia Racing Commission special account known as the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund01/29/20
HB 4603Relating to choice of law provisions in franchise agreements02/14/20
HB 4608Relating to the duties of the law-enforcement training and certification subcommittee02/17/20
HB 4609Limiting minors' access to gender reassignment surgery or hormone replacement therapy01/30/20
HB 4622Prohibiting the establishment of a constitution or legal system superior or parallel to the West Virginia Constitution and the West Virginia Code01/31/20
HB 4631Requiring the return of certain campaign contributions if an elected official switches political parties01/31/20
HB 4653Requiring disclosure of nonpublic personal information required in employment cases02/03/20
HB 4658Relating to complaints against public agencies to obtain records through the Freedom of Information Act02/03/20
HB 4667Relating to motor vehicle crash reports02/04/20
HB 4674Act to Counter Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions of Israel02/04/20
HB 4675Permitting persons who routinely shoot or discharge firearms at a public shooting range to assist in its maintenance and upkeep02/04/20
HB 4695The Closed Captioning Act02/05/20
HB 4698Allowing a bar to purchase liquor from a distillery or a mini-distillery02/05/20
HB 4704Repealing statutory provisions that provide immunity from criminal prosecution or liability02/05/20
HB 4707Clarifying that a legislator's immunity from arrest and trial is subject to the language of the state constitution02/05/20
HB 4708Expanding the definition of political party for the purposes of election law02/05/20
HB 4710Authorizing law-enforcement agencies to create a referral program for voluntary treatment of addiction02/07/20
HB 4711Developing a program for individuals suffering from a substance abuse disorder who voluntarily seek treatment for that abuse02/05/20
HB 4713Relating to annexation by minor boundary adjustment02/06/20
HB 4718West Virginia Indian Tribes Recognition Act02/12/20
HB 4721Relating generally to forfeiture of contraband02/06/20
HB 4722West Virginia Emergency Contact Information Registry02/06/20
HB 4726West Virginia Public Participation Protection Act02/06/20
HB 4727Permitting mini-distilleries to import produce in excess of established limits02/06/20
HB 4728Removing statutory language requiring mini-distilleries to grow agricultural products02/06/20
HB 4761Reducing to one year the deadline for right to set aside deed02/10/20
HB 4769Greyhound Racing Industry Viability Assessment Act02/10/20
HB 4770Changing the beginning time for beer and wine sales on Sunday from one p.m. to 10 a.m.02/10/20
HB 4782Public Participation Protection Act02/10/20
HB 4784Relating to disposal of unused, unwanted or expired medications02/14/20
HB 4808Relating to persons from another state storing firearms in this state02/11/20
HB 4809Relating to charitable raffles02/11/20
HB 4814Requiring parents or guardians to participate in programs for juveniles in an out-of-home placement02/11/20
HB 4818Making it a criminal offense to escape or attempt to escape from the custody of a Community Corrections program02/11/20
HB 4832Establishing additional requirements of unit owners' associations02/11/20
HB 4837Eliminating the ability of a person's driver's license to be suspended for the failure to pay court fines and costs02/11/20
HB 4838Requiring an owner to offer tenant right to purchase housing accommodations before selling to others02/11/20
HB 4840Dividing pretrial detention jail costs between arresting authorities02/11/20
HB 4845Increasing the community service hours a person may be ordered to perform upon conviction of or pleading guilty to littering02/11/20
HB 4854Changing the method of filling vacancies in county boards of education02/11/20
HB 4861Redefining the term "less than honorable service" to include certain misdemeanors for disqualification for public retirement plan benefits02/11/20
HB 4867Relating to psychophysiological detection of deception examinations by law-enforcement officers02/11/20
HB 4874Eliminating the statute of limitations for claims arising from certain sex related injuries02/11/20
HB 4880Providing increased protections for the welfare of domestic animals02/11/20
HB 4883Relating to criminal procedure02/11/20
HB 4885"Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan Fair Pay Act"02/24/20
HB 4895Relating to the contests of county, district, and municipal elections02/11/20
HB 4898Imposing a general data mining service tax on commercial data operators02/11/20
HB 4899Prohibiting the use of class B fire-fighting foam for testing purposes if the foam contains a certain class of fluorinated organic chemicals02/20/20
HB 4903Requiring that free feminine hygiene products be provided to female prisoners in jails02/11/20
HB 4913Providing a procedure for modification of a prison sentence when a person has served at least 10 years02/11/20
HB 4915Increasing the period for which violations may be considered for filing of an ethics complaint02/11/20
HB 4916Relating to charges assessed against inmates for services02/11/20
HB 4918Permitting the clerk of a circuit court to charge and collect a fee to search electronic records that requires special programming02/11/20
HB 4919Requiring certain identifying information of the judgment debtor02/11/20
HB 4932Requiring the random drug testing of legislators and members of the Board of Public Works02/11/20
HB 4933Relating to the administration of trusts02/11/20
HB 4945Creating a criminal penalty for an agent or sworn officer who refuses or fails to enforce the Compact Agreement on Detainers in immigration cases02/11/20
HB 4951Limiting individual contributions to a political candidate to $1,00002/11/20
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