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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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Senator Tomblin (Mr. President) sponsored 43 bills:


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Last Action

SB 30 Budget Bill Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/12/97 
SB 35 Exempting military retirement income from personal income tax obligations Pending  Senate Military Committee  02/13/97 
SB 67 Establishing West Virginia graduate college of Marshall university Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 70 Establishing prepaid college expense trust fund act Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 134 Creating criminal offense for death of child caused by neglect Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 249 Relating to visually impaired persons driving motor vehicles Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  03/06/97 
SB 266 Authorizing appointment of certain public service district board members Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 269 Updating certain terms used in corporation net income tax act Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 270 Authorizing payment of expenses for members of library commission Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/27/97 
SB 271 Establishing juvenile detention facilities adjacent to regional jails Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/10/97 
SB 273 Dedicating certain funds for purposes of chestnut blight research Pending    3rd Reading  05/20/97 
SB 279 Updating certain terms used in personal income tax act Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 316 Establishing sale of road bonds Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/12/97 
SB 317 Creating Senior Services Act of 1997 Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 344 Relating generally to ad valorem property taxes Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/14/97 
SB 345 Relating to neighborhood investment program act Pending  Senate SB Committee  03/14/97 
SB 350 Increasing salary of state tax commissioner Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 358 Increasing salary of secretary-clerk of family law masters Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 362 Making supplemental appropriation to tax division for business and income tax automation project Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/18/97 
SB 363 Making supplemental appropriation to tax division for upgrading electronic data processing system Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/18/97 
SB 364 Providing certain specialized license plates; military; nongame wildlife Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  03/18/97 
SB 371 Providing privileges and immunity for persons reporting insurance fraud Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 372 Making certain changes in unemployment compensation law Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 374 Increasing base pay and allowance for active national guard members Pending  Senate Military Committee  03/19/97 
SB 385 Creating Good Samaritan Food Donation Act Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/20/97 
SB 400 Relating to Corridor G regional development authority Pending    Concurrence  04/13/97 
SB 405 Providing certain review of surface mining reclamation plans Pending    Concurrence  04/13/97 
SB 412 Implementing certain standards regarding availability and continuity of health insurance coverage Pending  Senate Finance Committee  04/04/97 
SB 422 Authorizing certain withholding of county school board's allowance for current expense Pending  Senate Education Committee  03/21/97 
SB 427 Refocussing mission of center for professional development Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 430 Conforming works act and support enforcement law to federal requirements Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 431 Creating position of chief technology officer within governor's office and recreating science and technology advisory council Pending  Senate Finance Committee  04/01/97 
SB 454 Relating to industrial revenue bond allocation review committee Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 455 Relating to neighborhood investment program act Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 456 Establishing administrative penalty authority for violation of safe drinking water act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  04/07/97 
SB 457 Establishing drinking water state revolving fund Pending  Senate Finance Committee  04/04/97 
SB 458 Relating to health review authority Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 463 Relating to court of claims; compensation awards to victims of crimes Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/24/97 
SB 464 Removing lodging requirements for issuance of liquor licenses to state parks Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 469 Changing expenditure thresholds for certificate of need review Pending  House Judiciary Committee  04/07/97 
SB 488 Defining dangerous student Pending  House Education Committee  04/01/97 
SB 503 Enacting technology-related assistance revolving loan fund for individuals with disabilities act Signed    Governor  05/19/97 
SB 506 Providing teachers on education leave retirement service credit Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  03/24/97 
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