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Bill Status - 1997 Regular Session

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There are 291 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 34Relating to pecuniary interest in certain contracts03/10/97
SB 49Prohibiting fleeing investigation of probable law violation by use of motor vehicle02/28/97
SB 52Requiring certain notices aired on local cable services03/03/97
SB 72Including certain humane officers within definition of police officer04/02/97
SB 73Prohibiting female genital mutilation; penalties03/07/97
SB 233Crediting community service against criminal fine or confinement04/03/97
SB 250Authorizing landlords to dispose of abandoned personal property04/07/97
SB 377Relating to prosecuting attorneys in matters representing department of health and human services03/25/97
SB 414Prohibiting children from riding in open truck bed; exceptions; penalty04/01/97
SB 453Eliminating landlord liability for tenant's delinquent utilities04/07/97
SB 456Establishing administrative penalty authority for violation of safe drinking water act04/07/97
SB 469Changing expenditure thresholds for certificate of need review04/07/97
SB 487Removing certain disclosure requirements from debt collection practices04/07/97
SB 492Relating to withholding income of amounts payable as support04/07/97
SB 528Relating to sheriff's tax lien sales of property04/07/97
SB 538Expunging criminal records of person receiving pardon04/01/97
SB 546Relating to appellate procedures in unemployment compensation cases04/03/97
SB 550Clarifying authority of commissioner of corrections for inmate transfer and contracts for certain goods and services04/07/97
SB 552Relating to cases of persons charged with crimes but determined to be incompetent04/07/97
SB 554Limiting election or nomination of prosecuting attorneys04/07/97
SB 557Relating to juvenile justice reform04/07/97
SB 559Establishing privacy rights of customers of financial institutions04/07/97
HB 2001Unlawful use or possession of a firearm in drug trafficking offenses02/12/97
HB 2003Prohibiting persons who feloniously kill another person from obtaining certain property by joint survivorship provisions02/12/97
HB 2004Liability for power surges caused by electric utilities02/12/97
HB 2008Requiring the signature of the fiduciary commissioner on any waiver of final settlement in estates subject to administration02/12/97
HB 2009Eliminating the blood test and three-day waiting period required for the issuance of a marriage license02/12/97
HB 2012Prohibiting price discrimination based on gender02/12/97
HB 2029Amending trial proceedings involving crimes of murder and sexual assault02/12/97
HB 2030Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act02/12/97
HB 2033Imposing a fine upon a railroad company for violation of public service commission rules02/12/97
HB 2038Distribution of awards for damages in wrongful death actions02/12/97
HB 2042Requiring parental consent before an unemancipated minor may obtain an abortion except in certain instances02/12/97
HB 2051Relating generally to the guardianship conservator appointment process02/13/97
HB 2052Election of attorney general and secretary of state in nonpresidential election years02/13/97
HB 2058Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf02/13/97
HB 2060Prohibiting a debt collector from compiling and maintaining files on creditors who have instructed the debt collector not to do so02/13/97
HB 2062Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods02/13/97
HB 2071Misdemeanor offense of ticket scalping02/13/97
HB 2072Authorized expenditure by qualified nonprofit tax exempt organizations of certain net proceeds of bingo and raffle operations02/13/97
HB 2075West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act02/13/97
HB 2076Permitting courts to award attorney fees and expenses against the state in civil actions brought by the state and in proceedings for judicial review of administrative orders02/13/97
HB 2080Admission into evidence in judicial proceedings held to determine custody of minor children of any criminal convictions for acts of violence or abuse toward children or family members02/13/97
HB 2081Expanding the definition of child abuse and neglect and admitting heresay evidence02/13/97
HB 2082Second or subsequent offense of cruelty to animals a felony and providing for mandatory incarceration02/13/97
HB 2087Access by property owners of information in assessor's records used to appraise and assess property for tax purposes02/13/97
HB 2088Licensing requirements for carrying concealed handguns02/13/97
HB 2089Requiring alcohol server permits02/14/97
HB 2092Reducing the blood alcohol content for DUI convictions02/14/97
HB 2096Allowing persons to defend their property with deadly force without being exposed to liability02/14/97
HB 2099Permitting the sale of certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis02/14/97
HB 2100Prohibiting state officials from employing their spouses, parents or children at public expense02/14/97
HB 2104Requiring felons to make restitution for the full amount of stolen property02/14/97
HB 2118Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the state02/17/97
HB 2129Assessment of fees, costs and damages for filing frivolous lawsuits, pleadings and motions02/17/97
HB 2131Requiring advised consent for induced abortions02/17/97
HB 2132Eliminating the acquisition of property rights in real estate by adverse possession02/17/97
HB 2133Making it a misdemeanor to shoot deer, turkey or bear from a vehicle03/06/97
HB 2135Confidentiality of juvenile records and removing the prohibition against publishing the names of certain juvenile offenders02/18/97
HB 2136Preapproval of site location of a private club02/18/97
HB 2137Amending the Health Care Surrogate Act03/07/97
HB 2138Primary elections and nominating procedures of third party candidates02/18/97
HB 2140Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness02/18/97
HB 2141Providing safeguards for the documentation and investigation procedures of child abuse cases02/18/97
HB 2142Allowing duly registered voters who sign petitions to place the name of a candidate for office on the ballot to vote in primary elections02/18/97
HB 2143Requiring that every child removed from a home must have a medical examination prior to placement in foster care or into an institution02/18/97
HB 2144Declaring void any judicial actions taken against members of the Legislature while in session and applying this exemption to clients of attorney members of the Legislature02/18/97
HB 2145Requiring landlords to place security deposits into interest bearing accounts02/18/97
HB 2146Preventing the recordation of fraudulent deeds and notification by the clerk of the county commission02/18/97
HB 2156Prohibiting unsupervised furlough or other release for violent or repeat offenders02/19/97
HB 2157Implementing a program requiring certain inmates to work toward their upkeep and offset the cost of their incarceration02/19/97
HB 2176Requiring sellers of alcoholic liquors, nonintoxicating beer and tobacco products to require proof of age from all purchasers and prohibiting the sale of tobacco products by vending machines02/20/97
HB 2179Validation of foreign marriages02/20/97
HB 2182Allowing magistrates to collect bank service charges for the holder or payee02/20/97
HB 2185Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the clerk of the court of any change of job status or employer02/20/97
HB 2196Requirements for the motor vehicle alcohol test and lock program02/24/97
HB 2197Providing for a limited privilege for news media professionals and organizations to protect information and sources from disclosure02/24/97
HB 2203Providing special penalty provisions for children under the age of eighteen and over the age of fifteen for certain crimes02/24/97
HB 2206Creation of a pilot program for environmental audits and self-evaluations02/24/97
HB 2215Electronic records retention under the Consumer Credit and Protection Act02/25/97
HB 2217Tax relief for homeowners and renters under sixty-five years of age02/26/97
HB 2222Extending grandparent visitation rights02/26/97
HB 2224Creating the felony crime of disseminating indecent material to minors02/26/97
HB 2225Establishing three degrees of negligent vehicular homicide02/26/97
HB 2230Requiring electric and gas utilities to maintain telephone lines dedicated solely to emergencies02/26/97
HB 2239Increasing the period allowed to perfect a mechanic's lien for subcontractors02/27/97
HB 2240Removing from a period of parole any credit for good conduct02/27/97
HB 2243Uniform Anatomical Gift Act02/27/97
HB 2244Uniform Premarital Agreement Act02/27/97
HB 2245Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act02/27/97
HB 2248Providing for notification of parole hearing dates and an opportunity for victims to address the parole board02/27/97
HB 2249Promulgation of legislative rules allowing for facility-wide and multiunit alternate emission control strategies02/27/97
HB 2250Requiring drug and alcohol testing of drivers involved in accidents that result in death02/27/97
HB 2257Requiring utilities to charge the lowest rates available to emergency service providers02/27/97
HB 2267Identification card for certain persons who derive their income from service of process02/27/97
HB 2271Making the state convict road force mandatory02/28/97
HB 2275Increasing the allowable service charge for a worthless check02/28/97
HB 2278Providing disincentives to frivolous or malicious inmate litigation02/28/97
HB 2279Requiring the division of corrections and the parole board to comply with the state administrative procedures act with regard to rule-making activities02/28/97
HB 2280Payment of per diem costs for incarceration of inmates at regional jails02/28/97
HB 2284Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes between the prosecuting attorney and the accused in felony trials02/28/97
HB 2301Misdemeanor offense for the manufacture, possession, use or distribution of jackrocks03/03/97
HB 2302Redefining the requirements for the content of an order for election to increase levies03/03/97
HB 2303State Mandates Relief Act03/03/97
HB 2304Creating presumption that grandparent visitation is in the best interest of the child unless the same be shown to be unsafe for the child03/03/97
HB 2306Granting homestead exemption benefits to disabled veterans under the age of sixty-five03/03/97
HB 2308Authorizing the establishment of police lines, perimeters and barricades in emergency situations03/03/97
HB 2309Providing the death penalty for first degree murder03/03/97
HB 2312DEP, Hazardous Waste Management03/03/97
HB 2313DEP, performance standards, new stationary sources03/03/97
HB 2314DEP, hazardous air pollutants03/03/97
HB 2315Secretary of State, registration services03/03/97
HB 2316Board of Accountancy, rules of professional conduct03/07/97
HB 2318Agriculture, animal disease control03/03/97
HB 2319Auditor's Office, standards for requisitions for payment03/14/97
HB 2320Banking, consumer credit and protection act03/06/97
HB 2321Banking, state chartered financial institutions03/06/97
HB 2322Banking, consumer lenders03/06/97
HB 2323Banking, reverse mortgage loans03/06/97
HB 2324Barbers and cosmetologists, fee schedule03/07/97
HB 2325Barbers and cosmetologists, examination and licensure03/07/97
HB 2326Cable television, regulations03/03/97
HB 2327Deaf and hard of hearing, fees for qualified interpreters03/07/97
HB 2328Dental examiners, administrative regulations03/13/97
HB 2329EDA, administration of capital company act03/14/97
HB 2330DEP, underground storage tank insurance trust fund03/03/97
HB 2331DEP, WV/NPDES regulations, coal mining facilities03/03/97
HB 2332DEP, surface mining reclamation regulations03/03/97
HB 2334DEP, prevent/control air pollution from hazardous waste treatment03/03/97
HB 2335DEP, voluntary remediation and redevelopment rule03/03/97
HB 2336Family protection, operation of services board, licensure and funding domestic violence programs03/03/97
HB 2338Crime, delinquency and correction, response to domestic violence03/03/97
HB 2339Crime, delinquency and correction, basic training academy03/03/97
HB 2340Health, nursing home licensure rule03/13/97
HB 2341Health, child care centers03/13/97
HB 2342Health, emergency medical services03/12/97
HB 2343Health, clinical laboratory technician and technologist licensure03/13/97
HB 2344Health, residential board and care homes03/13/97
HB 2346Insurance, medicare supplement03/06/97
HB 2347Insurance, individual medical savings accounts03/06/97
HB 2348Insurance, life and health reinsurance agreements03/06/97
HB 2349Insurance, valuation of life insurance policies03/06/97
HB 2350Insurance, diabetes regulations03/06/97
HB 2351Insurance, emergency medical services03/06/97
HB 2352Insurance, utilization management03/06/97
HB 2353Insurance, replacement of life insurance03/06/97
HB 2355Standards of practice for licensed practical nurses03/12/97
HB 2356Manufactured housing construction and safety standards03/12/97
HB 2357Board of Medicine, limited liability companies03/03/97
HB 2358Division of Motor Vehicles, inspection manual03/06/97
HB 2359Division of Motor Vehicles, compulsory insurance03/06/97
HB 2360DNR, fertility control of wildlife03/13/97
HB 2361DNR, hunting and trapping prohibitions03/13/97
HB 2362DNR, falconry03/13/97
HB 2363Rules of the nursing home administrators licensing board03/12/97
HB 2364Registration of pharmacy technicians03/07/97
HB 2365Board of Pharmacy, controlled substances monitoring03/07/97
HB 2366Qualifications for licensure as a psychologist03/12/97
HB 2367PSC, rules for the use of "911"03/03/97
HB 2368Real estate appraiser licensing and certification03/07/97
HB 2369Real estate appraiser licensing renewal03/07/97
HB 2370Respiratory care, licensure03/11/97
HB 2371Respiratory care, fees03/11/97
HB 2372Respiratory care, continuing education03/11/97
HB 2373Secretary of State, procedures for recounts03/03/97
HB 2374Secretary of State, trademarks and service marks03/03/97
HB 2375Support Enforcement Commission, support from tax refunds03/14/97
HB 2376Support Enforcement Commission, interstate income withholding03/14/97
HB 2377Tax Division, credit for agricultural equipment03/14/97
HB 2378Tax Division, low income exclusions03/14/97
HB 2379Tax Division, charitable raffles03/14/97
HB 2380Board of Examiners of Psychologists, fees03/14/97
HB 2381Cable television, collection of late fees03/11/97
HB 2382Equalizing the pay scales of magistrates03/04/97
HB 2383Procedures for special levy elections conducted by local levying bodies03/04/97
HB 2385Eviction proceedings of persons who commit illegal activities on rented property03/04/97
HB 2387Permitting the recording of ballots on a computer disc03/04/97
HB 2390Providing reduced utility rates for certain senior citizens03/04/97
HB 2395Increasing the penalties for the sale or gifts of tobacco products to minors03/27/97
HB 2400Relieving residents from the six month occupancy requirement for homestead exemption purposes03/04/97
HB 2408Compliance with environmental quality laws and creating a consolidated permit agency03/05/97
HB 2411Making it unlawful to create certain loud noises03/05/97
HB 2418Removing the prohibition against publishing the names of certain juvenile offenders03/05/97
HB 2422Requiring railroads to provide sanitary toilet facilities in all occupied engines and cabooses03/20/97
HB 2425Reimbursing appointed counsel for transcript fees charged by court reporters03/05/97
HB 2426Furnishing court transcripts to indigent persons in juvenile delinquency and juvenile abuse and neglect proceedings03/05/97
HB 2440Payment of unused vacation time, personal leave and sick leave for certain adult probation officers03/06/97
HB 2442Requiring campaign material and political advertising to contain the party affiliation of the candidate authorizing the printing03/06/97
HB 2443Providing restitution to crime victims by juvenile offenders or the parents of the offenders03/07/97
HB 2444Establishing a special volunteer medical license04/01/97
HB 2448Creating the misdemeanor offense of "scalping" noncollectible toys03/07/97
HB 2449Requiring inmates convicted of a felony involving violence to serve at least eighty percent of his or her maximum sentence03/07/97
HB 2450Enhanced penalties for crimes against the elderly03/07/97
HB 2452Civil and criminal immunity from liability in matters relating to noise pollution to persons who operate or use sport shooting ranges03/07/97
HB 2454Repealing the code section relating to the monthly free dump day at solid waste facilities03/07/97
HB 2457Changing the way public service district members are paid03/10/97
HB 2458Eliminating the public service district deposit requirement when new service connections are made03/10/97
HB 2461Prohibiting the state from paying magistrates to attend law school03/10/97
HB 2469Relating to prohibiting conservation officers from hiring out to private persons or government entities03/19/97
HB 2476Establishing a market-based air emission banking and trading program03/11/97
HB 2481Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation03/11/97
HB 2482Protecting free gas rights from the requirements of plugging abandoned wells with certain exceptions03/11/97
HB 2483Limiting increase of taxation on Class II real property03/11/97
HB 2484Civil service coverage for certain employees of the regional jail and correctional facility authority03/11/97
HB 2485Relating to title searches on real estate purchased at sheriff's sale for delinquent taxes03/11/97
HB 2489Establishing tort reform measures03/11/97
HB 2494Increasing the amount paid into the special county fund from magistrate court costs for class one counties03/11/97
HB 2503Providing additional relief for a taxpayer from an erroneous assessment03/12/97
HB 2505Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act03/12/97
HB 2514Eliminating the requirement that assessors note liens on landbooks03/12/97
HB 2523Making the crime of impersonating a state policeman or deputy sheriff a felony03/13/97
HB 2527Limiting the abuse of strategic lawsuits against public participation by giving the defendant a cause of action to recover damages03/13/97
HB 2533Allowing the solid waste authority to assess user fees03/13/97
HB 2537Prohibiting posting of notification of sobriety checkpoints03/13/97
HB 2547Requiring a completed background check of an applicant before a license to carry a deadly weapon may be issued03/14/97
HB 2549Providing for jury sentencing of a person convicted of certain criminal offenses following a jury trial03/14/97
HB 2554Establishing a process for verifying the accuracy of a canvass or recount03/14/97
HB 2559Adding psychologists to professions defined for the purpose of coverage under the uniform limited liability act03/14/97
HB 2560Including persons convicted under state criminal statutes under the section which authorizes putting offenders to work in community service programs03/14/97
HB 2561Providing that magistrates be elected on a nonpartisan ballot and providing that terms of magistrates be staggered03/14/97
HB 2565Public service commission jurisdiction over certain sewer systems and creating the small public utility customer act03/17/97
HB 2578Establishing an alternative homestead exemption for persons under the age of sixty-five03/17/97
HB 2585Requiring law masters to follow certain time requirements when giving notice extending temporary emergency protective orders03/18/97
HB 2591Making the twenty thousand dollar homestead exemption applicable to every property owner regardless of age or disability03/18/97
HB 2592Requiring mines who employ more than fifty miners to maintain a separate mine rescue team and limiting the number of mines that a mine rescue team is responsible for serving03/20/97
HB 2597Relating to trespassing on railroad property and facilities03/18/97
HB 2604Telemarketing Regulation and Fraud Prevention Act03/19/97
HB 2610Allowing child custody and child abuse and neglect proceedings to be open to the public03/19/97
HB 2612Allowing a court to order convicts to pay the cost of their imprisonment and food03/19/97
HB 2613Making the state convict road force mandatory03/19/97
HB 2614Providing for the nonpartisan election of supreme court justices03/19/97
HB 2615Making changes in unemployment compensation law to conform to federal legislation03/19/97
HB 2616Making the penalty for all thefts of services the same as the larceny penalty would be for the same value of goods03/19/97
HB 2622Making the larceny of equipment from a fire department a felony03/19/97
HB 2630Penalties for driving a motor vehicle when the privilege to do so has been lawfully suspended or revoked03/20/97
HB 2640Reducing payment of damages in civil actions by that amount owed for delinquent or current child support03/20/97
HB 2644Imposing a fee on prison and jail inmates for medical services03/20/97
HB 2650Limiting the power of counties and municipalities from passing ordinances relating to weapons and ammunition03/20/97
HB 2658Requiring an adjudicatory hearing or jury trial in certain juvenile proceedings03/21/97
HB 2665Creating a misdemeanor offense for persons who walk in the street when a sidewalk is available03/21/97
HB 2673Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons03/21/97
HB 2675Reimbursement to counties for costs incurred for incarceration in county or regional jails03/21/97
HB 2682Exempting magistrates from obtaining a concealed weapons permit03/24/97
HB 2690Creating a felony for committing a violent crime while wearing body armor03/24/97
HB 2691Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases03/24/97
HB 2694Providing for the collection of taxes on real estate sold at a sheriff's sale03/24/97
HB 2708Changing the time at which primary elections are held from May to April03/24/97
HB 2711Authorizing authority to assess penalties for violating the safe drinking water act03/25/97
HB 2717Allowing local citizens to vote on the location of a commercial infectious medical waste facility03/25/97
HB 2720Requiring the county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing03/25/97
HB 2724Requiring businesses selling alcoholic liquor, beer or tobacco products to post signs warning of the penalty for use of false identification03/25/97
HB 2726Establishing the misdemeanor offense of unauthorized use of a dumpster or solid waste container and services03/25/97
HB 2732Designating English as the official state language03/25/97
HB 2733Providing immunity from civil damages to employers who disclose information about employees or former employees03/25/97
HB 2736Providing that an enforcement agency may apply for and receive title and registration for an abandoned automobile03/26/97
HB 2753Discretion of the attorney general to attend to the criminal business of the state in any court thereof03/26/97
HB 2754Penalties for passing worthless checks03/26/97
HB 2758Providing attorney fees and court costs for persons who successfully challenge and have an agency rule invalidated and creating a cause of action against the agency03/26/97
HB 2761Removing the requirement that reclamation related liabilities have to exceed the accrued amount in the reclamation fund before the fund tax is collected and removal of the five thousand dollar per acre limit for bonding03/26/97
HB 2762Relating generally to surface coal mining and reclamation03/26/97
HB 2771Creating a criminal offense for the death of a child caused by neglect03/27/97
HB 2772Requiring probation for persons between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one who commit felony property crimes03/27/97
HB 2773Prohibiting partial-birth abortions unless the mother's life is in jeopardy03/27/97
HB 2781Changing the crime of obstructing emergency medical service personnel from a misdemeanor to a felony03/27/97
HB 2783Providing a doubled fine for shoplifting liquor, beer, wine, tobacco products or nonprescription drugs03/27/97
HB 2784Relating generally to noncoal mineral extraction03/27/97
HB 2787Regulating sales and services of energy and nonenergy related products and equipment03/27/97
HB 2789Relating to distribution, labeling and sales of wine in West Virginia03/27/97
HB 2790Providing a uniform filing deadline for all lists, returns and applications filed with county assessors03/27/97
HB 2796Exempting certain yard waste from landfill prohibition03/27/97
HB 2798Adding the suspension of driver's license as a penalty for vandalism of public property03/27/97
HB 2803Promulgating a legislative rule relating to the prevention and control of particulate air pollution from manufacturing process operations03/28/97
HB 2804Prohibiting public funds from being expended to any association which lobbies03/28/97
HB 2805Increasing the civil jurisdiction of magistrate court from five thousand to ten thousand dollars03/28/97
HB 2809Limiting the liability of forest firefighters03/28/97
HB 2816Specifying circumstances under which the county commission must revoke the authority of an appointed fiduciary03/28/97
HB 2817Relating generally to the prevention and treatment of domestic and family violence03/28/97
HB 2822Civil Justice Reform Act of 199703/28/97
HB 2827Golden Rule Financing and Tax Incentives Disclosure Act03/28/97
HB 2831Legal services to be provided and available to noncustodial parent03/28/97
HB 2833Making it a felony for the wrongful taking of timber valued at one thousand dollars or more03/28/97
HB 2837Prevention of certain rates on residential, commercial and industrial consumers of solid waste services03/28/97
HB 2840Authorizing an action for the late return of a rented video cassette03/28/97
HB 2841Eliminating landlord liability for delinquent water services accounts of tenants03/28/97
HB 2844Reformation of inspection requirements by the office of miners' health, safety and training03/28/97
HB 2853Adding an additional magistrate in Boone County03/28/97
HB 2855Regulation of quarry mining and reclamation of minerals other than coal03/28/97
HB 2856Prohibiting certain business licensees from selling or serving for consumption on the premises any beer bottled in a glass container03/28/97
HB 2858Creating the felony offense of murder by abuse or neglect of a child03/28/97
HB 2862Requiring a local police agency to pay a percentage of the cost of training a state police academy recruit03/28/97
HB 2864Procedures to prevent the filing and prosecution of frivolous lawsuits03/28/97
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