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Bill Status - 2004 Regular Session

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Senator Oliverio sponsored 49 bills:


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Last Action

SB 23 Creating Small Tourism Business Development Act Pending  Senate Economic Development Committee  01/14/04 
SB 27 Reducing retired teachers' service time to qualify for pension increase Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/14/04 
SB 90 Regulating of all-terrain vehicles Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  01/14/04 
SB 91 Relating to motor vehicle safety seat belts; penalty Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  01/14/04 
SB 93 Providing high school diplomas to certain veterans Pending  Senate Military Committee  01/14/04 
SB 124 Providing for licensure of athletic trainers Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  01/14/04 
SB 127 Allowing certain teachers option to transfer to teachers retirement system Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/14/04 
SB 175 Relating to benefits for members of state police retirement system for service-related disability or death Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/15/04 
SB 181 Permitting retired state police to carry concealed weapon for life Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 190 Relating to filing fee for certain United States candidates Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 196 Allowing activities on school instructional support and enhancement days to occur in any order Pending  House Finance Committee  03/08/04 
SB 202 Including Gulf War and Afghanistan or Iraq conflict veterans on veterans council Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  01/30/04 
SB 215 Regulating all-terrain vehicles Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  01/19/04 
SB 218 Authorizing municipalities to permit certain veterans to park free Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/19/04 
SB 251 Establishing Nurse Overtime and Patient Safety Act Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 252 Creating Child Safety All-Terrain Vehicle Act Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  01/21/04 
SB 253 Relating to all-terrain vehicles generally Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  01/21/04 
SB 291 Preventing use of checks or share drafts as security for cash advances or loans in certain cases Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  01/26/04 
SB 304 Increasing salaries for clerks, assistants and deputy clerks of magistrate court Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/28/04 
SB 309 Relating to medical and mental evaluations Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/03/04 
SB 312 Relating to DNA sample required for analysis upon conviction Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/29/04 
SB 410 Providing educational opportunities to certain children of deceased military; removing in-state requirement Pending  House Finance Committee  03/11/04 
SB 433 Increasing salaries of magistrates Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/04/04 
SB 434 Relating to exemptions from consumers sales and service tax Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/27/04 
SB 444 Requiring county litter control officers to enforce litter laws Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 448 Relating to higher education advisory boards generally Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 449 Relating to elections generally Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 473 Requiring school nurse for certain enrollment; shared time Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/06/04 
SB 475 Establishing State Trail Authority Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/06/04 
SB 512 Authorizing rules of higher education policy commission relating to HEAPS; purchasing efficiencies Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 515 Requiring ethics commission establish code of conduct for administrative law judges Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/12/04 
SB 519 Prohibiting open nonintoxicating beer and alcoholic beverage containers in passenger areas of motor vehicles Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/12/04 
SB 525 Relating to county regulation of abandoned and dilapidated properties Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/12/04 
SB 527 Relating to mine inspectors Pending  Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee  02/13/04 
SB 546 Defining "resident" for purposes of obtaining Class A hunting and trapping licenses Pending  Senate Natural Resources Committee  02/17/04 
SB 566 Establishing Unborn Victims of Violence Act Vetoed    Governor  03/21/04 
SB 570 Relating to parental notification of abortions performed on unemancipated minors; waiver Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/25/04 
SB 579 Relating to sex offender registration Pending    2RDC  03/13/04 
SB 589 Increasing membership of library commission and including blind person as member Pending  Senate Government Organization Committee  02/20/04 
SB 591 Relating to education requirements for certain licensed health care professionals Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/20/04 
SB 600 Relieving landlords of responsibility for garbage collection bills of tenants Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/20/04 
SB 612 Including state higher education faculty in increment pay Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/23/04 
SB 644 Exempting sales and service tax for certain high-technology companies Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/23/04 
SB 696 Providing counties using voting machines may count absentee ballots on election day; other provisions Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/02/04 
SB 718 Authorizing board of examiners of psychologists set fees by rule Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 722 Repealing section prohibiting giving away or selling liquor in buildings where boxing is held Signed    Governor  04/12/04 
SB 724 Transferring authority to propose rules relating to water quality standards to department of environmental protection Pending    Concurrence  03/13/04 
SB 729 Creating Patient Injury Compensation Fund Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/01/04 
SB 737 Authorizing use of flashing white lights as auxiliary lights on emergency vehicles Pending  House Introduction 03/11/04 
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