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Bill Status - 1994 Regular Session

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The search returned 25 bills introduced on 02/18/94:


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HB 4515 Expeditious establishment of paternity Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4516 Requiring third party payors to provide coverage for child immunization services Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4517 Removing requirement that employers contribute to PEIA for the cost of coverage for retired employees Pending    3rd Reading  03/05/94 
HB 4518 Allocating one hundred percent of the coal severance tax exclusively to coal-producing counties for specified purposes Pending  House Finance Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4519 Requiring the Secretary of Tax and Revenue to undertake an audit of the tax credits available to businesses and companies and to report the results of such audit to the Legislature Pending  House Finance Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4520 Providing for the transfer of funds from the Parkways Authority for the purchase of police vehicles and the transfer of an additional amount of interest from the Special Highway Fund for the payment of certain back wages to uniformed employees Pending  House Finance Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4521 Providing proportionate representation for classified employees of institutions of higher education on advisory councils Pending  House Education Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4522 Permitting probation officers to carry firearms Pending    2nd Reading  03/04/94 
HB 4523 Continuing the Medicaid Enhancement Boards and providing for representation of certain specialties on the physician/medical practitioner board Pending    CONF  03/11/94 
HB 4524 Continuing the authority of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Employment Programs to administer the Workers' Compensation Program Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4525 Continuing the authority of the commissioner of the Bureau of Employment Programs to administer Unemployment Compensation Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4526 Continuing the office of Judges of Workers' Compensation Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
SB 378 Requiring septic system installers be bonded Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/24/94 
SB 379 Establishing public employees catastrophic leave bank Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  02/18/94 
SB 380 Relating to warning notice of substandard risk motor vehicle insurance Pending    CONF  06/16/94 
SB 381 Providing free tuition at colleges and universities for senior citizens Pending  Senate Education Committee  02/18/94 
SB 382 Requiring inmates contribute toward cost of incarceration Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/18/94 
SB 383 Allowing tax deduction for contribution to state colleges and universities Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/18/94 
SB 384 Authorizing rental car transaction fee Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/18/94 
SB 385 Requiring division of natural resources hire litter control officers Pending  Senate Natural Resources Committee  02/18/94 
SB 386 Creating Behavioral Health Services Licensure Act Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/18/94 
SB 387 Allowing certain personal and corporate income tax credits Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/18/94 
SB 388 Relating to parkways, economic development and tourism authority Vetoed    Governor  04/05/94 
SB 389 Providing maximum citizen input of county transportation projects Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  02/18/94 
SB 390 Relating to insurance policy form approval Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
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