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There are 485 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 60Relating to threat of use of firearm or other deadly weapon as element of first-degree robbery02/26/08
SB 152Requiring certain law-enforcement officers receive nationwide concealed firearm's certification02/26/08
SB 193Allowing lenders' sale of membership plans02/19/08
SB 230Relating to concealed weapons' licenses02/26/08
SB 273Clarifying statutory references01/24/08
SB 290Creating felony offense of unauthorized practice of certain health care professions02/19/08
SB 298Updating definitions relating to child abuse and neglect02/14/08
SB 390Authorizing Department of Environmental Protection promulgate legislative rule relating to requirements governing water quality standards02/28/08
SB 456Authorizing Department of Environmental Protection promulgate legislative rule relating to antidegradation implementation procedures02/28/08
SB 462Raising mental health refusal age of consent02/28/08
SB 473Relating to wine sales02/28/08
SB 524Requiring liability for manufacturing, selling or dispensing certain controlled substances causing death02/28/08
SB 627Designating terroristic threat as felony02/20/08
SB 628Relating to motor vehicle accident reports02/26/08
SB 676Limiting certain park and recreation owners' liabilities02/29/08
SB 677Modifying certain firearm use restrictions02/28/08
SB 689Allowing State Auditor to fulfill certain tax lien requirements02/26/08
SB 697Authorizing Chief Medical Examiner to determine blood tester's qualifications02/27/08
SB 710Eliminating spacing consent from certain coal entities02/26/08
SB 720Defining who may designate disposition manner of deceased person's body02/27/08
SB 785Establishing alcohol use by minor as juvenile delinquent offense02/27/08
HB 2002Creating the criminal offense of failing to supervise a child01/09/08
HB 2004Regulating telemarketing for quasi-state agencies01/09/08
HB 2022Changing the time for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property01/09/08
HB 2026Providing that identity theft is a felony if a person commits the crime with the intent to commit any other crime01/09/08
HB 2035Removing the "within two years" time restriction in which an application by a former police officer or firefighter, thirty-five years old or older, who previously resigned, may submit an application for reinstatement01/09/08
HB 2038Providing a penalty for employers failing to withhold an employee's income for child support obligations01/09/08
HB 2040Relating to conditions of bond for defendants in cases of crimes between family or household members01/09/08
HB 2041Requiring that certain records maintained by the clerk of the county commission to be preserved01/09/08
HB 2047Reducing the term of Public Service Commission members from six to three years01/09/08
HB 2052Providing that the term "impersonation" of a public official or employee includes the act of operating a motor vehicle which falsely displays an official emblem or other marking01/09/08
HB 2053Creating the offense of sexual battery01/09/08
HB 2058Reallocating the proceeds from limited video lottery by increasing the percentages payable to counties, municipalities and retailers01/09/08
HB 2060Relating to deferral of court costs and fees when collecting delinquent emergency ambulance bills01/09/08
HB 2066Lowering the threshold required for reporting certain information about individuals, firms, associations or committees contributing to a campaign01/09/08
HB 2071Establishing a mandatory drug and alcohol testing program for coal miners01/09/08
HB 2075Requiring a seller or a seller's agent at closing to disclose the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all utilities providing service to the real estate involved in the transaction01/09/08
HB 2083Relating to drilling gas wells near active coal mines01/09/08
HB 2090Limiting the right of a jury trial in misdemeanor cases in certain circumstances01/09/08
HB 2093Allowing family court judges to carry concealed deadly weapons without obtaining a license01/09/08
HB 2095Defining the offense of trespassing on a railroad track01/09/08
HB 2100Prohibiting persons from soliciting contributions on public highways01/09/08
HB 2113Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits01/09/08
HB 2124Providing for a death penalty and procedures and standards applicable thereto01/09/08
HB 2127Exempting magistrates from the licensing requirements for carrying a concealed weapon01/09/08
HB 2136Requiring that parents whose parental rights are terminated continue to be responsible for support of the child until the child is adopted, reaches age of majority or is otherwise emancipated01/09/08
HB 2137Making it unlawful to offer for sale or sell products created wholly or in part by county or regional jail inmates01/09/08
HB 2139Relating to a no telephone solicitation contact (Do Not Call) list01/09/08
HB 2140Defining "the deceased" for purposes of prescribing that a deceased victim includes unborn children under first and second degree murder01/09/08
HB 2144Establishing a requirement that voters identify themselves prior to casting a vote01/09/08
HB 2147Providing that a firefighter who is medically disqualified from service in the Air National Guard shall not be discharged as a firefighter if he or she has been cleared to return to work by a physician01/09/08
HB 2148Providing that all persons have the right to be free from violence01/09/08
HB 2156Equalizing the number and alternating the selection of juror strikes in a felony trial01/09/08
HB 2159Encouraging state and local government entities to display the national motto, "In God We Trust"01/09/08
HB 2160Requiring a public hearing and county commission approval prior to the issuance of an initial or transfer license for a private club01/09/08
HB 2164Relating to requiring lien holders to notify the sheriff's office via written instrument and to record a release in the county clerk's office within sixty days after the lien has been satisfied01/09/08
HB 2166Justifying the use of deadly force by a pregnant woman when she reasonably believes that her unborn child's life is threatened01/09/08
HB 2168Relating to credit card solicitation on college campuses01/09/08
HB 2170Providing that alleged victims of domestic violence or abuse have the right to have a person of their choosing present when they are interviewed by law-enforcement officers or the prosecuting attorney01/09/08
HB 2171Creating the criminal offense of harassment of a participant of a neighborhood crime watch01/09/08
HB 2172Providing that candidates for statewide political office belonging to the party with the most registered voters in the state be placed in a preeminent position on the election ballot01/09/08
HB 2175Relating to the unauthorized acquisition of data that compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of personal information maintained by the data collector01/09/08
HB 2179Including persons who participate in or who contribute to taking a person's identity with fraudulent intent01/09/08
HB 2184Prohibiting solid waste authorities from duplicating or competing with private recycling businesses01/09/08
HB 2185Providing a criminal penalty for transmitting bulk electronic mail messages which are unsolicited01/09/08
HB 2186Providing that personnel carriers used to transport miners must be maintained at the working section01/09/08
HB 2193Increasing the penalties for child abuse01/09/08
HB 2196Providing that United States flags fly at half-mast for three days whenever a state resident soldier is killed by hostile fire or when an in-state law-enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty02/14/08
HB 2197Creating new felony offenses of malicious wounding with the use of a firearm and unlawful wounding with the use of a firearm of a law enforcement officer and providing for mandatory jail sentences01/09/08
HB 2200Clarifying the penalty provisions regarding battery on a police officer01/09/08
HB 2201Providing a statutory good faith exception to the exclusionary rule when evidence has been obtained during an execution of a search warrant, arrest warrant or capias01/09/08
HB 2202Relating to granting campus police officers law enforcement powers at private institutions of higher education in this state02/06/08
HB 2210Prohibiting employees of higher education from assisting students in securing abortions01/09/08
HB 2212Requiring the secretary of the department of environmental protection to adopt the federal regulations governing surface coal mining activities01/09/08
HB 2213Relating to assessments of real property01/09/08
HB 2217Prohibiting the reclassification of Class II real property for a period of two years if the estate has not been settled01/09/08
HB 2218Providing that accident report forms are conclusive as to the issue of the accident's cause, unless a court rules otherwise01/09/08
HB 2227Creating a criminal offense for picketing or disrupting funerals or memorial services01/09/08
HB 2235Prohibiting the willful obstruction or impediment of a funeral or interment service01/09/08
HB 2247Relating to minimum grab bar standards for hotel and motel rooms that are specifically designated or intended for use by handicapped or disabled guests01/09/08
HB 2249Making it a misdemeanor to fail to provide a woman with information regarding all available reproductive alternatives01/09/08
HB 2257Adding a magistrate to those serving Putnam County01/09/08
HB 2258Prohibiting the Division of Natural Resources from approving or rejecting any certification issued under the provisions of 33 U. S. C. section 134401/09/08
HB 2260Creating the "West Virginia Joint Coal Owners Trust and Conservation Act"01/09/08
HB 2264Relating to the justifiable use of force, including deadly force, in the protection of persons and property01/09/08
HB 2269Prohibiting law-enforcement officers from asking crime victims if they have insurance coverage to cover losses occasioned by criminal activity01/09/08
HB 2274Relating to calculating child support under the extended shared parenting plan01/09/08
HB 2275Imposing misdemeanor penalties for obstructing or giving false statements to a law-enforcement officer01/09/08
HB 2276Allowing nonprofit organizations to hold up to two charitable Texas hold'em tournaments per year01/09/08
HB 2277Requiring purchasers of real estate subject to tax liens to pay for notices to redeem01/09/08
HB 2283Notifying persons from out-of-state who issue worthless checks in this state and who, fail to pay the check and applicable fine or fail to appear in court, that a notice of their failure will be sent to the Division of Motor Vehicles01/09/08
HB 2284Relating to transferability for certified law-enforcement officers from one department to another throughout the state01/09/08
HB 2291Providing that when a person from another state writes a worthless check in this state which results in a summons to appear in magistrate court but then fails to appear shall have his or her privilege to drive in this state revoked01/09/08
HB 2300Releasing the name and identification of any juvenile adjudicated or convicted of a crime to the victims01/09/08
HB 2301Providing that adultery shall be a bar to alimony in a divorce proceeding01/09/08
HB 2305Establishing threshold quantities of certain controlled substances to trigger prima facie evidence of intent to deliver if possessed by an individual01/09/08
HB 2319Lying to a deputy sheriff or municipal police officer who is conducting an investigation of a felony, is a misdemeanor01/09/08
HB 2321Increasing the penalties for discarding trash on land and in streams01/09/08
HB 2322Requiring the use of helmets by skateboarders01/09/08
HB 2344Relating to equally compensating all state magistrates01/09/08
HB 2351Redirecting fines for cemetery vandalism back to cemeteries to be used for damage repair01/09/08
HB 2355Providing that actions in which the state is a party be brought in the county which is affected or related to the controversy01/09/08
HB 2363Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/09/08
HB 2364Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/09/08
HB 2370Requiring that a criminal defendant's right to a jury trial in misdemeanor cases is forever waived unless requested within twenty days of initial appearance01/09/08
HB 2375Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month01/09/08
HB 2376Excluding certain employment-related expenses from the definition of gross income for purposes of determining child support01/09/08
HB 2378Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf01/09/08
HB 2384Providing that members and staff of the Legislature shall automatically receive one-fourth of the required continuing legal education for each regular session worked or served01/09/08
HB 2391Providing criminal penalties for negligently or carelessly shooting and wounding or killing a human being while hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs01/09/08
HB 2393Providing limited immunity from civil damages for persons who volunteer their services to public health departments01/09/08
HB 2411Prohibiting a person convicted of any felony from holding public office01/09/08
HB 2421Providing that attendance of college by a noncustodial parent may not be used as grounds to modify a child support order01/09/08
HB 2426Increasing the distance that a beer licensee must be located from a school or church01/09/08
HB 2428Prohibiting out-of-state persons or business entities from soliciting business by written advertisement in this state under certain circumstances01/09/08
HB 2432Relating to disclosure requirements for political campaign advertisements01/09/08
HB 2433Providing for the Public Employment Relations Act01/09/08
HB 2434Requiring the Secretary of the Department of Administration to propose a rule implementing public employee acceptable use standards for the Internet01/09/08
HB 2435Prohibiting the sale of candy or fruit-flavored cigarettes in this state01/09/08
HB 2447Requiring that all houses, dwellings and businesses located in a district where public water service is made available for the first time after July 1, 2008 be connected to the public water service02/07/08
HB 2458Relating to liability of physicians who render services to youth camps and programs01/09/08
HB 2468Prohibiting any person convicted of any felony from voting in an election of state and local officials01/09/08
HB 2469Increasing the criminal fines for conviction of the crime of making a false bomb threat and providing that a minor accused of making a false bomb threat shall be tried as an adult01/09/08
HB 2471Creating a presumption of compensability for cardiovascular injury or disease or pulmonary disease suffered by a professional firefighter01/09/08
HB 2473Creating an affirmative defense for certain civil and criminal actions arising from the sale of certain alcoholic drinks and nonintoxicating beer by licensed private clubs to persons under the age of twenty-one01/09/08
HB 2477Changing the definition of "substantial change in circumstances" for the purposes of a modification of child support from a 15% change to either a 15% or seventy-five dollar change, whichever is less01/09/08
HB 2479Making it a felony offense for stealing lottery tickets01/09/08
HB 2482Increasing penalties for financial exploitation of an elderly person or incapacitated adult01/09/08
HB 2483Granting the public land corporation the authority to condemn certain abandoned structures in the waters of the State causing or contributing to flooding or erosion01/09/08
HB 2484Requiring manufactured housing, fuel oil and propane tanks and other items to be properly secured when in flood plain01/09/08
HB 2485Relating to flood plain management and flood debris generally01/09/08
HB 2486Including education related child care expenses in the child support calculation, and eliminating the 25% reduction to the child support adjustment01/09/08
HB 2492Defining "fill material" in the Water Pollution Control Act01/09/08
HB 2509Relating to the definition of gross income for purposes of determining child support01/09/08
HB 2514Waiving the requirement that a training course in handling and firing handguns must be completed prior to the issuance of a concealed weapons permit for veterans who served during a period of armed conflict01/09/08
HB 2537Establishing county and municipal authorities to provide for and maintain facilities to house Child Advocacy Centers01/31/08
HB 2559Increasing the homestead exemption for low-income taxpayers01/09/08
HB 2564Castle Doctrine Act, authorizing the use of force, including deadly force, against an intruder or attacker01/09/08
HB 2569Imposing certain conditions of probation of sex offenders convicted of failing to register01/09/08
HB 2700Permitting magistrates to carry concealed handguns without a permit01/09/08
HB 2705Establishing a procedure whereby a consumer may implement a security freeze to prohibit a consumer reporting agency from releasing all or any part of the consumer's credit report01/09/08
HB 2713Prohibiting parents, guardians or custodians from allowing registered sexual offenders access to children in their custody01/09/08
HB 2734Authorizing the use of force, including deadly force, against an attacker or intruder01/09/08
HB 2735Relating to privilege against disclosure of information by news media01/09/08
HB 2744Equally compensating all state magistrates01/09/08
HB 2762Relating to limitations for certain asbestos exposure claims01/09/08
HB 2768Creating a presumption of compensability for cardiovascular injury or disease of professional firefighters01/09/08
HB 2773Establishing a returnable beverage container deposit program01/09/08
HB 2780Deleting the provision that allowed private clubs segregated on the basis of race and color to obtain licenses to sell alcoholic liquors01/09/08
HB 2785Providing for the temporary detention of criminal suspects by law-enforcement officers where probable cause appears to exist01/09/08
HB 2809Providing for payment of unemployment compensation when a person misses work due to domestic violence01/09/08
HB 2817Providing for a "moment of silence" in public schools01/09/08
HB 2824Providing an election to allow resident homeowners, sixty-five years old or older, to defer the payment of property tax increases to their residential property01/09/08
HB 2827Prohibiting adhesion waivers of constitutional rights in contractual provisions with consumers as being unenforceable01/09/08
HB 2837Enabling law-enforcement agencies to use their basic investigative tools to thwart terrorist plots01/09/08
HB 2838Prohibiting the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles from suspending a license of a person for more than six months as a result of a seizure01/09/08
HB 2843Relating to disposition and payment of court costs regarding worthless checks01/09/08
HB 2851Including sexual orientation and disability as a bias-based crime civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility01/09/08
HB 2854Providing for removal and election of Public Service Commissioners01/09/08
HB 2857Providing for the redistricting office of the joint committee on government and finance to propose redistricting plans during census years01/09/08
HB 2858Relating to factors to be considered in granting grandparent visitation01/09/08
HB 2860Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act01/09/08
HB 2866Requiring public notice of state plan amendments prior to submission and increasing the membership of the Medicaid Advisory Board01/09/08
HB 2873Providing a procedure for committing violent sex offenders after they have served prison terms or when they have been found unfit to stand trial01/09/08
HB 2883Increasing the fines for sale of tobacco products to minors01/09/08
HB 2889Providing arresting agency shall pay cost for the initial twenty-four hours of incarceration01/09/08
HB 2896Providing the court may include mutually restrictive protective orders in domestic violence cases01/09/08
HB 2906Providing for mandatory sentences for any person who shoots a police officer on duty01/09/08
HB 2919Requiring person incarcerated for sex offenses to register as such at the time they are incarcerated01/09/08
HB 2920Subjecting persons convicted of sexual crimes against a minor to "GPS" monitoring01/09/08
HB 2921Including additional information on the sex offender registry01/09/08
HB 2924Eliminating good time for persons convicted of sex crimes involving minor children01/09/08
HB 2925Changing the way that the cost of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected01/09/08
HB 2928Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death01/09/08
HB 2929Creating the felony offense of unlawful possession of cocaine01/09/08
HB 2950Relating to nonpartisan election of justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and circuit court judges01/09/08
HB 2957Changing the date for primary elections and filing date for candidates01/09/08
HB 2958Requiring the Secretary of State to assess a civil penalty of twenty-five dollars per day when a candidate fails to file a campaign financial statement01/09/08
HB 2964Relating to pawnbrokers obtaining a signed statement affirming ownership from a seller or pledgor on all sale or pawn transactions01/09/08
HB 2974Making the destruction of a landlord's property which has been rented for residential purposes a criminal offense01/09/08
HB 2994Establishing criminal penalties for interfering with medical treatment of a railroad employee01/09/08
HB 3000Providing a ten percent cap on any increase in assessment of real and personal property in any one year01/09/08
HB 3025Removing the ten year limitation on executing liens for child support01/09/08
HB 3026Relating to overtime and holiday pay for classified employees01/09/08
HB 3032Requiring an initial hearing before a magistrate before a person subject to arrest may be detained in a regional jail01/09/08
HB 3040Requiring the reporting and publication of all compensation, including contingent compensation, paid to lobbyists01/09/08
HB 3062Relating to providing for liens upon proceeds or awards of a child support obligor from Workers' Compensation awards01/09/08
HB 3063The West Virginia Counter-Terrorism Act of 200701/09/08
HB 3066Relating to pedestrian's right-of-way in crosswalks01/09/08
HB 3069Prohibiting employers from discharging or disciplining a volunteer fireman or (EMS) attendant who is required to leave work suddenly as a result of their responsibilities to address emergencies01/09/08
HB 3075Restricting minor children's physical access to tobacco products01/09/08
HB 3087Changing the offense of knowingly maintaining a conveyance, store, shop, warehouse, dwelling, boat, or other structure used in the commission of drug crimes from a misdemeanor to a felony01/09/08
HB 3102Relating to the investigation and prosecution of cases involving child abuse and neglect01/09/08
HB 3109Sexually Oriented Businesses Regulation Act01/09/08
HB 3110Increasing penalties for failing to report child abuse01/09/08
HB 3124Prohibiting any law enforcement or other official from interfering in the service of a warrant in child abuse investigations01/09/08
HB 3129Relating to eligibility for parole01/09/08
HB 3139Providing all persons convicted of a felony are subject to DNA testing01/09/08
HB 3142Prohibiting fractional pricing in the retail sale of gasoline01/09/08
HB 3144Relating to primary elections and nominating procedures of third-party candidates01/09/08
HB 3148Relating to telephone solicitation of consumers01/09/08
HB 3159Relating to election of Supreme Court of Appeals justices, circuit judges, county and district officers and magistrates01/09/08
HB 3162Verifying the lawful presence within the United States of any applicant for certain public benefits01/09/08
HB 3170Relating to noncivil service employment protection for chiefs of police01/09/08
HB 3171Criminalizing the giving of false or misleading information to county and municipal officers01/09/08
HB 3173Allowing municipal chiefs of police to appoint a deputy chief01/09/08
HB 3179Relating to unlawful possession of deadly weapons by a minor01/09/08
HB 3186Reclassifying methamphetamine as a schedule II narcotic01/09/08
HB 3191Providing that the limitation on child support is tolled until the last child that is subject of an income withholding order reaches eighteen years of age01/09/08
HB 3192Relating to the criminal penalties for driving while suspended or revoked, driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs01/09/08
HB 3194Relating to determining defendants' ability to pay cost of incarceration be done at time of sentencing01/09/08
HB 3200Relating to preserving biological evidence that is secured in the investigation or prosecution of a criminal case01/09/08
HB 3203Providing that a child born addicted to a controlled substance constitutes child abuse01/09/08
HB 3207Prohibiting elected or appointed officials from using public funds to purchase, distribute or disseminate certain items and publications01/09/08
HB 3208Relating to drug and alcohol free mines01/09/08
HB 3211Prohibiting discrimination based upon age and sexual orientation01/09/08
HB 3213Adding a fifty-ninth delegate district consisting of portions of Mason and Putnam counties 01/09/08
HB 3217Establishes the State Police as the entity which is authorized to issue administrative subpoenas to internet service providers in cases of suspected child pornography01/09/08
HB 3218Requiring racetracks who are licensed to operate video lottery terminals pay a fee of one thousand dollars for each machine and that the revenue from these fees are to be transferred to the benefit fund of the Teachers Retirement System01/09/08
HB 3219Providing that West Virginia will not participate in the "REAL ID Act of 2005" enacted by the United States Congress01/09/08
HB 3222Establishing the position of prisoner transportation officer01/09/08
HB 3225Providing for the appointment of a commission to develop and conduct a field test of comprehensive, integrated statewide standardized electronic medical records access system 01/09/08
HB 3226Relating to notification of cancellation or nonrenewal of an insured's automobile liability insurance contract or policy01/09/08
HB 3229Increasing default late fees and shortening the period given to an occupant to cure a default before an owner may enforce a lien for self-service storage facilities01/09/08
HB 3230Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project which receives any operating or construction moneys from state sources or state taxpayers01/09/08
HB 3235Requiring an optometrist office and an optician office that adjoin each other to have an interior door to each others facilities01/09/08
HB 3236Exempting motorcycles from the requirement of annual registration01/09/08
HB 3247Relating to the agreement among states to elect the president by national popular vote01/09/08
HB 3250Requiring assisted living residences to maintain adequate auxiliary power sources to generate electricity01/09/08
HB 3254Requiring any proposed toll revision be presented to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance01/09/08
HB 3256Repealing the Code of West Virginia and adopting in lieu thereof, the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia01/09/08
HB 3258Prohibiting elected state officials from becoming lobbyist for two years01/09/08
HB 3261Making English the official language of West Virginia01/09/08
HB 3262Requiring the Commissioner of Corrections to keep track of repeat offenses committed by persons convicted of sexual offenses01/09/08
HB 3263Requiring licensed tattoo artist to inform patrons, prior to performing the tattoo procedure, of the potential problems that a tattoo may cause in relation to the reading of magnetic resonance imaging01/09/08
HB 3265Relating to the "Telephone Record Confidentiality Act"01/09/08
HB 3274Relating to making it unlawful to transfer propane from one holding tank to another01/09/08
HB 4002Providing a method in which males may contest allegations or presumptions of biological parentage under certain circumstances01/09/08
HB 4003Establishing the crimes of human trafficking and involuntary servitude01/09/08
HB 4020Authorizing the disclosure of certain mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System01/15/08
HB 4024Relating to the insertion of language which defines acts of violence and makes its false reporting a felony01/10/08
HB 4031Agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote01/11/08
HB 4039Giving abutting landowners of public lands a right of first refusal to lease or buy public lands01/14/08
HB 4042Joint Parenting Act01/14/08
HB 4046Relating to limitations for certain asbestos claims01/14/08
HB 4049Asbestos Claims Transparency Act01/15/08
HB 4050West Virginia Public Campaign Financing Act01/15/08
HB 4060Extending the deadline for submission of the written plan for participation in the pilot program for increased powers for municipal self government01/17/08
HB 4067Establishing criminal penalties of not less than two years nor more than ten years for the manufacture, delivery or possession of methamphetamine precursors01/17/08
HB 4084Protection of consumers from toxins in toys01/17/08
HB 4089Redistricting of the House of Delegates into one hundred single member districts01/18/08
HB 4093Special Aircraft Property Valuation Act01/21/08
HB 4102Relating to child abuse and neglect01/21/08
HB 4103Increasing criminal penalty to commit malicious assault, unlawful assault, battery or assault upon a child protective caseworker or a local adult protective services caseworker employee01/21/08
HB 4104Providing immunity from civil liability for adult protective services workers and child protective services workers01/21/08
HB 4105Limiting the per diem rate in regional jails01/21/08
HB 4110Increasing the barrel tax on nonintoxicating beer and allocating fifty percent of the tax to the Regional Jail Operations Partial Reimbursement Fund01/21/08
HB 4112Notifying communication centers and law-enforcement departments before motor vehicles are repossessed without the knowledge of the debtor 01/21/08
HB 4113Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected public official01/21/08
HB 4114Updating various provisions of the Code relating to the Division of Corrections01/21/08
HB 4158Allowing law-enforcement agencies to sell all unclaimed stolen property at auction and use the proceeds01/24/08
HB 4160Eliminating being charged court costs for each individual charge from one single incident in traffic violations or Department of Natural Resources violations01/24/08
HB 4164Prohibiting discrimination based upon age and sexual orientation01/24/08
HB 4168Relating to sales of wine01/24/08
HB 4169Administration, leasing space on behalf of state spending units02/21/08
HB 4170Agriculture, fee structure for the pesticide control act02/15/08
HB 4171Agriculture, inspection of meat and poultry01/31/08
HB 4172Agriculture, frozen desserts and imitation frozen desserts01/31/08
HB 4173Consolidated Public Retirement Board, general provisions02/21/08
HB 4174Consolidated Public Retirement Board, Benefit determination and appeal02/21/08
HB 4175Consolidated Public Retirement Board, teachers' defined contribution system02/21/08
HB 4176Consolidated Public Retirement Board, teachers' retirement system02/21/08
HB 4177Consolidated Public Retirement Board, refund, reinstatement, retroactive service and loan interest factors02/21/08
HB 4178Consolidated Public Retirement Board, deputy sheriff retirement system02/21/08
HB 4179Environmental Protection, department of air quality, to prevent and control air pollution from combustion of refuse01/25/08
HB 4180Environmental Protection, ambient air quality standards for carbon monoxide and ozone01/25/08
HB 4181Environmental Protection, ambient air quality for nitrogen dioxide01/25/08
HB 4182Environmental Protection, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants01/25/08
HB 4183Environmental Protection, standards of performance for new stationary sources01/25/08
HB 4184Environmental Protection, prevent and control emissions from commercial and industrial solid waste01/25/08
HB 4185Environmental Protection, prevent and control emission from hospital/medical infectious waste01/25/08
HB 4186Environmental Protection, prevent and control air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facilities01/25/08
HB 4187Environmental Protection, emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for source categories01/25/08
HB 4188Environmental Protection, control of annual nitrogen oxide emissions01/25/08
HB 4189Environmental Protection, control of annual sulfur dioxide emissions01/25/08
HB 4190Environmental Protection, secretary's office, voluntary remediation and redevelopment rule 01/25/08
HB 4191Environmental Protection, Secretary's office, environmental excellence program rule01/25/08
HB 4192Environmental Protection, hazardous waste management system01/25/08
HB 4193Environmental Protection, water resources, requirements governing water quality standards 01/25/08
HB 4194Environmental Protection, water resources, national pollutant discharge elimination system program01/25/08
HB 4195Highways, traffic and safety rules02/20/08
HB 4196Highways, use of state road rights of way and adjacent areas02/20/08
HB 4197Highways, transportation of hazardous wastes upon the roads and highways02/20/08
HB 4198Insurance Commission, licensing and conduct of insurance producers, agencies and solicitors02/07/08
HB 4199Insurance Commission, examiners and examinations02/07/08
HB 4200Insurance Commission, mental health parity 01/31/08
HB 4201Massage Therapy Licensure Board, general provisions02/01/08
HB 4202Board of Medicine, continuing education for physicians and podiatrists02/07/08
HB 4203Motor Vehicles, disclosure of information from the files of the division of motor vehicles 02/20/08
HB 4204Natural Resources, special boating rules02/22/08
HB 4205Public Service Commission, rules and regulations governing emergency telephone service02/15/08
HB 4207Acupuncture, disciplinary and complaint procedures for acupuncturists02/01/08
HB 4208Acupuncture, continuing education requirements02/01/08
HB 4210Administration, controlling the public land corporation's sale, lease, exchange or transfer of lands and minerals02/21/08
HB 4211Agriculture, auctioneers01/31/08
HB 4212Agriculture, WV Plant Pest Act Rule01/31/08
HB 4213Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, retail licensee operations02/15/08
HB 4214Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, farm wineries01/31/08
HB 4215Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, sale of wine02/18/08
HB 4216Auditor, standards for requisitions for payment issued by state officers02/18/08
HB 4217Auditor, state purchasing card program02/18/08
HB 4218Consolidated Public Retirement Board, public employee retirement system02/21/08
HB 4219Consolidated Public Retirement Board, state police02/21/08
HB 4220Dental Examiners, rule for the board02/06/08
HB 4221Environmental Protection, ambient air quality standards for sulfur oxides and particulate matter01/25/08
HB 4222Environmental Protection, control of ozone season nitrogen oxide emissions01/25/08
HB 4223Environmental Protection, greenhouse gas emissions inventory program01/25/08
HB 4224Environmental Protection, explosives and blasting, surface mining blasting rule01/25/08
HB 4225Environmental Protection, mining and reclamation, surface mining reclamation rule01/25/08
HB 4226Environmental Protection, waste management, recycling assistance grant program01/25/08
HB 4227Environmental Protection, waste management, underground storage tanks01/25/08
HB 4228Environmental Protection, waste management, standards for beneficial use of filtrate from water treatment plants01/25/08
HB 4229Environmental Protection, water resources, rules for individual state certification of activities requiring a federal permit01/25/08
HB 4230Environmental Protection, water resources, WV/NPDES rules for coal mining facilities01/25/08
HB 4231Election Commission, corporate political activity01/31/08
HB 4232Election Commission, regulation of campaign finance01/31/08
HB 4233Election Commission, election expenditures01/31/08
HB 4234Fire Marshal, supervision of fire protection work02/21/08
HB 4235Funeral Service Examiners, funeral director, embalmer, apprentice courtesy card holders and funeral establishment requirements02/13/08
HB 4236Health and Human Resources, food establishments01/29/08
HB 4237Health and Human Resources, water well regulations02/05/08
HB 4238Health and Human Resources, water well design standards01/31/08
HB 4239Health and Human Resources, hospice licensure rule02/05/08
HB 4240Health and Human Resources, regulation of opioid treatment programs02/07/08
HB 4241Health and Human Resources, newborn screening, system02/12/08
HB 4242Health and Human Resources, clandestine drug laboratory remediation01/31/08
HB 4243Hearing Aid Dealers, rule governing the board of hearing aid dealers02/13/08
HB 4245Insurance Commission, fingerprinting requirements for applications for insurance producer license02/07/08
HB 4246Insurance Commission, replacement of life insurance policies and annuity contracts01/31/08
HB 4247Insurance Commission, advertisement of life insurance and annuities01/31/08
HB 4248Insurance Commission, life insurance disclosures01/31/08
HB 4249Insurance Commission, suitability in annuity transactions02/07/08
HB 4250Insurance Commission, life insurance illustrations01/31/08
HB 4251Insurance Commission, guaranteed, loss ratios as applied to individual sickness and accident insurance policies02/07/08
HB 4252Insurance Commission, recognition of preferred mortality tables for use in determining minimum reserve liabilities02/07/08
HB 4253Insurance Commission, military sales practices01/30/08
HB 4254Labor, steam boiler inspection02/22/08
HB 4256Labor, supervision of plumbing work02/22/08
HB 4257Lottery Commission, racetrack table games rule02/18/08
HB 4258Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners, rule of the board02/05/08
HB 4259Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, continuing education02/05/08
HB 4260Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, standard of ethics02/05/08
HB 4261Medicine, collaborative pharmacy practice02/07/08
HB 4262Medicine, Board of, certification, disciplinary and complaint procedures, continuing education, radiologist assistants02/07/08
HB 4263Miners' Health, Safety and Training, criteria and standards for alternative training programs for apprentice coal mine electricians 02/22/08
HB 4264Motor Vehicles, examination and issuance of driver's license02/20/08
HB 4265Natural Resources, commercial whitewater outfitters02/22/08
HB 4266Natural Resources, revocation of hunting and fishing licenses02/22/08
HB 4267Natural Resources, rules for conditions which oil and gas operators may access state forests02/22/08
HB 4268Natural Resources, wildlife scientific collection permit02/22/08
HB 4269Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board, nursing home administrators02/18/08
HB 4270Pharmaceutical Advocate, prescription drug advertising expense reporting02/07/08
HB 4271Professional Surveyors, examination and licensing02/08/08
HB 4272Professional Surveyors, standards for practice of surveying02/08/08
HB 4273Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority, furlough program for regional jails02/21/08
HB 4274Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority, work program for regional jail inmates02/21/08
HB 4275Secretary of State, use of digital signatures, state certificate authority and state repository02/18/08
HB 4276Solid Waste Management Board, performance measures and review standards for solid waste authorities operating commercial solid waste facilities01/25/08
HB 4277Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners, licensure of speech-pathology and audiology02/13/08
HB 4278State Police, cadet selection02/21/08
HB 4279Tax Department, exchange of information agreement02/15/08
HB 4280Veterinary Medicine, registration of veterinary technicians02/06/08
HB 4281Ethics Commission, solicitation and receipt of gifts and charitable contributions by public employees and officials02/21/08
HB 4282Professional Surveyors, fees for surveyors and surveying firms02/08/08
HB 4283State Police, state police career progression system02/21/08
HB 4284Environmental Protection, antidegradation implementation procedures01/25/08
HB 4285Requiring prosecutors or assistant prosecutors that desire to carry a concealed weapon to undergo annual training01/25/08
HB 4291Requiring the training of election officials and poll workers within thirty days prior to a scheduled election01/25/08
HB 4292Protecting incapacitated persons and the elderly01/25/08
HB 4297Enabling creditors to collect upon their judgements from debtors who often attempt to defeat such judgments01/28/08
HB 4324Prohibiting state funding for the distribution of holiday or greeting cards by elected officials, state employees, departments or agencies01/29/08
HB 4325Providing for prior written authorization for the towing of motor vehicles without the consent of the owner or operator, and providing criminal background checks for tow truck drivers02/07/08
HB 4332Revising Insurance Commissioner reporting requirements to the Legislature on workers' compensation insurance rules01/30/08
HB 4335Requiring that greyhounds be kept with the state for six months before it may be trained as a racing dog01/30/08
HB 4340Clarifying West Virginia's consumer protection law01/30/08
HB 4349Capping regional jail per diem charges at forty-eight dollars and ten cents01/31/08
HB 4360Relating to mine operators protective equipment and clothing and increasing the visibility of each mine employee to help deter accidents01/31/08
HB 4366Modifying administrative and criminal penalties for driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs02/05/08
HB 4374Making it a misdemeanor to file a frivolous lawsuit02/01/08
HB 4378Increasing the number of magistrates in Jefferson County by one02/01/08
HB 4390Relating to the commissioner's rule-making authority for workers' compensation02/04/08
HB 4391Allowing magistrates and family court judges to carry concealed weapons on courthouse property02/04/08
HB 4397Providing a three percent cap on any increase in assessment on real property that is the primary residence02/04/08
HB 4398Creating the crime of murder of a child by a parent who exposes his or her child to the manufacturing of a controlled substance02/04/08
HB 4399Providing that persons convicted of certain drug related crimes must participate in a substance abuse counseling program to be eligible for probation02/04/08
HB 4405Allowing an additional "pari-mutuel racing facility" in north central West Virginia02/04/08
HB 4416Relating to compensation of charitable bingo and charitable raffle operators02/05/08
HB 4426Granting a salary increase for Regional Jail Authority employees02/05/08
HB 4429Allowing for juveniles to be tried as adults for instances of child abuse resulting in bodily injury and child abuse which results in death02/05/08
HB 4430Providing a misdemeanor penalty if a person fails to make a reasonable, good faith attempt to return a minor child in a timely manner at the expiration of a lawful custody or visitation period02/05/08
HB 4437Enhancing criminal penalties for certain criminal acts against health care workers02/06/08
HB 4442Relating to payment of various medical expenses and equipment on behalf of disabled members of the West Virginia State Police02/06/08
HB 4443Creating the offense of carrying, using or possessing a firearm or other destructive device during the commission of a drug related crime02/06/08
HB 4447Healthy Families Act02/06/08
HB 4448Uniform Premarital Agreement Act02/06/08
HB 4450West Virginia Religious Freedom Act02/07/08
HB 4459Creating a registry of convictions for operating a clandestine drug laboratory02/07/08
HB 4460Protecting potential property buyers by requiring property owners to disclose previous existence of a crystal methamphetamine lab02/07/08
HB 4475Prohibiting the filming or photographing of minors in the production of obscene matter and providing penalty02/08/08
HB 4483Prohibiting certain sex offenders from loitering within one thousand feet of a school or child care facility, school bus stop, or other child safety zone02/11/08
HB 4485Requiring the preservation of biological evidence found in connection with a criminal case, and establishing penalties for violations02/11/08
HB 4486Adding definitions for anticipated and unanticipated users of external defibrillators and limiting liability toward unanticipated users who render aid02/21/08
HB 4489Requiring magistrate courts to maintain records relating to successful collection rates on judgements02/11/08
HB 4491Enhancing criminal penalties for violating statutory requirments for purchasing scrap metal when the scrap metal is a catalytic converter02/11/08
HB 4492Requiring drivers to submit to evidentiary breath tests and blood or urine tests02/11/08
HB 4499Silver Alert Plan02/12/08
HB 4501Relating to the Water Resources Protection and Management Act02/12/08
HB 4503Including a parenting plan with an application for a marriage license02/12/08
HB 4506Relating to equal pay for all state magistrates02/12/08
HB 4509Prohibiting sex offenders from residing in certain areas02/12/08
HB 4514Authorizing the Whitewater Commission to establish a fee to stock trout on the Gauley River by legislative rule02/12/08
HB 4518Altering the definition of criminal neglect02/13/08
HB 4520Health Insurance for Employees02/19/08
HB 4526Relating to municipalities that impose user fees02/13/08
HB 4529Suspending the future issuing of new video lottery licenses02/14/08
HB 4535Relating to limitations the court may impose to the allocation of responsibility under a parenting plan if a parent has made two or more unsubstantiated or false reports of domestic violence or child abuse02/14/08
HB 4537Prohibiting lottery form using minors in advertising during school hours02/14/08
HB 4540Uniform Premarital Agreement Act02/14/08
HB 4543Appointing an additional circuit court judge to the ninth judicial circuit02/14/08
HB 4544Eradicating limited video lottery after the thirtieth day of June, two thousand eleven02/14/08
HB 4545Giving the owners of newly constructed homes a ten-year grace period before a connection to a newly installed sewer line is mandatory02/14/08
HB 4546Protecting the privacy of a person's prescription information 02/14/08
HB 4548West Virginia Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Act02/14/08
HB 4553Authorizing a part-time prosecuting attorney to elect to be full-time if the State Auditor determines there is sufficient funding02/20/08
HB 4556Increasing the tax on purchases of intoxicating liquors outside corporate limits02/14/08
HB 4563Relating to updating the foreclosure process on trust deeds02/14/08
HB 4565Relating to how cost is determined in retail businesses02/14/08
HB 4571West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act02/14/08
HB 4572Relating to the crime victims compensation program02/14/08
HB 4573Relating to the licensing of private investigators and security guards02/14/08
HB 4579Exempting voluntary associations and nonprofit organizations from the annual fee of Secretary of State as attorney-in-fact02/15/08
HB 4581Verification of Lawful Presence within the United States02/15/08
HB 4582Capping the amount paid into the Berkeley County Library Fund by the Berkeley County Court02/15/08
HB 4586Prohibiting sex offenders from residing in certain areas and subjecting convicted sex offenders to global positional system monitoring02/15/08
HB 4600Prohibiting mining on cemetery land02/18/08
HB 4602Providing noise restrictions for residential areas outside incorporated municipalities02/18/08
HB 4605Relating to the renewal or extension of a cellular telephone contract02/18/08
HB 4609Requiring gaming facilities to issue monthly statements that list patrons' gaming winnings and losses02/18/08
HB 4612Requiring that warranty provisions for new motor vehicles are equally applicable to motor vehicles purchased inside or outside the state02/18/08
HB 4614Relating to the spouse and dependent insurance coverage under the West Virginia Public Employees' Insurance Act02/18/08
HB 4621Exempting acts resulting in the taking or damaging of private property for public use from the immunity granted to a political subdivision02/18/08
HB 4627Relating to the control of noise pollution02/18/08
HB 4629Modifying the check cashing service fee02/18/08
HB 4630Providing that a recognizance secured by execution of a bail bond is void upon the finding that the accused is guilty02/18/08
HB 4632Relating to providing the Dangerous and Vicious Dog Act02/18/08
HB 4635Expanding the definition of limited health service02/18/08
HB 4638Relating to the recording of certain geologic information02/18/08
HB 4640Mandating the State Bar through the Insurance Commissioner require lawyers to use doctors chosen for an independent panel02/18/08
HB 4645Providing adequate care for pastured race horses02/18/08
HB 4647Requiring county commissions to hold public hearings on public question elections02/18/08
HB 4648Defining "caving" as a recreational purpose and activity for which a landowner's liability for injury is limited02/18/08
HB 4649Increasing certain penalties for persons convicted of domestic battery and domestic assault02/18/08
HB 4650Electing all justices to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and all circuit court judges on a nonpartisan basis02/18/08
HB 4652Insuring that tobacco products are not sold in any packaging other than the original02/18/08
HB 4653Permitting the sale of nonintoxicating beer within three hundred feet from a church that consents to the sale02/18/08
HB 4654Limiting the use of some lands for nonenergy related purposes in "growth counties"02/18/08
HB 4659Relating to the use of tax exempt property by auctioneers02/18/08
HB 4660Relating to procedures for municipal police officers and firemen investigations and hearings02/18/08
HB 4661Eliminating civil service protection for probationary law-enforcement officers02/18/08
HB 4663Adding one magistrate to Wood County02/18/08
HB 4666Providing for access to driver's license information to licensed private investigators and licensed security services02/18/08
HB 4671Relating to confidential records02/18/08
HB 4672Authorizing certified animal euthanasia technicians to administer a sedative to an animal prior to euthanizing02/18/08
HB 4673Jobs Impact Statement02/18/08
HB 4674Requiring health care providers to release unemancipated minor's medical records for drug testing to a parent or legal guardian without written consent from minor02/18/08
HB 4675Abolishing joint liability and establishing comparative fault02/18/08
HB 4679Making changes to the Municipal Home Rule Board02/18/08
HB 4681Clarifying the process and procedure for hearing boards02/18/08
HB 4682Increasing the fine for littering from fifty dollars to one hundred dollars02/18/08
HB 4683Relating to carrying concealed pistols or revolvers02/18/08
HB 4685Creating the West Virginia Smoke Detector Act02/18/08
HB 4693Establishing the Athletic Training Licensure Act02/18/08
HB 4699Requiring the Public Service Commission to allow Class I cities to enter into one or more agreements with contract carriers by motor vehicle02/18/08
HB 4701Relating to fleeing form a law-enforcement officer02/18/08
HB 4706Providing mandatory carding for all purchases of alcoholic liquor and nonintoxicating beer from a retailer02/18/08
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