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There are 93 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 11Including family court judges in Judges' Retirement System02/17/22
SB 21Relating to school aid formula and minimum student enrollment02/11/22
SB 27Establishing WV business growth in low-income communities tax credit01/12/22
SB 28Allowing Tax Commissioner to process certain early refunds01/12/22
SB 31Redirecting excise tax revenue on bottled soft drinks from WVU to counties for law-enforcement support01/12/22
SB 35Adding grievance and appellate procedures for individuals participating in DMV Safety and Treatment Program01/19/22
SB 46Exempting Social Security benefits from personal income tax01/12/22
SB 51Relating to WV Film Industry Investment Act01/21/22
SB 63Relating to wind power projects taxation at real property rates01/12/22
SB 73Providing new graduates of in-state or out-of-state higher educational institution or trade school certain tax credits01/12/22
SB 79Authorizing tax credit for business entities which invest in certain fresh food retailers01/12/22
SB 96Requiring disclaimers on third-party, nongovernment solicitations mailed or otherwise provided to businesses02/25/22
SB 101Relating generally to payment of salary or wages under Parental Leave Act01/12/22
SB 102Permitting DOH commissioner to make money transfers within State Road Fund01/12/22
SB 105Returning refundable exemption for road construction contractors to State Road Fund01/19/22
SB 111Increasing minimum salaries for Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys01/28/22
SB 120Establishing tax credit for certain physicians who locate to practice in WV01/28/22
SB 124Exempting certain vehicles from ad valorem taxation when used for public purpose01/12/22
SB 144Creating personal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters01/12/22
SB 149Exempting firearm safe storage products from consumers sales tax01/12/22
SB 155Creating tax credit for persons who successfully complete firearms safety course01/12/22
SB 171Relating to tax exemption for child support due01/12/22
SB 185Clarifying municipal B&O taxation where business activity occurs in multiple locations01/12/22
SB 198Creating Stay in State tax credit01/12/22
SB 207Providing earned income tax credit against personal income tax01/12/22
SB 215Creating tax credit for individuals who purchase firearm safety equipment01/12/22
SB 219Relating to nutrition and exercise education01/26/22
SB 265Exempting certain irrevocable trusts from personal income tax01/13/22
SB 270Relating to employment benefits for public safety personnel01/27/22
SB 422Relating to DNA data maintained for law-enforcement purposes02/28/22
SB 426Increasing rate of taxation on cigarettes and tobacco-related products01/19/22
SB 429Increasing exclusion from state personal income tax for members of PERS01/19/22
SB 430Modifying witness fee rate paid by state to match federal court system02/22/22
SB 432Providing one-time bonus for Public Employees Retirement System and State Teachers Retirement System 01/19/22
SB 457Relating to reducing consumers sales and service tax01/20/22
SB 460Relating generally to air pollution control01/21/22
SB 461Removing statutory limit for Environmental Laboratory Certification Fund01/26/22
SB 462Changing fees for permitting actions related to coal mining01/26/22
SB 467Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act02/18/22
SB 474Repealing tax credit for purchase of EZ-Pass through WV Parkways Authority01/24/22
SB 475Consolidating administrative fees collected into Tax Administration Services Fund01/24/22
SB 479Specifying allocation and apportionment of income of flow-through entities01/25/22
SB 485Authorizing DNR to enter certain third-party contracts02/23/22
SB 496Allowing Water Development Authority make loans or grants from Infrastructure Fund01/27/22
SB 497Relating to method for appraising qualified capital additions to manufacturing facilities02/02/22
SB 501Eliminating requirement on apprenticeship tax credit for certain tax years02/07/22
SB 504Providing statutory framework for treatment of digital assets01/28/22
SB 506Authorizing manufacturing investment tax credit and property tax adjustment credit against personal income tax02/08/22
SB 507Authorizing consumers sales and service and use tax exemptions for certain qualified purchases01/31/22
SB 510Increasing cap to annual spending made on pre-application process to project sponsors01/31/22
SB 516Supplementing and amending appropriations for various agencies02/01/22
SB 544Allowing interest or earnings on federal COVID-19 relief money be retained in certain funds 02/01/22
SB 554Transferring functions of WV Solid Waste Management Board to DEP02/16/22
SB 557Extending current cap on per diem rate paid by counties and municipalities to house inmates02/02/22
SB 558Increasing members of WV Parole Board02/28/22
SB 561Increasing number of magistrate judges in Berkeley County02/10/22
SB 562Creating Adopt-A-Trail volunteer programs for public land under DNR jurisdiction02/23/22
SB 567Exempting unmined rare earth metals and elements from taxation in WV02/02/22
SB 589Defining area of critical need and shortage for substitute bus operators02/16/22
SB 596Exempting capital gains from personal and corporate taxation02/08/22
SB 607Requiring PEIA reimbursement rates be no less than Medicare02/09/22
SB 608Relating to assessment and taxation of real property occupied by certain family members02/28/22
SB 613Establishing reliable funding for DEP Office of Oil and Gas02/25/22
SB 621Relating to funds for operations of jails02/11/22
SB 644Creating Charter Schools Stimulus Fund 02/23/22
SB 654Creating exceptions to WV Invests Grant eligibility requirement02/23/22
SB 657Relating to tax on medical cannabis02/16/22
SB 658Providing for salary supplement and expense reimbursements for licensed school psychologist02/23/22
SB 667Creating Broadband Middle Mile Fund02/17/22
SB 672Exempting certain military veterans and their dependents from payment of tuition and fees02/23/22
SB 673Relating to Farm-to-Food Bank Tax Credit02/18/22
SB 676Relating to use of personal leave days by teachers02/23/22
SB 677Relating to funding for supplementing PEIA reimbursements up to Medicare rate02/18/22
SB 678Establishing tax credit for road infrastructure improvement projects and coal production processing facilities02/18/22
SB 696Relating to funding for public libraries02/21/22
SB 710Relating to exemptions from COVID-19 immunization02/21/22
HB 2798Relating to requiring the Health Department to mandate mucopolysaccharidosis type 1 (MPS1) test for newborn babies, to be known as Embie’s Law03/09/22
HB 4007To reduce personal income tax rates 02/14/22
HB 4064Allowing antique car license plates for cars over 10,000lbs03/07/22
HB 4259Creating the West Virginia Small Business Jumpstart Act02/17/22
HB 4338Reducing annual permit fee for each video lottery terminal owned or leased by a limited video lottery licensee02/21/22
HB 4352Decreasing federal taxable income02/17/22
HB 4460Relating to authorizing application of the manufacturing investment tax credit and the manufacturing property tax adjustment credit against personal income tax02/17/22
HB 4465Relating to the tax credit for apprenticeship training02/17/22
HB 4467Requiring early childhood classroom assistant teacher in certain grade levels and enrollment levels in said grade levels03/07/22
HB 4470Relating to consumers sales and service tax and use tax exemption for certain goods to be incorporated into a qualified, new or expanded warehouse or distribution facility02/17/22
HB 4510To provide that third grade students be competent in reading and math before moving on to fourth grade03/08/22
HB 4580To authorize retired bus operators to work in areas of critical need03/07/22
HB 4591Relating to accelerating the conversion of the state excise tax on the privilege of transferring real property into a county excise tax02/23/22
HB 4616Remove sales tax on gun safes and certain firearm safety devices03/02/22
HB 4657Creating the Critical Mineral Investment Tax Credit Act of 202203/01/22
HB 4692To revise the West Virginia Tax Increment Financing Act 03/02/22
HB 4794Requiring counties provide fiscal information for State Auditor’s WV Checkbook website03/02/22
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