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There are 96 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 29Authorizing fee payment and expense reimbursement for attorneys participating on court teams established by Supreme Court of Appeals02/22/21
SB 32Relating to valuation of natural resources land property02/10/21
SB 62Changing low-income qualifier to 300 percent or less of federal poverty guideline for senior citizens' homestead tax credit02/10/21
SB 63Creating Taxation with Representation Act02/10/21
SB 68Relating to excise tax on tobacco products02/10/21
SB 88Exempting WV senior citizens 65 and older from personal income tax02/10/21
SB 101Authorizing tax credit for business entities which invest in certain fresh food retailers02/10/21
SB 106Creating personal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters02/10/21
SB 111Exempting firearm safe storage products from consumers sales tax02/10/21
SB 117Creating Stay in State Tax Credit02/10/21
SB 225Creating tax credit for persons who successfully complete firearms safety course02/11/21
SB 228Supplemental appropriation from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to Department of Veterans' Assistance, Veterans' Home Fund02/11/21
SB 232Establishing Stay in State tax credit02/11/21
SB 271Updating meaning of "federal taxable income" and certain other terms used in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act02/13/21
SB 276Updating meaning of "federal adjusted gross income" and certain other terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act02/13/21
SB 278Redirecting excise tax revenue on bottled soft drinks from WVU to the counties for law-enforcement support02/13/21
SB 282Limiting increase in assessed tax valuation for improvements to residential real property02/13/21
SB 291Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax02/13/21
SB 324Clarifying municipal B&O taxation where business activity occurs02/17/21
SB 336Relating to nonferrous metal sales and transportation to secondary recycler03/27/21
SB 351Declaring Israel as prominent trading partner03/05/21
SB 371Permitting Commissioner of DOH to make money transfers within State Road Fund02/19/21
SB 373Relating to modernizing collection of income taxes for mobile workforce02/22/21
SB 384Increasing minimum salaries for Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys03/17/21
SB 388Creating Office of Quality Assurance and Evaluation within DHHR03/12/21
SB 402Relating to tax exemption for child support due02/23/21
SB 412Relating to wind power projects taxation at real property rates02/23/21
SB 438Supplementing, amending, and increasing items of existing appropriation from State Road Fund to DMV02/24/21
SB 440Relating to requirements on abandoned or discontinued state highway or road03/17/21
SB 441Supplementing, amending, and increasing an existing item of appropriation from State Road Fund to DOH02/24/21
SB 443Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items of existing appropriation from State Road Fund to DOH02/24/21
SB 444Expiring funds to unappropriated surplus balance in State Fund from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund02/25/21
SB 445Reinstating film investment tax credit03/04/21
SB 446Extending Neighborhood Investment Program Act02/25/21
SB 447Relating to economic incentive tax credits02/25/21
SB 449Supplementing and amending appropriations from State Fund to Public Defender Services02/25/21
SB 457Expiring funds to unappropriated surplus balance in State Fund from Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund and Veterans' Facilities Support Fund02/25/21
SB 461Supplemental appropriation from State Fund, General Revenue, to Division of Emergency Management02/26/21
SB 462Extending Neighborhood Investment Program Act until July 1, 202602/26/21
SB 468Supplemental appropriation from State Fund, General Revenue to Division of Forestry02/26/21
SB 489Returning refundable exemption for sales of construction materials by second party for DOH projects03/10/21
SB 507Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act of 202103/01/21
SB 515Providing new graduates of in-state or out-of-state higher educational institution or trade school income tax modification for up to four years03/02/21
SB 516Relating to PEIA in-patient rates03/23/21
SB 522Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to Department of Commerce03/02/21
SB 524Correcting amount of current 911 fee 03/02/21
SB 525Establishing secondary location for racetrack video lottery terminals03/02/21
SB 533Allowing limits of business and occupation taxes imposed on sale of automobiles03/02/21
SB 535Relating to rebuttable presumption for certain injuries and diseases from employment as firefighter03/23/21
SB 536Supplemental appropriation of federal moneys to Workforce Investment Act03/02/21
SB 540Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to PSC03/03/21
SB 541Supplemental appropriation from federal moneys to WV State Police03/03/21
SB 544Expiring funds to State Board of Education, School Building Authority, School Construction Fund from School Building Authority, Debt Service Fund03/03/21
SB 545Supplemental appropriation from federal funds to DHHR, Division of Human Services03/03/21
SB 546Expiring funds to balance of Department of Commerce03/03/21
SB 547Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to Department of Education, State Board of Education, State Department of Education03/03/21
SB 548Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to DHHR, Division of Health, Laboratory Services Fund03/03/21
SB 549Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to Department of Revenue, Insurance Commissioner03/03/21
SB 552Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to DHHR, Division of Human Services03/03/21
SB 554Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act03/18/21
SB 560Reallocating certain amount of net terminal income from racetrack video lottery distributed to thoroughbred and greyhound development funds at licensed racetracks of origin03/04/21
SB 571Providing earned income tax credit against personal income tax03/05/21
SB 575Creating tax credit for individuals who complete firearms safety course03/05/21
SB 600Relating to personal income tax reduction03/09/21
SB 605Relating to state tax on digital advertisement03/09/21
SB 614Including family court judges in Judges' Retirement System03/17/21
SB 628Exempting certain vehicles from ad valorem taxation when used for public purpose03/11/21
SB 637Removing salt from list and definition of minerals for severance tax purposes03/12/21
SB 640Creating Tobacco Cessation Initiative Program Special Revenue Account within State Treasury03/24/21
SB 645Decreasing existing items of appropriation from DHHR, Division of Human Services and Division of Health03/17/21
SB 646Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to Department of Homeland Security03/17/21
SB 647Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to Law-Enforcement, Safety and Emergency Worker Funeral Expense Payment Fund03/17/21
SB 648Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to Child Care and Development03/17/21
SB 652Supplementing and amending various accounts within DHHR03/17/21
SB 653Supplemental appropriation from Treasury to Division of Health, Central Office03/17/21
SB 654Supplemental appropriation of federal funds to Department of Commerce, Geological and Economic Survey03/17/21
SB 662Exempting Social Security from personal income tax03/18/21
SB 667Creating WV New Markets Jobs Act03/18/21
SB 678Decreasing and increasing appropriations from General Revenue to Executive, Governor's Office03/19/21
SB 679Supplemental appropriation from General Revenue to Department of Veterans' Assistance, Veterans Home03/19/21
SB 682Supplemental appropriations to Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Education, Bureau of Senior Services, and Civil Contingent Fund03/22/21
SB 686Supplemental appropriation to Division of Human Services and Division of Health, Central Office03/22/21
SB 704Exempting certain persons from personal income tax03/22/21
SB 712Relating to oversight fees for certain gas-producing wells03/26/21
SB 716Encouraging public access and use of state roads and trails03/27/21
SB 719Supplemental appropriation from State Fund, General Revenue to WV State Police03/30/21
SB 720Supplemental appropriation from State Road Fund to DMV03/30/21
SB 721Supplemental appropriation to Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund03/30/21
SB 722Supplemental appropriation to WV Commuter Rail Access Fund from Insurance Commission Fund04/05/21
HB 2493Providing valuation limitations for coal property taxation and clarifying the penalties for non-filers03/31/21
HB 2496Relating to assessments of real property04/01/21
HB 2777Repeal municipal amusement tax03/22/21
HB 2782Repeal domestic animal tax03/22/21
HB 2796Expiring funds from the WV Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses and making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Commerce, Development Office03/23/21
HB 3082Stabilizing funding sources for the DEP Division of Air Quality03/31/21
HB 3137To accelerate the conversion of the transfer tax on the privilege of transferring real property from a state excise tax to a county excise tax03/26/21
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