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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 82 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 47Creating recreation and amusement tax01/12/00
SB 51Exempting sales of band booster organizations from sales tax01/13/00
SB 52Exempting antique motor vehicles and motorcycles from personal property tax01/13/00
SB 56Relating to exempting certain income from taxation on senior citizens01/13/00
SB 59Modifying public defender services02/02/00
SB 60Providing special motor vehicle registration plates to certain members of armed forces01/14/00
SB 61Limiting caseload of juvenile probation officers01/25/00
SB 63Relating to the distribution of moneys by school building authority02/04/00
SB 66Repealing provider tax on dental services01/13/00
SB 77Prohibiting change orders on state contracts exceeding certain percentage of original bid01/27/00
SB 94Allowing credit against personal income tax for health care01/14/00
SB 95Exempting fire department member from personal property tax01/14/00
SB 96Allowing tax credit to employers providing child day care01/14/00
SB 100Establishing insurance coverage for serious mental illness02/28/00
SB 101Relating to personal income tax deduction for retirement income01/17/00
SB 107Requesting return of certain sales tax proceeds to individual counties01/17/00
SB 113Creating Small Business Tax Credit Act02/18/00
SB 131Authorizing issuance of special license plates03/06/00
SB 141Exempting soap used at car wash facilities from sales tax01/19/00
SB 145Relating to consumers sales and service tax01/19/00
SB 173Removing community care services from imposition of severance tax01/21/00
SB 192Providing salary increase for certain sanitarian employees01/25/00
SB 197Increasing excise tax on sale and use of tobacco products01/26/00
SB 203Relating to electronic monitoring equipment used by division of corrections03/06/00
SB 219Providing right of appeal to professional police officers and firefighters for denied disability benefits02/03/00
SB 223Requiring art and music teachers in public schools02/18/00
SB 225Providing basic annual pay scale for correctional officers at regional jails01/27/00
SB 313Authorizing oil and gas commission to promulgate legislative rules relating to commission02/08/00
SB 336Exempting certain property from ad valorem taxes01/31/00
SB 338Eliminating certain restrictions on political activities of deputy sheriffs and firefighters02/24/00
SB 339Authorizing issuance of license plates displaying auto racing themes02/03/00
SB 343Relating to increasing salaries of conservation officers02/04/00
SB 345Providing minimum monthly retirement for certain retired public employees03/01/00
SB 348Exempting internet sales from consumers sales tax01/31/00
SB 354Repealing provider tax on optometrists02/01/00
SB 365Waiving renewal license fees and exams for certain barbers and cosmetologists02/28/00
SB 377Relating to discontinuing solid and hazardous waste supplemental assessment fee02/08/00
SB 387Exempting certain health care services from imposition of severance tax02/03/00
SB 390Giving manufactured housing construction and safety standards board authority over transporters03/01/00
SB 404Providing tax deduction for long-term care insurance02/15/00
SB 417Relating to exemptions of coalbed methane production from severance tax02/07/00
SB 420Providing financial assistance to tobacco farmers to convert to other cash crops02/21/00
SB 437Providing administrative allowance to certain members of army or air national guard02/18/00
SB 447Providing for election of justices of supreme court by numbered divisions02/24/00
SB 463Repealing current law preempted by federal law relating to financial services reform02/28/00
SB 466Providing funding for benefits for eligible jockeys and dependents03/01/00
SB 467Increasing excise tax on sale or use of snuff and chewing tobacco02/11/00
SB 476Authorizing commissioner of highways to issue certain permits for oversize and overweight loads03/01/00
SB 487Eliminating health care providers tax on physicians and dentists02/15/00
SB 502Adding exemption to certificate of need to permit open heart surgery program02/25/00
SB 508Prohibiting commingling of certain state funds received by volunteer fire departments02/16/00
SB 511Permitting suspension of deadlines in certain insurance claim settlements03/01/00
SB 536Providing certain tax credit for hiring of unemployed persons or welfare recipients02/18/00
SB 546Providing minimum severance tax on coal is not imposed on coal mined from thin seams02/18/00
SB 547Eliminating income tax on persons or married couples earning less than certain amount02/18/00
SB 562Relating to neighborhood investment program; income tax credit02/21/00
SB 566Facilitating adoption or legal guardianship of children02/29/00
SB 573Exempting certain sales from consumers sales tax02/21/00
SB 575Eliminating requirement that national park service designate historic structures for certain tax credit03/06/00
SB 600Establishing downtown business revitalization tax credit02/21/00
SB 609Establishing tax credit for new high-technology companies02/21/00
SB 610Increasing salaries of state police02/21/00
SB 655Relating to school service personnel03/07/00
HB 2717Providing for child visitation centers to monitor child visitation03/06/00
HB 2881Allowing taxpayers a reduction in their adjusted gross income for gifts made to community foundations02/28/00
HB 4140Increasing salaries of conservation officers03/06/00
HB 4338Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks03/08/00
HB 4344Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistants03/07/00
HB 4412Changing limits on compensation and expense reimbursement for members of various boards and commissions03/08/00
HB 4415Supplemental appropriation to the economic development authority02/10/00
HB 4435Increasing the longevity pay of a state trooper and updating salary schedules03/06/00
HB 4504Establishing a wholesale price based excise tax on snuff and chewing tobacco03/07/00
HB 4511Amending provisions relating to the crime victims compensation fund02/23/00
HB 4594Salary increase for county officials03/08/00
HB 4666Increasing pay and expenses for retired magistrates assigned on a temporary basis03/09/00
HB 4721Increasing the salary of state police civilian employees03/03/00
HB 4752Authorizing expenditure from the tourism fund to match private funds to promote West Virginia Celebration 200003/02/00
HB 4797Creating an information systems disaster recovery center03/09/00
HB 4798Creating a legislative oversight committee on risk analysis and management03/03/00
HB 4799Relating to the management of state finances03/03/00
HB 4803Requiring the superintendent of the state police to create a drug and alcohol testing policy and a critical incident stress management policy03/10/00
HB 4808Jefferson County vocational education center03/09/00
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