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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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There are 96 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 471Changing name of state soil conservation committee02/24/00
SB 493Relating to board of pharmacy powers and duties03/06/00
SB 535Requiring public safety units and agencies to alternate tow truck services for emergency towing03/06/00
SB 569Relating to advertising and delivery for wine specialty shops03/06/00
SB 659Creating agency-exempt positions and classes of state employees03/06/00
HB 2002Establishment of family resource centers in needy counties01/12/00
HB 2007Requiring state agencies to provide information for verifying eligibility for public housing programs01/12/00
HB 2011Patient Protection Act01/12/00
HB 2030Creating a pilot program to evaluate the efficacy of requiring the hiring of workers from the local labor market in publicly funded construction projects01/12/00
HB 2048Eliminating the compensation programs performance council and the position of commissioner of the bureau of employment programs and reinstating the position of commissioner of employment security01/12/00
HB 2055Creating the West Virginia transportation oversight committee01/12/00
HB 2070Establishing "Operation Native Talent" for West Virginians seeking employment and job opportunities01/12/00
HB 2080Requiring executive agencies to report notices of disallowances or potential disallowances of federal funds within sixty days of receipt01/12/00
HB 2100Requiring certain buildings built and maintained with public funds to use at least twenty-five percent steel framing01/12/00
HB 2166Including school-based health care providers in the definition of primary care physician for children subscribers of HMO's01/12/00
HB 2315Relating generally to the West Virginia development office01/12/00
HB 2344Requiring at least one registered nurse to serve on certain state boards, commissions or task forces01/12/00
HB 2398Licensing of debt collection agencies01/12/00
HB 2410Voluntary Small Employer Purchasing Pool Act01/12/00
HB 2415West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act01/12/00
HB 2463Requiring nurse representation on hospital boards of directors01/12/00
HB 2681Patient Safety Act01/12/00
HB 2764Information Technology Access Act01/12/00
HB 2808Relating generally to the board of barbers and cosmetologists01/12/00
HB 2819Articulating a purpose and legislative intent concerning the operation of the division of corrections01/12/00
HB 2849Definition and pay grade of plumber III in the school service pay scale01/12/00
HB 2852Enhancing protection for consumers of managed health care plans01/12/00
HB 2901Enhancing protection for consumers of managed health care plans01/12/00
HB 2905Establishing a managed care policy board01/12/00
HB 2906Managed Care Ombudsman Program Act01/12/00
HB 2954Requiring law-enforcement agencies to pay a percentage of the cost of certain training01/12/00
HB 2955Requiring the tourism commission to promote heritage presentation tourism programs01/12/00
HB 2974Reinstatement without loss of rights of state employees following extended leave of absence01/12/00
HB 4005Requiring the chief technology officer to maintain a central cross index of forms used by state agencies01/12/00
HB 4037Uniform Athlete Agents Act01/13/00
HB 4083Submission of annual reports to the legislative librarian01/19/00
HB 4085Requiring the department of health and human resources to reexamine and focus on positions that did not receive pay equity adjustments in 199901/19/00
HB 4119Requiring the next person appointed to the court of claims be from the southern part of the state01/21/00
HB 4127Relating to disciplinary powers of the contractor's licensing board01/24/00
HB 4151Providing limited protection to medical practitioners who decline certain diagnostic procedures and order conservative therapy01/25/00
HB 4162Creating an office of actuarial services for state agencies01/26/00
HB 4179Creating a review board to hear complaints against state police personnel01/27/00
HB 4271Oil and gas commission01/28/00
HB 4301Civil service coverage for correctional officers01/31/00
HB 4306Placing Kanawha State Forest under the sole management of the division of parks and recreation01/31/00
HB 4342Requiring pharmacies to maintain a database for information about pain medication for minors02/01/00
HB 4343Providing that the health care authority may not set rates for certain hospitals02/01/00
HB 4363Amending the patients' bill of rights law02/02/00
HB 4385Licensure and regulation of bail-enforcement agents02/03/00
HB 4443Requiring health benefit plans to issue prescription cards to their members02/08/00
HB 4444Requiring licensure of all retail sellers of tobacco02/08/00
HB 4449Establishing a system of starting points family resource centers02/09/00
HB 4455Offering a choice of curriculums to barbering students02/09/00
HB 4459Making the state an enterprise zone for high tech sales companies to sell over the internet02/09/00
HB 4461Modifying provisions relating to the jobs investment trust fund02/09/00
HB 4482Rights and privileges with respect to access to public facilities for guide or support dogs and trainers02/10/00
HB 4484Requiring the employment of counselors in domestic violence shelters02/10/00
HB 4506Permitting equivalent electrician licensing of certain former residents02/11/00
HB 4507Relating to emergency towing service02/11/00
HB 4510Uniform Vehicle Code03/01/00
HB 4524Creating a program to provide matching grants of funds to public service districts or local government units in providing water service02/14/00
HB 4527Requiring a personal interview with an alleged adult victim of abuse within fourteen days following the initial report02/14/00
HB 4549Creating a joint legislative committee on technology02/15/00
HB 4554Removing physical therapy as a technique authorized under chiropractic licensure02/16/00
HB 4569Relating to marriage and family therapists02/17/00
HB 4576Withholding twenty-five percent of amounts due on a construction contract until material persons, suppliers and subcontractors have been paid02/17/00
HB 4577Requiring the state to purchase prescription drugs of the same quality at the least cost from within or outside the United States02/17/00
HB 4585Creating a governor's council on physical fitness for children and adults02/18/00
HB 4593Requiring prompt payment for claims under accident and sickness insurance policies02/24/00
HB 4604Permitting joint negotiation by competing physicians of terms and conditions of contracts with health benefit plans02/22/00
HB 4607Establishing a comprehensive public records management and preservation program02/22/00
HB 4614Dental hygiene program accreditation requirements02/22/00
HB 4616Creating the office of women's health within the bureau of public health02/22/00
HB 4617Relating to state police transfers, grievance procedures, disciplinary action and probationary periods02/22/00
HB 4625Relating generally to registered nurse first assistant02/23/00
HB 4632Patients' Access to Eye Care Act02/23/00
HB 4649Deleting the requirement that local health departments provide matching funds in order to receive state funding02/24/00
HB 4651Making the PEIA director an ex officio member of the finance board02/24/00
HB 4664Adding the internet to methods of advertising permitted to be funded by moneys of the tourism promotion fund for tourism promotion02/24/00
HB 4670Creating the heritage preservation and tourism development fund02/24/00
HB 4673Giving the state auditor authority over the state purchasing card program02/24/00
HB 4681Employment of displaced employees formerly employed at the penitentiary at Moundsville02/25/00
HB 4686Sale to the state of land contiguous to a state park or forest being sold for delinquent taxes02/25/00
HB 4693Authorizing libraries to set up internet servers02/25/00
HB 4699Ensuring behavioral health services to persons eligible for such services02/25/00
HB 4700Creating an office of corrections ombudsman in the office of the secretary of the department of military affairs and public safety02/25/00
HB 4704Job Creation Zones Act02/25/00
HB 4713Requiring a certificate of need to close a hospital02/25/00
HB 4718Establishing the care home advisory committee02/25/00
HB 4726Creating an alzheimer's care giver assistance program02/25/00
HB 4732Minimum standards for licensure of barbers educated in another state02/25/00
HB 4733Relating to building permits and inspection of structures02/25/00
HB 4743Creating a state plumbing code02/25/00
HB 4750Relating to state police officers' rights02/25/00
HB 4755Transferring responsibility for administering the charity food bank assistance fund02/25/00
HB 4761Relating to the preservation of county records02/25/00
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