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Bill Status - 1998 Regular Session

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Delegate Varner sponsored 36 bills:


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HB 2219 Providing a ten percent discount on insurance policies for homes with sprinkler systems Pending  House Banking and Insurance Committee  01/12/98 
HB 2257 Requiring utilities to charge the lowest rates available to emergency service providers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/12/98 
HB 2415 Creating the deputy sheriff's retirement system Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 2731 Allowing all counties to become eligible for infrastructure fund grants Pending  House Finance Committee  01/12/98 
HB 2812 Providing fire departments first priority for distribution of surplus property Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/19/98 
HB 4035 Modifying the law relating to licensing massage therapists Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4114 Continuing the Women's Commission Signed    Governor  03/05/98 
HB 4228 Prohibiting rules intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions prior to ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Global Climate Change Treaty Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4233 Authorizing the division of motor vehicles to issue titles for salvage or reconstructed vehicles Tabled    3rd Reading  02/20/98 
HB 4272 Including employees of "911" systems in the civil service system Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/05/98 
HB 4288 Allocation of fees collected for permits of approval to open or reopen underground mines Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4289 Removing spending authority of the director of the office of miners health, safety and training and requiring certain funds be deposited with the state treasurer Pending  House Finance Committee  02/06/98 
HB 4293 Authorizing the use of electronic signatures for certain governmental transactions Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4301 Permitting emergency medical service attendants to choose whether lost time is subtracted from regular pay or annual leave Pending  House I&L Committee  02/09/98 
HB 4309 Preventing the merger of trusts in which the trustee is also a beneficiary of the trust Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4310 Relating to settlement of a deceased's estate Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4311 Establishing a ninety-day time period for filing an appraisement of a decedent's estate Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4312 Relating to the recording of a memorandum of trust with the clerk of the county commission and specifying requirements Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4317 Retirement benefits for members of police and fire departments upon attaining twenty-five years of service regardless of age Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  02/09/98 
HB 4340 Changing the percentage allocations of annual license fund income to certain DNR sections and programs Pending  House A&N Committee  02/11/98 
HB 4414 Removing the requirement that an applicant for initial mine rescue training be under fifty years of age Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4447 Facilitating the procurement and distribution of funds for infrastructure development Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4462 Changing the composition of the state fire commission Pending  House Government Organization Committee  02/17/98 
HB 4468 Changing the name or adding to the list of correctional institutions under the control of the commissioner of the division of corrections Tabled    2nd Reading  03/05/98 
HB 4472 Relating to the wildlife endowment fund and creating the Ohio River management fund advisory board Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4509 Requiring water companies to provide water for emergency flow testing and to maintain fire hydrants at no cost to the consumer or fire department Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/20/98 
HB 4510 Requiring the installation of fire hydrants in all upgrades and new installations of water mains Pending  Senate Finance Committee  03/12/98 
HB 4537 Allowing public employees retirement system members to purchase prior credited service and clarifying service credit for certain legislative employees Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4538 Providing supplemental benefits for teachers who retired prior to July 1, 1988 Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4548 Exempting the Legislature from any fees associated with the use or nonuse of the state purchasing card program Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4564 Recreating the coal and energy research bureau Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4574 Relating generally to oil and gas conservation commission Signed    Governor  04/22/98 
HB 4665 Bimonthly deductions for PEIA insurance and negotiation of fees with health care provider groups Pending  House Finance Committee  02/27/98 
HB 4699 Creating a pilot program to evaluate the efficacy of requiring the hiring of workers from the local labor market in publicly funded construction projects Vetoed    Governor  04/09/98 
HB 4706 Relating to the appointment of the executive secretary of the consolidated public retirement board by the governor Tabled    2nd Reading  03/10/98 
HB 4707 Transfer of funds for child care services, job training and transportation services for needy families Tabled    2nd Reading  03/10/98 
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