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Bill Status - 1998 Regular Session

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There are 348 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 65Permitting access to cemeteries on private lands03/09/98
SB 66Relating to pecuniary interest in certain contracts01/22/98
SB 71Establishing landowner stream restoration and management plans03/06/98
SB 73Prohibiting nude dancing in certain private clubs03/06/98
SB 86Defining dangerous student02/25/98
SB 101Authorizing landlords to dispose of abandoned personal property01/28/98
SB 123Prohibiting street gang activities; penalties03/09/98
SB 125Requiring nonsponsoring police agencies hiring graduate recruits pay certain training costs01/23/98
SB 138Granting counties authority to adopt ordinances prohibiting excessive noises03/09/98
SB 162Increasing amount of real estate certain religious organizations may hold01/29/98
SB 200Relating to disposition of juvenile delinquents03/03/98
SB 262Requiring use of unused genuine crash parts for repair of motor vehicles02/24/98
SB 359Relating to victims of fraudulent schemes02/05/98
SB 470Limiting liability of landowners03/05/98
SB 687Establishing substitution of photocopy of original will03/02/98
SB 693Relating to owner occupancy tax03/09/98
SB 706Permitting supplemental assessment of omitted property03/09/98
SB 747Expunging criminal records of person receiving pardon03/02/98
SB 770Updating mental health code03/12/98
SB 777Authorizing certain employees of division of corrections to carry firearms03/09/98
SB 779Clarifying educational requirements of domestic family violence act03/09/98
HB 2001Unlawful use or possession of a firearm in drug trafficking offenses01/12/98
HB 2003Prohibiting persons who feloniously kill another person from obtaining certain property by joint survivorship provisions01/12/98
HB 2007Changing property tax reappraisals from a three-year cycle to a five-year cycle01/12/98
HB 2008Requiring the signature of the fiduciary commissioner on any waiver of final settlement in estates subject to administration01/12/98
HB 2009Eliminating the blood test and three-day waiting period required for the issuance of a marriage license01/12/98
HB 2030Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act01/12/98
HB 2033Imposing a fine upon a railroad company for violation of public service commission rules01/12/98
HB 2038Distribution of awards for damages in wrongful death actions01/12/98
HB 2042Requiring parental consent before an unemancipated minor may obtain an abortion except in certain instances01/12/98
HB 2052Election of attorney general and secretary of state in nonpresidential election years01/12/98
HB 2058Requiring businesses which use scanners at the checkout counter to post prices on the shelf01/12/98
HB 2060Prohibiting a debt collector from compiling and maintaining files on creditors who have instructed the debt collector not to do so01/12/98
HB 2062Prohibiting sale at full retail price of any damaged container or canned goods01/12/98
HB 2071Misdemeanor offense of ticket scalping01/12/98
HB 2072Authorized expenditure by qualified nonprofit tax exempt organizations of certain net proceeds of bingo and raffle operations01/12/98
HB 2075West Virginia Regulatory Flexibility Act01/12/98
HB 2076Permitting courts to award attorney fees and expenses against the state in civil actions brought by the state and in proceedings for judicial review of administrative orders01/12/98
HB 2080Admission into evidence in judicial proceedings held to determine custody of minor children of any criminal convictions for acts of violence or abuse toward children or family members01/12/98
HB 2081Expanding the definition of child abuse and neglect and admitting hearsay evidence01/12/98
HB 2082Second or subsequent offense of cruelty to animals a felony and providing for mandatory incarceration01/12/98
HB 2086Prohibiting political contributions by corporations and providing certain exceptions01/12/98
HB 2092Reducing the blood alcohol content for DUI convictions01/12/98
HB 2096Allowing persons to defend their property with deadly force without being exposed to liability01/12/98
HB 2099Permitting the sale of certain motor vehicles on an "as is" basis01/12/98
HB 2118Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the state01/12/98
HB 2129Assessment of fees, costs and damages for filing frivolous lawsuits, pleadings and motions01/12/98
HB 2131Requiring advised consent for induced abortions01/12/98
HB 2138Primary elections and nominating procedures of third party candidates01/12/98
HB 2140Homestead exemption from debts caused by catastrophic illness01/12/98
HB 2141Providing safeguards for the documentation and investigation procedures of child abuse cases01/12/98
HB 2142Allowing duly registered voters who sign petitions to place the name of a candidate for office on the ballot to vote in primary elections01/12/98
HB 2143Requiring that every child removed from a home must have a medical examination prior to placement in foster care or into an institution01/12/98
HB 2146Preventing the recordation of fraudulent deeds and notification by the clerk of the county commission01/12/98
HB 2156Prohibiting unsupervised furlough or other release for violent or repeat offenders01/12/98
HB 2157Implementing a program requiring certain inmates to work toward their upkeep and offset the cost of their incarceration01/12/98
HB 2179Validation of foreign marriages01/12/98
HB 2182Allowing magistrates to collect bank service charges for the holder or payee01/12/98
HB 2185Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the clerk of the court of any change of job status or employer01/12/98
HB 2197Providing for a limited privilege for news media professionals and organizations to protect information and sources from disclosure01/12/98
HB 2211Improving the economic condition of women and prohibiting gender discrimination01/12/98
HB 2217Tax relief for homeowners and renters under sixty-five years of age01/12/98
HB 2225Establishing three degrees of negligent vehicular homicide01/12/98
HB 2240Removing from a period of parole any credit for good conduct01/12/98
HB 2242Uniform Unclaimed Property Act01/12/98
HB 2243Uniform Anatomical Gift Act01/12/98
HB 2244Uniform Premarital Agreement Act01/12/98
HB 2245Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act01/12/98
HB 2247Eliminating violent offenders from that group of criminal defendants and inmates eligible for work release01/12/98
HB 2249Promulgation of legislative rules allowing for facility-wide and multiunit alternate emission control strategies01/12/98
HB 2250Requiring drug and alcohol testing of drivers involved in accidents that result in death01/12/98
HB 2257Requiring utilities to charge the lowest rates available to emergency service providers01/12/98
HB 2271Making the state convict road force mandatory01/12/98
HB 2273Relating to testimony of a child witness by use of live, closed-circuit television01/12/98
HB 2278Providing disincentives to frivolous or malicious inmate litigation01/12/98
HB 2301Misdemeanor offense for the manufacture, possession, use or distribution of jackrocks01/12/98
HB 2302Redefining the requirements for the content of an order for election to increase levies01/12/98
HB 2306Granting homestead exemption benefits to disabled veterans under the age of sixty-five01/12/98
HB 2308Authorizing the establishment of police lines, perimeters and barricades in emergency situations01/12/98
HB 2309Providing the death penalty for first degree murder01/12/98
HB 2382Equalizing the pay scales of magistrates01/12/98
HB 2383Procedures for special levy elections conducted by local levying bodies01/12/98
HB 2385Eviction proceedings of persons who commit illegal activities on rented property01/12/98
HB 2411Making it unlawful to create certain loud noises01/12/98
HB 2443Providing restitution to crime victims by juvenile offenders or the parents of the offenders01/12/98
HB 2448Creating the misdemeanor offense of "scalping" noncollectible toys01/12/98
HB 2449Requiring inmates convicted of a felony involving violence to serve at least eighty percent of his or her maximum sentence01/12/98
HB 2450Enhanced penalties for crimes against the elderly01/12/98
HB 2461Prohibiting the state from paying magistrates to attend law school01/12/98
HB 2475Prohibiting the manufacture, distribution or possession of certain controlled or counterfeit substances near a park or housing project01/12/98
HB 2481Prohibiting violations of civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation01/12/98
HB 2482Protecting free gas rights from the requirements of plugging abandoned wells with certain exceptions01/12/98
HB 2483Limiting increase of taxation on Class II real property01/12/98
HB 2489Establishing tort reform measures01/12/98
HB 2493Provisions for appeal by the state in criminal proceedings01/12/98
HB 2503Providing additional relief for a taxpayer from an erroneous assessment01/12/98
HB 2505Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act01/12/98
HB 2523Making the crime of impersonating a state policeman or deputy sheriff a felony01/12/98
HB 2536Requiring poll workers who work outside their voting precinct to vote by absentee ballot01/12/98
HB 2537Prohibiting posting of notification of sobriety checkpoints01/12/98
HB 2547Requiring a completed background check of an applicant before a license to carry a deadly weapon may be issued01/12/98
HB 2549Providing for jury sentencing of a person convicted of certain criminal offenses following a jury trial01/12/98
HB 2560Including persons convicted under state criminal statutes under the section which authorizes putting offenders to work in community service programs01/12/98
HB 2561Providing that magistrates be elected on a nonpartisan ballot and providing that terms of magistrates be staggered01/12/98
HB 2578Establishing an alternative homestead exemption for persons under the age of sixty-five01/12/98
HB 2585Requiring law masters to follow certain time requirements when giving notice extending temporary emergency protective orders01/12/98
HB 2591Making the twenty thousand dollar homestead exemption applicable to every property owner regardless of age or disability01/12/98
HB 2604Telemarketing Regulation and Fraud Prevention Act01/12/98
HB 2613Making the state convict road force mandatory01/12/98
HB 2622Making the larceny of equipment from a fire department a felony01/12/98
HB 2630Penalties for driving a motor vehicle when the privilege to do so has been lawfully suspended or revoked01/12/98
HB 2632Providing for the sale or donation of unclaimed stolen property01/12/98
HB 2644Imposing a fee on prison and jail inmates for medical services01/12/98
HB 2646Prohibiting certain elected officials from being situated within fifteen feet of the counting of votes in an election01/12/98
HB 2647Prohibiting county commissioners who are candidates in an election from serving on the board of canvassers or participating in the canvassing of returns01/12/98
HB 2673Allowing mental hygiene commissioners to carry concealed weapons01/12/98
HB 2675Reimbursement to counties for costs incurred for incarceration in county or regional jails01/12/98
HB 2682Exempting magistrates from obtaining a concealed weapons permit01/12/98
HB 2690Creating a felony for committing a violent crime while wearing body armor01/12/98
HB 2694Providing for the collection of taxes on real estate sold at a sheriff's sale01/12/98
HB 2708Changing the time at which primary elections are held from May to April01/12/98
HB 2711Authorizing authority to assess penalties for violating the safe drinking water act01/12/98
HB 2720Requiring the county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing01/12/98
HB 2724Requiring businesses selling alcoholic liquor, beer or tobacco products to post signs warning of the penalty for use of false identification01/12/98
HB 2732Designating English as the official state language01/12/98
HB 2736Providing that an enforcement agency may apply for and receive title and registration for an abandoned automobile01/12/98
HB 2761Removing the requirement that reclamation related liabilities have to exceed the accrued amount in the reclamation fund before the fund tax is collected and removal of the five thousand dollar per acre limit for bonding01/12/98
HB 2772Requiring probation for persons between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one who commit felony property crimes01/12/98
HB 2773Prohibiting partial-birth abortions unless the mother's life is in jeopardy01/12/98
HB 2781Changing the crime of obstructing emergency medical service personnel from a misdemeanor to a felony01/12/98
HB 2784Relating generally to noncoal mineral extraction01/12/98
HB 2789Relating to distribution, labeling and sales of wine in West Virginia01/12/98
HB 2798Adding the suspension of driver's license as a penalty for vandalism of public property01/12/98
HB 2805Increasing the civil jurisdiction of magistrate court from five thousand to ten thousand dollars01/12/98
HB 2809Limiting the liability of forest firefighters01/12/98
HB 2813Relating to ballots in counties electing more than three county commissioners01/12/98
HB 2822Civil Justice Reform Act of 199701/12/98
HB 2825Access to services of commercial solid waste facilities and setting forth considerations in granting a certificate of need01/12/98
HB 2827Golden Rule Financing and Tax Incentives Disclosure Act01/12/98
HB 2831Legal services to be provided and available to noncustodial parent01/12/98
HB 2833Making it a felony for the wrongful taking of timber valued at one thousand dollars or more01/12/98
HB 2840Authorizing an action for the late return of a rented video cassette01/12/98
HB 2849Authorizing a preneed cremation agreement01/12/98
HB 2856Prohibiting certain business licensees from selling or serving for consumption on the premises any beer bottled in a glass container01/12/98
HB 2858Creating the felony offense of murder by abuse or neglect of a child01/12/98
HB 2862Requiring a local police agency to pay a percentage of the cost of training a state police academy recruit01/12/98
HB 2864Procedures to prevent the filing and prosecution of frivolous lawsuits01/12/98
HB 2865Recodification of the laws of the state pertaining to marriage01/12/98
HB 4008Increasing the criminal penalty for engaging in sexual misconduct with a child01/14/98
HB 4009Removing county road supervisors from positions exempted from coverage under the classified service01/29/98
HB 4012Providing for castration of certain sex offenders01/15/98
HB 4013Relating generally to possession of a dangerous weapon01/15/98
HB 4014Prohibiting the use of state funds to cause the death of an individual by assisted suicide, euthanasia or mercy killing01/15/98
HB 4015Prohibiting awards of child support for certain children after they reach the age of eighteen years01/15/98
HB 4017Relating to municipal court judges and procedures01/15/98
HB 4018Exempting certain yard waste from the prohibition against yard waste in landfills01/15/98
HB 4019Requiring persons who have judgments against them and their wages to notify the court of any change of job status or employer01/15/98
HB 4033Proceedings related to child abuse or neglect01/20/98
HB 4036Authorizing the supreme court of appeals to establish a uniform bail schedule01/20/98
HB 4049Relating to venue of civil actions01/21/98
HB 4064Relating to disposition of juvenile delinquents and notice of hearing to the state medicaid agency01/23/98
HB 4067Prohibiting certain elected officials from being reimbursed for out-of-state travel01/23/98
HB 4072Providing for jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases01/23/98
HB 4074Eliminating the acquisition of property rights in real estate by adverse possession01/23/98
HB 4083Authorizing a preneed cremation agreement01/26/98
HB 4084Authorizing teen court programs as an optional proceeding for certain juveniles01/26/98
HB 4093Creating a new felony offense of disarming or attempting to disarm a law-enforcement officer01/26/98
HB 4099Prohibiting funding for abortions with certain exceptions01/27/98
HB 4100Increasing the penalty for false reports concerning bombs or explosives01/27/98
HB 4108Relating to clean up and remediation of oil spills on hospital grounds01/28/98
HB 4112Creating the felony offense of disseminating indecent material to minors01/28/98
HB 4122Requiring that genuine crash parts used for the repair of motor vehicles be unused genuine crash parts01/29/98
HB 4123Repealing the family law master system01/29/98
HB 4124Election of family law masters01/29/98
HB 4126Property Tax Limitation Act of 199801/29/98
HB 4132DEP, acid rain provisions and permits01/30/98
HB 4133DEP, dam control01/30/98
HB 4134DEP, certification of gas wells01/30/98
HB 4135DEP, emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants01/30/98
HB 4137DEP, hazardous waste management01/30/98
HB 4138Division of Health, drinking water treatment revolving fund01/30/98
HB 4139Insurance commissioner, accident and sickness insurance policies02/12/98
HB 4140DNR, prohibitions when hunting and fishing02/12/98
HB 4141DNR, special boating02/12/98
HB 4142DNR, special fishing02/12/98
HB 4143State Police, modified vehicle inspections02/05/98
HB 4145Agriculture, fish processing02/12/98
HB 4146Agriculture, inspection of meat and poultry02/12/98
HB 4147Board of Architects, rules relating to the board02/10/98
HB 4148Auditor, standards for voluntary payroll deductions02/19/98
HB 4149Auditor, transaction fee and rate structure02/19/98
HB 4150Division of Banking, charges in connection with a consumer credit sale02/05/98
HB 4151Division of Banking, sale of insurance products by state-chartered banks02/05/98
HB 4152Board of examiners in counseling02/11/98
HB 4153Board of dental examiners, professional limited liability companies01/30/98
HB 4154DEP, abandoned wells01/30/98
HB 4155DEP, coalbed methane wells02/10/98
HB 4156DEP, future use and inactive status for oil and gas wells01/30/98
HB 4157DEP, water pollution control01/30/98
HB 4158DEP, oil and gas operations--solid waste01/30/98
HB 4159DEP, control of emissions from municipal solid waste landfills01/30/98
HB 4160DEP, air pollution from hazardous waste facilities01/30/98
HB 4161DEP, surface mining reclamation01/30/98
HB 4162Environmental quality board, groundwater standards01/30/98
HB 4163Fire commission, state building code02/10/98
HB 4164Fire commission, state fire code02/11/98
HB 4165Governor's committee on crime, delinquency and correction, training standards01/30/98
HB 4166Governor's committee on crime, delinquency and correction, law enforcement response to domestic violence01/30/98
HB 4167Division of Health, asbestos abatement licensing02/13/98
HB 4168Division of Health, breast and cervical cancer diagnostic and treatment fund02/20/98
HB 4169Division of Health, clinical laboratory technician licensure02/18/98
HB 4170Division of Health, sewage systems01/30/98
HB 4171Human Rights Commission, definition of employer01/30/98
HB 4172Insurance commissioner, rule relating to AIDS02/12/98
HB 4173Insurance commissioner, group accident and sickness insurance minimum policy coverage standards02/12/98
HB 4174Insurance commissioner, accident and sickness insurance, portability and marketing requirements02/12/98
HB 4175Insurance commissioner, guaranteed issue of individual accident and sickness insurance02/12/98
HB 4176Insurance commissioner, individual accident and sickness insurance minimum standards02/12/98
HB 4178Division of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Act01/30/98
HB 4179Board of Medicine, licensing, disciplinary and complaint procedures, continuing education and physician assistants02/13/98
HB 4180Board of miner training, education and certification, safety training for surface coal miners02/05/98
HB 4181DMV, suspension, revocation or nonrenewal of driving privileges01/30/98
HB 4182DNR, contracted extraordinary law-enforcement services02/12/98
HB 4183DNR, falconry02/12/98
HB 4184DNR, general hunting02/12/98
HB 4185DNR, special boating rule for Jennings Randolph Lake02/12/98
HB 4186DNR, special migratory bird hunting02/12/98
HB 4187DNR, special waterfowl hunting02/12/98
HB 4188DNR, wild turkeys02/12/98
HB 4189Occupational Therapy, administrative board rules01/30/98
HB 4190Examiners in Optometry, expanded prescriptive authority01/30/98
HB 4191Personnel, administrative rules01/30/98
HB 4192Radiologic technology, continuing education02/13/98
HB 4193Electronic records fees, Secretary of State02/20/98
HB 4194Secretary of State, corporations, other business entity filing02/20/98
HB 4195Social Work Examiners, licensure02/20/98
HB 4196Soil Conservation Committee, regulations01/30/98
HB 4197State Police, administrative rules01/30/98
HB 4198State Police, cadet selection01/30/98
HB 4199State Police, handguns01/30/98
HB 4201State Police, grievance procedure01/30/98
HB 4202Tax Division, charitable raffles02/20/98
HB 4203Tax Division, bingo02/20/98
HB 4204Tax Division, property tax valuation02/20/98
HB 4205Tax Division, oil and natural gas02/20/98
HB 4206Tax Division, coal property02/26/98
HB 4207Tax Division, natural resources property02/24/98
HB 4208Tax Division, wood manufacturing02/19/98
HB 4209Treasurer's Office, imprest funds02/19/98
HB 4210Treasurer's Office, deposit of moneys02/19/98
HB 4211Treasurer's Office, processing payments02/20/98
HB 4212Treasurer's Office, debt capacity02/20/98
HB 4213Treasurer's Office, reporting state debt02/20/98
HB 4214Treasurer's Office, selection of depositories02/20/98
HB 4215Treasurer's Office, selection of depositories, receipt accounts02/20/98
HB 4216DEP, oil and gas wells01/30/98
HB 4217Environmental Quality Board, water quality standards01/30/98
HB 4218Psychologists, fees02/20/98
HB 4219Radiologic technologists, fees02/20/98
HB 4225Relating generally to grandparent visitation02/02/98
HB 4226Increasing the penalty for disorderly conduct02/02/98
HB 4231Implementing universal mandatory solid waste collection service statewide02/02/98
HB 4235Relating to grandparent visitation rights02/02/98
HB 4237Permitting a person with a suspended license to continue to drive commercially when the suspension is on a motor vehicle used solely for noncommercial purposes02/12/98
HB 4239Relating to the appointment of a sheriff as the administrator of an estate02/02/98
HB 4242Updating West Virginia's public housing law02/03/98
HB 4246Civil service coverage for regional jail and correctional facility authority employees02/03/98
HB 4248Bringing state law into compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act02/03/98
HB 4251Promulgating legislative rules allowing for facility-wide and multiunit alternate emission control strategies02/03/98
HB 4262Regulation of on-campus parking at state colleges and universities02/25/98
HB 4263Exempting limousines or specialized limousine services from PSC regulation02/04/98
HB 4273Regulation of pawnbrokers02/05/98
HB 4282Imposing a felony penalty for assault and battery upon any correctional employee02/05/98
HB 4295Relating to grandparent visitation when the parent's parental right is terminated due to a felony conviction02/06/98
HB 4313Enabling a caller to access a live operator at the beginning of a call by a means that is easily understood03/04/98
HB 4320Eliminating the exemption from the Freedom of Information Act for certain material, data and writings concerning economic development02/10/98
HB 4323Imposing campaign spending limits for political offices and prohibiting persons from naming or referring to candidates in certain advertising without consent02/10/98
HB 4324Election of the entire judiciary on a nonpartisan basis and providing that candidates cannot solicit contributions from lawyers02/10/98
HB 4325Relating generally to the authority of county commissions to adopt ordinances, etc02/26/98
HB 4331Providing that bonding of deputy sheriffs not be required when liability insurance is in place02/11/98
HB 4342Authorizing municipal law-enforcement officers to transport and present mentally incompetent persons to mental health care facilities02/11/98
HB 4343Creation of the council to oversee expenditures in fine arts02/11/98
HB 4404Elder Offense Registration Act02/12/98
HB 4406Penalties for failure to fully report property for ad valorem taxation and extending the deadline for reporting02/12/98
HB 4408Relating generally to ad valorem property taxes and expanding an existing administrative practice02/12/98
HB 4411Clarifying the sixty-day filing period for charitable bingo and raffles and making technical corrections02/12/98
HB 4415Imposing criminal penalties for certain telephone solicitation practices02/12/98
HB 4416Relating to violations of protective orders as the result of violent criminal acts or stalking02/12/98
HB 4417Including an appendix for an agreement of alternative child support arrangement02/12/98
HB 4428Eliminating administrative hearings before the Human Rights Commission and placing complaints within the jurisdiction of the circuit courts02/13/98
HB 4452Providing family law masters access to records and information concerning a child or juvenile02/16/98
HB 4455Requiring funeral directors to notify county clerks of deaths02/17/98
HB 4456Appointment of a special nonresident prosecutor in certain cases against elected or appointed public officials02/17/98
HB 4459Relating to participation in elections, campaigns or activities by certain public employees02/17/98
HB 4463Authorization to award damages to landlords for damages caused by evicted tenants02/17/98
HB 4465Monitoring incoming and outgoing mail of inmates in correctional institutions02/18/98
HB 4466Raising the monetary threshold for grand larceny02/18/98
HB 4467Raising the maximum penalty for third degree sexual assault and first degree sexual abuse02/18/98
HB 4469Prohibiting the recognition of same sex marriages from other states or territories02/18/98
HB 4477Allowing certain beer and liquor advertisements on the exterior of private clubs and beer establishments02/18/98
HB 4489Initiating a procedure for initiative and referendum02/19/98
HB 4492Establishing a rebuttable presumption of responsibility for any damage resulting from blasting02/19/98
HB 4498Creating separate criminal offenses involving the scene of an accident that resulted in the death or injury of any person02/19/98
HB 4499Setting forth factors to be considered by courts in determining child custody in divorces02/19/98
HB 4507Reform of the procedures for obtaining administrative and judicial review of property tax assessments02/20/98
HB 4509Requiring water companies to provide water for emergency flow testing and to maintain fire hydrants at no cost to the consumer or fire department02/20/98
HB 4511Public Employment Relations Act02/20/98
HB 4514Requiring the commissioner of labor to base the determination of prevailing wage rates on certain statistics and providing county commissions authority to review the determination02/20/98
HB 4526Clarifying when the time begins to run following the suspension of a driver's license for driving under the influence02/23/98
HB 4528Requiring the custodial parent in a domestic relations case to account for the expenditure of child support received02/23/98
HB 4532Waiving the prohibition against establishment of a salvage yard in proximity to a residential community by petition and countywide referendum02/24/98
HB 4540Prohibiting the intermingling of campaign contributions02/24/98
HB 4561Relating to juvenile proceedings generally02/25/98
HB 4562Covenant Marriage Act02/25/98
HB 4568Limiting the hours of operation and prohibiting the possession of deadly weapons in private liquor clubs02/25/98
HB 4577Requiring preneed cemetery contracts to itemize charges on contracts02/26/98
HB 4579Transferring county solid waste authorities to regional councils02/26/98
HB 4580Making the commission of a felony or misdemeanor with the use of a motor vehicle and firearm a seperate criminal offense02/26/98
HB 4590Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage laws02/26/98
HB 4596Appointment of a special prosecutor from the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys' Institute02/27/98
HB 4602Equalizing magistrate salaries with the salary of the clerk of the circuit court02/27/98
HB 4603Sentencing alternative for violations of the ban on tobacco products for students over the age of eighteen years02/27/98
HB 4606Providing that a photocopy of a lost, but not revoked, will or codicil shall be valid when properly verified02/27/98
HB 4608Changing the time limitation to acquire property by adverse possession02/27/98
HB 4609Establishment of pilot supervised visitation programs by the Department of Health and Human Resources02/27/98
HB 4614Clearly delineating liability of subcontractors for the payment of wages and benefits02/27/98
HB 4621Directing the Secretary of State to propose legislative rules regarding the provision upon request of ballots in Braille for use by blind persons02/27/98
HB 4630Implementing the U. S. Corps of Engineers permit system for water quality02/27/98
HB 4637Imposing a mandatory life sentence without probation or parole for conviction on death caused by arson-related crime02/27/98
HB 4639Clarifying changes relating to court approval of the compromise of actions involving infants and insane persons02/27/98
HB 4640Establishing a statute of limitations for commencement of civil and criminal enforcement proceeding under environmental statutes02/27/98
HB 4642Relating to the leasing of space by the regional jail correctional facility authority to the division of corrections02/27/98
HB 4643Prison Industries Act of 199802/27/98
HB 4644Removing requirement that a public convenience and necessity must exist to operate buses, taxis or limousine services02/27/98
HB 4645Creating rights of way or easements for the production or distribution of natural gas02/27/98
HB 4648Relating to the definition of gross income when determining child support obligations02/27/98
HB 4651Removing the authority of the child advocate to collect alimony payment02/27/98
HB 4652Permitting the sealing of criminal records relating to drug offenses02/27/98
HB 4654Conforming West Virginia's child support enforcement legislation to federal requirements02/27/98
HB 4656Notification to adjacent landowners of land surveys02/27/98
HB 4657Relating to the posting of land for notice against trespass or unauthorized hunting, trapping or fishing02/27/98
HB 4660Creating the offense of car jacking02/27/98
HB 4661Pecuniary interest of school officers and teachers in contracts02/27/98
HB 4666Removing liability of landowner for injuries to persons hunting, trapping or fishing on the landowner's land02/27/98
HB 4668Unlawful actions by athlete agents02/27/98
HB 4677Establishing that certain state environmental requirements be no more stringent than federal requirements02/27/98
HB 4680The Cost of Doing Illegal Drug Business in West Virginia Act02/27/98
HB 4681Penalties for fraudulent use of another person's telephone, telephone number or account02/27/98
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