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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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Delegate Campbell sponsored 42 bills:


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HB 2174 Creating the joint commission on technology and advanced communications Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2198 Exempting county school boards of education school buses from paying tolls for transit over the West Virginia Turnpike or any parkways authority project Pending  House Finance Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2200 Clarifying the penalty provisions regarding battery on a police officer Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2205 Relating to the denial of course credits for unexcused absences in school Pending  House Education Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2226 Authorizing county boards of education to lease school buses for transportation associated with fairs, festivals and other educational and cultural events Pending  House Education Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2251 Establishing certain requirements regarding direct shipment, delivery and receipt of alcoholic beverages Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2265 Extending the expiration date of provisions permitting retired teachers to accept employment as substitutes in areas of critical need and shortage for an unlimited number of days without affecting retirement benefits Pending  House Education Committee  01/16/07 
HB 2332 Clarifying that magistrate courts have concurrent jurisdiction with circuit courts with laws prohibiting the use of tobacco by minors Signed    Governor  04/20/07 
HB 2338 Requiring the State Board of Education to create a school drug safety program Pending  House Education Committee  01/19/07 
HB 2351 Redirecting fines for cemetery vandalism back to cemeteries to be used for damage repair Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/19/07 
HB 2354 Capping premium increases for Public Employees Insurance Agency retirees at five percent Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  01/19/07 
HB 2403 Increasing the salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals Pending  House Education Committee  01/22/07 
HB 2413 Creating the Student and Family Privacy Protection Act Pending  House Education Committee  01/22/07 
HB 2415 Allowing for more teachers to be reimbursed for approved course work Pending  House Education Committee  01/23/07 
HB 2443 Relating to the monitoring of nursing home residents through the use of electronic monitoring devices Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  01/23/07 
HB 2451 Clarifying that magistrate courts have concurrent juvenile jurisdiction with circuit courts with regard to enforcement of laws prohibiting the possession or use of tobacco or tobacco products by minors Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/23/07 
HB 2558 Relating to donation and transfer of surplus personal computers and other information systems, technology and equipment for educational purposes Vetoed    Governor  03/18/07 
HB 2559 Increasing the homestead exemption for low-income taxpayers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/26/07 
HB 2561 Eliminating the severance tax and the health care provider tax on behavior health providers Pending  House Finance Committee  01/26/07 
HB 2580 Allowing municipal police and fire pension plans to use the actuarial examination by the State in lieu of obtaining its own actuary Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  01/26/07 
HB 2582 Adjusting foundation allowance for transportation for projected fuel costs Pending  House Education Committee  01/26/07 
HB 2699 Relating to reports of inspections of schools by local boards of health Pending  House Education Committee  01/30/07 
HB 2700 Permitting magistrates to carry concealed handguns without a permit Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/30/07 
HB 2702 Creating an exemption for certain out-of-state dealers and manufacturers from certain license requirements and authorizing certain out-of-state dealers and manufacturers to participate in and sell at certain limited forums in the state Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  01/30/07 
HB 2703 Authorizing certain students receiving instruction in fly fishing to fly fish while under the supervision of an instructor without obtaining a license Signed    Governor  04/20/07 
HB 2725 Authorizing public school teachers to purchase one personal computer and related devices per year from the state contract for use outside the classroom Pending  House Education Committee  01/30/07 
HB 2726 Increasing teachers salaries by six percent Pending  House Education Committee  01/30/07 
HB 2751 Relating to increasing beginning teacher salaries Pending  House Education Committee  01/31/07 
HB 2815 Reforming the school aid formula by reducing the regular levy deducted from county boards of education Pending  House Education Committee  02/02/07 
HB 2856 Increasing the salary of public service district board members Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/06/07 
HB 2866 Requiring public notice of state plan amendments prior to submission and increasing the membership of the Medicaid Advisory Board Pending  Senate Health and Human Resources Committee  02/22/07 
HB 2867 Authorizing and encouraging county boards of education to share services of central office administrative personnel Pending  House Education Committee  02/06/07 
HB 2958 Requiring the Secretary of State to assess a civil penalty of twenty-five dollars per day when a candidate fails to file a campaign financial statement Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/09/07 
HB 2961 Providing all public employees a six percent pay raise Pending  House Finance Committee  02/09/07 
HB 3027 Allowing the federal adjusted gross income deduction for the amount spent for medical expenses Pending  House Finance Committee  02/13/07 
HB 3035 Relating to prohibiting the establishment of new methadone treatment programs Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  02/13/07 
HB 3052 Requiring voter approval prior to closure and consolidation of certain schools Pending  House Education Committee  02/13/07 
HB 3112 Dangerous Dog Act Pending  House A&N Committee  02/16/07 
HB 3133 Relating to annexation of unincorporated territory Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/19/07 
HB 3148 Relating to telephone solicitation of consumers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/21/07 
HB 3240 Extending the provisions of the higher education flexibility act Pending  House Education Committee  02/23/07 
HB 3268 Relating to the rights of crime victims Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/23/07 
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