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HB 2020 Relating to conditions of bond for defendants in cases of crimes between family or household members 01/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 14) 301
HB 2165 Relating to death certificates of military veterans 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 78) 715
HB 2387 Relating to reasonable accommodations under the West Virginia Fair Housing Act for persons with disabilities who need assistive animals 01/28/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 19) 334
HB 2446 Creating the crime of soliciting a minor 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 167) 1066
HB 2477 Permitting certain auxiliary lighting on motorcycles 01/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 15) 301
HB 2606 Permitting the State Rail Authority to set the salary of the executive director 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 168) 1066
HB 2757 Private cause of action for the humane destruction of a dog 01/23/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 13) 266
HB 2803 Requiring electric utilities to implement integrated resource plans 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 170) 1067
HB 2895 Requiring display of POW/MIA flag on county courthouses and other government buildings 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 80) 716
HB 2954 Requiring that members of the Mine Safety Technology Task Force are paid the same compensation as members of the Legislature 01/29/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 355
HB 2966 Relating to employment and privacy protection 01/29/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 28) 356
HB 2981 Providing that historical reenactors are not violating the provision prohibiting unlawful military organizations 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 171) 1068
HB 3011 Removing the provision that requires an applicant to meet federal requirements concerning the production, distribution and sale of industrial hemp prior to being licensed 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 132) 899
HB 3108 Relating to criminal background checks on applicants for employment by nursing homes 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 122) 854
HB 3156 Granting a labor organization a privilege from being compelled to disclose any communication or information the labor organization or agent received or acquired in confidence from an employee 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 172) 1068
HB 4002 Relating to the computation of local share for public school support purposes 01/29/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 29) 357
HB 4003 Granting dual jurisdiction to counties where a student who lives in one county and attends school in another in order to enforce truancy policies 01/22/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 12) 244
HB 4004 Relating to criminal offenses for child abuse 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 173) 1069
HB 4005 Relating to criminal offenses for child abuse and child neglect 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 174) 1069
HB 4006 Relating to the possession and distribution of child pornography 01/27/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 16) 314
HB 4010 Creating the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act 02/07/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 50) 512
HB 4012 Relating to the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 175) 1070
HB 4014 Increasing criminal penalties for littering 01/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 10) 200
HB 4039 Authorizing miscellaneous boards and agencies to promulgate legislative rules 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 176) 1070
HB 4067 Authorizing the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety to promulgate legislative rules 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 100) 774
HB 4135 Designating the first Thursday in May the West Virginia Day of Prayer 01/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 221
HB 4137 Relating to more equitable distribution to county boards of reimbursement of the costs of serving certain special needs students 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 133) 900
HB 4139 Restricting parental rights of child custody and visitation when the child was conceived as a result of a sexual assault or sexual abuse 01/29/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 31) 358
HB 4141 Relating to licenses to sell paraphernalia for use with controlled substances 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 178) 1071
HB 4147 Relating to emergency preparedness 02/04/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 36) 444
HB 4149 Allowing members of the Board of Public Works to be represented by designees and to vote by proxy 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 81) 716
HB 4151 Relating to military members and their spouses who obtain licensure through professional boards 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 82) 717
HB 4154 Fixing a technical error relating to the motor fuel excise tax 02/13/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 63) 630
HB 4156 Electronic Toll Collection Act 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 179) 1072
HB 4159 Updating the meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 68) 666
HB 4168 Requiring materials, supplies, equipment and other items purchased by the state and its agencies to be made in the United States 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 180) 1073
HB 4175 West Virginia Small Business Emergency Act 01/16/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 7) 164
HB 4177 Making a supplementary appropriation to various agencies 01/27/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 17) 314
HB 4178 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Commerce, WorkForce West Virginia 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 775
HB 4182 Supplementing, amending, increasing, decreasing, and adding items of appropriations in various accounts 01/28/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 20) 335
HB 4183 Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items of the existing appropriations from the State Road Fund to the Department of Transportation, Division of Highways 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 181) 1074
HB 4184 Relating to the West Virginia Tourism Development Act 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 183) 1074
HB 4186 Relating to the procedures for issuing a concealed weapon license 02/04/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 38) 445
HB 4188 Updating the authority and responsibility of the Center for Nursing 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 667
HB 4196 Requiring the Workforce Investment Council to provide information and guidance to local workforce investment boards that would enable them to better educate both women and men about higher paying jobs 02/05/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 44) 466
HB 4204 Relating to the nonrenewal or cancellation of property insurance coverage policies in force for at least four years 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 184) 1075
HB 4208 Banning synthetic hallucinogens 02/12/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 58) 592
HB 4210 Juvenile sentencing reform 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 185)
HB 4214 Relating to persons being discharged from mental health facilities 02/10/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 52) 530
HB 4217 Relating to Medicaid reports to the Legislature 01/28/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 22) 336
HB 4220 Relating to waiver of jury trial in claims arising from consumer transactions 02/07/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 51) 513
HB 4221 Permitting teachers under the State Teachers Retirement System to teach college level courses without loss of benefits 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 186) 1076
HB 4225 Providing for emergency contact information on driver's license records with the Division of Motor Vehicles 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 187) 1077
HB 4228 Repealing or removing certain portions of education-related statutes that have expired 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 188) 1078
HB 4236 Sexual assault nurse examination network 02/05/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 45) 466
HB 4237 Prohibiting the sale, distribution and use of electronic cigarettes, vapor products and other alternative nicotine products to persons under the age of eighteen 02/13/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 64) 631
HB 4242 Increasing gross weight limitations on certain roads in Brooke County 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 189) 1078
HB 4245 Relating to anticipated retirement dates of certain health care professionals 02/25/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 156) 976
HB 4254 Providing that certain state employees may be granted a leave of absence with pay during a declared state of emergency 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 191) 1079
HB 4256 Amending the annual salary schedule for members of the state police 02/25/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 157) 976
HB 4257 Providing criminal penalties for the dissemination of false, misleading or deceptive information through automated telephone calls during a declared state of emergency 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 114) 826
HB 4259 Extending the time for the city council of the city of Sistersville, Tyler County, to meet as a levying body 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 115) 827
HB 4267 Legalizing and regulating the sale and use of fireworks and creating the West Virginia Veterans Program Fund 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 193) 1080
HB 4268 Relating to the administration of veterans' assistance 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 83) 717
HB 4270 Relating to salaries of service employees of the state camp and conference center known as Cedar Lakes Conference Center 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 195) 1081
HB 4278 Rewriting the procedure by which corporations may obtain authorization from the West Virginia Board of Medicine to practice medicine and surgery 02/10/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 53) 531
HB 4283 Raising the minimum wage 02/12/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 59) 593
HB 4284 Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act 02/05/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 48) 469
HB 4286 Captive Cervid Farming Act 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 196) 1082
HB 4287 Administration of health maintenance tasks 02/04/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 39) 445
HB 4290 Revising the regulatory structure of money transmitters and other entities 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 135) 901
HB 4294 Establishing standards for court reporters and entities that provide court reporting services 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 104) 776
HB 4298 Changing the experience requirements of the composition of the members of the West Virginia Ethics Commission 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 72) 668
HB 4301 Allowing limited reciprocal use of hunting and fishing licenses with the Commonwealth of Kentucky 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 73) 669
HB 4302 Relating to elections for public school purposes 02/18/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 93) 739
HB 4304 Providing rules for motor vehicles passing bicycles on roadways 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 137) 901
HB 4305 Relating to the requirements of members of a building commission board be from the same political party 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 197) 1083
HB 4307 Relating to school celebrations, recognition programs and events 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 199) 1084
HB 4309 Permitting a person to keep a firearm in his or her motor vehicle upon the grounds of the State Capitol Complex 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 84) 718
HB 4310 Making gun permits and applications confidential except for law enforcement purposes 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 201) 1085
HB 4312 Creating a certification for emergency medical technician-industrial 02/25/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 158) 980
HB 4316 Creating the student data accessability, transparency and accountability act 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 202) 1086
HB 4318 Continuing education of veterans mental health 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 123) 855
HB 4327 Prohibiting health care practitioners from prescribing or administering drugs other than in a good faith, therapeutic manner 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 203) 1086
HB 4332 Extending the time that certain nonprofit community groups are exempt from the moratorium on creating new nursing home beds 02/04/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 40) 446
HB 4333 Relating to the redirection of certain Lottery revenues to the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 204) 1087
HB 4335 Relating to a child's right to nurse 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 206) 1088
HB 4336 Relating to state control of county schools 02/10/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 54) 531
HB 4339 Ensuring that moneys from the Solid Waste Authority Closure Cost Assistance Fund are available to facilitate the closure of the Elkins-Randolph County Landfill and the Webster County Landfill 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 105) 777
HB 4343 West Virginia Project Launchpad Act 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 74) 670
HB 4346 Establishing separate standards of performance for carbon dioxide emissions 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 207) 1092
HB 4347 Relating to affirmative defenses against mechanics' liens 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 718
HB 4349 Clarifying retirement dependent child scholarship and burial benefits under a Qualified Domestic Relations Order 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 86) 719
HB 4350 Providing for the awarding of a West Virginia Veterans Medal and ribbon, and a West Virginia Service Cross and ribbon to certain qualifying West Virginia Veterans 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 112) 791
HB 4354 Requiring the reporting and publication of all compensation, including contingent compensation, paid to lobbyists 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 228) 1107
HB 4359 Relating to licensure of managing general agents of insurers 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 106) 777
HB 4360 Relating to consumer credit protection 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 208) 1093
HB 4363 Creating an informal dispute resolution process available to behavioral health providers 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 117)
HB 4365 Relating to employer remittance and reporting of Teachers Retirement System member contributions to the retirement board 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 107) 778
HB 4372 Permitting the Commissioner of Financial Institutions to require the filing of certain reports, data or information directly with the Division of Financial Institutions 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 108) 778
HB 4373 Relating to driver education programs 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 138) 902
HB 4375 West Virginia Voluntary Employee Retirement Accounts Program 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 209) 1094
HB 4384 Requiring teachers of students with exceptional needs to either be present at an individualized education program meeting or to read and sign a copy of the individualized education program plan 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 109) 779
HB 4392 Regulating persons who perform work on heating, ventilating and cooling systems and fire dampers 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 139) 902
HB 4393 Creating the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 153) 921
HB 4394 Relating to the filling of professional personnel positions in the public schools 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 75) 671
HB 4399 Prohibiting a local levying body from holding a special election under certain circumstances 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 125) 856
HB 4402 Providing a procedure for the conditional discharge for first offense underage purchase, consumption, sale, service or possession of alcoholic liquor 02/14/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 76) 672
HB 4409 Creating the Valued Employee Retention program 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 126) 856
HB 4410 Redefining auctioneer exceptions 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 140) 903
HB 4411 Allowing the disposal of drill cuttings and associated drilling waste generated from well sites in commercial solid waste facilities 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 210) 1095
HB 4412 Relating to special one-day licenses for charitable events to sell nonintoxicating beer or wine 02/13/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 632
HB 4414 Relating to the solicitation of public employees by a candidate for an elective office 02/12/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 60) 594
HB 4416 Exempting certified professional estimator services from consumers sales tax 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 211) 1095
HB 4421 Allowing the lottery to pay prizes utilizing other payment methods in addition to checks 02/12/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 61) 594
HB 4425 Giving the Superintendent of State Police authority to hire additional staff 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 118) 828
HB 4431 Clarifying that persons who possess firearms, hunting dogs or other indicia of hunting do not necessarily need to have a hunting license 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 119) 829
HB 4432 Adopting Principle Based Reserving as the method by which life insurance company reserves are calculated 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 213) 1096
HB 4437 Relating to the Division of Juvenile Services 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 127) 857
HB 4445 Modifying the definition of "battery" and "domestic battery" 02/19/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 110) 779
HB 4449 Including proximity detection systems and cameras used on continuous mining machines and underground haulage equipment for tax credit purposes 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 214) 1097
HB 4453 Relating to the calculation of child support obligations 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 87) 719
HB 4454 Relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays by private licensees 02/17/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 90) 721
HB 4455 Relating to the sale of wine and alcoholic liquors by licensed wineries, farm wineries, distilleries and mini-distilleries 02/20/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 830
HB 4457 Authorizing a legislative rule for the Council of Community and Technical College Education regarding WV EDGE program 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 128) 857
HB 4460 Relating to violating provisions of the civil service law for paid fire departments 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 141) 904
HB 4473 Relating to establishing voting precincts and changing the composition of standard receiving boards 02/21/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 130) 858
HB 4480 Relating to investment of the Acid Mine Drainage Fund 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 215) 1098
HB 4488 Eliminating the requirement for notarization of the articles of incorporation for cooperative associations 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 142) 904
HB 4490 Attorney General Ethics and Accountability Act 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 146) 917
HB 4496 Providing for the allocation of matching funds from future moneys deposited into the West Virginia Research Trust Fund 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 216) 1098
HB 4500 Relating to requirements for business registration 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 217) 1099
HB 4501 Providing that law-enforcement officers employed as school security be allowed to carry firearms on school property under certain conditions 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 218) 1099
HB 4503 Declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 147) 919
HB 4504 Providing for sharing juvenile records in certain circumstances with another state 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 149) 919
HB 4510 Relating to goals for the care of foster children 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 219) 1100
HB 4529 Relating to the sale of wine 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 150) 920
HB 4537 West Virginia CARES Act 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 220) 1101
HB 4538 Relating to the Board of Dentistry 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 221) 1102
HB 4549 Clarifying the regulation of nonintoxicating beer brewers and distributors, agreements, networks, products, brands and extensions of a line of brands 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 222) 1102
HB 4552 Relating to the court of claims 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 223) 1103
HB 4555 Requiring county boards of education to provide released time for professional educators and service personnel when serving in an elected municipal or county office 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 224) 1103
HB 4560 Relating to reimbursement for copies of medical records 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 151) 920
HB 4588 Protecting unborn children who are capable of experiencing pain by prohibiting abortion after twenty weeks 02/25/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 165) 1032
HB 4601 Relating to fiscal management and regulation of publicly-owned utilities 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 225) 1104
HB 4608 Defining dyslexia and dyscalculia 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 226) 1105
HB 4618 Establishing transformative system of support for early literacy 02/24/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 152) 921
HB 4619 Authorizing innovation school districts 02/26/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 227) 1105
HB 4621 Expiring funds to the Board of Risk and Insurance Management, Patient Injury Compensation Fund from the Board of Risk and Insurance Management Medical Liability Fund 03/06/2014 Passed House (Roll No. 295) 1489
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