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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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Senator Bowman sponsored 104 bills:


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Last Action

SB 1 Providing teachers retirement annuity to certain members Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/12/00 
SB 14 Dedicating forfeited bail proceeds to counties Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/12/00 
SB 34 Preventing reduction of annuities of certain public employee retirees Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/12/00 
SB 46 Exempting military retirement from personal income tax Pending  Senate Military Committee  01/12/00 
SB 52 Exempting antique motor vehicles and motorcycles from personal property tax Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/13/00 
SB 54 Increasing multiplier for retirement annuity in public employees retirement system Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/13/00 
SB 55 Establishing patient protection Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  01/13/00 
SB 56 Relating to exempting certain income from taxation on senior citizens Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/13/00 
SB 60 Providing special motor vehicle registration plates to certain members of armed forces Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/14/00 
SB 64 Increasing supplemental benefits to teacher retirement annuitants Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/13/00 
SB 66 Repealing provider tax on dental services Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/13/00 
SB 79 Providing sale of one lot does not change value of remaining recorded plan for tax purposes Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 93 Exempting certain military retirement from personal income tax Pending  Senate Military Committee  01/14/00 
SB 94 Allowing credit against personal income tax for health care Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/14/00 
SB 99 Restricting increases on assessment and taxation of Class II and III property Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/17/00 
SB 101 Relating to personal income tax deduction for retirement income Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/17/00 
SB 113 Creating Small Business Tax Credit Act Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/18/00 
SB 115 Prohibiting employees from exhibiting names on state-owned vehicle Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  01/18/00 
SB 125 Authorizing counties lease equipment or materials Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 126 Relating to sale of tobacco products to minors and use of products; penalties Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 128 Redefining certain terms for purposes of domestic or family violence proceedings Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 132 Permitting resident parents of landowners hunt antlerless deer on family land Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 134 Relating to board of dental examiners Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  01/18/00 
SB 148 Establishing crime of public indecency; penalties Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/19/00 
SB 164 Continuing environmental advocate Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 165 Continuing membership in Ohio River water sanitation commission Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 166 Continuing state soil conservation committee Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 167 Creating Patients' Eye Care Act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 173 Removing community care services from imposition of severance tax Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/21/00 
SB 174 Providing sales incentives for lottery retail agents Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  01/21/00 
SB 183 Authorizing treasurer to conduct program in public schools on banking Pending  Senate Education Committee  01/24/00 
SB 188 Limiting cost for single ATM transaction Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  01/25/00 
SB 196 Removing helmet requirement for certain motorcycle operators and passengers Rejected      02/23/00 
SB 209 Amending existing farmland preservation programs statutes Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 211 Allowing divorced member of teachers retirement system name new spouse as joint annuitant Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 220 Relating to members' option to make additional contributions to teachers retirement system Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/27/00 
SB 226 Continuing commission for deaf and hard-of-hearing Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 227 Continuing environmental quality board Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 228 Continuing board of examiners for speech-language pathology and audiology Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 229 Continuing public defender services Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 338 Eliminating certain restrictions on political activities of deputy sheriffs and firefighters Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/24/00 
SB 340 Exempting certain returning law-enforcement personnel from physical ability tests Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/31/00 
SB 349 Transferring telemarketers' registration to public service commission; other provisions Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/31/00 
SB 354 Repealing provider tax on optometrists Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/01/00 
SB 361 Relating to application for review of final order by human rights commission Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/01/00 
SB 373 Relating to managed care plans; provider-recommended treatment Pending  Senate Banking and Insurance Committee  02/02/00 
SB 377 Relating to discontinuing solid and hazardous waste supplemental assessment fee Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/08/00 
SB 379 Authorizing certain contributions to local crime victim's assistance programs Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/02/00 
SB 383 Relating to criminal penalties for driving under influence Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/03/00 
SB 384 Clarifying relationship between automobile dealers, distributors and manufacturers Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 393 Relating to presidential primary elections Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/01/00 
SB 396 Continuing division of corrections Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 397 Continuing child support enforcement division Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 398 Continuing department of health and human resources Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 406 Abolishing building commission and transfer of powers Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 408 Prohibiting noncompetition clauses in employment contracts of broadcast employees Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/04/00 
SB 416 Authorizing division of child protective services issue administrative subpoena regarding child abuse or neglect Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/22/00 
SB 424 Increasing salaries of magistrate clerks, deputy clerks and magistrate assistants Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/08/00 
SB 432 Prohibiting use of radar detection devices in motor vehicles Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/09/00 
SB 442 Creating Uniform Principal and Income Act Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/21/00 
SB 443 Creating Uniform Electronic Transactions Act Pending  Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee  02/10/00 
SB 444 Creating Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act of 2000 Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/10/00 
SB 448 Relating to county solid waste authority; appointments Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 449 Continuing state rail authority Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 450 Continuing board of medicine Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 451 Continuing state police Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 460 Providing certain funds to political subdivisions for document preservation Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 469 Revising secured transaction provisions of code and consumer credit and protection act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 473 Designating English as official state language Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/14/00 
SB 474 Phasing out health care provider tax on services of various medical professionals Pending    2nd Reading  03/11/00 
SB 475 Creating Cigarettes Produced For Export; Imported Cigarettes Act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 477 Requiring personal interview with alleged adult abuse victim within certain time frame Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/06/00 
SB 480 Increasing membership of deaf and hard-of-hearing commission Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 483 Withholding salary of agency head failing to pay board of risk premium Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/15/00 
SB 486 Requiring owner pay severance tax on timber Pending  House Finance Committee  03/09/00 
SB 487 Eliminating health care providers tax on physicians and dentists Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/15/00 
SB 497 Relating to sex offender registration act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 499 Limiting actions regarding firearms manufacture and sale Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  02/15/00 
SB 501 Authorizing sale of Morris square building Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 502 Adding exemption to certificate of need to permit open heart surgery program Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/25/00 
SB 516 Requiring insurance coverage for colorectal cancer exams and tests Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 522 Relating to neighborhood investment program; income tax credit Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 526 Creating separate division of tourism within bureau of commerce Pending    Concurrence  03/11/00 
SB 528 Establishing criminal offense of harassment by computer Pending    Concurrence  03/11/00 
SB 533 Increasing amount of money retiree under early retirement may earn Pending    Concurrence  03/11/00 
SB 542 Clarifying responsibilities of state and local boards of health Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 550 Relating to conformance with federal uniform vehicle code Pending  Senate TRAN Committee  02/21/00 
SB 554 Allowing archery hunting on Sundays Pending  Senate Natural Resources Committee  02/21/00 
SB 560 Providing cost-of-living increase for certain retired teachers Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  02/21/00 
SB 561 Requiring school board members pay insurance premiums based on tax return Pending  House Education Committee  03/06/00 
SB 563 Creating office of women's health within bureau of public health Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  02/28/00 
SB 566 Facilitating adoption or legal guardianship of children Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/29/00 
SB 600 Establishing downtown business revitalization tax credit Pending  Senate Finance Committee  02/21/00 
SB 642 Making supplemental appropriation to governor's office, fund 0104 Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 643 Expiring funds from public service commission, fund 8623 Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 644 Expiring funds from insurance commission, fund 7152 Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 645 Expiring funds from board of risk and insurance management, fund 2367 Pending  House Finance Committee  02/29/00 
SB 646 Expiring funds from auditor's office, fund 1201 Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 647 Expiring funds from auditor's office, securities regulation fund, to auditor's office, chief inspector's fund Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 648 Making supplemental appropriation from miscellaneous boards and commissions to board of examiners for licensed practical nurses Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 649 Making supplemental appropriation from state fund, general revenue, to department of education and arts Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 650 Supplementing existing appropriation in department of health and human resources Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 661 Reforming, altering and modifying Wirt County commission Pending    2nd Reading  03/06/00 
SB 669 Exempting certain amount in benefits derived from military retirement from personal income tax Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
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