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Dave Sypolt (R - Preston, 14)


Capitol Office:
Room 214W, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7914

P.O. Box 5
Kingwood, WV 26537


CHAIR: Agriculture and Rural Development
Banking and Insurance
Energy, Industry and Mining
Government Organization
Natural Resources
Redistricting Committee

CHAIR: Agriculture and Rural Development
CHAIR: Forest Management Review Commission
CHAIR: Rule-Making Review Committee
CHAIR: Volunteer Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services
Employee Suggestion Award Board
Government Operations
Government Organization


District Counties: Barbour, Grant (part), Hardy, Mineral (part), Monongalia (part), Preston, Taylor, Tucker



Senator Sypolt was the Lead Sponsor of 128 bills
SB 51Requiring dairy foods processed in state be added to list of items to be purchased by state-funded institutionsPending
SB 52Relating to payment of attorney fees in subsidized adoptions or guardianshipsPendingJudiciary
SB 53Providing person criminally responsible for another's death may not be involved in burial arrangementsPendingJudiciary
SB 54Permitting photo identification on voter registration cardsPendingJudiciary
SB 55Allowing municipalities to contract projects up to $50,000 without biddingPending
SB 56Eliminating requirement that schools be closed on election daysPendingEducation
SB 57Staying civil actions resulting from domestic violence for 60 days from date of final orderPendingJudiciary
SB 58Creating WV Farm Fresh Dairy ActPendingAgriculture
SB 59Reporting motor vehicle crashes to ownersPending
SB 60Increasing monthly retirement annuity for certain retireesPending
SB 61Expanding Coyote Control Program through voluntary assessment on breeding cowsPendingFinance
SB 62Changing low-income qualifier to 300 percent or less of federal poverty guideline for senior citizens' homestead tax creditPendingFinance
SB 63Creating Taxation with Representation ActPendingFinance
SB 64Allowing certain out-of-state residents ride motorcycle without helmetPending
SB 65Requiring licensed programs for domestic violence victims offer specific servicesPendingJudiciary
SB 66Creating Voluntary WVU Rifle Team Check-Off Program on hunting and fishing licensesPendingFinance
SB 67Relating to authority of Emergency Medical Services Advisory CouncilSigned
SB 77Allowing certain motorcycle operators to ride without helmetPending
SB 126Authorizing Department of Administration to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 127State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to mine subsidence insurancePendingJudiciary
SB 128State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to public entities insurance programPendingJudiciary
SB 129State Board of Risk and Insurance Management rule relating to procedures for providing written notification of claims of potential liability to state or its employees.PendingJudiciary
SB 130DEP rule relating to ambient air quality standardsPendingJudiciary
SB 131DEP rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sourcesPendingJudiciary
SB 132DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from combustion of solid wastePendingJudiciary
SB 133DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from municipal solid waste landfillsPendingJudiciary
SB 134DEP rule relating to acid rain provisions and permitsPendingJudiciary
SB 135DEP rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutants.PendingJudiciary
SB 136DEP rule relating to control of greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal-fired electric utility generating unitsPendingJudiciary
SB 137DEP rule relating to requirements governing water quality standardsPendingJudiciary
SB 138DEP rule relating to hazardous waste management systemPendingJudiciary
SB 139DEP rule relating to voluntary remediation and redevelopment rulePendingJudiciary
SB 140Division of Rehabilitation Services rule relating to Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Act BoardPendingJudiciary
SB 141DHHR rule relating to behavioral health centers licensurePendingJudiciary
SB 142DHHR rule relating to hospital licensurePendingJudiciary
SB 143DHHR rule relating to nursing home licensurePendingJudiciary
SB 144DHHR rule relating to lead abatement licensingPendingJudiciary
SB 145DHHR rule relating to emergency medical servicesPendingJudiciary
SB 146DHHR rule relating to client rights at state-operated mental health facilitiesPendingJudiciary
SB 147DHHR rule relating to delegation of medication administration and health maintenance tasks to approved medication assistive personnelPendingJudiciary
SB 148DHHR rule relating to public health standards for businesses remaining open during COVID-19 outbreakPendingJudiciary
SB 149DHHR rule relating to diabetes self-management educationPendingJudiciary
SB 150DHHR rule relating to WV clearance for access, registry, and employment screeningPendingJudiciary
SB 151DHHR rule relating to recovery residence certification and accreditation programPendingJudiciary
SB 152DHHR rule relating to child placing agencies licensurePendingJudiciary
SB 153DHHR rule relating to minimum licensing requirements for residential child care and treatment facilities for children and transitioning adults and vulnerable and transitioning youth group homes and programs in WVPendingJudiciary
SB 154DHHR rule relating to procedure to contest substantiation of child abuse or neglectPendingJudiciary
SB 155Health Care Authority rule relating to exemption from certificate of needPendingJudiciary
SB 156Authorizing Department of Homeland Security to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 157Fire Marshal rule relating to standards for certification and continuing education municipal, county, and other public sector building code officials, building code inspectors, and plans examinersPendingJudiciary
SB 158State Emergency Response Commission rule relating to emergency planning and community right to knowPendingJudiciary
SB 159State Emergency Response Commission rule relating to emergency planning grant programPendingJudiciary
SB 160Authorizing Department of Revenue to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 161Alcohol Beverage Control Commission rule relating to distilleries, mini-distilleries, and micro-distilleriesPendingJudiciary
SB 162Division of Financial Institutions rule relating to Fintech Regulatory Sandbox ProgramPendingJudiciary
SB 163Insurance Commissioner rule relating to fingerprinting requirements for applicants for insurance producer and insurance adjuster licensePendingJudiciary
SB 164Insurance Commissioner rule relating to insurance adjustersPendingJudiciary
SB 165 Insurance Commissioner rule relating to credit for reinsurancePendingJudiciary
SB 166Insurance Commissioner rule relating to continuing education for individual insurance producers and individual insurance adjustersPendingJudiciary
SB 167Insurance Commissioner rule relating to mental health parityPendingJudiciary
SB 168Insurance Commissioner rule relating to health benefit plan network access and adequacyPendingJudiciary
SB 169Municipal Pensions Oversight Board rule relating to exempt purchasingPendingJudiciary
SB 170Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racingPendingJudiciary
SB 171Racing Commission rule relating to greyhound racingPendingJudiciary
SB 172Racing Commission rule relating to advance deposit account wageringPendingJudiciary
SB 173Lottery Commission rule relating to WV lottery interactive wagering rulePendingJudiciary
SB 174State Tax Department rule relating to tax credit for providing vehicles to low-income workersPendingJudiciary
SB 175State Tax Department rule relating to downstream natural gas manufacturing investment tax creditPendingJudiciary
SB 176State Tax Department rule relating to high-wage growth business tax creditPendingJudiciary
SB 177DOH rule relating to traffic and safety rulesPendingJudiciary
SB 178DMV rule relating to examination and issuance of driver's licensePendingJudiciary
SB 179DMV rule relating to denial, suspension, revocation, disqualification, restriction, non-renewal, cancellation, administrative appeals, and reinstatement of driving privilegesPendingJudiciary
SB 180DMV rule relating to compulsory motor vehicle liability insurancePendingJudiciary
SB 181DMV rule relating to special purpose vehiclesPendingJudiciary
SB 182Authorizing miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 183Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to WV Seed LawPendingJudiciary
SB 184Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to inspection of meat and poultryPendingJudiciary
SB 185Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to poultry litter and manure movement into primary poultry breeder rearing areasPendingJudiciary
SB 186Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to seed certification programPendingJudiciary
SB 187Commissioner of Agriculture rule relating to WV exempted dairy farms and milk and milk products processing rulesPendingJudiciary
SB 188Auditor rule relating to standards for requisitions for payment issued by State Officers on AuditorPendingJudiciary
SB 189Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to funeral director, embalmer, apprentice, courtesy card holders, and funeral establishment requirementsPendingJudiciary
SB 190Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to crematory requirementsPendingJudiciary
SB 191Board of Funeral Service Examiners rule relating to fee schedulePendingJudiciary
SB 192Board of Hearing Aid Dealers rule relating to rule governing the West Virginia Board of Hearing Aid DealersPendingJudiciary
SB 193Board of Landscape Architects rule relating to registration of landscape architectsPendingJudiciary
SB 194Board of Landscape Architects rule relating to application for waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individualsPendingJudiciary
SB 195Livestock Care Standards Board rule relating to livestock care standardsPendingJudiciary
SB 196Board of Medicine rule relating to registration to practice during declared state of emergencyPendingJudiciary
SB 197Board of Occupational Therapy rule relating to telehealth practice; requirements, definitionsPendingJudiciary
SB 198Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to licensing procedures for osteopathic physiciansPendingJudiciary
SB 199Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to emergency temporary permits to practice during states of emergency or states of preparednessPendingJudiciary
SB 200Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacyPendingJudiciary
SB 201Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Uniform Controlled Substances ActPendingJudiciary
SB 202Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Board of Pharmacy rules for continuing education for licensure of pharmacistsPendingJudiciary
SB 203Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure of wholesale drug distributors, third-party logistics providers, and manufacturersPendingJudiciary
SB 204Board of Pharmacy rule relating to controlled substances monitoring programPendingJudiciary
SB 205Board of Pharmacy rule relating to board of pharmacy rules for immunizations administered by pharmacists and pharmacy internsPendingJudiciary
SB 206Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to general provisions for physical therapist and physical therapist assistantsPendingJudiciary
SB 207Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to fees for physical therapist and physical therapist assistantsPendingJudiciary
SB 208Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to general provisions for athletic trainersPendingJudiciary
SB 209Board of Physical Therapy rule relating to fees for athletic trainersPendingJudiciary
SB 210Board of Professional Surveyors rule relating to examination and licensing of professional surveyors in WVPendingJudiciary
SB 211Real Estate Commission rule relating to licensing real estate brokers, associate brokers, and salespersons and conduct of brokerage businessPendingJudiciary
SB 212Board of Respiratory Care rule relating to criteria for licensurePendingJudiciary
SB 213Secretary of State rule relating to loan and grant programs under the Help America Vote Act for purchase of voting equipment, election systems, software, services, and upgradesPendingJudiciary
SB 214Secretary of State rule relating to guidelines and standards for electronic notarizationPendingJudiciary
SB 215Bureau of Senior Services rule relating to shared table initiative for senior citizensPendingJudiciary
SB 216Authorizing Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 217Division of Labor rule relating to high pressure steam boiler and forced flow steam generator requirementsPendingJudiciary
SB 218Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training rule relating to rule governing submission and approval of comprehensive mine safety program for coal mining operations in WVPendingJudiciary
SB 219Division of Natural Resources rule relating to Cabwaylingo State Forest trail system two-year pilot program permitting ATVs and ORVsPendingJudiciary
SB 220DNR rule relating to defining terms used in all hunting and trappingPendingJudiciary
SB 221DNR rule relating to deer hunting rulePendingJudiciary
SB 222DNR rule relating to special migratory game bird huntingPendingJudiciary
SB 223DNR rule relating to special waterfowl huntingPendingJudiciary
SB 265Relating to sale of delinquent tax liensPendingJudiciary
SB 266Creating Uniform Easement Relocation ActPendingJudiciary
SB 267Relating to payment of taxes by co-ownersPendingJudiciary
SB 296Relating generally to repealing certain rulesSigned
SB 339Expanding types of agricultural operations that are protected from nuisance and other legal actionsPendingJudiciary
SB 340Requiring all local special levies be held on regularly scheduled statewide election ballotPendingJudiciary
SB 357Creating 2021 Farm BillPendingJudiciary
SB 359Informing landowners when fencing that may contain livestock is damaged due to accidentSigned
SB 419Redefining "firearm" to match federal codeSigned
SB 517Relating to sunset provisions of legislative rulesSigned
SB 602Removing residency requirement for Commissioner of HighwaysPending
SB 628Exempting certain vehicles from ad valorem taxation when used for public purposePendingFinance

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