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Charles S. Trump IV (R - Morgan, 15)


Capitol Office:
Room 210W, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7880

171 S. Washington Street
Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411
Home Phone: (304) 258-5133
Business Phone: (304) 258-1414


CHAIR: Judiciary

CHAIR: Judiciary
CHAIR: Law Institute
NONVOTING: Natural Gas Development
Economic Development
Government and Finance
Health and Human Resources Accountability
Special Investigations


District Counties: Berkeley (part), Hampshire, Mineral (part), Morgan



Senator Trump was the Lead Sponsor of 66 bills
SB 2Reducing use of opiatesPendingHealth and Human Resources
SB 3Relating to venue for certain claims against statePendingJudiciary
SB 5Relating to Medicaid fraud and abusePendingHealth and Human Resources
SB 7Relating to claims under Wage Payment and Collection ActRejected
SB 9Directing certain school funding to assist county boards with exceptional students with special needsPendingEducation
SB 74Creating WV Volunteer Fire and Rescue Act of 2018Pending
SB 101Creating one-day special license for charitable events to sell nonintoxicating beerPendingJudiciary
SB 102Creating WV Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets ActSigned
SB 109Limiting funds deducted from Unclaimed Property Fund during fiscal yearPendingFinance
SB 110Requiring certain licensees notify law enforcement or EMS of life-threatening emergency on premisesSigned
SB 111Enacting Forming Open and Robust University Minds ActPendingEducation
SB 112Clarifying that natural resources police officers' subsistence allowance is pensionablePendingFinance
SB 113Improper use or representation of service animalsPendingJudiciary
SB 114Posting of National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline number PendingJudiciary
SB 115Requiring Agriculture Commissioner sell all department-owned farms by certain datePendingAgriculture
SB 116Providing court costs collected under Second Chance Driver's License Program are not subject to 5 percent offsetPending
SB 127Relating to personal representatives of estatesPendingJudiciary
SB 130Creating Tim Tebow ActPendingFinance
SB 136Providing addition of mini-distillery does not change nature of agricultural property for building code and property tax classification purposesPendingJudiciary
SB 146Correcting technical error within Solid Waste Management ActSigned
SB 149Establishing safeguards for treatment of acute pain and opioid medicationsPendingHealth and Human Resources
SB 151Creating Appropriation Supremacy Act of 2018PendingFinance
SB 241Relating to used motor vehicle warrantiesPendingJudiciary
SB 242Requiring health insurance providers provide coverage for certain Lyme disease treatmentSigned
SB 243Increasing number of Berkeley County magistratesPendingJudiciary
SB 254Expanding finance board's discretion to include subsidies from Retirement Health Benefit Trust Fund in its financial plans for certain employees Pending
SB 294Relating generally to suspension and revocation of driver's licenses for DUIPendingJudiciary
SB 307Declaring fundraising on state highway or roadway by volunteer fire department is not obstruction or nuisanceSigned
SB 351Permitting ballot commissioners serve while candidates for certain officesSigned
SB 353Relating generally to certain permits and floor plans of nonintoxicating beer licenseesPendingJudiciary
SB 354Creating one-day special license for charitable events to purchase and sell beer and craft beerPendingJudiciary
SB 356Making technical corrections to code when referencing chapter 49 of codePendingJudiciary
SB 358Imposing fee for processing criminal bondsPendingJudiciary
SB 359Authorizing Supreme Court establish curricula for mental hygiene commissioners and certain magistratesSigned
SB 361Relating to treatment supervision under Drug Offender Accountability and Treatment ActPendingJudiciary
SB 362Relating to definitions of "child abuse" and "neglect"PendingJudiciary
SB 363Removing requirement of finding of professional negligence concerning involuntary hospitalizationsPendingJudiciary
SB 367Allowing retired judicial officers recalled to service avoid normal cap on temporary employment paymentsPending
SB 371Relating to proceedings for voluntary custody for examinationPendingJudiciary
SB 372Authorizing higher education institutions to eliminate faculty tenurePendingEducation
SB 374Creating private fair and festival licensePending
SB 395Providing for judicial review of appealed decisions of Air Quality Review Board, Environmental Quality Board and Surface Mine BoardSigned
SB 412Relating to authority of county litter control officersSigned
SB 426Modernizing certain alcohol lawsPendingJudiciary
SB 433Rewriting code sections regarding pyramid promotional schemesPendingJudiciary
SB 434Specifying documents not subject to discovery in certain proceedingsVetoed
SB 444Repealing antiquated code sections regarding safety glass and lighting in motor vehiclesSigned
SB 465Relating to mandated reporting of child abuse and neglectSigned
SB 466Bringing statutory interest rate paid in condemnation cases into conformity with current statutory ratesPendingJudiciary
SB 467Relating generally to Public Defender ServicesPendingFinance
SB 492Eliminating certain special requirements for DHHR provisionally licensed social workersPending
SB 512Authorizing certain WV courthouse security officers carry concealed weaponsPendingJudiciary
SB 513Increasing amount retirant may earnPending
SB 521Requiring chief executive of municipal law-enforcement agency be certified law-enforcement officerSigned
SB 528Providing additional circuit judge for nineteenth judicial circuitSigned
SB 533Equalizing criminal penalties for intimidating and retaliating against public officers and employeesPendingJudiciary
SB 535Dedicating increased court fees in criminal cases to fund training programs for law-enforcement officersPendingJudiciary
SB 539Increasing limit for settling claims against DOHSigned
SB 540Increasing salaries of magistrates, supreme court justices, circuit court judges, and family court judgesPendingJudiciary
SB 543Relating to confidentiality of medical recordsSigned
SB 562Allowing courts discretion to impose period of supervised release of defendantPendingJudiciary
SB 568Deferring further proceedings for certain first offenses upon completion of Motor Vehicle Alcohol Test and Lock Program within 12 monthsPendingJudiciary
SB 598Relating to civil actions against county commissions and municipalities for injuriesPendingJudiciary
SB 621Prohibiting consumer-reporting agency from charging fee to consumerPendingJudiciary
SB 627Permitting local governments to access certain economic development project-related tax recordsPendingFinance
SB 632Allowing retired judicial officers recalled to service to avoid limit on temporary payments under certain circumstancesPending

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