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Bill Status - 2000 Regular Session

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The search returned 24 bills introduced on 01/21/00:


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HB 4112 Requiring citing permits for businesses involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/06/00 
HB 4113 Increasing the number of professional educators for purposes of the public school support foundation allowance Pending  House Education Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4114 Establishing child care services for students at community and technical colleges Pending  House Education Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4115 Relating to the acquisition and maintenance of orphan roads Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4116 Providing for automobile trade-in protection for automobile dealers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4117 Renaming conservation officers as natural resources police officers Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  02/24/00 
HB 4118 Permitting retired teachers to substitute teach an unlimited number of days without losing benefits Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  02/25/00 
HB 4119 Requiring the next person appointed to the court of claims be from the southern part of the state Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4120 Making larceny of municipal or voluntary fire department equipment a felony Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4121 Providing a ten percent discount to residents at state parks and forests Pending  House A&N Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4122 Prohibiting the awarding of child custody or visitation when a child is conceived as the result of sexual assault Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4123 Pension Liability Redemption Act Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4124 Relating generally to the disposal of waste tires Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/21/00 
HB 4125 Establishing the method of collecting and applying DMV enrollment fees Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
HB 4126 Extending the time for the county commission of Marion County to meet for the purpose of a county levy Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 167 Creating Patients' Eye Care Act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 168 Increasing surviving spouse's benefit for municipal police officer or fire fighter Pending  Senate Pensions Committee  01/21/00 
SB 169 Providing meeting and conference rights for police or fire department members Pending  Senate Labor Committee  01/21/00 
SB 170 Prohibiting firearms possession by certain persons Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
SB 171 Establishing certification of electrical inspectors Pending    Concurrence  03/11/00 
SB 172 Authorizing regional jail and correctional facility authority appoint executive director Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  01/21/00 
SB 173 Removing community care services from imposition of severance tax Pending  Senate Finance Committee  01/21/00 
SB 174 Providing sales incentives for lottery retail agents Pending  Senate GOVO Committee  01/21/00 
SB 175 Creating Pension Liability Redemption Act Signed    Governor  04/11/00 
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