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Danielle Walker (D - Monongalia, 51)


Capitol Office:
Room 6R-A, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3900

P.O. Box 35
Dellslow, WV 26531


MINORITY CHAIR: Select Committee on Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse
MINORITY VICE CHAIR: Health and Human Resources
Senior, Children, and Family Issues

Children and Families
Minority Issues


District Counties: Monongalia (part)



Delegate Walker was the Lead Sponsor of 50 bills
HB 2647Prohibiting the use of polystyrene containersPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2653Providing a tax exemption for income from a qualified retirement plan used to pay for long-term carePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2654Relating to rulemaking for healthcare plansPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 2655Expanding felony hate crime protections to individuals on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientationPendingJudiciary
HB 2657Relating to the Antihazing LawPendingEducation
HB 2669Establishing tax credits for lead abatement in child occupied residencesPendingFinance
HB 2685Relating to state certification of industrial hemp and medical cannabis seedPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 2697Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices in categories covered by the Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing ActPending
HB 2698Making it illegal to discriminate based on hair texture or hair stylePendingGovernment Organization
HB 3031Authorizing civil damages for any person who was subject to an intentionally false report made to law enforcementPendingJudiciary
HB 3032Prohibiting discrimination based on an individual’s mental or physical disability in access to organ transplantationPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3140Allowing disabled persons to operate small electric vehicles on the Greenbrier TrailPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 3176Requiring sharps containers in all state buildings and facilities where the public is allowedPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 3188Making expungement of records for certain defendants found not guilty or have had charges dismissed to occur without petitioning the courtPendingJudiciary
HB 3193Relating to obtaining an appropriate gender marker for state documentsPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4569Medical Facility Protection ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4594Establishing an apprenticeship program for cosmetologistsPendingGovernment Organization
HB 4630Allowing a tenant to recover deposits in full if a landlord has failed any Dwelling Unit InspectionsPendingJudiciary
HB 4631Establishing a bone marrow and peripheral blood stem donation awareness programSigned
HB 4638Increase the minimum salary for Child Support AttorneysPendingFinance
HB 4639Creation of a Higher Education Prison Task ForcePending
HB 4686Repeal right to workPending
HB 4687Relating to wild and wonderful restoration Task ForcePendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4706Reforming the community reinvestment act to ensure investment in low income communitiesPendingGovernment Organization
HB 4707Relating to general provisions of labor and industrial relationPendingJudiciary
HB 4708Primary care physicians must inform patients about Triple Negative Breast CancerPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4722Banning of bee killing pesticides to protect agriculturePendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4724Create a CARE FOR ALL linePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4737Food insecurity state wide tip linePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4741To clarify that impermissible discrimination includes discrimination based on certain hair textures and styles PendingGovernment Organization
HB 4745Decriminalization and legalization of cannabis with a taxing mechanism to bring more revenue to the statePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4746All state buildings and rest areas within WV have sharp containersPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 4747To make Juneteenth a paid holiday for all state workersPendingGovernment Organization
HB 4748Repeal of public school educators and personnel not paying state income taxPendingFinance
HB 4763Authorizing children age 12 or older to referee youth sporting eventsPendingEducation
HB 4782Increase number of pain management visits the insurance companies must cover under the opioid reduction actPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 4791Affordable broadband access for seniors, low income, and disabled persons due to fixed, minimum, or moderate incomesPending
HB 4805During a state of emergency lasting more than 6 months, the department of highways will reimburse any vehicle damages without including auto insurance deductiblesPendingBanking and Insurance
HB 4806Repeal breed specific legislationPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4807Providing small grants to encourage the creation of large pollinator friendly gardening habitatsPendingAgriculture and Natural Resources
HB 4813Renter’s bill of rights PendingJudiciary
HB 4814Creating a youth advisory council for civic engagementPendingEducation
HB 4815Keep federal level weight limits for trucking in the state of WVPending
HB 4816Re-establish prevailing wagePending
HB 4817Relating to fees employer’s pay for electronic drafts sent to Child Support EnforcementPendingSenior Citizen Issues
HB 4818Legal apprenticeships as alternatives to Law School to help those who cannot afford law school or have a disabilityPendingGovernment Organization
HB 4819Policy offering a housing credit for educators who live in West Virginia 5 or more years after becoming an educator in the statePendingEducation
HB 4820Repeal of taxing state employees pensions and social securityPendingPensions and Retirement
HB 4821Increase access to and amount covered of the promise scholarship to ensure full ride regardless of tuition costs, double majors, or courses of interestPendingEducation
HB 4822Limitations to solitary confinement to 3 days per every 2 weeksPending


Release TitleDate
Delegates Urge Governor to Veto House Bill 206 06/24/2019
Delegates Express Concerns About Opportunity Zones Legislation05/21/2019
Legislators Urge Action on DNR Director Accused of Domestic Violence04/29/2019
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