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Joshua Higginbotham (R - Putnam, 13)


Capitol Office:
Room 442M, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3118

93 Richard Drive
Poca, WV 25159
District Phone: (304) 881-1864


VICE CHAIR: Education
Energy and Manufacturing
Small Business and Economic Development
Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security

VICE CHAIR: Education
VICE CHAIR: Education Accountability
Special Committee on Viability of Veterinary Medicine School – Higher Education


District Counties: Jackson (part), Mason (part), Putnam (part)



Delegate Higginbotham was the Lead Sponsor of 49 bills
HB 2304Changing the school aid formula allowances for instructional technology and for AP and dual credit coursesPendingEducation
HB 2305Creating a tax credit for hiring an ex-felonPendingSmall Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
HB 2306Relating to governmental websitesPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2307Relating to vacancies in the office of county commissionerPendingJudiciary
HB 2308Creating the Business PROMISE+ ScholarshipPendingFinance
HB 2309Prescribing methods of support for families of veterans to attend funeral servicesPendingVeterans Affairs and Homeland Security
HB 2321Education Savings Account ActPendingEducation
HB 2322Conforming the state Consumer Credit and Protection Act to the federal Fair Debt Collection and Practices ActPendingJudiciary
HB 2323Authorizing a special vehicle registration plate for “2nd Amendment” enthusiastsPending
HB 2346Relating to the Medical Cannabis ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2348Allowing certain deductions to be made from individual personal income tax refunds to the Make-A-Wish FoundationPendingFinance
HB 2350Establishing limits applicable to the award of damages for medical monitoringPendingJudiciary
HB 2351Relating to when a municipality’s approval is not required for an event licensed by the Alcohol Beverage Control CommissionPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2352Providing for political party platforms to be placed on ballots for certain primary electionsPendingJudiciary
HB 2353Establishing a tax credit for families who suffer the loss of a stillborn childPendingFinance
HB 2354Relating to political party committeesPendingJudiciary
HB 2355Establishing a tax deduction against corporation net income tax for retail food distributors that donate to school “backpack programs”PendingFinance
HB 2356Relating to the use of medical cannabisPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2357Requiring all schools to instruct students on the Holocaust and other genocidesPendingEducation
HB 2381Authorizing the suspension or dismissal of school personnel who retaliate against a student or parent who has made a complaintPendingEducation
HB 2485Public Participation Protection ActPendingJudiciary
HB 2486Qualifying not-for-profit private baccalaureate institutions for the Advanced Career Education Programs and the WV Invests Grant ProgramPendingEducation
HB 2487Creating a Campus Mentors pilot programPendingEducation
HB 2536Relating to expressions of legislative intent regarding equivalent instruction timePending
HB 2569Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuitsPendingJudiciary
HB 2613Providing that the Jobs Investment Trust Board be part of the Department of CommercePendingGovernment Organization
HB 2687To prohibit minors from dropping out of high school unless they are emancipatedPendingEducation
HB 2688Allow county political parties to have building funds in a similar manner that state parties are allowedSigned
HB 2689Granting convicted criminals the right to a retrial if scientific methods used to convict are later determined to be outdated or falsePendingJudiciary
HB 2690To provide that out of school suspensions be considered “excused” absencesPendingEducation
HB 2691Tax emption for border cities and counties for gas taxPendingPolitical Subdivisions
HB 2692To allow for coverage of addiction telehealth services to out-of-state providersPendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2837Eliminate the bond required to start an independent daycare businessPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2842Preventing cities from banning utility companies in city limitsSigned
HB 2885Requiring DHHR, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, to notify the parents upon the death of a child in foster carePendingHealth and Human Resources
HB 2886Replacing minimum minutes of instructional time required per day with a flexible requirement based upon the completion of classroom or other equivalent work PendingEducation
HB 2887COVID liability protections for schoolsPendingJudiciary
HB 2888Relating to when contentions can be revived based on forensic scientific evidence that was not available at time of convictionSigned
HB 2906Relating to the School Building Authority’s allocation of moneySigned
HB 2944Providing for the registration of lobbyist internsPendingJudiciary
HB 2945To move back the deadline for a candidate to make a party switch to run in the GOP primary to 6 months before the filing datePendingJudiciary
HB 2947Regarding recording of police interrogationsPendingJudiciary
HB 2949Providing supplemental education through learning podsPendingEducation
HB 2971Requiring the Department of Commerce to conduct a feasibility study for potential lakes to be built in West VirginiaPendingGovernment Organization
HB 2998Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing ActPending
HB 3070Reducing federal taxable income subject to the corporate net income tax for businesses relocating from China to West VirginiaPendingFinance
HB 3071Add one additional Magistrate for Putnam CountyPendingJudiciary
HB 3074Relating to information on organ and tissue donationsPendingEducation
HB 3114Direct West Virginia State Board of Education to require proof of vision examination before child is enrolled in public or private schoolPendingEducation


Release TitleDate
Chairman Higginbotham Praises $1.2 Billion Investment in Mason County06/24/2019
Delegate Higginbotham Invited To White House To Discuss Opportunity Zone Legislation04/16/2019
Delegate Joshua Higginbotham to Donate Special Session Pay 06/19/2017
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