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2008 PE08-21-445 West Virginia University Institute of Technology
2008 PE08-20-444 Division of Personnel
2008 PE08-19-443 Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
2008 PE08-18-442 Public Employees Insurance Agency
2008 PE08-17-441 Driver's license vision requirements
2008 PE08-16-440 Division of Personnel
2008 PE08-15-439 Parkways Authority
PE08-14-438 West Virginia State Police Audit   &  State Police Survey Comments
2008 PE08-13-437 State Agency Loans
2008 PE08-12-436 Children's Trust Fund
2008 PE08-11-435 West Virginia Development Office
2008 PE08-10-434 Licensing of Certified Professional Midwives
PE08-09-433 Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists
PE08-08-432 Racing Commission Funds
2008 PE08-07-431 Pharmaceutical Cost Management Council
PE08-06-430 Marriage and Family Therapy
PE08-05-429 Department of Administration - Survey Results
PE08-04-428 Economic Development Authority
PE08-03-427 Department of Administration - Study of Boards, Commissions, and Committees
2008 PE08-02-426 Department of Administration - PEIA
Parkways Authority
2007 PE07-19-424 State Agency Grant Awards - Update
2007 PE07-18-423 Board of Examiners in Counseling
2007 PE07-17-422 Public Employees Insurance Agency
PE07-16-421 West Virginia Lottery Commission
PE07-15-420 DHHR - In Home Care
PE07-14-419 Athletic Trainers - Sunrise
PE07-13-418 Statewide Mapping and Addressing Board - Update

Medical Providers Advantra Freedom Survey Results

Public Employee Retirees Advantra Freedom Survey Results
Study of Statutory Legal Advertisements
Whitewater Commission
PE07-10-415 West Virginia Development Office
Blennerhassett Island State Historical Park Commission
Elevator Workers - Sunrise
PE07-07-412 Institutions of Higher Education
Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity
PE07-04-409 Board of Acupuncture
2007 PE07-03-408 Records Management and Preservation Board
2007 PE07-02-407 State Agency Grant Reporting Requirement
Workers' Compensation Transition Closeout
2006 PE06-32-405 DHHR - Bureau of Medical Services - Medicaid Fraud Unit
2006 PE06-31-404 Board of Registration for Sanitarians
2006 PE06-30-403 Statewide Addressing and Mapping Board
2006 PE06-29-402 West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority
2006 PE06-28-401 Board of Veterinary Medicine
2006 PE06-27-400 Insurance Commission
2006 PE06-26-399 State Issued Pager Audit Update
2006 PE06-25-398 Board of Optometry
2006 PE06-24-397 Division of Culture and History
2006 PE06-23-396 Board of Funeral Services Examiners
2006 PE06-22-395 Real Estate Commission
2006 PE06-21-394 Board of Risk and Insurance Management
2006 PE06-20-393 Capitol Cafeteria
2006 PE06-19-392 Board of Funeral Services Examiners
2006 PE06-18-391 School Building Authority
2006 PE06-17-390 Board of Respiratory Practitioners
Oral Health Program
Division of Highways
Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Program
2006 PE06-13-386 Social Work Examiners, Board of
2006 PE06-12-385 Psychologists, Board of Examiners of
2006 PE06-11-384 Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners
2006 PE06-10-383 Steel Advisory Commission - Wind-up
PE06-09-382 Clean Coal Technology - Wind-up
2006 PE06-08-381 Plumbers and Sprinkler Fitters
2006 PE06-07-380 State-Issued Pager Service Update
2006 PE06-06-379 Consolidated Public Retirement Board
2006 PE06-05-378 Board of Accountancy
2006 PE06-04-377 Department of Revenue
2006 PE06-03-376 Marriage and Family Therapy
2006 PE06-02-375 General Services Division
PE06-01-374 Licensing of Auto Salesmen
PE05-30-373 General Services Division
2005 PE05-29-372 Occupational Licensing Boards
PE05-28-371 Consolidated Public Retirement Board
2005 PE05-27-370 Women's Commission
2005 PE05-26-369 State-Issued Pager Service
2005 PE05-25-368 Board of Examiners in Counseling
2005 PE05-24-367 Rural Health Advisory Panel
2005 PE05-23-366 Board of Risk and Insurance Management
2005 PE05-22-365 Medical Services Fund Advisory Council
2005 PE05-21-364 State Rail Authority
PE05-20-363 Care Home Advisory Board
PE05-19-362 General Services Division
2005 PE05-18-361 Board of Dental Examiners
2005 PE05-17-360 Capitol Building Commission
2005 PE05-16-359 Division of Motor Vehicles
2005 PE05-15-358 Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
2005 PE05-14-357 Board of Osteopathy
2005 PE05-13-356 Unemployment Compensation
2005 PE05-12-355 Board of Dental Examiners
2005 PE05-11-354 Institutions of Higher Education
2005 PE05-10-353 Special Report on State Issued Wireless Telephones
Board of Professional Surveyors
PE05-08-351 Department of Environmental Protection
PE05-07-350 West Virginia Conservation Agency
2005 PE05-06-349 Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
PE05-04-347 Real Estate Commission
2005 PE05-04-347 Family Protection Services Board
Unemployment Compensation
Office of Insurance Commissioner
Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
2004 PE04-32-343 Office of Insurance Commissioner
2004 PE04-31-342 PEIA Finance Board
2004 PE04-30-341 Division of Culture and History
2004 PE04-29-340 Steel Advisory Commission
2004 PE04-28-339 Board of Risk and Insurance Managment -
2004 PE04-27-338 Institutions of Higher Education
2004 PE04-26-337 Division of Culture and History
2004 PE04-25-336 Department of Health and Human Resources
2004 PE04-24-335 Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
PE04-23-334 Workers' Compensation
PE04-22-333 Certification of Dialysis Technicians
2004 PE04-21-332 Oral Health Program
2004 PE04-20-331 Tourism
2004 PE04-19-330 Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Board
2004 PE04-18-329 Real Estate Appraiser Board
2004 PE04-17-328 Racing Commission
2004 PE04-16-327 Medicaid - 340B
2004 PE04-15-326 Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
2004 PE04-14-325 Health Care Authority
2004 PE04-13-324 Child Support Enforcement
2004 PE04-12-323 Public Land Corporation
2004 PE04-11-322 Athletic Trainers - Sunrise Report
2004 PE04-10-321 James "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Commission
2004 PE04-09-320 Clean Coal Technology Council - Followup
2004 PE04-08-319 Wheels to Work Program
2004 PE04-07-318 Dental Hygienists - Sunrise Report
2004 PE04-06-317 Public Defender Services
2004 PE04-05-316 Board of Accountancy
2004 PE04-04-315 School Building Authority
2004 PE04-03-314 Clean Coal Technology Council
2004 PE04-02-313 Board of Acupuncture
2004 PE04-01-312 Board of Veterinary Medicine
2003 PE03-35-310 Workers' Compensation
2003 PE03-34-309 Commission on Uniform State Laws
2003 PE03-33-308 State Fire Commission
2003 PE03-32-307 Department of Health and Human Resources
2003 PE03-31-306 Rural Health Advisory Panel
2003 PE03-30-305 Division of Protective Services
2003 PE03-29-304 State Rail Authority
2003 PE03-28-303 Office of Environmental Advocate
2003 PE03-27-302 Division of Personnel
2003 PE03-26-301 Division of Protective Services
2003 PE03-25-300 Purchasing Division
2003 PE03-24-299 Division of Culture and History - Update
2003 PE03-23-298 Office of Explosives and Blasting
2003 PE03-22-297 Board of Architects
2003 PE03-21-296 Board of Risk and Insurance Management
2003 PE03-20-295 Veteran's Council Update
2003 PE03-19-294 West Virginia State Police -Inventory, PX, Driver's Update
2003 PE03-18-293 Public Energy Authority
2003 PE03-17-292 West Virginia State Police
2003 PE03-16-291 Real Estate Appraiser Licensure and Certification Board
2003 PE03-15-290 Board of Examiners of Land Surveyors
2003 PE03-14-289 Potomac River Basin
2003 PE03-13-288 Care Home Advisory Board
2003 PE03-12-287 Division of Motor Vehicles - Title Transaction Taxation
2003 PE03-11-286 PEIA Finance Board - Proactive Look
2003 PE03-10-285 Meat and Poultry Inspection Division
2003 PE03-09-284 Center for Professional Development
2003 PE03-08-283 Children's Health Insurance Board
2003 PE03-07-282 State Police - Pledge and Contribution Fund
2003 PE03-06-281 Steel Advisory Commission/Steel Futures Program
2003 PE03-05-280 Board of Landscape Architects
2003 PE03-04-279 Design Build Board
2003 PE03-03-278 Board of Registration for Foresters
2003 PE03-02-277 Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board
2003 PE03-01-276 Waste Tire Fund
2002 PE02-43-275 Massage Therapy Licensure Board
2002 PE02-42-274 Coalfield Community Development, Office of
2002 PE02-41-273 Motor Vehicles, Division of
2002 PE02-40-272 Division of Environmental Protection - Air Quality Division
2002 PE02-39-271 Investment Management Board
2002 PE02-38-270 West Virginia State Police
2002 PE02-37-269 Veterans Affairs, Division of - Special Report
2002 PE02-36-268 Office of Explosives and Blasting
2002 PE02-35-267 Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2002 PE02-34-266 Records Management and Preservation Board
2002 PE02-33-265 Registered Nurses, Board of - Special Report
2002 PE02-32-264 Purchasing Division
2002 PE02-31-263 Holocaust Education Commission
2002 PE02-30-262 Southern Regional Educational Board
2002 PE02-29-261 Public Service Commission - Update
2002 PE02-28-260 Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Update
2002 PE02-27-259 State Geological and Economic Survey - Update
2002 PE02-26-258 Office of Judges - Worker's Compensation - Update
2002 PE02-25-257 Marketing and Development Division of the Department of Agriculture
2002 PE02-24-256 Bureau of Senior Services
2002 PE02-23-255 Environmental Quality Board
2002 PE02-22-254 Board of Pharmacy
2002 PE02-21-253 Ron Yost Personal Assistance Program
2002 PE02-20-252 Division of Culture and History
2002 PE02-19-251 Board of Examiners of Psychologists
2002 PE02-18-250 Driver's Licensing Advisory Board
2002 PE02-17-249 Board of Pharmacy
2002 PE02-16-248 Contractors Licensing Board
2002 PE02-15-247 Advisory Council on Public Health
2002 PE02-14-246 Board of Osteopathy
2002 PE02-13-245 Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists
2002 PE02-12-244 Oil and Gas Inspector's Examining Board
2002 PE02-11-243 Investment Management Board
2002 PE02-10-242 Division of Motor Vehicles
2002 PE02-09-241 Division of Natural Resources
2002 PE02-08-240 Division of Culture and History
2002 PE02-06-238 Governor's Office of Fiscal RiskAnalysis and Management
2002 PE02-05-237 Office of Mining and Reclamation
2002 PE02-04-236 Public Employees Insurance Agency
2002 PE02-03-235 National Community Service, Commission on
2002 PE02-02-234 Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certiification -DHHR
2002 PE02-01-233 Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Board
2001 PE01-34-233A Jobs for West Virginia Graduates
2001 PE01-33-232 Child Support Enforcement Division - Update
2001 PE01-32-231 Labor, Division of
2001 PE01-31-230 PEIA
2001 PE01-30-229 Water Resources, Division of
2001 PE01-29-228 Educational Broadcasting Authority
2001 PE01-28-227 Attorney General's Office - Special Report
2001 PE01-27-226 Purchasing Division - Update
2001 PE01-26-225 Records Management and Preservation Board
2001 PE01-25-224 Public Defender Services - Update
2001 PE01-24-223 Division of Corrections
2001 PE01-23-222 State Rail Authority
2001 PE01-22-221 Unemployment Commission
2001 PE01-21-220 Whitewater Commission
2001 PE01-20-219 Parks, Division of Natural Resources
2001 PE01-19-218 Racing Commission - Update
2001 PE01-18-217 Geological and Economic Survey
2001 PE01-17-216 Educational Broadcasting Authority
2001 PE01-16-215 Division of Natural Resources - Public Land Corporation
2001 PE01-15-214 Assisted Living Administrator's - Sunrise
2001 PE01-14-213 Nursing Home Administrator's Licensing Board
2001 PE01-13-212 Division of Protective Services
2001 PE01-12-211 Board of Architects
2001 PE01-11-210 Division of Highways - Electronic Fund Transfer
2001 PE01-10-209 Board of Registered Professional Nurses
2001 PE01-09-208 Contractor's Licensing Board
2001 PE01-08-207 Board of Licensed Practical Nurses
2001 PE01-07-206 Ron Yost Personal Assistance Program
2001 PE01-06-205 Veteran's Council
2001 PE01-05-204 Capitol Building Commission - Update
2001 PE01-04-203 Licensing of CourtReporters - Sunrise Report
2001 PE01-03-202 Women's Commission
2001 PE01-02-201 Ethics Commission
2001 PE01-01-200 Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of
2000 PE00-41-199 Public Employee's Insurance Agency
2000 PE00-40-198 Attorney General's Office - Special Report
2000 PE00-39-197 Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board
2000 PE00-38-196 West Virginia State Police - Racial Profiling
2000 PE00-37-195 Tax and Revenue - Internal Auditing Division
2000 PE00-36-194 Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board
2000 PE00-35-193 Board of Dietitians
2000 PE00-34-192 Behavioral Health Services - DHHR
2000 PE00-33-191 West Virginia Lottery - Further Inquiry Review
2000 PE00-32-190 West Virginia State Police
2000 PE00-31-189 Purchasing Division - Department of Administration
2000 PE00-30-188 Tax and Revenue
2000 PE00-29-187 Office of Water Resources - Update
2000 PE00-28-186 Office of Judges - Update
2000 PE00-27-185 Massage Therapy Licensure Board
2000 PE00-26-184 Rural Health Advisory Panel
2000 PE00-25-183 Board of Accountancy
2000 PE00-24-182 Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
2000 PE00-23-181 State Fire Commission
2000 PE00-22-180 Human Rights Commission - Update
2000 PE00-21-179 Public Service Commission - Update
2000 PE00-20-178 Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council
2000 PE00-19-177 Oil and Gas Inspectors' Examining Board - Update
2000 PE00-18-176 Purchasing Division - Incorrect Contract Rewarding
2000 PE00-17-175 Motorcycle Safety and Education Program
2000 PE00-16-174 Dam Safety Program - DEP
2000 PE00-15-173 Board of Architects
2000 PE00-14-172 Office of Behavioral Health Services
2000 PE00-13-171 Exercise Physiologists - Sunrise Report
2000 PE00-12-170 Dam Safety Program - Division of Environmental Protection
2000 PE00-11-169 Board of Medicine
2000 PE00-10-168 Department of Tax and Revenue
2000 PE00-09-167 Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
2000 PE00-08-166 Real Estate Commission
2000 PE00-07-165 Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners
2000 PE00-06-164 West Virginia State Police
2000 PE00-05-163 Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board
2000 PE00-04-162 West Virginia State Police
2000 PE00-03-161 Department of Tax and Revenue
Region 8 Solid Waste Authority
Tucker County Solid Waste Authority
1999 PE99-32-158 State Soil Conservation Commission
1999 PE99-31-157 Office of Judges
1999 PE99-30-156 Department of Tax and Revenue
1999 PE99-29-155 West Virginia State Police
1999 PE99-28-154 State Building Commission
1999 PE99-27-153 Department of Tax and Revenue
1999 PE99-26-152 West Virginia State Police
1999 PE99-25-151 Child Support Enforcement - Update
1999 PE99-24-150 West Virginia State Police
1999 PE99-23-149 Division of Environmental Protection - Office of Mining and Reclamation
1999 PE99-22-148 Board of Licensed Dietitians
1999 PE99-21-147 Racing Commission - Update
1999 PE99-20-146 Investment Management Board - Update
1999 PE99-19-145 WV Stream Partners Program
1999 PE99-18-144 Office of Mining and Reclamation - Special Report
1999 PE99-17-143 Addiction Counselors - Sunrise Report
1999 PE99-16-142 Parking Meters Collection - Update
1999 PE99-15-141 Board of Speech Language Audiology and Pathologists
1999 PE99-14-140 Environmental Quality Board
1999 PE99-13-139 Division of Corrections
1999 PE99-12-138 Oil and Gas Inspectors' Examining Board
1999 PE99-11-137 State Rail Authority
1999 PE99-10-136 Family Protection Services Board
1999 PE99-09-135 Medical Services Fund Advisory Council
1999 PE99-08-134 Child Protective Services - Update
1999 PE99-07-133 Adult Protective Services - Update
1999 PE99-06-132 Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
1999 PE99-05-131 Family Law Master System
1999 PE99-04-130 Board of Examiners in Counseling
1999 PE99-03-129 Workers' Compensation - Interdisciplinary Examining Board
1999 PE99-02-128 Board of Medicine
1999 PE99-01-127 Motorcycle Safety and Education Committee
1998 PE98-34-126 WV State Police
1998 PE98-33-125 Office of Water Resources
1998 PE98-32-124 Investment Management Board - Update
1998 PE98-31-123 Governor's Cabinet on Children and Families - Update
1998 PE98-30-122 Racing Commission
1998 PE98-29-121 Health Care Authority
1998 PE98-28-120 Purchasing Division
1998 PE98-27-119 Public Defender Services
1998 PE98-26-118 Women's Commission
1998 PE98-25-117 WV State Parks - Update
1998 PE98-24-116 Worker's Compensation - Office of Judges
1998 PE98-23-115 Department of Administration - Parking Meters
1998 PE98-22-114 Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing
1998 PE98-21-113 DEP Office of Environmental Advocate Update
1998 PE98-20-112 DEP Mine Mitigation
1998 PE98-19-111 Adult Protective Services
1998 PE98-18-110 Tourism Commission
1998 PE98-17-109 Worker's Compensation - OP Board
1998 PE98-16-108 Worker's Compensation - Disability Payments
1998 PE98-15-107 Child Protective Services - Update
1998 PE98-14-106 Tamarack - Update
1998 PE98-13-105 State Building Commission
1998 PE98-12-104 Workers' Compensation: Disability Backlog (PDF)
1998 PE98-11-103 Cable TV Advisory Board - Special Report
1998 PE98-10-102 Tree Fruit Assessment Board
1998 PE98-09-101 Foster Care and Adoption: Review of Foster Home Approval
1998 PE98-08-100 Worker's Compensation Appeals Board
1998 PE98-07-99 PSC Utility Rate Comparison
1998 PE98-06-98 Public Service Commission
1998 PE98-05-97 Board of Banking and Financial Institutions
1998. PE98-04-96 Capitol Building Commission
1998. PE98-03-95 Board of Social Work Examiners
1998. PE98-02-94 Board of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists
1998. PE98-01-93 Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council - 2nd Update
1997. PE97-21-92 WV Works Evaluation Review
1997. PE97-20-91 Office of Judges
1997. PE97-19-90 Child Protective Services Update
1997. PE97-18-89 Foster Care and Adoption
1997. PE97-17-88 WV Lending & Credit Rate Board
1997. PE97-16-87 WV Lottery Commission
1997. PE97-15-86 Medicaid Eligibility
1997. PE97-14-85 State Fire Marshal - Special Report
1997. PE97-13-84 WV Works Program Evaluation Review
1997. PE97-12-83 Medicaid
1997. PE97-11-82 Board of Risk and Insurance Mgt.
1997. PE97-10-81 Board of Investments Update
1997. PE97-09-80 Human Rights Commission - 2nd Update
1997. PE97-08-79 Division of Personnel
1997. PE97-07-78 Division of Rehabilitation Services Update
1997. PE97-06-77 Bd of Examiners of Land Surveyors
1997. PE97-05-76 Commission on Uniform State Laws
1997. PE97-04-75 Meat & Poultry Inspection Division
1997. PE97-03-74 Potomac River Basin
1997. PE97-02-73 Worker's Compensation
1997. PE97-01-72 Child Support Enforcement
1996. PE96-30-71 Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council - Update
1996. PE96-29-70 School Building Authority - Update
1996. PE96-28-69 Human Rights Commission Update
1996. PE96-27-68 Board of Examiners in Counseling
1996. PE96-26-67 Division of Environmental Protection - Update
1996. PE96-25-66 Office of Water Resources - DEP- Update
1996. PE96-24-65 Environmental Advocate, Office of
1996. PE96-23-64 Division of Rehabilitation Services Update
1996. PE96-22-63 Board of Investments - Update
1996. PE96-21-62 Personnel, Division of
1996. PE96-20-61 Child Protective Services/DHHR
1996. PE96-19-60 Workers' Compensation
1996. PE96-18-59 Culture and History, Division of
1996. PE96-17-58 Consolidated Publishing Facility
1996. PE96-16-57 Tourism
1996. PE96-15-56 Workers' Compensation
1996. PE96-14-55 Cable TV Advisory Board
1996. PE96-13-54 Gov. Cabinet on Children & Families
1996. PE96-12-53 Tamarack
1996. PE96-11-52 Worker's Compensation
1996. PE96-10-51 Child Protective Services
1996. PE96-09-50 Contractor's Licensing Board
1996. PE96-08-49 Health Care Cost Review Authority
1996. PE96-07-48 Workers' Compensation
1996. PE96-06-47 Parks Section of DNR
1996. PE96-05-46 Oil and Gas Conservation Comm.
1996. PE96-04-45 Office of Environmental Advocate
1996. PE96-03-44 Contractor's Licensing Board
1996. PE96-02-43 Driver's Licensing Advisory Board
1996. PE96-01-42 Comm on Natl and Community Service
1995. PE95-20-41 Div of Unemployment Compensation
1995. PE95-19-40 Office of Oil and Gas - DEP
1995. PE95-18-39 Division of Corrections
1995. PE95-17-38 DNR-Parks and Recreation
1995. PE95-16-37 Div of Rehabilitation Services
1995. PE95-15-36 Division of Environmental Protection
1995. PE95-14-35 Geological and Economic Survey
1995. PE95-13-34 Juvenile Facilities Review Panel
1995. PE95-12-33 Human Rights Commission
1995. PE95-11-32 WV Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority
1995. PE95-10-31 School Building Authority
1995. PE95-09-30 Division of Personnel
1995. PE95-08-29 Workers' Comp Facility
1995. PE95-07-28 Whitewater Commission
1995. PE95-06-27 Division of Environmental Protection
1995. PE95-05-26 Bd of Examiners in Counseling
1995. PE95-04-25 Board of Investments
1995. PE95-03-24 Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
1995. PE95-02-23 Penitentiary at Moundsville
1995. PE95-01-22 Div of Unemployment Compensation
1994. PE94-21-21 Division of Corrections
1994. PE94-20-20 DNR-State Park System
1994. PE94-19-19 DNR-Citizens Access
1994. PE94-18-18 Family Law Masters System
1994. PE94-17-17 Rural Health Initiative Advisory
1994. PE94-16-16 Real Estate Commission
1994. PE94-15-15 Juvenile Facilities Review Panel
1994. PE94-14-14 Div of Rehabilitation Services
1994. PE94-13-13 Charitable Organizations
1994. PE94-12-12 Board of Architects
1994. PE94-11-11 Board of Social Work Examiners
1994. PE94-10-10 Agriculture, Marketing & Develop.
1994. PE94-09-09 Parks
1994. PE94-08-08 Tourism
1994. PE94-07-07 Historic Bldg Tax Credit Prog
1994. PE94-06-06 Division of Corrections
1994. PE94-05-05 Tourism
1994. PE94-04-04 DNR High Deer Population
1994. PE94-03-03 Center for Professional Dev
1994. PE94-02-02 Labor Management Council
1994. PE94-01-01 Farm Management Commission

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